Re: [racket-dev] check-syntax (require plot) hangs drracket

2011-12-15 Thread Marijn
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On 13-12-11 11:57, Robby Findler wrote: Thanks for checking back in. In retrospect, that was a stupid change of mine. I've reverted it and pushed a different attempt. The current change is unlikely to be the right long-term solution, but I'm

[racket-dev] Add `set-get-one' and `set-get-one/rest' to set.rkt

2011-12-15 Thread Daniel King
The procedure `set-get-one/rest' returns a random element from the set and a new set with that element removed. It is used for iterating over a set It is not guaranteed to return the same element if it is called twice on the original set. The procedure `set-get-one' only returns a random element

Re: [racket-dev] [PATCH] add in-slice sequence

2011-12-15 Thread David Vanderson
I only got one comment (thanks John), so I'm resending for more feedback. Is there any interest in adding this, or does everybody do it a better/different way? A more motivated example would be showing a list of products on a webpage in batches: (define products '(a b c d e f g))