Re: [dev] Password protect extension

2010-06-08 Thread Steffen Grund
Hi all, I really do not see the scenario: - if the extension is installed in shared mode, you have to be admin to remove the extension - if the extension is installed in the user layer and you'd need a password do disable or remove it, you could always just remove the complete user

Re: [dev] OO SDK GLIBCXX_3.4.9 not found in Linux Ubuntu

2010-01-11 Thread Steffen Grund
Hello Fabio, well, the problem you describe happens at project creation, long before you are able to debug. I am puzzled by this. In your first post, AFAIR you got past the compilation state. Did you change anything? Regards, Steffen Fabio A. Miranda wrote: Hello OO Developers: Regarding

Re: [dev] Problems while running in Debug mode with NB

2010-01-07 Thread Steffen Grund
, fabio. -- Steffen Grund Sun Microsystems Software Engineer - StarOffice Nagelsweg 55 Phone: +49 40 23646 647D-20097 Hamburg Fax:+49 40 23646 550

Re: [dev] Test Cleanup

2009-12-14 Thread Steffen Grund
Hello, see my 2 cents below. Stephan Bergmann wrote: Hi all, I just embarked on a new project, namely to clean up and consolidate the various test frameworks and corresponding tests available in the OOo build environment. These include at least: - C++ unit tests, based on CppUnit and/or

Re: [dev] Someone is charging a FEE to download your FREE software

2009-05-12 Thread Steffen Grund
The current issue of German computer journal ct has web rip-offs as a main theme. Only in German: In the editorial, as an example for a search string that leads to such web pages, openoffice is mentioned. Malte Timmermann wrote: Unfortunately this

Re: [dev] Error while calling web service through openoffice extention

2008-10-07 Thread Steffen Grund
Hello, I do not recognize the exception you get. Are you sure that all the additional jars/libraries you need for accessing the web service are also packed with the Add-On project. What you should try out is to add these jars/libraries also to the Add-On extension. But I'm really just

Re: [dev] NetBeans setup for sdk

2008-08-19 Thread Steffen Grund
Hi Terrence, when you check out the sources and build the project, you're at your own risk - this is work in progress and you cannot be sure that you get a version that works at all. To be on the safe side, look for the tagged version 1.1.3. But you do not have to build it yourself at all,

Re: [dev] Fw: [saxon] Saxon9 and OpenOffice 2.4

2008-08-12 Thread Steffen Grund
Hi Agnisys, the Saxon.jar must be present in your extension - best way to add it during creation of the extension with a zip command. Additionally, the Class-Path: entry in the manifest file of your .jar must reference the saxon9.jar file. Do you use NetBeans to create the extension? Hope

Re: [dev] openoffice hangs in writer appln

2008-08-06 Thread Steffen Grund
Hi there, still, the best way is to submit an issue with your document. Just attach some code snippets of what your extensions does to make the bug easier to reproduce. You can send the bug to me if you like. Regards, Steffen Dinesh Chothe wrote: Thanks for reply. Without loading

[dev] NetBeans Tips and Tricks

2008-03-28 Thread Steffen Grund
Hello all, I just created a wiki page for NetBeans users to publish some tips and tricks around programming in Java for Here it is: Not much content right now, but there is a useful tip around avoiding to type

Re: [dev] Netbeans 6 plugin

2007-09-27 Thread Steffen Grund
Hi Craig, try checking out the latest changes I made this morning. You have a chance to compile the plug-in with the following line added to nbproject/private/ jhall.jar=netbeans_installation_directory/harness/jsearch-2.0_04.jar I just presume, that the jsearch.jar

Re: [dev] OO 2.3: How to add a submenu to an OfficeMenuBar ?

2007-08-23 Thread Steffen Grund
Hi again, ok, here it is, a Addons.xcu file for a menu structure with two commands in a sub menu. I used NetBeans and the mentioned plugin to create this - took about 2 minutes. I added a separator between the commands as a benefit ;-). Regards, Steffen ?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?

Re: [dev] OO 2.3: How to add a submenu to an OfficeMenuBar ?

