Re: Intent to implement: CSS conic-gradient

2020-02-17 Thread Patrick Brosset
Thanks Tim, this is very exciting! Regarding DevTools: you are right, having an editor would be great and the same is true for other kinds of gradients. Here's a bug for a linear-gradient editor for reference: Additionally, could we make sure

Re: Intent to Unship: in content

2020-02-14 Thread Patrick Brosset
Thanks Kris. Related to this: RDM (Responsive Design Mode, in DevTools) is one of the consumers of . We've been at work removing the dependency from RDM on this type of iframe, and are nearing the completion of the main bucket of work. By March this year, we should have a new, fully functional

Re: Intent to ship: Optional Chaining Operator

2020-01-22 Thread Patrick Brosset
Thanks Yulia, this is going to be very useful and helpful in reducing code complexity! For info, here's a DevTools bug to make sure the console panel still supports autocompletion even when ?. is used: I also a question: do you know if eslint

Announcing the Multiprocess Browser Toolbox

2019-12-20 Thread Patrick Brosset
(cross-posting to dev-platform and dev-developer-tools, please respond to *firefox-dev*) The short version: The new Multiprocess Browser Toolbox (which can inspect and debug both parent and content processes) is now enabled in nightly! If you see anything wrong, please file a bug that blocks the

Re: Intent to ship: CSS column-span property

2019-10-09 Thread Patrick Brosset
Regarding DevTools support: the new value can be found in the CSS values auto-complete in the Rules panel, so that's great. But I just wanted to mention the potential inspector feature that could be built around multicol layouts. We have leading tools when it comes to grid support, and I think a

Re: Intent to ship: |clip-path: path()|

2019-09-02 Thread Patrick Brosset
On Fri, Aug 30, 2019 at 7:45 PM Boris Chiou wrote: > *DevTools*: We don't support DevTools for this function now. > For reference: this was already discussed at Mozilla between the layout and devtools team and agreed that we would not make a tool for this just yet (we do have a tool for editing

Re: Intent to implement: individaul transform

2017-12-15 Thread Patrick Brosset
(cc'ing the dev-developer-tools list, please keep responses to dev-platform) Very happy to see this being implemented. I would like to point out that this does have some DevTools impact that we might want to align with the target release for this. There's a (sort of hidden) feature in DevTools

Re: Intent to Enable: Automated Static Analysis feedback in MozReview

2017-10-09 Thread Patrick Brosset
This sounds awesome Jan. Are there plans to have something similar for JS code linting (with ESLint)? On Wed, Oct 4, 2017 at 7:14 PM, Ehsan Akhgari wrote: > On 10/04/2017 03:17 AM, Jan Keromnes wrote: > >> TL;DR -- We wrote a static analysis bot for MozReview

Re: Intent to unship: HTML scoped style sheets (

2017-06-20 Thread Patrick Brosset
DevTools also uses a scoped stylesheet in its tooltip widget [1]. I have filed a bug [2] to remove it. Cameron, what bug should this one block (iiuc chrome support will be removed a bit later, so we have some time, do you already have a bug for that part?) Thanks! Patrick [1]

Re: Intent to ship: IntersectionObserver API

2017-03-16 Thread Patrick Brosset
> > 1) Is there devtools support for this (e.g. to be able to see what > intersection observers are registered where)? If not, are there at least > bugs tracking it? I filed for this. MutationObserver would be a good one to add support for

Re: Intent to implement: CSS text-justify property

2017-02-09 Thread Patrick Brosset
> > DevTools bug: It's not yet clear to me whether specific DevTools work will > be needed. > I don't think we need anything now, the property should work in the inspector's Rules panel just like other properties. Although we might want to keep that in mind for a future version of our Fonts

Re: What are your use cases for the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro?

2017-01-04 Thread Patrick Brosset
> > 1. Design a contextual experience. Make the Touch Bar relevant to the > current context on the main screen. > I wonder if focus can serve as a context too. What if DevTools is opened and has focused? The "main screen" would still be the content page of course, but if the user has focused,

Re: Intent to implement: OpenType Variation Fonts

2016-12-15 Thread Patrick Brosset
Here's the bug: On Thu, Dec 15, 2016 at 4:02 PM, Patrick Brosset <> wrote: > The inspector in DevTools has a Fonts panel already. For now, it only > lists the fonts currently used by the selected element. It c

Re: Intent to implement: OpenType Variation Fonts

2016-12-15 Thread Patrick Brosset
The inspector in DevTools has a Fonts panel already. For now, it only lists the fonts currently used by the selected element. It can also list all fonts used on the page. We would love to make this panel more useful and expose things like variations. As Xidorn said, if we could have an API that

