Re: [OSM-dev] Python XML Parser on Windows

2019-08-07 Thread Frank Steggink
Hi Spencer, I'd definitely recommend lxml: One of the benefits of lxml is that it is cross platform. You can find Windows binaries for lxml and many other Python libraries here: Regards, Frank On 07-08-2019 06:20, Spencer

Re: [OSM-dev] API 0.7+: Split node concept?

2010-10-12 Thread Frank Steggink
On 10-10-12 10:41 PM, Matthias Julius wrote Maybe less ugly would be to have nodes just contain lat and lon and introduce new point elements that need to reference a node. That would also make it easier to put two different objects at the same spot (like a mail box on a lamp post) as added

[OSM-dev] Binary tiling scheme

2010-08-29 Thread Frank Steggink
Hi, I have created a tiling scheme which is based on division in two parts of a parent cell, alternating in the x and y directions. It can be used to chop up a rectangular area, so that each resulting tile contains less data than a certain threshold. I've devised it as a possible answer to

[OSM-dev] Polygon buffer tool (for Osmosis)

2009-12-10 Thread Frank Steggink
Hi, I've created a small Python tool which buffers the polygon in a polygon file (for Osmosis), and creates a new polygon file. It can be found here: [1]. For the buffering PostGIS is used. All Canadian polygon files from [2] have been tested and are working. Requirements: Python (2.6, but