Re: Malware infection

2014-02-22 Thread Toki
On 2/22/2014 6:01 AM, John Barrett Rose wrote: On my recommendation, a friend in Salzburg tried to install on his iMac on Thursday 20 Feb and found it was infected with Genieo malware including fake Adobe and fake Java installations. Please provide the exact URL that

Re: Ask OpenOffice #2 Top Questions: Now for the answers....

2014-03-23 Thread Toki
On 2/28/2014 8:13 AM, Roberto Galoppini wrote: * The presence of templates that are not Gratis; * The presence of templates that are not Libre; * Some of the vocabulary used by SourceForge; Not sure I understand this, can you please clarify? I'd be happy to change what could be a

Re: [DISCUSS] possible blog topic -- AOO and Linux: a marriage made in heaven! :)

2014-04-21 Thread toki
On April 21, 2014 4:04:30 AM PDT, Detlef Nannen wrote: May be it is possible to serve a AOO-Package including a Startscript. Looking for the needed Version, asking for permission and running all this for a easy Installation. A Job for specialists, but possible? +1 I don't remember the program,

AOo in a multi-lingual environment

2014-07-11 Thread Toki
All: A couple of days ago I found my source copy of version 0.6 of _OOo in a Multi-Lingual Environment_ last night, in cleaning up files on my hard drive. (This is from December 2004, and is for OOo 1.1.3-ZA.) How fruitful would it be, to update it for AOo 4.x? In spending roughly half an hour

Re: AOo in a multi-lingual environment

2014-07-13 Thread Toki
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On 7/11/2014 9:46 PM, Alexandro Colorado wrote: Great hope to see the patch on bugzilla about those changes to the source code. Afore I write any code, I'd have to know why the functionality was _removed_ in the first place. jonathon -BEGIN

Re: AOo in a multi-lingual environment

2014-07-17 Thread Toki
On 7/15/2014 4:53 PM, Kay Schenk wrote: It would be helpful to us to get a copy of this document to review. a) By this document do you mean the document I wrote almost a decade ago, or the document that I might write this year? b) If the former is meant, how would decade old, unmaintained

Two Languages: One ISO-639-# code

2015-05-18 Thread toki
All: In testing out various grammar and spell checkers, I've come across a couple of instances, where different languages/dialects share the same ISO code. IOW: The _current_ ISO 639-1, ISO 639-2, ISO 639-3, ISO 639-4, ISO 639-5, and ISO 639-6 codes are the same. They do have different Glottolog

Re: Two Languages: One ISO-639-# code

2015-05-19 Thread toki
On 19/05/2015 10:20, Dirk-Willem van Gulik wrote: So in ISO 639-X the most accurate you can pinpoint it is xo and then xho. And in glotolog; you have mpon1252 as its most precise denominator. Now as it *happens* - this language is spoken in an area fully covered by a single country - so

Re: Two Languages: One ISO-639-# code

2015-05-19 Thread toki
On 19/05/2015 08:05, Dirk-Willem van Gulik wrote: In testing out various grammar and spell checkers, I've come across a couple of instances, where different languages/dialects share the sam e ISO-639-# code. Can you give an example ISO 639-1 is xo ISO 639-2 is xho ISO 639-3 is xho

Re: Two Languages: One ISO-639-# code

2015-05-20 Thread toki
On 20/05/2015 20:01, Rob Weir wrote: 1. I have no idea what anyone in this thread is talking about, but it does sound important. It is about adding AOo support for minority languages that are threatened, extinct, or dead. Rephrased: Implementing full and complete support in AOo for languages

Re: [QUESTION] Usability of Non-Optional Java Dependencies

2015-10-29 Thread toki
On 10/29/2015 07:20 PM, Damjan Jovanovic wrote: >> Three paths come to mind. >> A. Remove the Java dependencies. > Impossible. JDBC drivers for example, are the lifeblood of Base. FWIW, the hardest, to the point of being impossible to replace, is the stuff that a11y tools rely on. jonathon

Re: [QUESTION] Getting to AOO for Java (AOO4J)?

