Re: [OSM-dev] Node and Area for one Feature

2009-08-04 Thread Mike N.
This brings up a small issue in the US with GNIS data import - much of which consists of nodes with feature identifiers. At one time, there was a plan to feed back node placement corrections to GNIS based on these nodes. However since many features are best rendered by creating a building or

Re: [OSM-dev] Another mapnik style sheet question

2009-08-04 Thread Mike N.
I don't know if this is relevant, but the US Interstate Relations have adopted an optional convention of putting a the Wikimedia SVG image URL in the symbol tag. However, this is not part of the formal definition of

Re: [OSM-dev] Another mapnik style sheet question

2009-08-04 Thread Mike N.
I agree - perhaps the intent was a succinct way to describe the symbol rather than to be used for rendering. -- From: John Smith Sent: Tuesday, August 04, 2009 11:46 AM To:; Mike N.

Re: [josm-dev] [OSM-talk] New JOSM Address Interpolation plugin

2009-09-22 Thread Mike N.
This was an attempt to create a titled horizontal rule. Is there a native Swing component for this? I think a JSeparator is your friend there. Adding some indentation or border will make you even more happy there. I converted this to a conventional border. Also, based on a

Re: [OSM-dev] Josm bug: deleted nodes cause conflicts

2009-09-26 Thread Mike N.
This has been hashed over many times in other lists and it's not going to change. Bottom line is people aren't going to change their MUA - your MUA should be sophisticated enough to suppress duplicate emails anyway.

Re: [OSM-dev] Josm bug: deleted nodes cause conflicts

2009-09-28 Thread Mike N.
But I still don't know why they shouldn't be able to remove all the adresses except the list-adress when using reply-to-all. Carelessness, lazyness, ignorance, stubborness..? It's a mix of all of the above.Everyone is inconvenienced to some degree with the current situation ; it's just a

Re: [josm-dev] shocking - unsecure password sending!

2009-10-07 Thread Mike N.
Could someone kindly recap why good old HTTPS is not an option? A certificate costs $400 per year, that's why. Not only. HTTPS for a number of connections more than a few costs significant CPU time that probably is better spend elsewhere. A web server certificate can be gotten for

[OSM-dev] Convert from Spherical Mercator to WGS-84?

2009-11-28 Thread Mike N.
I would like to be able to convert from Spherical Mercator coordinates (used by Mapnik, I think) to WGS-84 OSM db Lat/Lon format using the Geo Tools cs2cs.exe or proj.exe from the Cartographic Projections library. I am unable to figure this out from their documentation or example. Thanks,

Re: [OSM-dev] Convert from Spherical Mercator to WGS-84?

2009-11-28 Thread Mike N.
I was unsure whether the OP was able to do coordinate conversions in principle and just didn't know how to access spherical mercator, or whether he didn't know how to use these tools at all? I have definitely not taken the GIS:100 course! I could not manipulate the epsg library arguments

Re: [OSM-dev] Osm2pgsql - Planet.osm fail - Unknown Element name :changeset

2009-12-16 Thread Mike N.
Drive space is a likely problem - the planet may require an additional 60-70 GB to populate the Postgres DB. You may be able to make it work by first compressing the planet as a .bz2 file; that will free up about 110 GB of space. osm2pgsql can read from this compressed file. From: Quy

[OSM-dev] OSM home page and IE

2010-03-13 Thread Mike N.
There is a thread in the forums about IE not returning to the most recently viewed coordinates when re-opening the OpenStreetMap home page: I have tracked this down to an error in site.js, line 61: node.addClassName(disabled);

Re: [OSM-dev] [OSM-server setup]

2010-06-11 Thread Mike N.
The follwing command is not working. cd ~/bin/osm2pgsql ./osm2pgsql -S --slim -d gis -C 2048 ~/planet/planet-100217.osm.bz2 What kind of error message comes from this command? ___ dev mailing list

Re: [OSM-dev] Announcing the immediate availability of the Open Source Routing Machine

2010-07-09 Thread Mike N.
This first release gives you fast routes and there are many things that are going to follow in the coming months, i.e. turn directions have not yet been implemented and does not obey turn restrictions. Also, the extraction of the road network is still rudimentary. The implication is that the