2007-08-22 Thread Steffen Grund
Hi Oliver, I suggest you have a look at the NetBeans API Plugin for See Look at the AddOn project wizard for inside of the plugin. There you can create menu structures with commands,

Re: [dev] error redeploying calc addin

2007-04-16 Thread Steffen Grund
Hi Mark. Hi Steffen, it's not opensource yet but I hope to release it soon (once it's done and debugged, of course). Shall I send it to you directly? Yes, please. Regards, Steffen - To unsubscribe, e-mail: [EMAIL

Re: [dev] error redeploying calc addin

2007-04-13 Thread Steffen Grund
Hi Mark, no idea at first glance. Can you provide us with your add-in, provided it is open source? Regards, Steffen Mark Greenbank wrote: Hi, I've built an addin using the Netbeans plugin and when I deploy the addin (either from Netbeans or from the command line) I get the following error:

Re: [dev] Reasons why OpenOffice encounters error

2007-02-21 Thread Steffen Grund
Hi, well, what Java version do you use and do you get some kind of error message you can post? -Steffen mellannie rachelle reyes wrote: Good day sir/mam I just want to know what are the possible reasons that unexpected error will occur and OpenOffice will crash. I am trying to integrate

Re: [dev] Action Listener Problem

2007-01-31 Thread Steffen Grund
Hi. Do the following in your class: public final class Thesis extends WeakBase implements,,,,

Re: [dev] Fwd: Beginner who really wants to learn!

2007-01-24 Thread Steffen Grund
Hi. As a quick example, put the following code in place of the your code here comment in the dispatch(...) method (not inside addStatusListener or removeStatusListener): try { XMultiComponentFactory xMCF = m_xContext.getServiceManager(); // get the desktop object Object oDesktop


2007-01-11 Thread Steffen Grund
Hi. Please post to the newsgroup, not to the members personally. Forwarded to [EMAIL PROTECTED] As a reply: You seem to confuse the Add-In (which is indeed only for Calc) with the Add-On which can be used in several contexts (including Writer). I can only again point to the Developer's Guide.


2007-01-10 Thread Steffen Grund
Hi. If you are using NetBeans as platform (or would like to do so) I'd like to point you to the NetBeans Integration project which extends NetBeans to create AddOns for with a step-by-step wizard, including menu entries. (You can get NetBeans at: and

Re: [dev] setting url for the string

2006-09-18 Thread Steffen Grund
Hi, this is quite simple, just set the property HyperLinkURL additionally: xTextRanget.setString(test); XPropertySet xProp = (XPropertySet)UnoRuntime.queryInterface(XPropertySet.class, xTextRanget); xProp.setPropertyValue(HyperLinkURL,;); See also

Re: [dev] Linux: Deploying a UNO Package for all users on PC

2006-06-27 Thread Steffen Grund
Try unopkg add --shared /your/package to install for all users. See documentation on unopkg for details. Regards, Steffen Tobias Krais wrote: Hi together, if I want to add a UNO Package I use the command: unopkg add /tmp/ But now only one user can use the package. How can

Re: [dev] how to insert an image into a field (java)

2006-02-13 Thread Steffen Grund
Hi. I am not sure what you mean with field, but I assume you mean a TextField. There are two possibilities: first, you can insert the graphic with the XText obtained from the TextField, but this only means that the anchor of the graphic is in that field; the positioning of the graphic is

Re: [dev] how to insert an image into a field (java)

2006-02-13 Thread Steffen Grund
Ooops, I just saw that I wrote TextField istead of TextFrame... sorry. Steffen PS: the corrected text: Hi. I am not sure what you mean with field, but I assume you mean a TextFrame. There are two possibilities: first, you can insert the graphic with the XText obtained from the TextFrame,

Re: [dev] Programmatic XTextFrame Control with Java

2006-02-08 Thread Steffen Grund
Hi again, I took your code and just added some lines. Here you are: XInterface xTextFrameInterface = (XInterface) mxDocFactory.createInstance(; XTextContent xFrameContent = (XTextContent) UnoRuntime.queryInterface(XTextContent.class,

Re: [dev] Programmatic XTextFrame Control with Java

2006-02-07 Thread Steffen Grund
Hi Kent, the text frame is only really valid after you've inserted it in the document. See for a Basic example on how to insert the frame. If you need one in Java, let me know. Regards, Steffen Kent Gibson wrote:

Re: [dev] unopkg - installation of java component fails in most cases with OO 1.9_m130...

2005-09-28 Thread Steffen Grund
Hi again, I could reproduce your problem: the culprit seems to be the -agentlib parameter in your java-settings. Removing this entry worked for me. Regards, Steffen Oliver Brinzing wrote: -BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 Hi, I tried to install a java component with OO