[OSM-dev] Bounding Box Filter w/Osmium

2019-08-16 Thread Spencer Gardner
I'm working with pyOsmium for parsing OSM and things are working pretty well. One problem I'm having is that I need to be able to apply a bounding box filter to handle cases where an unnecessarily large extract is used. (For example, a user downloads the extract for their entire country but is

Re: [OSM-dev] Python XML Parser on Windows

2019-08-07 Thread Spencer Gardner
Thanks. I'm aware of PyOsmium, which appears to work on Windows but not without installing a number of additional packages related to the libosmium. I may go that route in the absence of easier alternatives, but installation of libosmium doesn't seem very straightforward on Windows. Or perhaps the

[OSM-dev] Python XML Parser on Windows

2019-08-06 Thread Spencer Gardner
I'm sort of resurrecting an old thread I started last year. I find Martijn's Overpass Python library to be very useful for small queries but I frequently run into usage limits. I'd like to query an XML download directly to save bandwidth and reduce consumption of Overpass resources, but I can't

[OSM-dev] OSM->PostGIS Python tool?

2018-12-21 Thread Spencer Gardner
I'm researching options for a Python-based tool that uses OSM data. From what I can gather there's no native Python library for OSM imports to a PostGIS database. (Yes, imposm is developed in Python but there's no documentation I can find on how to use it as a Python library--it appears to be

Re: [OSM-dev] How does osm2pgsql handle multiple matches of same key?

2016-09-17 Thread Spencer Gardner
> > > If you want a column for parking:lane:right and parking:lane:left, add > both to your style file. > > Ah, thanks. Should have caught that from addr:housename in the default style file. I had made it more complicated in my mind than it needed to be. Looks like that will work for my purposes.

[OSM-dev] How does osm2pgsql handle multiple matches of same key?

2016-09-16 Thread Spencer Gardner
r the same key it takes the first and ignores the others. If this is not the case I'll investigate using that for my purposes. Thanks, Spencer Gardner ___ dev mailing list dev@openstreetmap.org https://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/dev