Re: [OSM-dev] ESRI article sent by a friend

2010-07-12 Thread Mike N.
1. It's not ignored if users have to stumble over duplicate data when editing and either reconcile (which should have been done by the importing person) or ignore it. Editor, software, issue. A good editor selectively filters out information, so that the user doesn't get an information

Re: [OSM-dev] ESRI article sent by a friend

2010-07-15 Thread Mike N.
Outdated and wrong data won't correct itself as it ages. Not to pick on these guys, but Account for uploading automated edits of 1997 Peoria County planimetrics data. This data is freely available because of the caducity and decrepitude

Re: [OSM-dev] Data source for robot

2010-10-12 Thread Mike N.
My advice is not to do it; if it can be done automatically, route relations are not required If route relations are not required, then what are for? Good question. What are they for? I never understood that either. :-) I don't

Re: [OSM-dev] Data source for robot

2010-10-12 Thread Mike N.
I thought there were already tools for this. There's the wiki, where people leave comments like Complete from Cobb to Bartow county. There's OpenStreetBugs, where we can mark things like overlapping nodes that don't connect. Putting data into these where the robot can't make a good decision

Re: [OSM-dev] Data source for robot

2010-10-12 Thread Mike N.
For instance: I would love to see the correct symbol for roads on the map--an Interstate shield, a US Highway shield, or a State Road shield with the shape of the state. In a road relation, a URL to this is stored in the symbol=* key. The renderer would just find all the road relations a way

Re: [OSM-dev] Data source for robot

2010-10-12 Thread Mike N.
of course, the best thing is that these automated edits never happen at all, instead that tools are provided (like the geofabrik inspector, keep-right or the duplicate nodes map) to help the community fix these errors themselves. we need to start cracking down on these disruptive and

Re: [OSM-dev] Data source for robot

2010-10-12 Thread Mike N.
Are you serious? What about the guy that wants to use any kind of routing software to go from A to B? if streets are not connected in a place where nobody cares this means he will get redirected over some areas where people care. All of today's routing software ignores route relations. I

[OSM-dev] FYI - job posting

2010-10-20 Thread Mike N.
I don't know anything about this, but just in case anyone is interested... ___ dev mailing list

Re: [OSM-dev] User-friendly interface to OSM POIs

2010-10-29 Thread Mike N.
But say someone types in restaurants. I'm not sure how to transition from that to a meaningful OSM query. So I'm wondering how people have implemented this, if anyone in fact has? In the case of a Smartphone for POI search, a list of categories is the best method rather than requiring

Re: [OSM-dev] OpenID for OpenStreetMap?

2011-02-10 Thread Mike N
Frankly though a bigger question is whether we want to. I've never been that convinced because OpenID just doesn't seem to be getting the necessary traction to really work. I'm not sold on OpenID either - I know the pro arguments, but with OpenID, if you're keylogged or phished, they have

Re: [OSM-dev] Choking on the full-planet file

2011-02-25 Thread Mike N
On 2/25/2011 1:07 PM, Eric Wolf wrote: What I'm trying to do is look at changes to the USGS GNIS data in OSM. I want to convert node data for the US (probably just the lower 48 states) into a format that I can work on in ArcGIS. I want to have access to historical data. Check into starting

Re: [OSM-dev] Newbie questions, introductions and questions about Mac/Objective-C based mapping/Map View using openstreetmap...

2011-03-10 Thread Mike N
On 3/10/2011 10:22 AM, Gregory Casamento wrote: but for an API where you request something over the network? The last one is what I'm looking for. ___ dev mailing list

Re: [OSM-dev] Proposal for OpenMetaMap - proper OSM import solution

2011-08-15 Thread Mike N
On 8/15/2011 4:57 PM, Jaak Laineste wrote: But it is not plain banning imports, it is to provide alternative tool (I call it OpenMetaMap) which enables to link various external data sources with OSM data, with much better flexibility than with current import approach. I like the idea. A

Re: [OSM-dev] Script to merge ways with identical tags

2011-12-05 Thread Mike N
On 12/5/2011 8:13 PM, Josh Doe wrote: I'm trying to convert a Shapefile of my county's streets to OSM (not for mass imports, trust me), but every street is broken at intersections so there are often dozens or more segments that should be joined. Anyone have scripts or code to perform this sort

Re: [OSM-dev] helping #switch2osm

2012-01-12 Thread Mike N
On 1/12/2012 5:06 PM, Mikel Maron wrote: 2) A packaged solution, like a chef recipe, to install everything needed. FYI - there was this project on last Summer of Code: I'm not sure what all would be

Re: [OSM-dev] - a tool for quickly checking OSM data integrity

2012-03-18 Thread Mike N
On 3/12/2012 12:11 PM, Brandon Martin-Anderson wrote: Behold! I made a thing. Awesome - I'd like to play with this on nearby data. I can't seem to figure out the server-side context used to execute the javascript. Do you have more details on this? Thanks!

