Re: Accessing third-party repositories

2020-02-14 Thread Greg Troxel
Frederik Ramm writes: > I can understand that if I load Ilya's geochat plugin it will phone home > to Ilya's server, or if I enable certain imagery layers they will load > data from the imagery server. Also it is clear that JOSM will access the > OSM and JOSM servers. But I think that we should

[OSM-dev] status/prognosis of Merkaator?

2019-10-28 Thread Greg Troxel
I help maintain geo things in pkgsrc, a multi-OS multi-cpu portable packaging system. We are struggling with programs still using qt4, and we currently have an old (0.17) version of merkaator. Looking at the, I see a release in 2016, and the last mailinglist message was

Re: using .tfwx w/GeoTIFF files with the JOSM image import plugin

2019-07-10 Thread Greg Troxel
Richard Welty writes: > is this practical? image import wants a tfw file which i don't have; > i have the tfwx and aux files instead. I am not familiar with tfwx. I would guess wildly that it's an XML version of tfw, because a file with a few numbers isn't cool anymore. The longstanding

Re: [OSM-dev] OSRM on not working

2017-10-01 Thread Greg Troxel
Greg Troxel <> writes: > Separate issue I think, but I notice that routing does not recover after > using ORSM. Sorry, this was already in the tracker: signature.asc Description: P

Re: [OSM-dev] OSRM on not working

2017-10-01 Thread Greg Troxel
Separate issue I think, but I notice that routing does not recover after using ORSM. To reproduce at drop start/end pings with right click click on selection and go down the list looking at each route at ORSM, notice the error message "Couldn't find a route

Re: [OSM-dev] Earth radius

2016-06-18 Thread Greg Troxel
"Stadin, Benjamin" writes: > I indeed need to express distances in meters. This is a sinusoidal > grid with Varying cell resolutions, matching the length of web > mercator tiles at the equator. I could use any value greater or equal > to the defined sphere

Re: [josm-dev] IPv6 problems

2015-12-31 Thread Greg Troxel
I should clarify: My IPv6 setup is working fine. The problem is that my upstream ISP has routes to most parts of the v6 world but is missing a few, I'm guessing due to a peering dispute. This is the same sort of thing that can happen in v4, although I think it is less common. So this is a

[josm-dev] IPv6 problems

2015-12-30 Thread Greg Troxel
I'm not sure if I should file a ticket, or report this here, so I'll start here. I have been running JOSM for a long time, on a Mac, currently at OSX 10.7. I have functional IPv6, but my tunnel is from OCCAID, and occasionally some places are unreachable - currently is one

Re: [OSM-dev] Using native social SDK for signing in to OSM on mobile

2015-12-28 Thread Greg Troxel
Simon Poole writes: > If I understand Ilya correctly what he wants to avoid is (the hassle of) > the authorisation step when using OAuth. During this process you need to > login to with your credentials and then confirm that > the app is allowed to access the

Re: [OSM-dev] Using native social SDK for signing in to OSM on mobile

2015-12-24 Thread Greg Troxel
Ilya Zverev writes: > This can be made a part of a policy for allowing apps to use OSM > official social accounts. Can you explain what you mean by "OSM official social accounts"? Perhaps it is just me that doesn't get it, but I am not following what you really mean.

Re: [OSM-dev] Using native social SDK for signing in to OSM on mobile

2015-12-23 Thread Greg Troxel
Ilya Zverev writes: > I would like to support authentication via native social > SDKs. It would benefit current and future mobile editing apps, and > would drastically increase the number of OSM editors (that is, > users). I'm writing all this, so authors of other

Re: [OSM-dev] [Routing] Question about routing between OSM and private data

2015-10-23 Thread Greg Troxel
Arlindo Pereira writes: > 1) creating a table listing each street on his road list to an array of OSM > Way IDs, and somehow indicating to the algorithm that those ways are > preferred. But this would require constant maintenance as people >

Re: [OSM-dev] Osm2pgsql build system changes and testing

2015-10-21 Thread Greg Troxel
Paul Norman writes: > We are planning to switch the osm2pgsql build system from autotools to > cmake and could use help testing on different distributions, operating > systems, and other less common configurations. > > More info is at

Re: [josm-dev] HTTPS changes on

2015-02-22 Thread Greg Troxel
Vincent Privat writes: Tonight sysadmins briefly switched to another root CA for their https certificates (StartSSL), which is not included in Java Root CA default list. As a direct consequence it caused download/upload errors for all JOSM users since we

Re: [OSM-dev] OSM software repositories -- git and svn

2014-06-04 Thread Greg Troxel
this is a discussion/brainstorming about if and how to get rid of what remains of the OSM project SVN. I think your points about what's nice about the openstreetmap svn are valid. A few thoughts 1) git != github osm could host a git repo and allow the same set of people who can write

Re: [OSM-dev] Renderer issue: highway=service and service=driveway?

