[OSM-dev] New tilemaker release

2020-05-22 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Hi all, I've just released v1.6 of tilemaker, the command-line utility that makes vector tiles from OpenStreetMap data without an intermediate database. It keeps everything in RAM so is best suited for city and region extracts. You can now get up and running with vector tiles as easily as

Re: [OSM-dev] Processing dual carriageway highways into one linestring?`

2019-10-18 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Joseph Eisenberg wrote: > Is anyone aware of a way to import dual-carriageway roads as > a single linestring? I do something like this to boil route relations containing dual carriageways down into polylines: insert into routes_split(geom) ( select (st_dump( st_linemerge(

Re: [OSM-dev] osm.org groups

2019-05-22 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Mikel Maron wrote: > Personally, I think that https://github.com/osmlab/osm-community-index  > has picked up a lot of what "groups" were intended to cover (a system for > defining location based ones anyway). For me, the big value in groups-on-osm has always been that it would enable ad hoc

Re: [OSM-dev] osm.org groups

2019-05-01 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Дмитрий Киселев wrote: > But if i just do that and send a pull request, chances that it will > be rejected as the previous one, are quite high. The previous one wasn't rejected - it just went stale because no-one was able to finish it (personally I remember getting stuck on pagination), and the

Re: [OSM-dev] RIP Potlatch ?

2017-07-25 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Not at all. In-browser Flash Player is dead but the Adobe AIR desktop runtime continues. If you look at the Potlatch changelog, several recent commits were with the express intention of enabling P2 to work as a desktop app after Flash Player's inevitable demise. Richard -- View this message

Re: [OSM-dev] (Possible flaw?) Potlatch 2 not recognising source

2017-05-08 Thread Richard Fairhurst
ika-chan! (OpenStreetMap) wrote: > I got a PM by a user confused about the source of my recent tracings of > orchard, which used the default Bing imagery. I do not intend to imply > that Potlatch ever did it before (bad choice of words?). It would help > though if it did! :-) :) I'd suggest

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Potlatch 3 wish list

2017-03-25 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 25/03/2017 01:38, David Wisbey wrote: I have been meaning to do this for a long time. Finally... And if I need to do this differently please let me know what I need to do. Thanks Some good ideas - thanks! Probably the best place to put them is http://github.com/systemed/potlatch2/issues

Re: [Potlatch-dev] [OpenStreetMap] #4356: "Show mouse latitude/longitude" box too small

2017-03-24 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 24/03/2017 15:01, Steve Doerr wrote: Still a bug for me. I'm using Microsoft Edge browser. "Fixed" means "fixed in the source code", not "deployed on osm.org" :) Richard ___ Potlatch-dev mailing list Potlatch-dev@openstreetmap.org

Re: [OSM-dev] Tilemaker - missing areas

2016-12-13 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Michał Brzozowski wrote: > Am I doing something silly or is it a bug in Tilemaker? That looks like a bug in the Tilemaker code that calculates which areas fall into which tiles. I'll have a look but if you could put this as a github issue that'd be helpful. Out of interest, what happens if you

[OSM-dev] Tilemaker v1.4

2016-11-07 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Hi all, Really pleased to announce a new version of Tilemaker on github: https://github.com/systemed/tilemaker Tilemaker is a command-line application that makes vector tiles in one hit, directly from an .osm.pbf file. There is no database and no stack. Everything is kept in RAM so

Re: [OSM-dev] Application for Google Summer of Code 2016

2016-03-04 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Peter Barth wrote: > just to let you know, Ian Dees, Tordanik and I are this year's org > admins for GSoC. We're getting quite a few prospective developers turning up in the #osm IRC channel enquiring, and I'm afraid none of us really know what to say to them apart from "um, try some mapping so

Re: [OSM-dev] Unsigned 32 bit node numbers in applications

2016-02-21 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Ilya Zverev wrote: > As http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/64-bit_Identifiers > states, most applications have switched to 64-bit ids. > Among the exceptions seems to be OSRM (unsigned ints). OSRM has supported 64-bit ids since last November:

Re: [OSM-dev] New Map Style feedback

2015-11-02 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Richard Fairhurst wrote: > other UK cartographers used green for non-primary roads (I meant "primary A roads", of course, or in OSM parlance "trunk") Richard -- View this message in context: http://gis.19327.n5.nabble.com/New-Map-Style-feedback-tp5858553p5858638.html

Re: [OSM-dev] New Map Style feedback

2015-11-02 Thread Richard Fairhurst
SimonPoole wrote: > And in lots of countries in Europe they are signposted in green. I'm > not quite sure why we are being held ransom to a questionable > decision which was made (not so long ago) by an unrelated third > party. Which interesting enough however doesn't use every > imaginable

[OSM-dev] Introducing Tilemaker: vector tiles without the stack

2015-06-29 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Hi all, I'm pleased to introduce Tilemaker, a command-line utility for making vector tiles directly from .osm.pbf planet extracts. The aim is to make vector tiles hackable for the independent cartographer or developer, without the need to set up a database or complex stack to marshal your

Re: [josm-dev] Common presets for OSM editors?

2015-06-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Daniel Koć wrote: as Potlatch is not in active development AFAIK Semi-active. I add a new feature when I see the need, but happily since it's not the default any more, the more excitable elements of our community can burn someone else out instead with their incessant STOP PEOPLE EDITING THE MAP

Re: [josm-dev] Common presets for OSM editors?

2015-06-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Daniel Koć wrote: I semi-hate Flash ;-} as a web technology Try programming in the Flex framework and then you'll really hate it. ;) Being default or not and very active or just in relaxed state of development is not that important in this context - it's still one of the OSM editors

Re: [Potlatch-dev] [OpenStreetMap] #4902: Warnings for deleting/merging relation members

2014-02-14 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 14/02/2014 17:44, Fernando Trebien wrote: Hello everyone, I was wondering when is it that Potlatch will be considered officially deprecated. There is no intention at all to deprecate P2. Since newbie users are best-served by iD, the best thing you, as an OSM contributor, can do to

Re: [Potlatch-dev] [OpenStreetMap] #4902: Warnings for deleting/merging relation members

2014-02-14 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 14/02/2014 17:55, Fernando Trebien wrote: The used did know know he was destroying data because Potlatch neither displays turn restrictions It does, you know: http://imgur.com/j6A6clo nor issues a warning when merging ways referenced by relations It does, you know:

Re: [OSM-dev] The new link on the OSM map

2013-08-08 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Maarten Deen wrote: What planet are you on? That level of abuse is _completely_ unwarranted. I think you owe Tom an apology. Richard -- View this message in context: http://gis.19327.n5.nabble.com/The-new-link-on-the-OSM-map-tp5772913p5772987.html Sent from the Developer Discussion

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Tagging of Loch Katrine

2013-06-26 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 26/06/2013 11:58, Roger Calvert wrote: On return, I find that it does not appear as a lake in Potlatch II, though it does in the default OSM view. There are seven 'outer' elements in the named relation, some of which are very short, but appear to be joined correctly. Most of them have no

Re: [OSM-dev] New database server

2013-05-21 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Serge Wroclawski wrote: So why doesn't this happen? Frankly, because I think the project doesn't have anyone who can act in the kind of technical leadership role this would require. Define can. The project has plenty of people capable of doing this. But IME the main barrier between capable

Re: [OSM-dev] Fixing the history tab

2013-05-03 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Paweł Paprota wrote: Currently I am on a two-month work trip in Germany with not much free time but I really miss OSM and OWL development so I plan to get back to it some time in June when I'm back at home. \o/ When you look at it, there is really not a lot of stuff to be done before OWL

Re: [OSM-dev] Where do you find out about ID?

2013-05-03 Thread Richard Fairhurst
tmcw wrote: As far as documentation for _using_ the editor, there's help documentation embedded in it as well as an intro tour for new users. and it's a zillion times more accessible than the equivalent in P2, let alone JOSM or anything else. cheers Richard -- View this message in

Re: [OSM-dev] lua+osm2pgsql=?