Re: Intent to implement: CSS initial-letter property

2016-09-29 Thread Patrick Brosset
On Thu, Sep 29, 2016 at 8:04 AM, Jeremy Chen wrote: > DevTools bug: None needed, I think. > I think there are 2 things DevTools could do to help authors use/discover/understand this feature: 1. initial-letter only applies to ::first-letter pseudos or inline-level first

Re: Intent to implement and ship: #rgba and #rrggbbaa color syntax in CSS

2016-05-09 Thread Patrick Brosset
(cross posting to dev-developer-tools) I just filed the following bug for devtools support: Right now, the devtools inspector panel displays CSS colors (in the Rules sidebar panel) as editable color swatches, and allows to convert between the

Re: Taking screenshots of single elements (XUL/XULRunner)

2016-01-20 Thread Patrick Brosset
Hm, could this be related to e10s? I remember we had to do some work to make the devtools screenshot command e10s-compatible. Now it runs in the content process, whereas before it would run in the parent process. Trying to take a screenshot from the parent process with e10s enabled would end up

Re: Taking screenshots of single elements (XUL/XULRunner)

2016-01-19 Thread Patrick Brosset
Which is also what DevTools does: On Tue, Jan 19, 2016 at 1:03 PM, Andreas Tolfsen wrote: > On 19 January 2016 at 11:22, Ted Mielczarek wrote: > > On Tue, Jan

Re: Spec workshop: Grid Layout

2016-01-13 Thread Patrick Brosset
The flex-workshop URL is 404, I think you meant this one instead: On Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 3:01 AM, fantasai wrote: > I've started doing a series of workshops inviting web authors > to get together and

Changes to the firefoxtree hg extension

2016-01-11 Thread Patrick Brosset
I spent some time confronted to this last week, so for firefoxtree extension users out there, this might be useful too. The way the mercurial firefoxtree [1] extension maintains repository labels (like "fx-team", "inbound", "central", "aurora", etc.) has changed recently (not sure when this

Re: ESLint is now available in the entire tree

2015-11-30 Thread Patrick Brosset
I don't how much work is involved with getting rid of non-standard spidermonkey syntax and pre-processors, but if it's a lot, then one option would be to fork the espree parser (used by eslint), make it support those, and configure eslint to use our fork:

Re: Intent to implement: CSS Mask Image properties

2015-11-10 Thread Patrick Brosset
Thanks Panos, I was about to reply with the same comment. Masking/clipping is typically the type of visual effects authors could use devtools help with. I think having a tool that reveals the whole graphical object as well as outlines the mask's shape could be a start. Devtools support for this

Re: Making tests e10s compatible

2015-10-29 Thread Patrick Brosset
Thanks for this Blake. Somewhat related: for those of you using ESLint, I recently filed a bug to create a new custom ESLint rule that should help automatically detect CPOW usage in tests: On Thu, Oct 29, 2015 at 12:44 AM, Blake Kaplan

Re: recording use counters for web features

2015-08-20 Thread Patrick Brosset
[Cc dev-developer-tools because this is relevant to devtools] On Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 5:35 PM, Nathan Froyd wrote: Bug 968923, Implement some equivalent of Chrome's use counters, has landed on mozilla-central. We are now able to report statistics on whether individual

Re: New chrome-only API to inject content on top of the page

2014-10-29 Thread Patrick Brosset
On 10/29/14, 12:29 PM, Neil wrote: Patrick Brosset wrote: The discussion [2] that led to the bug was about finding a solution to display the devtools highlighter (the box-model overlay you see when inspecting a page with the devtools) in a way that would work on anything that runs gecko

New chrome-only API to inject content on top of the page

2014-10-28 Thread Patrick Brosset
(cross posting to b2g as this might be an interesting api for on-device tools). I have just landed the patches for bug 1020244 [1]. These patches introduce a new (chrome-only) API at document level that can be used to insert custom DOM elements into the root container of the page (the canvas

Re: Documenting uses of Github at Mozilla

2014-09-30 Thread Patrick Brosset
On 9/30/14, 11:57 PM, Mike Hommey wrote: On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 03:44:36PM -0700, Ralph Giles wrote: Upstream libraries we import: and all the things that

Re: Getting frame element

2013-09-20 Thread Patrick Brosset
On 9/20/13 6:24 PM, Paul Rouget wrote: Patrick, do you think you could reduce this jsbin problem to a smaller test case? Brian Grinstead and I have been trying for the last days with no luck so far Does docShell.getSameTypeParentIgnoreBrowserAndAppBoundaries() return null? Or is it