2015-11-08 Thread toki
On 08/11/2015 14:32, Patricia Shanahan wrote: >I am just getting started on AOO, and don't know the history of this discussion, Pretty much since Sun purchased StarWriter, there have been proposals to make Java only. If one considers NeoOffice to be a Java fork, then it is the

Re: downloading to tablet

2015-11-15 Thread toki
On 10/11/2015 06:33, bpower4 wrote: > I have Office on my computer – and find it excellent for the writing of > letters, etc. An external keyboard is mandatory. Touch screens simply aren't functional for writing more than about ten words at a time. I'd suggest buying the cheapest keyboard

Re: [QUESTION] Getting to AOO for Java (AOO4J)?

2015-11-15 Thread toki
On 15/11/2015 20:06, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote: > Please be more specific. I can't tell from the previous post what you mean > by deserializing untrusted code. There are a string of known zero day exploits that Oracle, for whatever reason, has not released patches for, despite exploits having

Re: Apache replacement

2015-10-10 Thread toki
On 10/10/15 13:48, donaldupre wrote: >The decision making will stay with Apache. There is nothing preventing an organization from collecting the source code Apache releases, modifying it, and commercially distributing the resulting program. As such, Apache's decision making becomes totally

Re: 2015-08-25 When Speaking as the Chair

2015-08-28 Thread toki
On 26/08/15 00:56, Tony Stevenson wrote: I don't want to have my communications to now be taken with more authority than they would were I not the Chair. For anyone who knows how the ASF works they will know that this is not even possible. As you are no more senior, and therefore carry

Re: Wrongful information on the Wikipedia

2015-09-17 Thread toki
On 17/09/15 15:30, Phillip Rhodes wrote: > This is about Wikipedia being accurate, and the simple truth is, Wikipedia is not about accuracy, nor is it about truth. What it is about, is whether or not the delusions and hallucinations of the editors can be supported by an appeal to an external

Re: [LAZY CONSENSUS] Changes to local "code use" wording

2015-12-29 Thread toki
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On 29/12/2015 18:00, Kay Schenk wrote: > In other words, if an author/developer licenses code with > a particular license, is it not the intention of that developer to > have the the product used in accordance with the license? And, if > that is the

Re: Complaint Writer lost 36 pages of my document with no auto backup copy.

2015-12-29 Thread toki
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On 26/12/2015 15:55, Bill M wrote: > I did find in options that in Options\Load Save\General “Always create a > backup copy” was not checked. This should be checked by default. :( a) There is an extremely obscure, semi-inconsistently

Re: Re: Complaint Writer lost 36 pages of my document with no auto backup copy.

2015-12-31 Thread toki
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On 31/12/2015 19:49, Andreas Säger wrote: > When you save another version in foreign file format, the current document should remain the ODF source. That part is a good idea. > Foreign files should be loaded read-only and saved as ODF before editi

Re: Spellcheck and backup problems [was: Complaint Writer lost 36 pages of my document with no auto backup copy.

2015-12-30 Thread toki
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On 30/12/2015 16:59, Rory O'Farrell wrote: > If not, it could cause an automatic installation of a reduced mode/pri vate SVN installation, which would maintain backups of previous versions of the OO data files in use. My suggestion would be to add

Re: Complaint Writer lost 36 pages of my document with no auto backup copy.

2015-12-30 Thread toki
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On 30/12/2015 02:33, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote: > Is there a Bugzilla # on this? I don't know. I've forgotten who told me about it, but the consensus was that it was easier to work around it, by ensuring that both "Save AutoReceovery Information"

Re: OpenOffice and SourceForge: cruel wedding

2016-01-08 Thread toki
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On 08/01/2016 20:54, Roberto Galoppini wrote: > Thanks for your patience, what follows it's the result of a joint meet ing > with our AdOps team and our Managing Director. Is "our AdOps team" a SourceForge team, or an Apache Software Foundation

RE: A Question about Open Office Password Protected Text Documenets

2016-06-10 Thread toki
Roger wrote: >Is there any likelihood in the future of any ‘redundancy’ or suchlike where >these documents would be no longer accessible by future then current software >etc? The presence or absence of a specific feature or function being on the roadmap, does not preclude it from being in a

Re: Question

2016-01-18 Thread toki
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On 18/01/2016 22:23, Detlef Nannen wrote: > OO can write docx? Really? Is there an extension? It is built-in. However, usage of DocX is highly discouraged, due to Microsoft's defective by design coding philosophy, which in this case is manifest

Re: MLA Format for students

2016-02-29 Thread toki
On 26/02/2016 13:56, CascioGeorge wrote: >It would be nice to have a MLA format feature for students that is a one or >two click setup. A template for MLA formatted papers is available at This was released in October 2008, so it

Re: Cross Script vulnerabilities in AOo Extensions?