2013-04-28 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Kai Krueger wrote: The question now is what to do with this? Is there enough interest for it to be worth cleaning it up and committing it? Looks superb to me - really impressed you've done this. It'll remove an entire post-processing stage from my setup: at present I munge the tags in the

Re: [OSM-dev] Add an iD link to the Potlatch no-Flash screen

2013-04-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Andrew Hain wrote: At the moment anyone trying to run Potlatch on a Flash-free machine gets links to download Flash and to the list of editors on the wiki. Could we add a link to edit the map without Flash or any other setup using iD once we put it on the editing menu? TBH I don't see

[OSM-dev] lua+osm2pgsql=?

2013-04-17 Thread Richard Fairhurst
One of the many wondrous things about OSRM is that you handle the speed impact of different tags (e.g. highway=motorway vs highway=unclassified) with plugins written in Lua, a fast but easy-to-understand scripting language. Wouldn't it be great to have the same capability in osm2pgsql?

[Potlatch-dev] P2 user check

2012-12-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
[sent to potlatch-dev@ and rails-dev@, please trim follow-ups if appropriate] I've added a new embedding option to Potlatch 2 that can warn the user if they attempt to save a changeset which is mostly deletions. The option is selected like this: args[user_check] = warn; The value

Re: [Potlatch-dev] [OSM-newbies] Can't see my gps traces in the map or Potlatch2

2012-12-12 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 11/12/2012 21:36, SomeoneElse wrote: Sebastian Arcus wrote: I have uploaded a bunch of gps traces as identifiable. They show up under See your traces. However, when I click on map or edit I can't see them on the map or in Potlatch2 editor. Am I doing something wrong, or is there a temporary

Re: [Potlatch-dev] P2, snapshot-server, imports, vector layers and more

2012-11-15 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Paul Norman wrote: Background: P2 has excellent support for data layers but their full power is not exposed to the user by default. I am contemplating using snapshot-server with some extremely large datasets to make the data available to people using P2 and JOSM as vector layers. Great stuff.

Re: [OSM-dev] Status of the Mapnik stylesheets

2012-11-15 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Paweł Paprota wrote: My statement was based on my own experience with open source projects. I cannot be bothered to find some hard evidence that Github makes people much likely to contribute though, it's just a fact. :-) Your own experience is (I'm guessing) open source coding projects,

Re: [OSM-dev] Status of the Mapnik stylesheets

2012-11-14 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Matt Amos wrote: i'd sound a note of caution about having separate clean and detailed styles. we sort-of did that before with mapnik and osmarender respectively and... well, we don't have osmarender any more. That was a technology failure, though, rather than anything wrong with the

Re: [OSM-dev] Status of the Mapnik stylesheets

2012-11-14 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 14/11/2012 16:34, Eugene Alvin Villar wrote: Unfortunately, I think there's a perception that the data layer doesn't provide the gratification that mappers want. Absolutely, and it never well. The data layer looks less like a map than the MapCSS renderings in Potlatch and JOSM do. It's no

[OSM-dev] iD update - building a JavaScript editor for OSM

2012-10-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Hi all, At State of the Map US I gave a talk on OSM editors and subsequently spent a lot of time chewing the fat with the MapBox guys about the future. The full talk is at http://www.systemeD.net/blog/index.php?post=24 but to save you the full tl;dr experience - pretty clearly Flash is on

Re: [OSM-dev] node/way/relation IDs

2012-09-25 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Bernhard R. Fischer wrote: I already tried to find an answer in the Internet but didn't find one yet. Here's an answer on the Internet: http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/relation/1000 http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/1000 http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/node/1000 cheers Richard

[OSM-dev] Making polylines from route relations

2012-09-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Hi all, Does anyone have any code to convert a route relation into a polyline? In other words, given a relation with (unordered) ways A, B, and C, which contain nodes i-j-k, p-o-n, and k-l-m-n, I'd like to get i-j-k-l-m-n-o-p out the other end. Not the hardest of programming challenges, but

Re: [OSM-dev] Making polylines from route relations

2012-09-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Frederik Ramm wrote: Kind of depends how you have the data and what you want but here's a snippet from a program where I did that with Osmium. That's great - thank you (and thanks Komzpa and Pawel too). I'm currently using a fairly custom setup with a Postgres (but not PostGIS) database and

