Re: [OSM-dev] Real time in public transport

2019-11-13 Thread Svetlana Tkachenko
Hello All, This is a large interactive web page. Can be bit difficult to load on a mobile. Is the real time bus arrival information available via API? In Sydney we used to have an SMS service, given a bus stop ID it would output information in the format "339 - 12:34 - in 5 mins (on time) L94

Re: [OSM-dev] groups

2019-04-30 Thread Svetlana Tkachenko
Hi Dmitry Perhaps these features can be useful for the Libreplanet wiki as well. Svetlana Дмитрий Киселев wrote: > Hi everyone, > I know that making a good working groups is hard and only facebook succeed in > that, and that's why we don't have any way to group users or friends at >

[OSM-dev] Nodejs programmers?

2018-08-01 Thread Svetlana Tkachenko
Hello all. :) There is a goal: collaborative editing of markers on a map. Each marker has a title, color, and two long descriptions (a list of URLs in one, and prose in another). It needs to have moderation in the case some people start adding meaningless data. There needs to also be the