Re: Intent to implement: Cookie SameSite=lax by default and SameSite=none only if secure

2020-02-27 Thread amarchesini
Hi everyone, here is something more about cookies sameSite=lax by default. In order to test this feature properly and to see the level of breakage introduced, we've decided to enable it in nightly. Bug: This feature is partially covered by

Intent to prototype and ship: ARIA annotations

2020-02-27 Thread James Teh
In Firefox 75, we intend to enable ARIA annotations by default. Summary: This adds two new ARIA roles, a new aria-description attribute and expands aria-details. These changes are needed to support screen reader accessibility of comments, suggestions and other annotations in published documents

Requesting SUMO docs from Bugzilla

2020-02-27 Thread Emma Humphries
At the request of the Firefox Desktop team, we've revised how you request user-facing docs (in SUMO) from Bugzilla. There's a new flag, `user-doc-firefox`, available to Firefox related products. Its use is documented in The summary is, set