Re: [racket-dev] Need a clarification on the implementation of stream-map

2012-07-08 Thread Robby Findler
I'm not sure about the rationale behind the design of stream-map, but any as a result contract for a function indicates it may return multiple values (in the range of a function any is a special keyword). any/c is a contract for a single value. Robby On Sun, Jul 8, 2012 at 6:25 AM, Daniel King

Re: [racket-dev] Proposal for a no-argument

2012-07-08 Thread Eli Barzilay
Quick summary: I'll remove the #:before-first and #:after-last feature. If anyone wants them, please tell me -- maybe it can be left for the spliced case, or maybe they could always be spliced. On Monday, Matthew Flatt wrote: I'm not enthusiastic about this proposal. As you say at the

[racket-dev] Index of /

2012-07-08 Thread David Van Horn seems to have reverted to serving the index of /. David _ Racket Developers list: