Re: [OSM-dev] dev Digest, Vol 175, Issue 10

2019-10-30 Thread SandorS
Just a short note/suggestion. >> >>- Create darker river-color for river & canal areas and waterway lines (#3930) >> This will overwrite the global ocean lighter colour when the two objects overlap. So, maybe, the overlaps should be rendered using a blue shade between the two colours. By the

[OSM-dev] Coastline as part of other object types?

2019-03-23 Thread SandorS
About two weeks ago I asked a similar question on the Help Forum without getting any help. More precisely, my question was this . Of course, the notes related to the example/illustration are fully correct but

[OSM-dev] Detect and remove sharp angle/spiky configurations on buildings

2018-10-18 Thread SandorS
Some days ago there was a question on an OSM forum whether such algorithm exists and used by some of the OSM users. Honestly I even did not know that such an issue exists and probably I am not alone. The reason to that is either that the spiky configurations are hardly visible in maps or that

[OSM-dev] coastline-osm2pgsql, once agai

2018-06-27 Thread SandorS
Sven: >> Thus it has been decided a long time ago, that land polygons are rendered from shapefiles proven to be mostly correct (e.g. all continents do exist) and up-to-date stuff produced by osm2pgsql. If you like to render your own map you can easily produse matching data from the same planet

[OSM-dev] Coastline – osm2pgsql

2018-06-12 Thread SandorS
As I understand the two involved processes are independent and the results are just mixed together at certain moment during the map-making process. This independence causes several serious issues. Let me mention some. Assume the coastline polygons are in classes {Pi}, i=0,1,2, where any from

Re: [OSM-dev] dev Digest, Vol 158, Issue 3

2018-05-16 Thread SandorS
>> >>Date: Thu, 3 May 2018 08:28:09 +0300 >>From: Tomas Straupis >>Anyways, there is no point of talking about who first, last, only >>etc. All approaches using closed commercial software are pointless for >>OSM - it cannot be reused. Everything can be done with open

Re: [OSM-dev] dev Digest, Vol 157, Issue 12 - Instead of "Area datatype"

2018-05-08 Thread SandorS
Suggestion: Instead of just evaluating area datatype, make a complete revision of basic/essential notions and rules in OSM Wiki documentation especially those related to “basic features”. There are many reasons and arguments for the suggestion. Let us look at some of them. -Most if the notions

[OSM-dev] VECTOR TILING in applications

2018-04-02 Thread SandorS
Tiling strategies and models are very well known and developed today. Especially uniform raster and vector tiling models in services where the tiles are pre-generated for efficient transmission and rendering. However, vector tiling is much, mush more than that. It is a powerful tool in many


2016-07-30 Thread SandorS
Probably the most complete river systems that is possible to create from the OSM source data. The subject has been discussed several times from my side but mostly inside the river area object class. At that time, I was just indicating cross water-area object class problems. Now, here is one


2016-06-11 Thread SandorS
To my great satisfaction and surprise, in the mail from about the start of March we could read in the “dev Digest, Vol 131, Issue 25,” the issue “2. Upcoming change in files on”. The changes relate to the creation of regular tiles for land and water coastline based large