Re: Cloudant 1MB limit

2018-02-10 Thread Rodric Rabbah
Hey Tyson,

I think we need to generally consider moving the large code blobs to an
object store (getting the code blogs into couch attachment as a first step
is in this PR [1]).
That said, I think you'd either need to deploy a couchdb instance or
upgrade your plan to a dedicated instance.



Cloudant 1MB limit

2018-02-09 Thread Tyson Norris
Hi - 
We have been using Cloudant for some of our deployments, and ran into their 1MB 
request limit.  This is of course a problem if someone creates an action with a 
tar > 1MB. 

Any advice from the IBM folks whether there is any way around this? (Other than 
avoiding creating actions > 1MB, or requiring devs to use docker actions for 
these cases)