Re: Intent to implement: Cookie SameSite=lax by default and SameSite=none only if secure

2020-02-27 Thread amarchesini
Hi everyone, here is something more about cookies sameSite=lax by default. In order to test this feature properly and to see the level of breakage introduced, we've decided to enable it in nightly. Bug: This feature is partially covered by

Re: Intent to ship: CSP Violation DOM Events

2018-07-19 Thread amarchesini
I'm going to enable CSP Violation Events by default in Firefox 63. Bug 1432523. I and ckerschb have done a good job to make our code compliant with the latest CSP3 spec and we pass (almost) all the related WPT tests. The only remaining bit is related to (bug 1473630) but we decided to work on