Re: [OSM-dev] Multiple values warning in P2

2012-07-26 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Alan Mintz wrote: Semi-colons are the agreed-upon way to provide multiple values for a field. It seems wrong to warn of their use, especially given the demonstrated potential to cause users to fix such values incorrectly. In most cases having two values in a field is undesirable. Virtually

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Outstanding pull requests (Attn Richard F)

2012-07-17 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 17/07/2012 04:30, Steve Bennett wrote: https://github.com/systemed/potlatch2/pull/33 https://github.com/systemed/potlatch2/pull/36 https://github.com/systemed/potlatch2/pull/49 https://github.com/systemed/potlatch2/pull/66 Seriously, now. These slow review times, and blocking pull requests

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Outstanding pull requests (Attn Richard F)

2012-07-17 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 17/07/2012 12:30, Steve Bennett wrote: Could we consider changing the process? Any of these things would help: 1) A dev build where almost all pull requests are accepted, and which is the accepted starting point for new features. (The production build is a subset of those branches) 2) More

Re: [OSM-dev] Building a friendly new editor in JavaScript

2012-07-14 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Graham Jones wrote: I'll go and learn dojo nowI had never heard of it, and thought that jQuery/jQueryUI was the library of choice for javascript, but the charts etc. in dojo do look very useful. Both jQuery and Dojo have a lot to recommend them, but Dojo, I think, has the edge for large

Re: [OSM-dev] Building a friendly new editor in JavaScript

2012-07-14 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Stéphane Brunner wrote: Some times ago I do a little application to edit osm data in javascript. Thanks (and to Michael and Graham for similar references). Would certainly be good to reuse code where appropriate - and by the same token, anyone who's familiar with the P2 source code will

[OSM-dev] Building a friendly new editor in JavaScript

2012-07-13 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Hi all, Potlatch is five years old and JOSM is over six years old. Scary, isn't it? Lots has changed in those five years. Browsers now do natively things that used to require a plugin - indeed, you might not even have the plugin anymore. OSM's changed, too, from a little-known geek project to

Re: [OSM-dev] API change

2012-07-11 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Ian Dees wrote: Andy made a commit that changed the API response for nodes. http://git.osm.org/rails.git/commitdiff/2c67c07 Previously, visible=false nodes would include their lat/lon. Now such nodes will no longer include lat/lon. For background: this is pretty much essential to the

Re: [OSM-dev] [OSM-talk] Licence redaction ready to begin

2012-07-10 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Paul Norman wrote:  I know that there was some discussion as to if it would be necessary to refrain from conducting any imports while the redaction is in progress. Imports are not likely to conflict with the redaction bot but may cause load issues on the API. I can't speak for the

[OSM-dev] Licence redaction ready to begin

2012-07-09 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Hello all, I'm pleased to announce that the licence change bot is ready to get underway. Starting this week, we will be 'redacting' the contributions (less than 1%) from the live database that are not compatible with the new Contributor Terms and Open Database Licence (ODbL) - in other

Re: [OSM-dev] Licence redaction ready to begin

2012-07-09 Thread Richard Fairhurst
We are expecting to begin on _Wednesday_ (9th July) 11th July. You knew what I meant really. :) Yours in a state of temporary temporal confusion Richard ___ dev mailing list dev@openstreetmap.org http://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/dev

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Translating Potlatch

2012-06-27 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Aleksi Kinnunen wrote: But some UI sections are missing, like way and node editing view and categories. Is it possible to translate them at all, or didn't I just find them? It's not yet possible to translate these, I'm afraid. These are from config files rather than the app itself, and we

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Opera 12

2012-06-22 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Ed Loach wrote: I was using P2 and Opera 12 fine on Windows 7 yesterday. I think C to close the changeset is the one I use most, and that was working. I'm not sure whether I used any others in yesterday's session, but I've just tried clicking Edit, selecting a way and pressing T and learned a

[Potlatch-dev] Opera 12

2012-06-21 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Anyone here having keypress problems with P2 and Opera 12? I can use F1/F2/F3 to switch between backgrounds, but the main keyboard stuff (e.g. T for advanced tagging) don't work at all. cheers Richard ___ Potlatch-dev mailing list

Re: [Potlatch-dev] [OpenStreetMap] #4422: Shift-R adds duplicate relations

2012-05-25 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 25/05/2012 15:16, Steve Bennett wrote: It's still a defect. Shift-R is there to allow you to copy relations over from another similar object. I think the likelihood of this behaviour being useful to anyone is very low - and the chance of it producing unintentional copying quite high. Yep.

