[sc-dev] Re: [dev] Farewell

2011-09-04 Thread Pivithuru Wijegunawardana
Hi Niklas, I got the opportunity of working with you in OpenOffice.org summer internship program last year. You were a great mentor for me and your guidance helped me a lot throughout the internship. Thanks for everything you did at OpenOffice.org and I wish you all the best in your new career.

[sc-dev] Re: Internship 2010: Statistical Data Analysis Tool

2011-03-26 Thread Pivithuru Wijegunawardana
Hi Regina, I am the student who developed the extension for summer internship 2010. At the end of the internship I submitted the code and the developed extension to my mentor Niklas Nebel. I am not quite sure whether I have to make it available at extension repository. I will discuss this with

Re: [sc-dev] How to access cell values in a cell range in Calc add-ins?

2010-10-17 Thread Pivithuru Wijegunawardana
= xCellRange.getCellByPosition(i, j); } Hope this might help you -- Best regards, Pivithuru Wijegunawardana University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka On Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 12:58 AM, Nadee Hwg nadsee...@gmail.com wrote: Hi, i have succeeded in adding a function to Calc and reading the input figures

[sc-dev] Get individual cells inside a cell range

2010-08-06 Thread Pivithuru Wijegunawardana
Hi, I need to get the individual cells inside a cell range. But I need to do this without giving its x and y positions. Is there any method I could get a XCell list from a cell range? I am doing this in java. -- Best regards, Pivithuru Wijegunawardana University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka

[sc-dev] Range selection and UNO awt

2010-07-22 Thread Pivithuru Wijegunawardana
I have created a simple GUI using UNO awt for statistical data analysis tool in summer internship program. Now I want to get the user input data from the spreadsheet from clac range selection. I hope to do this after user has opened the dialog. Functionality I need is something alike the cell