[racket-dev] segfault during make

2015-01-08 Thread Spencer Florence
Hey all, When I try to run `make` on the current head the build segfaults while making the documentation. The last few lines of the output are: raco setup: 2 rendering: pkgs/pfds/pfds/scribblings/functional-data-structures.scrbl raco setup: 1 rendering:

Re: [racket-dev] segfault during make

2015-01-08 Thread Spencer Florence
time, there was also a problem in `racket/gui` that could cause a crash (mainly on Mac OS X) after `racket/gui` was used during documentation-build time. Both of those problems have been fixed. At Tue, 06 Jan 2015 22:14:53 +, Spencer Florence wrote: Hey all, When I try to run `make

[racket-dev] Odd error when running make

2014-12-10 Thread Spencer Florence
Sometimes when building git HEAD I get an error like: raco setup: --- summary of errors --- raco setup: error: during building docs for pkgs/racket-doc/scribblings/guide/guide.scrbl raco setup: query-rows: attempt to write a readonly database raco setup: error code: 776 raco setup: SQL:

Re: [racket-dev] Using `git submodule` vs. `git pull --ff-only upstream master`

2014-04-17 Thread Spencer Florence
stale git submodules show up on a status. What I've found helpful is to add a bit in my prompt that tells me if the current git repository has a non up to date status (And the current branch). If you're running Zsh this is a good place to start for that: git_prompt_info() { ref=$(git