Re: [OSM-dev] using Osmium to filter osh files

2014-05-25 Thread joost schouppe
Hi Abichek, I've been using Mazderminds History Splitter and Importer to create a Postgres database to do similar analysis. See my diary for how far I've gotten:

Re: [OSM-dev] New Map Style feedback

2015-11-03 Thread joost schouppe
I agree that knowing which roads are toll and which aren't is super interesting. However, there's plenty of trunk roads that are toll in South America and there are quite a few motorways in France that aren't toll. Really, I think we need a road-focused mapstyle that shows paved/unpaved and

Re: [OSM-dev] Accessing history of OSM objects

2015-12-11 Thread joost schouppe
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Re: [OSM-dev] full history files on Geofabrik server

2017-02-20 Thread joost schouppe
Thank you for that! I suppose they're slightly buffered as usual, so the dataset includes the entire region and a little extra. So if anyone wants to make statistics with them, you'll still need something like the OSM-history-splitter (or a spatial query) to limit results to your area of

Re: [OSM-dev] iD 2.0.0 always start in whole world view

2016-11-17 Thread joost schouppe
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Re: [OSM-dev] Removing functionality and giving just No as answer

2017-03-08 Thread joost schouppe
Just to clarify, Tom, would the example given by mmd ( be something you would deem acceptable in BTW, one of the places where people were "canvasing" was here:

Re: [OSM-dev] Overpass filter by area A or area B

2017-09-14 Thread joost schouppe
t;> >> I assume this query: >> area["wikidata"="Q212429"][admin_level=3]->.area_1; >> area["wikidata"="Q212582"][admin_level=3]->.area_2; >> >> way(area.area_1,area.area_2); >> out geom; >> >> would give all ways contained

[OSM-dev] OSRM on not working

2017-10-01 Thread joost schouppe
Hi, Apparently, OSRM routing on has been down for a few days. I have no idea how the implementation really works, or where the correct tracker would be. But I'm sure someone here knows. -- Joost Schouppe OpenStreetMap <> | T

Re: [OSM-dev] Automatically triggering export as PDF from -> share?

2017-12-22 Thread joost schouppe
; Of course, the canonical solution is "install your own >> postgres/mapnik/ and run it locally" ;) >> >> > Paul, why is the recommendation to produce PNG first? > > Thanks both for you input - much appreciated!! > Bjoern > > >

Re: [OSM-dev] Workflow for bulk upload of GPX files

2019-05-28 Thread joost schouppe
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