Re: Check for English spelling extension updates broken?

2021-01-19 Thread Marco A.G. Pinto
I am the maintainer, but I don't remember making any changes that could be causing this. All I change are the dictionary files, version number of the extension and the release notes. Not sure why it happens. On 19/01/2021 12:04, Pedro Lino wrote: Hi all I am testing version 4.1.9 RC1

English Dictionaries held again by the administration

2019-12-25 Thread Marco A.G. Pinto
Hello! Two months have gone by since the last update, and again, it is not possible to download the 2010-01-01 version which I uploaded because it requires permission from an administrator. Could someone look at the issue? Thanks! Kind regards,    >Marco A.G.Pinto

Re: Fwd: English dictionary

2019-11-25 Thread Marco A.G. Pinto
Yes, Andrea, could you make me a site moderator just for the English .oxt? Next update is on 1-JAN-2020. Thanks! On 25/11/2019 22:33, Andrea Pescetti wrote: > On 25/11/2019 Pedro Lino wrote: >> Can anyone fix this please? > > Fixed at > >

Re: English dictionary

2019-11-02 Thread Marco A.G. Pinto
Well, it happens every time and I am annoyed with it, so I just upload the .oxt and fill the fields. I no longer check if it works or not as I did all the correct procedures. On 02/11/2019 22:03, Matthias Seidel wrote: > Hi all, > > Marco did update the English dictionary, but I think the page

English Dictionaries updated and again an error on page

2019-06-27 Thread Marco A.G. Pinto
Hello! I have updated the English Dictionaries: Again, I had to unpublish the release to make changes in the release notes and again it says "Access Denied" when I try to access the site. This happens every two

Re: Fwd: English Dictionaries publish

2019-05-01 Thread Marco A.G. Pinto
On 01/05/2019 22:48, Andrea Pescetti wrote: > Marco: are you sure that you didn't accidentally unpublish the > extension instead of uploading the new release? Can you try again? Done! It seems to have worked now. Thanks! -- signature.asc Description: OpenPGP digital signature

Fwd: English Dictionaries publish

2019-04-29 Thread Marco A.G. Pinto
nto -- Forwarded Message Subject:English Dictionaries publish Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2019 08:14:37 +0100 From: Marco A.G. Pinto Reply-To: To: Hello! I have updated 2019-04-29: ht

AOO 4.1.6 - English dictionaries

2018-11-09 Thread Marco A.G. Pinto
Hello! Don't forget to update the spellers. Thanks! Kind regards, >Marco A.G.Pinto   -- -- signature.asc Description: OpenPGP digital signature

Re: "503 No Backend Servers Available"

2018-05-01 Thread Marco A.G. Pinto
Hello! I uploaded twice because I released GB for Mozilla and the files are "en-GB". I then copied the files into my AOO extension folder and forgot to rename to "en_GB". So, GB wasn't working on the OXT and thus I released a new OXT with a "b" in the filename. On 01/05/2018 11:29, Matthias

Proofing Tool GUI - Hyphenation support

2018-04-08 Thread Marco A.G. Pinto
Hello! Just to let the development community know that after five years planning to add hyphenation support to Proofing Tool GUI, it is finally implemented. It took me just around a couple of weeks to have it ready since only now I was told about the algorithm. You can give it a try (PTG 3.0 -