[DISCUSS] Remove `/api/v1/update/replace` endpoint

2018-12-04 Thread Nick Allen
PR #1284 completely removes the `/api/v1/update/replace` endpoint. This endpoint is not being used by any other services in Metron currently. As part of the work I am doing to allow Elasticsearch to auto-generate the document ID, I would have had to make code changes to this endpoint to continue

Re: Metron Release 0.6.1 and/or Plugin release 0.3.0?

2018-12-04 Thread zeo...@gmail.com
I agree that we should move forward with the apache/metron 0.7.0 release. If 0.3 gets finalized in time we can include it, but otherwise no big deal not including it since the dev environment points to 0.1 which didn't have the issue. Jon On Mon, Dec 3, 2018 at 5:09 PM Michael Miklavcic <