LibOpenOffice library

2013-09-27 Thread Misha Konoplitskiy
Good day! Our company has developed a library to automate Apache OpenOffice - I would like to know whether there is an opportunity to advertise this product at ? Or with whom I could discuss ways of cooperation? Thank

Submit information for OpenOffice consultants.

2013-10-17 Thread Misha Konoplitskiy
Hi! I'd like to submit information for OpenOffice consultants: Name: 4K-Soft Country: UA, Zhitomyr Practice: Development, Support Description: We can help software developers to automate OpenOffice. We developed a library for OpenOffice automation. Library provides stable API for creating,

Re: Downloads by Country (updated data)

2013-10-21 Thread Misha Konoplitskiy
Rob, i'm promoting Apache Open Office in Ukraine. Do you have an e-mail list of companies which uses Open Office? I want to automate its work and help with support. Regards! 2013/10/21 Rob Weir Updated table here: The

Re: Product Open Office writter

2013-11-14 Thread Misha Konoplitskiy
What extension does it has? четверг, 14 ноября 2013 г. пользователь Carret Chris писал: Your product is just a fucking bullshit !! I spent hours preparing a project for our company. I saved and I closed Writter. Few minutes after, I opened it again and everything was completely