2016-04-07 Thread toki
On 07/04/2016 16:35, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote: > Multi-component collaborative exploit staging is possible although unnecessary. Rephrasing: For the time being, at least, one can "safely" ignore this type of exploit, because other vectors are much easier to exploit. Still, for those who are

Cross Script vulnerabilities in AOo Extensions?

2016-04-07 Thread toki
All: In reading is the same type of vulnerability is possible with AOo extensions? jonathon signature.asc Description: OpenPGP digital signature

Re: Excell 2003+

2016-04-22 Thread toki
On 22/04/2016 18:34, John Godfrey wrote: > the sender told me it was generated by Excel 2003. I'm guessing you made a typo for Excel 2013, If it really is Excel 2003, and it really is an .xlsx file, then no the issue will not fixed, because it can not be fixed. (IIRC, this is the .xlsx version

Re: English Dictionaries update cycle

2016-05-17 Thread toki
On 17/05/2016 00:02, Keith N. McKenna wrote: > I use the American variant that has not been updated since January. It has been at least two years since the English variant I use has been updated. ### What is the rationale for putting all of the English locale dictionaries into the same

Re: [REPORT] AOO 4.1.2 Deployment and Take-Up through 2016Q2

2016-07-14 Thread toki
On 13/07/2016 20:09, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote: >> country/geographic unit? > I'll have to dig deeper into what SourceForge provides. I'll let you know > when I find something. Thanks. > The full breakdown of languages based on the latest week sampled was compiled > and ranked in the

Re: [REPORT] AOO 4.1.2 Deployment and Take-Up through 2016Q2

2016-07-18 Thread toki
On 16/07/2016 20:00, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote: > It turns out that downloads-by-destination (to within IP-address analysis) is > easy to get. That makes for some very interesting results. jonathon - To unsubscribe, e-mail:

Re: [REPORT] AOO 4.1.2 Deployment and Take-Up through 2016Q2

2016-07-20 Thread toki
On 19/07/2016 01:48, Dave Fisher wrote: > 238 "countries" is impressive. Are any missed? Depending upon who is doing the counting, and how they are counting, there are between 198 and 350 countries in the world today. That said, I was surprised by a couple of countries that were listed. I'm

RE: [REPORT] AOO 4.1.2 Deployment and Take-Up through 2016Q2

2016-07-11 Thread toki
Dennis wrote: > US destinations .. 15% of the total. Would it be possible to obtain percentage downloads for each country/geographic unit? >with 11 languages in the top 92%: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, >Japanese, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese and Dutch in decreasing

Re: [REPORT] AOO 4.1.2 Deployment and Take-Up through 2016Q2

2016-07-15 Thread toki
On 14/07/2016 21:17, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote: >>> . > There's a Calc spreadsheet in the same folder that you can use to see how I > did it. What is the unshortened URL? jonathon - To unsubscribe,

Re: trying to get a template from the page...

2017-02-20 Thread toki
On 02/20/2017 11:10 AM, Mathias Röllig wrote: > “Access denied” for ALL templates. Is there an obligation on the part of anybody, to explain why templates, and extensions are not accessible? >And that 2 month after Martin asked on this list DuckDuckGo implies that the first time I answered a

Re: Fwd: trying to get a template from the page...

2017-02-20 Thread toki
On 02/20/2017 05:46 AM, Martin Groenescheij wrote: > When will you clean-up the templates website? Were I to cleanup either the template or extension site, I'd eliminate at least two thirds of them. jonathon - To unsubscribe,

Re: trying to get a template from the page...

