Re: Enabled CRLite in Nightly

2020-11-16 Thread Henri Sivonen
On Fri, Nov 13, 2020 at 6:19 AM J.C. Jones  wrote:
> Not yet, no. Neither this nor Intermediate Preloading (which CRLite depends
> on) are enabled in Fenix yet, as we have outstanding bugs about "only
> download this stuff when on WiFi + Power" and "that, but configurable."

If the delta updates are averaging 66 KB, do we really need to avoid
the updates over cellular data even when that's assumed to be metered?

Henri Sivonen
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Intent to unship: XUL grid implementation

2020-11-16 Thread Tim Nguyen
Hi folks,

Thanks to Mats Palmgren & Rares Doghi, XUL grid got removed from tab prompts

(`alert`/`confirm`/`prompt`) last week, this was the last usage in
mozilla-central. If you notice any regressions, please file a bug and mark
it as a regression of bug 1583696

All other XUL grid removals have baked for a year now.

With that being said, I'm planning to unship the XUL grid implementation in
Firefox 85 in bug 1525737
, which includes:

   - the whole layout/xul/grid directory
   - the -moz-grid/-moz-grid-group/-moz-grid-line CSS display values
   - the // XUL elements

If you need grid-like functionality, alternatives are CSS grid or HTML
Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions.

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Not blocking on UX decisions

2020-11-16 Thread Dave Townsend
Hi folks,

We’re all pretty overloaded these days and so, sometimes, it can be hard to
get even a small moment of help from a different team when you’re trying to
solve a problem. One example of this is when fixing a bug requires changing
a small piece of UI and, ideally, you might want to get UX input on exactly
what that should look like, but there may be no UX resources assigned.

In order to unblock such cases, the UX team has told us that we should feel
free to use our best judgement on small issues rather than having an issue
stall. For larger projects you should still be getting UX resources
assigned ahead of time.

As always, use your best judgement when it comes to investing any time in
bugs that aren’t part of currently prioritised projects.

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Re: Soft code freeze for Firefox 84 starts November 12

2020-11-16 Thread Julien Cristau

84 has now merged to beta, mozilla-central is bumped to 85, so the soft
freeze is over.


On Tue, Nov 10, 2020 at 1:21 PM Pascal Chevrel  wrote:

> Hi all,
> With Firefox 83 RC shipping soon, we are nearing the end of the Nightly 84
> cycle.
> In order to avoid invalidating the testing we get out of late Nightly and
> to ensure that we can roll out Beta 84 to a wider audience with confidence,
> we'd like to ask that any risky changes be avoided from Thursday November
> 12
> until after the version bump to 85 on November 16.
> Some reminders for the soft code freeze period:
> Do:
> - Be ready to back out patches that cause crash spikes, new crashes, severe
> regressions
> - Monitor new regressions and escalate merge blockers
> - Support release management by prioritizing fixing of merge blockers
> Do Not:
> - Land a risky patch or a large patch
> - Land new features (that affect the current Nightly version) — be mindful
> that code behind NIGHTLY_BUILD or RELEASE_OR_BETA ifdefs can lead to
> unexpected CI results
> - Flip prefs that enable new Features that were untested in the Nightly
> cycle
> - Plan to kick off new experiments that might impact a feature's merge
> readiness
> Please let us know if you have any questions/concerns.
> Thanks,
> Pascal & the Release Management team
> --
> Pascal Chevrel
> Firefox Release Manager
> + Firefox Nightly community management
> ___
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