[racket-dev] support for arm64 / aarch64

2014-12-29 Thread David Bremner
A user submitted the attached patch for partial support for arm64 on Debian/Ubuntu. It only enables cgc, 3m still hangs during compilation. If the patch makes sense to you, perhaps you'd like to apply it upstream. d From 7b5acfba9a1df00f0427d1d2e1a92570da3ab2d1 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001 From:

Re: [racket-dev] internal error during gc

2014-12-29 Thread Philippe Meunier
Juan Francisco Cantero Hurtado wrote: Works fine on my machine. I've re-built the whole thing several times over the past few days and it does not fail every time. It has failed once out of the last three builds I did. Try with ulimit -d 100. My limit was already set at 1048576 :-) The

Re: [racket-dev] support for arm64 / aarch64

2014-12-29 Thread Matthew Flatt
It looks like this patch was submitted for v6.1. Version 6.1.1 (the current release), uses SGC instead of Boehm's GC during the build process by default. So, it at least avoids this immediate problem. I can't think of any other problem that would turn up in v6.1.1, but I'm not sure it will work.

Re: [racket-dev] internal error during gc

2014-12-29 Thread Juan Francisco Cantero Hurtado
Racket sometimes fails on openbsd/i386. The person who is in charge of the openbsd i386 packages has seen similar problems since the first day. My usual tricks to build racket is increase the datasize (-d), the number of open files (-n) and the stack size (-s). I only use one job in raco.