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Magic Roundabout v2

2012-05-18 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: I didn't get any response to this. Could someone please have a look at this branch? I put quite a lot of work into this, and it's a pretty useful tool - especially since we're about to do a huge amount of remapping in some areas. I'll take a proper look at the first

Re: [OSM-dev] Licence of the Mapnik style?

2012-04-10 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Paul Hartmann wrote: I've started emailing the authors some time ago. The main contributors (Steve Chilton and Lennard) would license their work under the terms of CC0. So do the following committers: artem, nick, spaetz, tomhughes. A few people I haven't contacted so far. The shields

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Brokenness on Mac with Flash 10.1

2012-03-26 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: First, congrats on all the commits coming out of the hack session over the weekend! :) \o/ OS X, Firefox 11.0, Flash 10,1,102,64 (which I understand to be just barely acceptable). (This isn't the machine I use for development) Out of interest, Intel or PowerPC?

[Potlatch-dev] Weekend summary

2012-03-26 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Andy, Tom and I were holed up in my study this weekend hacking on P2. (Pic at http://opengeodata.org/ !) Quick summary of what was achieved: - FileBank to allow all images/config files to be stored in a .zip, so you can load one assets file per P2 instance rather than 300 or so. Should be

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Weekend summary

2012-03-26 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve wrote: - The Show all [v] button is ok, but would IMHO work better as a More... sort of icon at the bottom/right of the list rather than the top. That actually had been my initial idea, but on balance (as ever with Flex ;) ) ease of execution trumped it'd be nice! Something we can keep

Re: [Potlatch-dev] [OSM-talk] Way with only one single node

2012-03-21 Thread Richard Fairhurst
[copied to potlatch-dev, followups probably better there] Steve Bennett wrote: One thing we could add (in addition to trying to fix bugs in the various places 1-length ways could be created) would be a general filter at save time that prevents any 1-length ways being sent back to the

[Potlatch-dev] Flash Player minimum version

2012-03-21 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Hi all, (This is partly a follow-up to Andy's mail of a few weeks ago!) We had a few reports on help.osm.org of P2 not working (the drag-and-drop icons on the left weren't appearing) and narrowed it down to the users still having Flash Player 10.1 installed. We were only using one 10.2 feature

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Flash Player minimum version

2012-03-21 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Andy wrote: Ah, I wish that I'd known this earlier on - both that we had a mismatch between required versions (i.e. osm.org was requiring 10.1 instead of 10.2, hence the lack of warnings) Yeah, wish I'd realised it too! Ah well, fixed now. If you can confirm that the old p2, with your copy

Re: [Potlatch-dev] [OSM-talk] Way with only one single node

2012-03-21 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Andy wrote: Anyway, mumble grumble unit testing. When we find out what's the trigger, for the love of god someone should help me write the unit test so that when it's fixed, it stays fixed. I've corresponded with Thomas B and found some, ahem, fairly easy steps to reproduce: 1. Click on map

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Useful command: git branch --merged

2012-03-16 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: PS No, this wasn't some passive-aggressive complaint about queued pull-requests either...:) ;) though for the record, I'm reviewing and integrating them as and when time permits. Will probably get a few more through over this coming weekend. cheers Richard

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Testing new versions

2012-03-07 Thread Richard Fairhurst
SomeoneElse wrote: How hard would it be have a version of Potlatch2 available after merging for final testing before becoming the default P2 version on the site? I can see merit in users being able to select an unstable P2 as their editor, which would work 99% of the time and be useful for

