[racket-dev] Serious problem

2012-03-26 Thread Antonio Menezes Leitao
Hi, Today (i.e., 3/26/2012) DrRacket version 5.2.1 no longer starts. Instead, it signals an error on function read-bitmap. This bug was initially reported by a colleague of mine and then independently confirmed by me. Given that the bug only showed today, and it doesn't occur when we change the

Re: [racket-dev] Serious problem

2012-03-26 Thread Robby Findler
Dear António (and your colleagues), My apologies. I will build better automated testing support for the various easter eggs and we are working on an short-term fix. I know it is not possible to repair lost credibility, and for that I'm deeply disappointed with myself. Robby On Mon, Mar 26,