[Snowdrift-dev] [PATCH] Advice for starting a project

2017-05-08 Thread Alyssa Rosenzweig
As per a discussion with wolftune. --- community/team-engagement.page | 10 ++ 1 file changed, 10 insertions(+) diff --git a/community/team-engagement.page b/community/team-engagement.page index 804fac9..890d1a6 100644 --- a/community/team-engagement.page +++

[Snowdrift-dev] Volunteering

2017-05-08 Thread Samuel Tay
Hello, I saw on r/haskell that snowdrift is looking for volunteer Haskell devs. I'd love to contribute and keep up on my functional programming skills. I've gone through the whole Haskell Book and LYAH