Re: [OSM-dev] OSM Wishlist

2012-10-12 Thread Mike N
On 10/12/2012 3:27 AM, Stephan Knauss wrote: So I want a tool that makes it possible to do a quality control by checking diffs like it's possible in wikipedia for years. The problem is that our data is a lot harder to diff. +1 for a wishlist: visual changeset diff?

[OSM-dev] PostGIS query "Crossing ways"

2016-09-11 Thread Mike N
Given a PostGIS database populated from OSM data by osm2pgsql, and 2 sets of lines (such as the selection of all footways and the selection of all roads) what function or series of functions will result in a list of locations where footways cross roads without any OSM connecting node? (the

Re: [OSM-dev] PostGIS query "Crossing ways"

2016-09-12 Thread Mike N
On 9/11/2016 3:52 PM, Paul Norman wrote: PostGIS databases do not have topology so there is no notion of connected linestrings. You can tell if two ways cross each other with ST_Intersects, and you can tell if two share points by turning the linestrings into points, but this doesn't tell you if

Re: [OSM-dev] 403 forbidden

2019-05-31 Thread Mike N
On 5/31/2019 12:47 AM, Vijaya Nand wrote: Please suggest me how I can get OSM API user id and password so that I can pass that to authenticate. Please suggest me how I can check what's wrong with . It would be logical to add Mapbox as another source to GreatMaps

[josm-dev] addr:interpolation Preset

2009-08-20 Thread Mike N.
The addr:interpolation steps are somewhat tedious, and could have some features added to the preset to simplify whole process. In addition to the current field Numbering Scheme - even / odd / all / alphabetic Add Starting number - is applied to first node of way Ending Number -

Re: [josm-dev] JOSM Tested

2009-09-20 Thread Mike N.
Hi Dirk, I have checked in a new Address Interpolation plugin into SVN - I hope it doesn't qualify as new since it doesn't change the JOSM code itself. Let me know if something doesn't look right. Thanks, Mike Nice -- From: Dirk

Re: [josm-dev] [OSM-talk] New JOSM Address Interpolation plugin

2009-09-21 Thread Mike N.
Seems the layout of your plugin dialog got mixed up a bit. Using version 17721 the Optional information: box doesn't include the following lines and fields (city, state, etc.) This was an attempt to create a titled horizontal rule. Is there a native Swing component for this?

Re: [josm-dev] Best practice: offline mapping?

2009-10-26 Thread Mike N.
Using geo-tagged photos and audio recordings is an option. But this means I have to take a small second camera with me and the only device capable of longer audio recordings is actually my netbook. It's all technically possible, but as this will be a holiday at first priority, geotagging

Re: [josm-dev] Tutorial/docs for plugin-programmers?

2009-10-31 Thread Mike N.
I have a few ideas for plugins that I'd like to try out, but I need some hand-holding getting started. I've been looking around for a tutorial or write-up on how to do it but I haven't found any. A skeleton plugin would also be useful. The best place to start is the introductory page at

Re: [josm-dev] Please add the walkingpapers description to thescan-info section in the HTML source for JOSM

2009-11-10 Thread Mike N.
I'm personally an advocate of Mercurial/ over git/, as I find it easier to use and understand. And Mercurial is supposed to work better for windows users (I personally don't know). I use Mercurial on several Windows platforms, and it works well and has 64-bit

Re: [josm-dev] Localisation policy for quotes etc.

2010-01-13 Thread Mike N.
But, in written language these shortcuts are consided casual and they are not used in formal texts, AFAIK. That's why I use this in emails, but not in the user interface of a program. Do we have any native English speakers here? To place it in context, program messages that use poor

Re: [josm-dev] Where to put documentation for a plugin?