2017-02-24 Thread toki
On 02/20/2017 07:08 PM, Jörg Schmidt wrote: >> Please go to >> >> and say, which templates you can download. > > This is meant as a joke? Regardless, what would be useful, would be a review of each of those templates. >On the site are more than 15,000

Re: [AOO-Templates]

2017-02-24 Thread toki
On 02/23/2017 10:31 AM, Martin Groenescheij wrote: >> > And how are users informed about this? Using the search box. > it's only solved by cleaning our extension / template pages Who has the authority to give

Re: trying to get a template from the page...

2017-02-24 Thread toki
On 02/21/2017 05:18 AM, Jörg Schmidt wrote: > I do not understand why the templates can not be accessed directly at > Sourceforge They can be, but getting there is extremely tricky. I quit doing so, because I usually ended up with the wrong template. jonathon

Re: trying to get a template from the page...

2017-02-24 Thread toki
On 02/24/2017 08:58 AM, Jörg Schmidt wrote: >> Regardless, what would be useful, would be a review of each of those >> templates. > No, because it is unrealistic to want to control 15,000 templates. I was thinking of review, in terms of writing a review of the template, the same way that one

Re: Documentation needs

2017-02-15 Thread toki
On 02/15/2017 06:07 PM, Peter Kovacs wrote: >From this perspective I'd start with an FAQ. This is where it would be great if Solr, in conjunction with some of the other technologies that are being developed by The Apache Software Foundation could crawl through the various mailing lists, forums,

Re: Merge with LibreOffice?

2016-08-04 Thread toki
On 03/08/2016 19:22, Phillip Rhodes wrote: > Personally I think it would be ideal if the two projects could/would freely > share code, but due to the license conflict, AOO can't reuse code > from LO unless the author(s) is/are willing to also license it At this stage, there are enough

Re: What would OpenOffice NON-retirement involve?

2016-09-02 Thread toki
On 02/09/2016 17:21, Phillip Rhodes wrote: >> a Mac Mini with 500 GB hard disk and Mac OS Yosemite delivered on Sunday. > Is such a machine sufficiently powerful for building AOO, Yes. >and doing so in a reasonable period of time? That depends upon what the user considers "reasonable". For

Re: [DISCUSS] What Would OpenOffice Retirement Involve? (long)

2016-09-02 Thread toki
On 02/09/2016 12:52, RA Stehmann wrote: >> being an end-user focused effort. I would suggest we focus on not >> being one, but instead being a framework or library that can be consumed >> by actual end-user implementations. > If AOO is not an end-user focused project AOo is one of the few ---

Re: What would OpenOffice NON-retirement involve?

2016-09-02 Thread toki
On 02/09/2016 14:59, Phillip Rhodes wrote: > What is the most important thing/things we could be working on? On your own hardware: Repeat: Build a Mac OS X Binary; Fix the error messages you get; Write notes about what you did; Test the program functionality; Until it builds

Re: What would OpenOffice NON-retirement involve?

2016-09-02 Thread toki
On 02/09/2016 19:06, Pedro Giffuni wrote: >> What can Apache OpenOffice offer that related projects like LibreOffice cannot? > That is not an important question: In terms of marketing that is the only question that is relevant. It doesn't matter if you are trying to get more developers, or

Re: [DISCUSS] What Would OpenOffice Retirement Involve? (long)

2016-09-02 Thread toki
On 02/09/2016 20:12, Dave Fisher wrote: > I disagree with consumer vs corporate. Individuals have benefited greatly > from all of the free projects like HTTPD, HTTPD is a Daemon, run for websites --- corporate, not individuals. >tomcat, Web server. Again, corporate, not individuals. >poi

Re: Merge with LibreOffice?

