[racket-dev] Switching groups tomorrow

2015-02-03 Thread John Clements
The plan is to throw the switch tomorrow, to switch from our existing
mailing list to the new google group. If you haven't yet subscribed to the
new one, you can do it now at


(thanks to Vincent for the refined URL).

If all goes well, those that have already switched should not notice any
outage; thanks to advice from Eli, it appears that the dev@racket-lang.org
front door can continue to work. Thanks, Eli!

Those that have not switched will ... well, you'll stop getting the
developers list. I'll add batches from the existing list over time, but
there's a cap on the number of adds per day, so you'll be missing parts of
the stream.

Cross your fingers, and thanks for your patience!

John Clements
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Re: [racket-dev] file change notifications

2015-02-03 Thread Dan Liebgold
Ah, I wanted to reply to my original email. I was wrong.

There's a cancel event that lasts a long time according to Procmon, but it
seems to last as long as the racket executable is running. I don't think
 it's the source of any performance problem.

So, yeah... carry on, nothing to see here.


On Mon, Feb 2, 2015 at 11:26 PM, Matthew Flatt mfl...@cs.utah.edu wrote:

 It's good to know that canceling a filesystem-change event can be
 expensive on Windows, in which case they probably shouldn't be used on
 Windows when resolving module paths. I'll investigate more and remove
 the use.

 Meanwhile, there's not a good way to disable the current use in v6.1,
 but the hack

   (unsafe-vector-set! (system-type 'fs-change) 2 #f)

 should work to disable it.

 At Mon, 2 Feb 2015 12:14:12 -0800, Dan Liebgold wrote:
  Hi -
  I'm doing a little profiling of Racket 6.1 on windows. It seems like
  cancelling a filesystem-change-evt can take many seconds, and one is
  cancelled for the addon-dir directory (which defaults to my roaming
  profile) during every run. I think it interacts badly with my virus
  Is there a way to disable this? I'm not using the addon-dir, so any
  notifications shouldn't be important.
  Dan Liebgold[dan.liebg...@gmail.com]
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Dan Liebgold[dan.liebg...@gmail.com]
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