Re: svn commit: r1028524 - in /websites/production/ooo-site: cgi-bin/ content/

2018-04-16 Thread Dave Fisher
Hi Kay, Looks good! Regards, Dave > On Apr 16, 2018, at 3:36 PM, wrote: > > Author: kschenk > Date: Mon Apr 16 22:36:54 2018 > New Revision: 1028524 > > Log: > Index page for manual test cases. > > Added: >websites/production/ooo-site/cgi-bin/ > - copied from

Re: svn commit: r1028524 - in /websites/production/ooo-site: cgi-bin/ content/

2018-04-16 Thread Kay Schenk
Thanks. I finally just got down and found an easy little bash script to use. Despite our luck *at first* with just the file listing capabilities of the Apache Web Server +Indexes option, our joy was short lived. The little script is also in /devtools/scripts in case we need something like this

Re: Upstreaming FreeBSD ports patches before 4.2.0?

2018-04-16 Thread Damjan Jovanovic
Hi It should be an easy fix, we just #include that file that the boost upstream commit deleted from its includes, into our files that need it. On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 4:13 PM, Pedro Giffuni wrote: > Hi guys; > > Just to let you know, OpenOffice is about to break in FreeBSD due

Re: [WEBSITE] Adding +Indexes option to .htaccess

2018-04-16 Thread Kay Schenk
Hi all-- The option of adding a +Indexes option to a per directory .htaccess file worked about one day for the QA test case scenario, and then it didn't. Infra has made changes to our web VMs and this should work now. I had already fixed the QA test case page with an actual index.html page when I


2018-04-16 Thread Peter Kovacs
Hallo Leute, Ich habe mich zu dev-de Registriert. Das macht die Kommunikation etwas einfacher, und ich glaube die Menge an mails auf dieser Liste verkrafte ich noch :-D. Wegen den Flyer, müssen wir noch einmal Reden. Einmal wäre die deutsche Vorlage da gut, für die Übersetzung. @ Jörg -