[rdo-dev] RDO infra/TripleO-CI teams integration level on infrastructure

2018-03-06 Thread Gabriele Cerami
Hi, TripleO CI team had a design session yesterday on the tasks for the current sprint, which is addressing infra. There are some open questions left, because we had important roles in the team unavailable, and because we had to create and reprioritize some of the cards yesterday, due to design

Re: [rdo-dev] RDO infra/TripleO-CI teams integration level on infrastructure

2018-03-20 Thread Gabriele Cerami
- Original Message - > Hi, > > Thanks for starting this thread and apologies for not replying sooner. > > TL;DR: > By means of "integration" between the two teams, I see this mostly as: > - Let's talk to each other more (specs, discussing what you need, etc) > - Let's do this in the

Re: [rdo-dev] [infra][tripleo-ci] Disk space usage in logs.rdoproject.org

2019-08-14 Thread Gabriele Cerami
On 14 Aug, Javier Pena wrote: > Two months after this e-mail, we're having the same situation. Looking at the example patch you used before, (which hasn't merged yet) I see this as a combination of factors: On one side, the fact that we are launching jobs that would not be affected by the patch.