2014-01-07 Thread Greg Troxel
Martin Koppenhoefer writes: service roads are there, it is only the driveways which are (deliberately I guess) rendered only in high zooms. I think the real issue is that what should be rendered at highish zoom is complicated. For a footway that only goes 20m, having

Re: [OSM-dev] Renderer issue: highway=service and service=driveway?

2014-01-07 Thread Greg Troxel
Pierre Béland writes: In this particular case, if there was a hierarchy of roads, it would be less a problem if the rule that I proposed was followed. See I think the notion of having primary/secondary be about

[josm-dev] Is the should upload logic a little too eager?

2013-01-01 Thread Greg Troxel
On exit, JOSM offers to save data to disk when it's modified, and this is of course totally fine. It also offers to upload, and I find this to be useful sometimes and sometimes troublesome, in two unrelated ways. * inspection of not-yet-uploaded data case Suppose one has a .osm file that's

[josm-dev] validator suggestion: way ends close to other highway

2013-01-01 Thread Greg Troxel
I've been running the validator over my whole town (roughly 6km x 6km), trying to fix all the real issues. Overall it's very helpful. Except for the case below, I am able to understand quickly what it finds problematic. (I find that the disconnected ways step takes a very long time, perhaps

Re: [josm-dev] Selecting a line nearest a point

2012-05-28 Thread Greg Troxel
Josh Doe writes: I have a plugin (conflation) with a custom layer which draws arrows between matched pairs of objects, and I'd like to enable these to be clicked to select the match so it can be merged or deleted. I'm not familiar with JOSM's map display code, so I'm not

Re: [OSM-dev] OSM 2 Oracle

2012-02-03 Thread Greg Troxel
Amir Pourabdollah writes: I need help in converting OSM data into Oracle Spatial (direct, no stop-overs!) As far as I found so far, the ogr2ogr converts to Postgres but does not have Oracle output format. Can this be used

Re: [OSM-dev] OSM on BlackBerry

2011-08-24 Thread Greg Troxel I have always found it odd that it seems acceptable for non-Free/Open_Source software to use tiles from osm servers. Am I really reading that correctly? pgpc3pHlzddAQ.pgp Description: PGP signature

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Upgrade to fp10 + flex4

2011-06-30 Thread Greg Troxel
Greg, you want to look at the lightspark project, . It's direct goal is AS3 support, it's under heavy development and is much more likely to support potlatch2 than gnash ever will. They've implemented a fair amount of the AS3 language but it's

Re: [OSM-dev] Rendering of surface

2011-06-03 Thread Greg Troxel
Besides the show everything you can vs clean approaches, I think there is a topo map vs web map difference in approach. I'm not sure if it's a coincidence or due to cooperation, but Ordnance Survey topos and USGS topos look fairly similar. I've long looked at the USGS topos as really nice maps

Re: [josm-dev] Microsoft gains access to aerial imagery

2010-11-24 Thread Greg Troxel
M∡rtin Koppenhoefer writes: 2010/11/24 Frederik Ramm Hi, On 11/24/2010 09:31 AM, Viesturs Zariņš wrote: Paris, Syndney seems more accurate but Moscow, Tallin has similar offset. Is there a way to improve the rectification? The JOSM slippy map

Re: [OSM-dev] OSM binary format (pbf) 1.0 is in osmosis trunk.

2010-10-17 Thread Greg Troxel
Frederik Ramm writes: I've been the chief SCM crank at work for close to 15 years. We used CVS exclusively for a long time, and I didn't allow people who said foo is shiny this week; we should switch to change our world because none of them could answer the challenge of

Re: [OSM-dev] OSM binary format (pbf) 1.0 is in osmosis trunk.

2010-10-17 Thread Greg Troxel
Scott Crosby writes: On Sun, Oct 17, 2010 at 2:40 PM, Greg Troxel wrote: I think what's going on now is that we have a svn repo that git weenies don't particularly care for, and no git repo support on osm servers, and that people are therefore basically

Re: [OSM-dev] OSM binary format (pbf) 1.0 is in osmosis trunk.

2010-10-17 Thread Greg Troxel
Frederik Ramm writes: OSM already has a git repository but this is currently only used for the rails port - where I have to admit it makes some sense, as the rails port software happens to be more controlled than other stuff in that the admins must closely watch what gets

Re: [OSM-dev] How to support name:* in MapOSMatic?

