Re: Fwd: June 25th CFP Deadline for ApacheCon and CloudStack Collab Conference EU - Submit Now

2014-06-24 Thread Andrea Pescetti
On 18/06/2014 Andrea Pescetti wrote: On 17/06/2014 jan i wrote: Now we are getting close to deadline for ApacheCon Budapest. Please submit talks ... - Deadline is June 25 as stated in the subject; ApacheCon is November 17-21 in Budapest - ApacheCon site:

Re: NSS Module

2014-06-24 Thread Herbert Duerr
Hi Raymond, On 23.06.2014 18:42, Steele, Raymond wrote: After running the configure, the ENABLE_NSS_MODULE environment variable is set to yes, but for some reason NSS is not built. The build fails in xmlsecurity because the NSS libraries were not built and copied over to solver. I have to

Re: [RELEASE][MILESTONE]: preparation of AOO 4.1.1 milestone 1

2014-06-24 Thread Jürgen Schmidt
On 23/06/14 08:59, Jürgen Schmidt wrote: On 22/06/14 10:43, Mechtilde wrote: Hello Jürgen, thank you for preparing the first milestone. At the pload stopped at Friday evening. The link under [2]

Test Schedule - AOO 4.1.1 Test Starts! Call for volunteers!

2014-06-24 Thread Yuzhen Fan
Here comes the update for test schedule, we plan to do test for AOO 4.1.1(execute test cases and verify showstopper bugs) for about *6* weeks. That means it starts now and is expected to be completed before *Aug 8*. We have three Windows volunteers(Wan Yun, Noel and Yu Zhen) joined since we call

Re: Test Schedule - AOO 4.1.1 Test Starts! Call for volunteers!

2014-06-24 Thread Greg Rivera
I would like to volunteer for testing on either windows or Linux. Is there something special I have to do or is there a list of tickets of things to teat that I can take from? Thanks! On Jun 24, 2014 2:19 AM, Yuzhen Fan wrote: Here comes the update for test schedule, we plan

Re: Apache@ OSCON question

2014-06-24 Thread Kay Schenk
Melissa -- 200 1 AOO logo buttons will be mailed within the next 2 days to you, so I expect you should receive them by the end of the next week -- July 4 for sure! THANK YOU SO MUCH for being our transport for this last minute request, and for the WackyButtons site -- easy to use and VERY

Changes to download areas of native language web sites...and more to come?

2014-06-24 Thread Kay Schenk
Due to recent changes in our download javascript programming, the older download script on many of the native language web areas was no longer functioning. After noticing this change, some of these areas were recently retooled by volunteers, but most had lost the download box generated by the old

Re: Test Schedule - AOO 4.1.1 Test Starts! Call for volunteers!

2014-06-24 Thread Greg Madden
I am using Debian stable, not an 'offical tester'. I do use AOO in my business have lots of templates and archived docs. I test my use pattern. Writer and Calc work fine regressions anyway. Good work..thanks to all. Greg M. On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 1:18 AM, Yuzhen Fan

Re: Einen ersten Punkt abstimmen (was: Vorschlag zum weiteren Vorgehen)

2014-06-24 Thread Dave
+1 ich finde, michael stiftet nur verwirrung 2014-06-24 7:56 GMT+02:00 Jörg Schmidt Hallo *, From: RA Stehmann [] Wenn hier ein bisher ohne Moderation gepostet hat und nun eine Mail von

Re: Was sinnvolles tun, AOO 4.1.1 m1 on the way

2014-06-24 Thread Jürgen Schmidt
On 24/06/14 07:56, Jörg Schmidt wrote: Hallo, So ganz nebenbei: Apache lebt davon, daß die Leute machen und nicht nur reden. Abstimmen über Sachen ist OK. Aber irgendwann ist auch mal Schluss. Dann wird jede Diskussion zur Haarspalterei und zum Hindernis. Ergebnis: Stillstand im

AOO Releases und Pootle

2014-06-24 Thread Josef Latt
Hi, werden bei einem Release (hier: AOO 4.1.1) Änderungen in Pootle Automatisch übernommen? Gruß - To unsubscribe, e-mail: For additional commands, e-mail: