AW: Database columns missing in OXID eShop v6

2018-04-03 Thread Frank Zunderer
Hello Michael, only the keys are dropped, not the fields. Regards, Frank Zunderer -Ursprüngliche Nachricht- Von: Michael Ochmann [] Gesendet: Dienstag, 3. April 2018 11:40 An: OXID dev-list <> Betreff: Database columns missing i

AW: Database utf8 and latin1 questions

2017-01-18 Thread Frank Zunderer
Hi Gregor, be careful when using this script, it has a bug that causes your theme and module settings to disappear: Frank Von: Gesendet: Mittwoch, 18. Januar

Re: [oxid-dev-general] Can't remove old module entries

2016-03-30 Thread Frank Zunderer
Hi Alexander, Module config is also cached in /tmp Greets, Frank Von: [] Im Auftrag von Alexander Scheider Gesendet: Mittwoch, 30. März 2016 13:21 An: Betreff: Re:

Re: [oxid-dev-general] New blog post on planet: Overloading non-overloadable classes - don't!

2015-10-13 Thread Frank Zunderer IT Beratung
Hello all, i would suggest to label oxshopcontrol "can be overloaded but oxwidgetcontrol extends it" like alist/details. Also i suggest to refactor oxwidgetcontrol into oxshopcontrol so it can be fully extended again. Are there any objections against this? Regards, Fran

Re: [oxid-dev-general] Mysterious error: Call to a member function pageClose() on a non-object

2014-07-15 Thread Frank Zunderer
could be initialized in oxregistry::getConfig Regards, Frank Zunderer Zunderer IT Beratung Waldstr. 22 82205 Gilching 08105-777250 0173-8362768 Von: [] Im

Re: [oxid-dev-general] No unique indices in oxobject2* tables

2014-03-20 Thread Frank Zunderer
Hi, +1, i suggested this here: If an importer assigns an article twice to a category, number of articles displayed in list view is wrong. @Michael Gerhardt, this index is not unique. Regards, Frank Von:

Re: [oxid-dev-general] Blocks save path changed in 4.8?

2014-01-21 Thread Frank Zunderer
Hi, i think it wasn’t changed, it’s still out/blocks if you specify only the filename, but it can be any folder if you specify with path from module folder. Regards, Frank Zunderer Von: [] Im Auftrag

Re: [oxid-dev-general] Extending mobile Theme with modules

2013-11-25 Thread Frank Zunderer
From: [] on behalf of Frank Zunderer [] Sent: Thursday, November 14, 2013 6:53 PM To: Subject: Re: [oxid-dev-general] Extending mobile Theme

Re: [oxid-dev-general] Extending mobile Theme with modules

2013-11-14 Thread Frank Zunderer Phone +370 37 333053 Fax +370 37 333054 From: [] on behalf of Frank Zunderer [] Sent: Tuesday

[oxid-dev-general] Extending mobile Theme with modules

2013-11-12 Thread Frank Zunderer
be done by the theme switcher in a transparent way, so that block base_js would work in desktop and mobile, but if mb_base_js is additionally specified, this would point to the block base_js in mobile theme. Regards, Frank Zunderer ___ dev-general mailing

Re: [oxid-dev-general] 4.5.0 Update

2013-10-30 Thread Frank Zunderer
it’ll give an error, because somehow your files version is not the same as your database version. Looks like your DB is version and your shop-files are version 4.5.0 (because 4.5.0 has revision number 34568). Regards, Frank Zunderer Zunderer IT Beratung Waldstr. 22 82205

Re: [oxid-dev-general] How to remove modules completely

2013-07-17 Thread Frank Zunderer
blocks when deactivating a module, all info is in the module anyway. Regards, Frank Zunderer Zunderer IT Beratung Waldstr. 22 82205 Gilching 08105-777250 0173-8362768 Von: [mailto:dev-general-boun

Re: [oxid-dev-general] Adding params to oxlocator

2013-07-05 Thread Frank Zunderer
;test=test; return ( $sUrl ); } } Regards, Frank Zunderer Zunderer IT Beratung Waldstr. 22 82205 Gilching 08105-777250 0173-8362768 -Ursprüngliche Nachricht- Von: [

[oxid-dev-general] Template Changes in Minor Versions

2013-02-06 Thread Frank Zunderer
life not easier but harder because in order to have a fully functional shop you would have to keep track of all solved but not yet released template bugs and fix them yourself. I think this policy needs to be rethought. Regards, Frank Zunderer ___ dev

Re: [oxid-dev-general] OXID Deployment System + The Community

2012-11-23 Thread Frank Zunderer
Hi Marco, in my opinion OXID could be much more „community driven“ without code contributions if there was more communication. OXID devs very rarely comment conceptual suggestions in this list and also in the bugtracker. Before developing or submitting new code, the concepts behind the new

Re: [oxid-dev-general] Question about Shipping Costs

2012-11-19 Thread Frank Zunderer
Hello Christoph, i think the forums would be a better place to get help on specific problems with configuration of shipping costs. Regards, Frank -Ursprüngliche Nachricht- Von: [] Im Auftrag von

Re: [oxid-dev-general] Release candidate 1 for OXID eShop version 4.7/5.0

2012-10-12 Thread Frank Zunderer
Hi All, i already stated that i really like the new folder structure. But I agree with Joscha, I hope the templates will move back to /out in the final version. This makes things more complicated while giving no real benefit. On the one hand there are efforts to keep all module files

Re: [oxid-dev-general] Nested Sets and OXSORT

2012-07-18 Thread Frank Zunderer
eShop Modul. Ab sofort in unserem Online-Shop l?pk_campaign=OXMOB%20%7C%20E-Mail-Linkpk_kwd=normalEmail erhältlich. Am 16.07.2012 19:31, schrieb Björn Lange: Hi All, 2012/7/16 Frank Zunderer i

Re: [oxid-dev-general] Nested Sets and OXSORT

2012-07-17 Thread Frank Zunderer
Hi Daniel and Joscha, using nested sets AND parent_id's makes the code hard to understand. You are mixing to different concepts which also doubles potential error pits. It’s a bit redundant, that’s true, I think of it like an index for fast access. You have all the information in

Re: [oxid-dev-general] Nested Sets and OXSORT

2012-07-16 Thread Frank Zunderer
Hello Joscha, i think nested sets are not used for building the categorytree, it’s built from id/parentid. Nested sets are also built individually for each main category and contain no info about sorting of main categories. Regards, Frank Von:

Re: [oxid-dev-general] Recent Viewed Products

2012-06-19 Thread Frank Zunderer
Hi, Last seen products is already built in, but only for detail view. Here is a module that activates last seen in azure throughout the shop, just add the views where you want to show it in metadata.php:

Re: [oxid-dev-general] new module structure in 4.6 and admin include files not working?

2012-05-23 Thread Frank Zunderer
Hi Xavier, the languagefiles are called module_options.php and reside in modulefolder/out/admin/language, e.g. modules/yourmodule/out/admin/de/module_options.php. keys have prefixes SHOP_MODULE_GROUP_, SHOP_MODULE_ and HELP_SHOP_MODULE_. So your file module_options.php could be like

Re: [oxid-dev-general] Oxid AJAX Bug?

2011-12-09 Thread Frank Zunderer
Hello Mitch, i stumbled into the same error: There is hope that errors will be shown in next version: Regards, Frank Zunderer -Ursprüngliche Nachricht- Von: dev-general-boun