Re: Merge with LibreOffice?

2016-08-03 Thread Javen O'Neal
On Aug 3, 2016 10:00 AM, "Christoph Reg"  wrote:
> Regardless of why or how,
> when it comes to development, it's clear that LO has won. Hands down.
> LO gets more commits in one or two days than AOO had since the beginning
> the year.

> Are there any reasons why [merging AOO and LO] is not feasible?

I'll take a guess here:
1) Prevalence. LibreOffice has been the default office productivity suite
in Ubuntu for a while. This has had some downstream effects [1] on
2) Licensing. Apache OpenOffice is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.
LibreOffice is licensed under Mozilla Public License 2.0, GNU LGPL v3+, and
is based on code from Apache Open Offfice (ASL 2.0-licensed). Since
contributions to LibreOffice are not compatible with the ASL 2.0 license,
they cannot be committed upstream to Apache OpenOffice. This is partially
responsible for the asymmetry in commits that you have observed.
Adding a license to either project or requiring contributions to be
licensed differently also poses problems, since this may affect upstream
and downstream projects, and prior contributions would need to be
relicensed (which may require obtaining approval from every past
contributor, many of whom are not reachable). The effort required to
resolve these legal challenges is massive, and I'd rather that effort be
spent on software improvement.


SVN directory structure

2016-08-03 Thread Javen O'Neal
To make it faster for new developers to navigate the AOO source, could
you include a link to on and in the README

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