Re: [Potlatch-dev] State of play

2012-03-04 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Current most obvious bug that I can see is that (in en-GB at least) the dreaded [object Object] is back on the GPS menu. Oh, and landuse=cemetery renders as a black opaque area. Appropriate I guess but probably not great for editing. :) cheers Richard

Re: [Potlatch-dev] More UX testing

2012-03-01 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 01/03/2012 17:41, Andy Allan wrote: I'm especially coming to the conclusion that defining the icons in map_features.xml is the wrong place to do it - the icons in the panel should always match the icons shown in the stylesheet. No idea how to fix that though :-) That's pretty easy in theory

Re: [Potlatch-dev] feature categories, features and tags currently used in OSM Potlatch2 deploy

2012-02-28 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 28/02/2012 14:35, Irene Celino wrote: Thanks a lot for your exhaustive answer! I certainly feel exhausted after writing it. :) cheers Richard ___ Potlatch-dev mailing list Potlatch-dev@openstreetmap.org

Re: [Potlatch-dev] [potlatch2] nn, nb, and no translations and tweaks to capitalization of English. (#27)

2012-02-25 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Guttorm Flatabø wrote: [https://github.com/systemed/potlatch2/pull/27.diff] Added nn and nb translations (Norwegian nynorsk and bokmål). 'no' ('unspecified Norwegian') is symbolic link to 'nb' as that is the dominant variety. Also included tweaks to english for consistency and correctness of

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Designation tag on most map features

2012-02-21 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: There are pretty easy change requests that have been sitting on the wiki for a year or more, presumably because Git is too big a hurdle for casual (non-programmer) contributors. Is this more complicated than I'm thinking? Two separate issues really. Firstly, we need

Re: [OSM-dev] Deleted objects

2012-02-20 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Andy Allan wrote: [1] using the XML api. Technically if you want to do some AMF parsing, the world is your oyster, but you'll have a bad (salty) taste left in your mouth. I quite like oysters. But the last time I had some I was very, very ill indeed. I'm not sure what the parallel is there.

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Designation tag on most map features

2012-02-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: Obviously 2) is easy to fix. But what about 1? Is it time we implemented locale-specific map_features? IMHO it's incorrect to display a region-specific tag like this to everyone in this way. designation= is not region-specific nor country-specific. It is a way of

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Designation tag on most map features

2012-02-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: Looking at the voting page (huge string of oppose votes) and the discussion on the Tagging list (3-4 March 2011), it looks like there are some pretty serious issues with it. s/pretty serious issues with it/idiots on the wiki/ From the P2 wiki docs: The UI of the

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Internationalisation

2012-02-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: e) I don't know if i18n used to work on my Mac, but it's not working now? I get 3 copies of [object object] in the GPS drop down list. From trial and error, the middle one is the right one :) This is happening to me now too (on the Mac, in both Safari and P2). Bit

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Designation tag on most map features

2012-02-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: Ok, so I can try and understand you, can you define this wikifiddling you're so opposed to? I find your attitude utterly baffling. Life is mercifully too short to rehash the same old argument that's been had for the past five years of OSM all over again, but suffice it to

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Designation tag on most map features

2012-02-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 19/02/2012 14:46, Eugene Alvin Villar wrote: In my country, we haven't decided on how to properly use the designation=* tag but these tags appear because of new users using Potlatch 2. Many of the values used are wrong such as names (e.g., designation=Masantol River). In which case we may

[Potlatch-dev] Mapzen EOLed

2012-02-05 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Hello all, I note that CloudMade have EOLed their AS3 OSM editor Mapzen, under a permissive licence: http://shtosm.ru/2012/02/05/1/ http://mapzen_sources.sandbox.cloudmade.com/mapzen/sandbox/flex_src/mapzen-license.txt That potentially opens up avenues for some of it to be used in P2. I

[OSM-dev] switch2osm.org

2012-01-25 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Lots of you will have seen the interest recently in switching from proprietary mapping providers to OpenStreetMap - blog postings by Nestoria and StreetEasy, Wired's article, and so on. We started a Twitter hashtag, #switch2osm, and it's rather taken off. So I'm delighted to announce the launch

