Re: Criticism of Google Re: Google Trust Services roots

2017-03-31 Thread Florian Weimer via dev-security-policy
* Peter Kurrasch via dev-security-policy:

> By "not new", are you referring to Google being the second(?) instance
> where a company has purchased an individual root cert from another
> company? It's fair enough to say that Google isn't the first but I'm
> not aware of any commentary or airing of opposing viewpoints as to the
> suitability of this practice going forward.

I think most of the DNs in the Mozilla root store still do not reflect
reality.  The restrictions on certificate naming do not apply to the
CAs themselves.  This is due to the way PKIX validation works.
Correcting the DNs would break the certificate chains.
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Re: Researcher Says API Flaw Exposed Symantec Certificates, Including Private Keys

2017-03-29 Thread Florian Weimer via dev-security-policy
* Nick Lamb via dev-security-policy:

> In order for Symantec to reveal anybody's private keys they'd first
> need to have those keys, which is already, IIRC forbidden in the
> BRs.

I think this requirement was dropped because it makes it unnecessarily
difficult to report key compromises.  There used to be a time when CAs
demanded zero-knowledge proofs of key compromise (which can be
surprisingly hard to do with existing tools).  Fortunately, these
times are over, and CAs no longer categorically reject the submission
of compromised subscriber keys (although my sample is really small due
to my limited factorization capabilities).
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