Re: A less intrusive way to run mochitest-plain

2017-11-20 Thread Blake Kaplan
Brendan Dahl <> wrote: > ./mach test --headless [path/to/test/] This is really awesome, I can't wait to use it! -- Blake Kaplan ___ dev-platform mailing list

Change in the way e10s and multi are enabled on Nightly

2017-10-18 Thread Blake Kaplan
Hello everybody, I'm in the process of landing a change in bug 1406212 [1] that changes the way that we handle enabling or disabling of e10s and e10s-multi. This change will ride the trains, so Firefox 58 will be the first version with the simplified logic. To recap the current situation: we

Re: disabled non-e10s tests on trunk

2017-08-08 Thread Blake Kaplan
ts that we used in the original e10s rollout to generate a new list of tests to verify. -- Blake Kaplan ___ dev-platform mailing list

Intent to unship: window.showModalDialog

2017-06-07 Thread Blake Kaplan
in the next couple of cycles. [1] -- Blake Kaplan ___ dev-platform mailing list

e10s-multi going to Release

2017-05-25 Thread Blake Kaplan
Hey all, We've been running a series of e10s-multi experiments on the Beta branch for a while now while watching memory use numbers, crash rates, and other release criteria. After some positive returns from the first round of testing we started talking about maybe releasing e10s-multi in Firefox

e10s-multi on Aurora

2017-04-04 Thread Blake Kaplan
Hey all, We recently enabled 4 content processes by default on Aurora. We're still tracking several bugs that we are planning to fix in the near future as well as getting more memory measurements in Telemetry as we look towards a staged rollout in Beta and beyond. We were able to turn on in

Re: e10s-multi update and tests

2017-03-23 Thread Blake Kaplan
On Thu, Mar 23, 2017 at 3:32 AM, Andreas Tolfsen wrote: > Do you use a tracking keyword of some sort for the disabled tests? This work is being tracked in . -- Blake ___

e10s-multi update and tests

2017-03-22 Thread Blake Kaplan
Hello all, As some of you might have noticed, we are now defaulting to 4 content processes on Nightly builds! We're continuing to collect data and planning on running experiments with different numbers of processes to generate more data and allow us to fine-tune our defaults and strategies for

Multiple content processes in Nightly

2016-11-09 Thread Blake Kaplan
Hello everyone, We've been working on the e10s-multi project for a while now and are looking at turning on multiple content processes in Nightly. Our plan is to start with two content processes (compared to the single content process we currently use) and if that goes well, we'll start ramping up

Re: Help ridding tests of unsafe CPOWs

2016-10-19 Thread Blake Kaplan
On Wed, Oct 19, 2016 at 10:19 AM, Chris Hutten-Czapski wrote: > Things that would help me help with this endeavour: > > 1: A bug to file patches against > ‚ÄčI debated this, but given the number of tests involved that seemed like a bunch of overhead. I've been filing bugs as

Re: Help ridding tests of unsafe CPOWs

2016-10-19 Thread Blake Kaplan
On Wed, Oct 19, 2016 at 2:00 AM, Gabriele Svelto wrote: > I remember we did a big push in the War on Orange maybe three (or four?) > years ago. We could do it again; calling out to everybody to take > intermittent tests in the modules they're familiar with and start fixing >

Help ridding tests of unsafe CPOWs

2016-10-18 Thread Blake Kaplan
Hello everybody, I've been seeing a pattern of "unsafe" CPOWs causing our browser-chrome mochitests to go intermittently orange. Generally, it seems that a test randomly turns orange, gets starred and ignored until RyanVM or another one of our sheriffs gets tired of seeing it and needinfos

e10s-multi is under way

2016-06-28 Thread Blake Kaplan
or features that need specific testing with a multiple content-process model, please file bugs and mark them for triage. Feel free to ask me or Gabor Krizsanits any questions. Thanks. [1] [2] -- Blake Kaplan

Re: Intent to enable e10s by default when running tests locally

2016-03-25 Thread Blake Kaplan> for the gory details. -- Blake Kaplan ___ dev-platform mailing list

Making tests e10s compatible

2015-10-28 Thread Blake Kaplan
Hello everybody, You might have heard that we're working on getting our testing situation in line for e10s. To help people get started, I'm compiling a list of tips that are useful to know when working on e10s tests (and e10s in general). You can find it at

Re: dialog=1 for from content

2015-10-01 Thread Blake Kaplan
Mike Conley <> wrote: > Are there any really good arguments to keep supporting it? I don't know how much data we have for dialog=1, but we'll end up needing to be able to do this for for showModalDialog (see bug 981796 and bug 1137025). -- Bla

Re: Git - Hg workflows?

2014-10-31 Thread Blake Kaplan
. -- Blake Kaplan ___ dev-platform mailing list

Re: PSA: NS_IMPL_ISUPPORTS and friends are now variadic

2014-04-28 Thread Blake Kaplan
that in the case of callbacks and context arguments you do know what object you're getting, however, you do have to play by XPCOM rules. The nsMemoryReporterManager case could use an nsSupportsPRInt64, but if that was a real object with more than just an int64_t, it'd need its own class. -- Blake Kaplan

Re: New e10s tests on tinderbox

2014-04-08 Thread Blake Kaplan
disabled for e10s. If you add a new test and it doesn't work in e10s mode, you can disable it with the following mochitest.ini gunk: This is great! Thanks for driving this! -- Blake Kaplan ___ dev-platform mailing list

Re: Embracing git usage for Firefox/Gecko development?

2013-07-10 Thread Blake Kaplan
the easiest way to move forward. -- Blake Kaplan ___ dev-platform mailing list

Re: Super-review, what shall we do with you?

2012-12-03 Thread Blake Kaplan
at deleted memory? -- Blake Kaplan ___ dev-platform mailing list