2016-08-31 Thread toki
On 31/08/2016 16:26, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote: > The question I am left with is this: If a cousin development provides what > you want, why are you not satisfied with that? There are functions and capabilities in AOo that are not in LibO or EO. There are functions and capabilities in EO that

Re: Independent Entity to Develop and Further AOO

2016-08-31 Thread toki
On 31/08/2016 16:26, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote: > One can always create an independent entity. It hasn't happened. By now, > the odds are clearly that it will not. The Document Foundation is an independent entity, building upon the OOo 3.x code base. > My considered opinion is that the

Re: Another LWN article

2016-09-08 Thread toki
On 08/09/2016 20:56, Jonathan Corbet wrote: }> You should not have to pay to access the article via the subscriber link. The link you posted enabled me to read the article, and the comments. If somebody wants to post the following over there, they have my blessing. ">" is my quoting that

Re: Differentiate or Die

2016-09-09 Thread toki
On 09/09/2016 18:11, Jim Jagielski wrote: > We should be in touch with what our users, and our potential users, want. Do you mean something other jonathon

Re: Add This Feature to Writer ASAP

2016-09-30 Thread toki
On 30/09/2016 06:09, Kirk Fraser wrote: > The most needed feature is a book section organizer like Scrivner which has Organon jonathon - To unsubscribe, e-mail: For additional commands,

Re: Become the IMAP client for documents [Re: Differentiate or Die]

2016-09-17 Thread toki
On 17/09/2016 10:46, Peter Kovacs wrote: > (Maybe WPS is a good alternate to you then. I read in the german Linux Why would a program whose developers, in the name of destroying the user experience, removed features, functionalities, and capabilities. The only user case in which that is a

Re: Questions about AOO Users

2016-11-23 Thread toki
On 23/11/16 22:10, Crystal wrote: > I will need an answer on or before 28-Nov-2016 Dropping a question like this the day before a _major_ holiday in the US, with an expected response before the first workday after that holiday, to ask specific questions about usage in the US is really bad

Re: Questions about AOO Users

2016-11-26 Thread toki
On 24/11/16 08:29, RA Stehmann wrote: > distribute AOO, all figures are not really significant to identify the number > of users. Twould be much more appropriate to recommend software on the basis of the client's proposed use case, using examples of users with similar use-cases, that

Re: [discussion] Roadmap for Open Office

2016-12-04 Thread toki
On 03/12/16 12:21, Peter Kovacs wrote: > But then wrote nothing more. I think if you come here, with the > will to fight alone through all the mess, you will give up fast because > you have no Idea what your next step is.

Re: Do you offer a version of Access?

2017-03-18 Thread toki
On 03/18/2017 01:49 AM, Chuck Davis wrote: > It's better than access. It's HSQL. Whilst, on technical merits, HSQL is probably better than the Jet Database Engine, that isn't what non-database designers look at. Instead, they look at ease of creating/editing/using a database. To that end,

Re: trying to acquire Open Office.

2017-04-07 Thread toki
On 04/07/2017 01:00 AM, Sherry Sylvain wrote: > You web site and download guidelines are so "technical" and convoluted, I > can't figure out what you're offering or who I get it. As the first line says: "Select your operating system, language, and version". How can that be further

Re: OpenOffice

2017-05-07 Thread toki
On 05/07/2017 01:58 PM, Peter Kovacs wrote: > We are openly declared dead. It is called evidence based observation. Specifically, looking at: * Time taken to fix zero day exploits; * Code contributions; * Percentage open bugs/total bugs; * Release schedule; * Axillary support; amongst other

Re: Publish new plugin on extensions page / mail server down

2017-12-10 Thread toki
On 12/10/2017 08:33 PM, Gabriel Margiani wrote: > The plugin is here: > I just downloaded and installed on LibO. Presumably it will also work for Aoo. jonathon

Re: [PROPOSAL] Start process for AOO 4.1.5-RC1

2017-12-04 Thread toki
On 12/04/2017 12:00 PM, Jim Jagielski wrote: >> Are you accepting blockers? > > I am, yes :) >> We don't have a 4.1.5 blocker flag in Bugzilla, but I guess we can do >> without it if this is the only extra fix we will include - dictionary >> updates are routine. Of course, if the dictionary

Re: Extention License information on the webinterface

2018-04-28 Thread toki
On 04/27/2018 07:27 PM, Andrea Pescetti wrote: > But showing the license info would be useful and probably feasible. An issue I've run into, for both the LibO extension and template repositories, is that the license on the description page, and the license in the template/extension are

Re: Copyright year for our packages

2018-01-20 Thread toki
On 01/19/2018 06:34 PM, Matthias Seidel wrote: > should be "2012-2018" now. A lawyer (^2) that specialises in copyright law should be able to explain the legal rationale. The only part I understood was that with the hyphen, one loses rights, but with individual date listings, one retains, or

Re: A problem on OO Debian versions?