Re: [OSM-dev] helping #switch2osm

2012-01-13 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Mikel Maron wrote: 1) Clear instructions, at an easily findable address (outside the wiki, which is hard to follow) (anyone register switch2osm.com? or tryosm.org). I've registered switch2osm.org and will be adding content over the next few days. Would the EWG be the place to get this

Re: [Potlatch-dev] external mapcss stylesheets and potlatch2

2012-01-06 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Cobra wrote: Is there any other way than this one? - click the map style button, select edit - click add, name=Power, URL=http://dl.dropbox.com/u/31535737/Power.mapcss - close the style popup Ah, right. No, that won't work. Flash Player only allows Flash apps (such as P2) to load data from

Re: [Potlatch-dev] external mapcss stylesheets and potlatch2

2012-01-06 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 06/01/2012 11:33, Cobra wrote: On 2012-01-06 11:59, Richard Fairhurst wrote: Flash Player only allows Flash apps (such as P2) to load data from domains that have a permissions file, called crossdomain.xml. This permissions file needs to be saved at the root of the domain. random rant

Re: [Potlatch-dev] external mapcss stylesheets and potlatch2

2012-01-05 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 05/01/2012 23:02, Cobra wrote: I'm developing a stylesheet to get a more detailed view of power=* objects and wanted to test it with potlatch, but couldn't get it to work. After adding it to p2 and switching to it, all objects the cursors touches disappear, including the power features. When

[Potlatch-dev] Couple of new under-the-hood refinements

2011-12-28 Thread Richard Fairhurst
I've just committed two new features to P2 that should make it feel a lot snappier. First of all, when you pan to a new area, P2 only asks for the areas that aren't yet loaded, rather than the whole bbox. In other words, less data gets downloaded from the server. You can see that it's making

Re: [OSM-dev] IP limit issue when doing mapping parties on a network with NAT

2011-12-16 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Andreas Hammershøj wrote: Is it possible to do this with Potlatch? Afraid not - P2 doesn't yet have any ability to load local files from disk. I'm currently looking into a couple of possible solution, but because it's Christmas I don't have a whole bunch of time for P2 stuff for a couple of

Re: [Potlatch-dev] map_features.xml annoyances

2011-12-14 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Eric Wolf wrote: 1. Why is the xml tag category reused to specify a tab name in input? Why not just call it tabname? It's really confusing to someone just hacking the XML - does this category have anything to do with the Feature Categories? Yes, this is a flaw and something we should fix at

Re: [OSM-dev] IP limit issue when doing mapping parties on a network with NAT

2011-12-12 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Tom Hughes wrote: I'm afraid not. Nobody is working on this as far as I know. Dumb question: what would be required for someone to work on this? What would need to be changed? I'd love to see the DCF editing OSM with P2. cheers Richard -- View this message in context:

Re: [OSM-dev] IP limit issue when doing mapping parties on a network with NAT

2011-12-12 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Andreas Hammershøj wrote: Any news of progress on this subject? The other thing that could be done is to make P2 ask for less data. At present every pan results in a request for all the data within the onscreen area. In theory, we can reduce this by only asking (in several calls) for the areas

Re: [OSM-dev] speeding up loading an OSM dump into PostGIS?

2011-12-01 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Nick Whitelegg wrote: It's certainly something that should be striven for as I suspect that financial constraints are much more of an issue for the OSM community than know-how Developer availability is more of an issue than either. You've been around here long enough to know that should be

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Potlatch 2.3

2011-11-30 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Andy wrote: I'm not sure which config files you are referring to, but perhaps Richard can describe more the subcategory panels work. Sure. The change is that there's now an optional 'subcategory' attribute in input. So you can say: input type=freetext presence=always category=Naming

[Potlatch-dev] Internationalisation

2011-11-28 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Andy did a whole bunch of work on this at the London Hack Weekend, building on the great stuff done by miurahr et al, and it's now live thanks to Tom. So... hopefully you won't be getting [Object object] any more. If you do: speak out! cheers Richard