2010-01-08 Thread Greg Troxel
We would like to support multiple names for a given street: name:fr, name:ar, etc. As far as I have understood, we could configure osm2pgsql to create columns name:fr, name:ar, etc. and change our SQL requests to use those columns. That does not seems very scalable. The ideal

Re: [OSM-dev] Trouble with osm2pgsql and Postgres 8.4, Postgis 1.4

2009-10-04 Thread Greg Troxel
Despite what apple claimed, OS X 10.6 was a major change that flipped the default toolchain to making 64-bit (amd64) binaries by default instead of 32-bit (i386) binaries. pkgsrc ( recently added support to force 32-bit mode. It may be that you are having a mix of 32 and 64.

Re: [josm-dev] [PATCH 1/2] QuadBuckets (using quad tiling) for node storage in JOSM

2009-09-19 Thread Greg Troxel
I have wondered about hooking up postgis to josm as a working data storage format, so you can use spatial queries and indexes. That's got a lot of downsides, but I wonder about it being an optional setup for those working with big datasets. pgpkjKOCxGs0o.pgp Description: PGP signature

Re: [OSM-dev] CloudMade OSM download problems

2009-07-30 Thread Greg Troxel
Anyone else have issues with the latest .OSM extracts from CloudMade? I've tried importing Pakistan and California locally, and both files have references to nodes that aren't present. Fortunately GeoFabrik has a Pakistan extract that works. If anyone can help with a California

Re: [josm-dev] New GPX implementation

2009-05-06 Thread Greg Troxel
1.6 isn't available for PowerPC Macs, FWIW. Apple haven't made a PPC Mac since 2006. I still use PPC for both my main machines (but then I'm not a JOSM user so that may be moot). This is in my view a sufficient reason to insist that everything work with 1.5. But, if someone just has to

Re: [OSM-dev] Minute Diffs Broken

2009-05-05 Thread Greg Troxel
My aim all along has been to provide people with up to date data. The nice thing about the minute changesets is that they let you have an offline database that exactly matches the API as of 6 minutes ago. I'd completely agree with you if the API only released data once the

Re: [josm-dev] New GPX implementation

2009-05-05 Thread Greg Troxel
Henrik Niehaus writes: Cons: 1. JOSM depends on JAXB - 5 jars with a total size of 1MiB (for JDK 1.5. JDK 1.6 comes with JAXB) 2. It's a big patch and might need some time to get everything (including plugins) back to work 3. New bugs, which made their way in the new

Re: [OSM-dev] Minute Diffs Broken

2009-05-04 Thread Greg Troxel
Frederik Ramm writes: 3. Make a semantic change to the way we handle diffs: Let the diff for interval X not be all changes with timestamp within X but instead all changes that happened in a changeset that was closed within X. Changesets not being atomic should pose no

Re: [OSM-dev] Minute Diffs Broken

2009-05-04 Thread Greg Troxel
Frederik Ramm writes: Hi, Greg Troxel wrote: So obviously we aren't running SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL SERIALIZABLE, since that would kill performance and make things harder, but it would solve this :-) How so? The problem seems to be too much transaction

Re: [OSM-dev] Minute Diffs Broken

2009-05-04 Thread Greg Troxel
Sorry, I was assuming that a changeset and a database transaction were the same thing. If not, we need a sequence number on additions to the history table, and use that for knowing what's fresh. pgpgVUHBSeHce.pgp Description: PGP signature ___ dev

Re: [josm-dev] Combine and Merge

2009-04-24 Thread Greg Troxel
Russ Nelson writes: Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason writes: If you're rewriting this perhaps you could also make it support merging two (or more) nodes two the location of a specific node, currently merge will merge to the oldest node, which isn't always what you want. I

Re: [josm-dev] Commit message not empty

2009-04-22 Thread Greg Troxel
I can see why some people would find the comment requirement annoying, but coming from using svn for source code it seems very natural to me. I added a bunch of nodes for shops in my town last night and had no trouble typing add some stores in Lower Village, and move some or something like that.

Re: [OSM-dev] webservice to collect traffic messages

2009-04-20 Thread Greg Troxel writes: I'd like to experiment with Google AppEngine for a bit and set up a hosted service to collect traffic messages (traffic jams, road obstructions, constructions sites, slow moving traffic,...) I'm not sure how you're intending to use this, but I'm

Re: [OSM-dev] [OSM-legal-talk] Bittorrent

2009-04-19 Thread Greg Troxel
Frederik Ramm writes: Everything you say is true, but unless you have just joined the project you must be aware that the new license being contemplated - the Open Database License - rests heavily on the European idea of database rights, and tries to supplant them by a

Re: [OSM-dev] [bug] direction of GPS traces

2009-04-14 Thread Greg Troxel
Everybody can download GPS points for an area, which will include your points, but when they do so they (a) have no idea which user uploaded those points and (b) don't get any timestamp information for the points at all. In addition your points will be mixed up with those of anybody