[DISCUSS] Authorization for Configuration

2018-11-14 Thread Justin Leet
Hi all, Sorry for the second copy of this email, I forgot the [DISCUSS] tag on the original. Otherwise, this has the same content. Right now, our various configs can be modified by anyone with access to the various scripts. I'd like to start a discussion around building out some authorization

Re: [DISCUSS] Deprecating MySQL

2018-11-14 Thread Vets, Laurens
Which option would there be for people running installs not tied to an already existing LDAP or other authentication layer? Would that be where the local LDAP comes into play? On 13-Nov-18 04:42, Simon Elliston Ball wrote: > I've been coming across a number of organisations who are blocked from

Re: Metron Release 0.6.1 and/or Plugin release 0.3.0?

2018-11-14 Thread zeo...@gmail.com
In my opinion metron-bro-plugin-kafka is ready for a release. Anything else people would want to see? Once it gets released, I would like to update full dev to use the newest version prior to any future metron release (0.6.1 or whatever we choose). Jon On Wed, Nov 7, 2018 at 8:07 PM

Re: [DISCUSS] Deprecating MySQL

2018-11-14 Thread Scott Cote
Allow someone to remove the dependence on hbase and only use Solr. For the way you use hbase for profiles, I can make Solr fulfill the same role. Sent from my iPhone > On Nov 13, 2018, at 5:41 PM, James Sirota wrote: > > Metron already works with Solr. It's not default yet, but all the