Re: [api-dev] Packaging 3rd Party DLLs

2008-11-27 Thread Stephan Bergmann

Rony G. Flatscher wrote:

Sorry for this, but I just wanted to make sure that this would work o.k.
(as it would not be complicated at all, which I mistakingly inferred
from a comment in this thread).

No need to be sorry.  ;)  The vague warning I had given earlier was just 
because (esp. on Unix) packages of third party libraries (where one 
library calls another from the same package) are sometimes written so 
poorly that they do not work out of the box, but rather require external 
help like setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH.


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Re: [api-dev] Packaging 3rd Party DLLs

2008-11-26 Thread Stephan Bergmann

On 11/26/08 13:56, RKVS Raman wrote:

Thanks for your help.

We have 3 level dependencies. Things are getting interesting.

You mean your X links against Y, which in turn links against Z, which in 
turn links against W?  Then, package Z and W the same way you packaged Y 
into the extension .oxt, and additionally make sure both Y and Z fulfill 
the platform-specific requirements listed below to find their dependencies.



On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 6:22 PM, Stephan Bergmann

On 11/26/08 11:58, RKVS Raman wrote:


How do i  package 3rd party DLLs with my Extension which uses them?

If your extension shared library X is linked against a single additional
(3rd party) shared library Y, then place Y into the same directory as X in
the extension .oxt, do not mention Y in the manifest of the extension .oxt,
and, depending on platform, do one of the following:

On Windows, nothing more should be necessary, due to the
l. 70.

On ELF based Unix (Linux, Solaris), make sure $ORIGIN is in the RPATH of X.

On Mac OS X, make sure X references Y via @loader_path.

If, however, X loads Y dynamically, or Y in turn is linked against or loads
dynamically further shared libraries, things start to get complicated...


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