[OSM-dev] Missing records from osmium-tool tags-filter

2019-11-12 Thread Craig Kochis via dev
First off, just want to say this tool has been amazing, it's blazing fast
for parsing through huge amounts of data.

There's probably something I'm not understanding about how the tags-filter
command is working, but there are some records missing from the output that
I'd expect to be there based on the commands. For instance, I'm running the
following command to extract some POIs I'm interested in:

osmium tags-filter planet.osm.pbf amenity building craft cuisine diet
leisure office public_transport railway shop sport aeroway --remove-tags -v
-o poi.osm.pbf

Then exporting to JSON

osmium export poi.osm.pbf --output-format=geojsonseq --omit-rs
--add-unique-id=type_id -v -o poi.json

And some records are being omitted that I would expect to be in the output.
For instance, Yankee Stadium:
https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/24801630 matches
the "leisure" and "sport" tags, yet that way isn't in the result set. If I
run tags-filter with just "leisure" it will show up, so I'm wondering if
there's something happening by specifying multiple tags that I'm not aware

Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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[OSM-dev] Libosmium method of converting OSM to GeoJSON

2019-10-28 Thread Craig Kochis via dev
Hi there,

I've been using osmium-tool for extracting features from osm exporting to
GeoJSON, and was just wondering what method it's using for the osm ->
geojson conversion. Does it rely on another library (GDAL / OGR), or is it
using some other method.

I see that Libosmium has some references to gdal, so that's my hunch, but
wanted to confirm if that's not the case.

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