Master ? Slave? Both?

2017-12-30 Thread Niclas Hedhman
I am getting the impression that only "Master" side of these protocols are in scope. Or? In any case, I have previously made a C library for ModBus (from spec), and I could see if it is worth dusting off and contribute. Is it of interest, or? It might not be complete, and I recall it follows a

Re: [DRAFT] First Podling Report PLC4X

2017-12-30 Thread Justin Mclean
Hi, Looks good to me. It can be submitted here [1] (although only members and officials have access to do so) Thanks, Justin 1.

Re: [GSOC] Should we participate in Google Summer of Code?

2017-12-30 Thread Christofer Dutz
Hi Benedict, I think that we could definitely do something like this, but I guess we would have to provide manageable units of functionality. But I think it might be a challenge to get young people to choose working on industrial protocols if they can work on the next new JavaSript framework

Re: Interest in a code-retreat architecture round, kickoff type of thing?

2017-12-30 Thread Benedikt Ritter
> Am 27.12.2017 um 22:42 schrieb Christofer Dutz : > > Hi, > > at codecentric we have a cool finca on the island of Mallorca which we can > use for project get-togethers, code retreats and alike (for free). > > I was thinking if it would be a good idea to do such a