Accessibility review process

2020-11-11 Thread James Teh
(Also cross-posting to firefox-dev.) Hi all, Tl;dr: The Mozilla Accessibility Release Guidelines outline what is needed to make user interfaces accessible to people with disabilities. If you would like help from the accessibility team to determine whether your change is accessible, you can now

Re: Enabled CRLite in Nightly

2020-11-11 Thread Martin Thomson
Great news JC. I've been watching this with interest. It's one of those rare cases where we get a win-win-win. Faster page loads, better security through more reliable revocation information, and better privacy. It's taken a lot of effort, but it's definitely worth it. On Thu, Nov 12, 2020 at

Enabled CRLite in Nightly

2020-11-11 Thread J.C. Jones
CRLite ships compressed revocation information for the public Web to Firefox users, four times a day. We have a blogpost series on CRLite at the Security Blog (with another post coming later this month), there’s additional information at Github

Fission Newsletter #9

2020-11-11 Thread Neha Kochar
Greetings Everyone, A lot has been accomplished since our last newsletter so we are back with more Fission news in our Newsletter #9. Experimenting with Fission in Nightly With the completion of Fission milestone M6b, Fission Nightly experiment was launched for 5% of Nightly on October 13. We