Re: [racket-dev] Test errors on scribble/reader.rkt

2013-12-19 Thread Laurent
Thanks! I was worried I was doing something wrong, but IIUC these tests
were just not enabled in DrDr.
Is there an easy way to know if some tests are enabled in DrDr?


On Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 3:02 AM, Matthew Flatt wrote:

 Thanks --- I've tracked down the problem and pushed repairs.

 At Tue, 17 Dec 2013 17:08:34 -0500, Greg Hendershott wrote:
  I see the same.
  Using HEAD (97ee349) today, built just now.
  On Sat, Dec 14, 2013 at 9:47 AM, Laurent
   After a fresh `git pull --ff-only` followed by `make`, I have 9 errors
   running `raco test .` in scribble-test/tests/scribble/ like:
   reader.rkt:935:22: test failure
 bad result in
 @foo{ -@error- #rx:1:0: missing closing `}'$
   (missing closing `}') != (#rx:1:0: missing closing `}'$)
   Looks like the location information is not included (anymore?) in the
   Did I forget to rebuild something or do something, or is it not just
   (Note: some external packages did not build correctly, like an old
   cce-scheme, but that's not related, is it?)
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Re: [racket-dev] Test errors on scribble/reader.rkt

2013-12-19 Thread Matthew Flatt
At Thu, 19 Dec 2013 09:16:24 +0100, Laurent wrote:
 Thanks! I was worried I was doing something wrong, but IIUC these tests
 were just not enabled in DrDr.

Right. They're now enabled.

 Is there an easy way to know if some tests are enabled in DrDr?

Currently, the configuration is in


but we need to move that information into individual collections (via
info.rkt files, maybe).

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Re: [racket-dev] Pre-Release Checklist for v6.0

2013-12-19 Thread Michael Sperber

Ryan Culpepper writes:

 * Mike Sperber
   - DMdA Tests
   - Stepper Tests
   - Signature Tests


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[racket-dev] release notes

2013-12-19 Thread Robby Findler
Hi all: it's time to collect the release notes.

Unlike past times, I've done something slightly differently when collecting
information from the git logs. I tried to track every thing that looked
like user-visible change (that wasn't obviously just a bug report) that
either seemed worthy of the release list or that didn't make it into a
change history.

Please go thru the ones with your name next to them and either update the a
HISTORY.txt file somewhere or send me a short blurb for the release notes.
Let me know when you're done or you have questions about where to find the
right HISTORY.txt file. Note that your name may appear in multiple places
below as some changes have multiple people next to them.

I didn't track the TR commits as carefully as the other ones (sorry guys
but you refactor a lot and it's hard to keep everything straight...) but I
did see a bunch of optimizer related commits for TR and so I wondered if
someone would try to do some benchmarking comparisons between 5.3.6 and the
release candidate to see if anything sped up in a relatively impressive way.


Asumu: equality checking argument added to member
Asumu: match*? (12e5bc645bf6e4c8c74cd6460efefccbf5a5680d)
Burke, Robby: #:satisfying in redex-check
Burke: add a parameter to adjust random generation methods
Carl: generics and generic sets improvements, raise-support-error (et al),
#:fallbacks, etc
Carl: more functions exported from syntax/modcode
Eli: in-producer changes
Eli: permutations, in-permutations
Eric: rackunit improvements
Ian, Sam: match app patterns change (b32697bd)
Jay, Jan Dvořák: formlet improvements
Jay, Matthew: pkg improvements
Jay: Host and Content-Length headers in http-client.rkt:
Jay: get/set-pixel in bitmap-dc% now respects alpha
Jay: plai gc2 improvements
Jens Axel, Matthew: get-path-bounding-box
Jens Axel: scribble rendering support for svg
Matthew Butterick: New docs formatting
Matthew David Vanderson: hex-string-bytes now exported
Matthew, Juan Francisco: OpenBSD fixes
Matthew, Kalimehtar: ffi bitmask improvements
Matthew, Robby: gui package manager
Matthew: spotlight support in slideshow:
Matthew: --unused-pkg-deps flag
Matthew: .desktop support for linux
Matthew: ARM JIT
Matthew: Retina display support
Matthew: add #:indirect to defmodule (b8f6311e)
Matthew: better solaris support (eg, 6bb55f7d14c8)
Matthew: change to syntax-local-lift-context, noting that it now matches
its docs better (c137b44a6896)
Matthew: change to {copy/delete}-directory/files (a2e75d1)
Matthew: changes to subprocess directory initialization on windows
Matthew: code signing for Mac OS X
Matthew: cross-phase persistent improvements (more prims are allowed,
Matthew: eq and equal hash code tweaks (2a79377 and 8b7b962)
Matthew: ffi custodian fix: does this change user-visible behavior?
Matthew: filesystem-notify-evt changes
Matthew: latest sigplanconf.cls (fa40be83d652f9f)
Matthew: racket/base and scheme/base now introduce submodules
Matthew: raco pkg now uses a cache
Matthew: raise GUI size limit (2b1b8696f02fa59dea4278c2786fd21444204fc5)
Matthew: slideshow bitmap support improvements
Matthew: support libpng16 (5629a6156a5720e51a277849f75b3135cb93664f),
libjpeg v9 (158997cde7350bc62eeb45e9ecd76931738266b9)
Matthias: added list? to ISL+.
Matthias: style guide
Max New: Redex enumerator
Nadeem, Robby: improve auto-parens mode behavior
(f79dfb4cafa335ea378928ad1abe2b9bf9500b34 and more)
Neil \bot: point-label3d
Neil \bot: math library improvements (docs in 6525e8f7 other stuff?)
Robby: #:chaperone specification in struct/dc
Robby: #:keep-going argument in redex
Robby: #:reduce argument to traces
Robby: #lang-line specific editing
Robby: menukey-9 behavior change in drracket
Robby: DrRacket now saves the font size preference on a
per-monitor-configuration basis (9a7af8c84033f3bd276a2717c3dc37f6076b6e83)
Robby: Redex  define-struct now interact better with check syntax
Robby: add GUI support for compile-enforce-module-constants to DrRacket
Robby: add immutable hashes to printable/c
Robby: add transparent color to 2htdp/image
Robby: added mrlib/terminal library
Robby: added shrink-path-wrt
Robby: allow (almost) any real number as angles in 2htdp/image
Robby: change to backward-containing-sexp
Robby: check syntax's syntax-original?