2018-01-01 Thread toki
On 01/01/2018 10:27 AM, Rory O'Farrell wrote: > I have tested this on Xubuntu 16.04.3 (XFCE), Ubuntu 16.04.3 (Gnome), Debian > 9.30 (XFCE), all showing the same freeze. Where are you getting the Debian build from? jonathon signature.asc Description: OpenPGP digital signature

Re: IBM Plex font

2018-08-14 Thread toki
On 2018-08-09 7:15 p.m., Howard Cary Morris wrote: > It would seem to me that we should limit fonts to those on the user’s > computer plus those we can load from google (provided the internet is up). > That would be simplest with least overhead. (Any other font available via > internet would

Re: License of specific fonts?

2018-09-05 Thread toki
On 2018-09-05 7:18 a.m., Simon Gottwald wrote: > Hello and sorry to bother you with such a banal question! It isn't a banal question. I'm fairly confident that the overwhelming majority of font foundries would rather people ask, and adhere to the terms of their license for a specific font, or

Re: technical question

2018-03-08 Thread toki
On 03/08/2018 05:29 PM, Leilani M. Pugh wrote: > This is not a technical "how to" question. This is something I would like > to see added somehow, because you can't drag the top & bottom independently AOo currently offers that functionality. jonathon

Re: a question about the hyphenator

2018-04-11 Thread toki
On 04/09/2018 06:46 AM, Mauro Trevisan wrote: > Hi, I would like to ask you if there are some documentation on the > hyphenation algorithm, particularly on the non-standard hyphenation and -- > mainly -- on the NEXTLEVEL keyword. a) I haven't looked at the code; b) This is from memory, based

Re: Search for duplicates

2018-04-11 Thread toki
On 04/10/2018 05:32 AM, Miriam Robarts wrote: > It would be good to have a tool like this, so if I used the same adjective _Linguist_ can provide a frequency list of every word used in the document. It won't list synonyms next to each other. Linguist is no longer maintained, so it might not work

Re: Bad news regarding future Java use?

2018-04-20 Thread toki
On 04/20/2018 07:06 PM, Fernando Cassia wrote: > People reading something, jumping to conclusions, and freaking out. Move > along, nothing to see here... Given the Appeals Court ruling of 2018-03-27, corporations have reason to be extremely cautious about their use of JAVA. Not just JAVA, but

Re: Review of BlackDuck OpenHub

2018-03-16 Thread toki
On 03/16/2018 07:36 PM, Dave Fisher wrote: > Sorry, I was not clear. I saw it as a request to look for trademark/copyright violations. (One of my other projects is trying to determine who the de juro and de facto copyright owner of about 100 books, written by the same person, is. Paraphrasing

Re: Openoffice and unsupported gstreamer 0.10 branch (for openoffice library)

2018-03-20 Thread toki
On 03/20/2018 01:42 PM, Damjan Jovanovic wrote: > My sent emails show the patch was attached. Message ID: jonathon - To unsubscribe, e-mail:

Re: Wrong distro detected?

2018-09-03 Thread toki
On 2018-09-02 11:25 a.m., Rory O'Farrell wrote: > I used the Firefox from the Ubuntu distro, and assumed that was a "standard" > Firefox. Ubuntu adds their own special sauce, that, as is usual for those that compile distros, completely, utterly, and absolutely breaks the program. jonathon

Re: Wrong distro detected?

2018-09-03 Thread toki
On 2018-09-02 8:49 a.m., Matthias Seidel wrote: > Apparently the problem is even bigger: I'm now running Ubuntu 16.04.5 x64 and > I'm still offered the RPMs (see table below) Using Pale Moon 27.9.3 with English (Canada) as the UI language. My User-Agent is "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS

Re: Wrong distro detected?

2018-09-03 Thread toki
On 2018-09-02 8:42 p.m., Rory O'Farrell wrote: > It may be useful to know that the terminal command > inxi -S Might need to emphasize that that is the majuscle S, not minuscle s. > will display the distro name. I am sure there are other commands to do so of > which I am not aware. inxi -r