[Potlatch-dev] Alternate look and feel

2011-11-26 Thread Richard Fairhurst
I'm working on adding the ability to 'reskin' Potlatch 2 at runtime - in other words, to change the basic look and feel from the current blue. (Docs are here for anyone interested: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flex/using/WS2db454920e96a9e51e63e3d11c0bf69084-7f8c.html) I'd like to offer two

Re: [OSM-dev] better packaging of Potlatch resource files

2011-11-13 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Mikel Maron wrote: I'm helping the folks at Sahana out with their Potlatch2 integration. Could we make updates of all the resources files a tiny bit easier, and package them up into a single file? A tar file would do it, I think. Yes, you can, as Tom alludes. Though it's zip files rather

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Why can't i zoom out over lvl 13

2011-11-03 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Alexandru wrote: I have a private osm server with tiles being server from the official osm server. In my potlatch tab i can't zoom out more than lvl 13. Why is it so? Because in most of the world on an OSM dataset, zooming out beyond 13 would request so much data that it would boggle Potlatch

[OSM-dev] Hack Weekend reminder

2011-11-02 Thread Richard Fairhurst
As Matt wrote earlier in October, there's a Hack Weekend coming up in London: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/London/London_Hack_Weekend_Nov_2011 26/27 November. You need to sign up on the wiki page. Hope to see some of you there. cheers Richard

Re: [OSM-dev] Some points about cloudmade's style editor (as issues)

2011-11-02 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Andreas Kalsch wrote: Probably you have some arguments about my proposals. Only that they should probably be on CloudMade's own lists. ;) cheers Richard -- View this message in context:

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Potlatch 2.3

2011-10-16 Thread Richard Fairhurst
NopMap wrote: How would I go about updating a custom instance to P2.3? Wiki instructions and random.dev appear to be outdated. I guess we need to resuscitate an easily downloadable instance somewhere - thank you for the pointer. Until then... you can download the .swf from

Re: [OSM-dev] osm2pgsql and only-named multipolygons

2011-10-05 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Frederik Ramm wrote: While multipolygons with more than one outer *ring* are uncommon, those with more than one outer *way* are heavily used where I live That's all right, everyone where you live uses JOSM anyway. :) The issue from my point of view is one of UI. I can't countenance a UI, or

Re: [OSM-dev] osm2pgsql and only-named multipolygons

2011-10-05 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Jochen Topf wrote: Thats sounds rather optimistic to me. As far as I know everybody who has thought about a proper area type has given up, because nobody could find a way how it was to be implemented solving all the different design problems with it. That sounds rather un-OSM-like to me.

Re: [OSM-dev] osm2pgsql and only-named multipolygons

2011-10-04 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Frederik Ramm wrote: I tend to be against strict rules of any kind but when it comes to the question of what exactly a complex relation means I think it would be good to have one definition which every tool writer should aspire to implement. I'd agree with your general point, but in the

[Potlatch-dev] Potlatch 2.3

2011-09-30 Thread Richard Fairhurst
New version is now in my github and will hopefully be on osm.org before too long. https://github.com/systemed/potlatch2 Major changes for users: * Potlatch 2 now requires Flash Player 10. * The Simple tag editor has been rearranged: fewer tabs, tabs have icons. Major changes for

Re: [OSM-dev] OSM XML declaration, JOSM, Osmosis et al.

2011-09-21 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Serge Wroclawski wrote: OSM objects are identified by three identifiers: Object Type, ID and Version Those three identifiers are necessary when talking about an OSM object. Absence of one of them means the data isn't valid. The type and ID are obvious, but the version number appears to be

[OSM-dev] New list - rails-...@openstreetmap.org

2011-09-06 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Hi all, A new mailing list has been created for fixing and enhancing the core Ruby on Rails-powered openstreetmap.org site. It's rails-...@openstreetmap.org and you can subscribe at http://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/rails-dev . All trac tickets relating to the site will now be owned by

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Git starter?

2011-09-04 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: Ok, so Richard runs the debug repository, Tom runs the production repository. I think strictly speaking it's more that I run the P2 project repository, Tom runs the OSM instance of P2 repository. For whatever it's worth. cheers Richard -- View this message in context:

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