2010-02-19 Thread Mike N.
Put it in the Wiki in the namespace - -- where shall I put the documentation for my JOSM plugin? I've written a html file containing all the information about the public transport

Re: [josm-dev] question about UI strings in plugins

2010-04-18 Thread Mike N.
I'm about to extend an existing plugin. Function wise it's no big deal, but I seem not to understand how UI strings are handled. There are labels with which to call tr(), but where can I put it new strings to be addressable by new labels? Just create new English strings in the tr() calls.

Re: [josm-dev] Open offer to convert JOSM to Git

2010-04-30 Thread Mike N.
Re: Git -my personal bias is to retain SVN because Git is not yet Windows-friendly, although there is at least one implementation that works somewhat on Windows. What you'd do is: 1. check out the repository on the mirror branch (default) 2. Add git-svn metadata:

Re: [josm-dev] Mailing list configuration - reply address

2010-08-19 Thread Mike N.
Am 19.08.2010 19:57, schrieb Simone Cortesi: a reply-to sent directly to the user is there just to prevent somebody sending a personal mail to the whole list. Because of the way most OSM lists are set up, I accidentally sent a personal email to the whole list back when I was starting...

Re: [josm-dev] i18n update issue

2010-10-28 Thread Mike N.
through to the client. For example the Vacuum cleaner preset entry is in launchpad since october 17th: I must have been busy with something else when OSM made the jump from mapping the world outside to managing household appliances. G I think it refers to the Vacuum Cleaner shop like

[josm-dev] Patch 5588 OK?

2011-01-02 Thread Mike N.
Could someone look at ticket #5588 and let me know if it is OK and implement it if possible? Thanks! Mike ___ josm-dev mailing list

Re: [josm-dev] How to run applet?

2011-03-04 Thread Mike N
On 3/4/2011 4:26 AM, Stephan Knauss wrote: On 04.03.2011 08:36, Dirk Stöcker wrote: certificate for the server which is strange, as firefox itself accepts the certificates. Java and certificates is a strange topic I don't comletely understand ATM. Java has it's own list of accepted root

Re: [josm-dev] How to run applet?

2011-03-04 Thread Mike N
On 3/4/2011 2:32 PM, Dirk Stöcker wrote: Actually not checking the I trust this certificate from now on reduces your security, as you will not recognice when some bad guy replaces it or tries to do man-in-the-middle attacks. Not checking default trust can reduce security related to

Re: [josm-dev] Proper use of Relations editor

2011-09-17 Thread Mike N
On 9/17/2011 7:30 AM, Bob Hawkins wrote: I wonder if you would confirm that the following actions comprise the correct procedure if a user wishes to place ways in the correct order: The sort button A..Z will also order them in correct order. ___

Re: [josm-dev] Plugin for Karlsruhe schema

2011-10-25 Thread Mike N
On 10/25/2011 12:49 PM, Werner Horsch wrote: It's a first approach, imagine those cities which do not have any house-numbers yet, we could add them quite fast. Later any memeber can remove the interpolation of any block improving the schema Just to clarify there will start and end points for

Re: [josm-dev] Changed presets, contact

2011-12-15 Thread Mike N
On 12/15/2011 5:44 AM, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote: Recently the JOSM presets changed for fax, phone, website, email (old keys) to contact:fax, ... When was this decided? IMHO website is not even a contact-information in the first place, and looking at actual usage numbers: 208 408 website 7 116

Re: [josm-dev] Changed presets, contact

2011-12-17 Thread Mike N
On 12/17/2011 9:49 AM, Dirk Stöcker wrote: I see not that we need a big modification here. Maybe an update of the wording could be done, so that people do not automatically assume new is better. That is a good idea. And since people don't realize that the new version effectively puts

Re: Windows Defender causing JOSM problems

2018-02-21 Thread Mike N
On 2/21/2018 3:46 AM, Toby Murray wrote: Windows Defender has apparently taken offense to JOSM in the latest malware signature update. Starting on February 19th mine started claiming to detect a trojan named Skeeyah.H in 3 different class files inside of the JOSM JAR. Defender helpfully removed

JOSM Memory usage with large files

2018-03-21 Thread Mike N
Hi, we're working on an import (long announced and documented) of buildings in the area - I'm working with Windows with no problem -Xmx4096M , and Ubuntu with no problem. Another mapper helping with the import is experiencing a problem in which the JOSM / java grabs a huge amount of memory