Moving Java Forward Faster

2017-09-07 Thread Rory O'Donnell
Hi Mark, Oracle is proposing a rapid release model for Java SE going-forward. The high points are highlighted below, details of the changes can be found on Mark Reinhold’s blog [1] , OpenJDK discussion email list [2]. Under the proposed release model, after JDK 9, we will adopt a strict,

[Bug 61491] IllegalArgumentException thrown by PerMessageDeflate sendMessagePart()

2017-09-07 Thread bugzilla --- Comment #2 from Mark Thomas --- I've managed to reproduce this. It is triggered by a zero length message after a non-zero length message when the compression context is retained between messages. I'm starting to think

[Bug 57767] Websocket client proprietary configuration

2017-09-07 Thread bugzilla --- Comment #15 from Christopher Schultz --- None of the Java classes in the authentication support patch have any Javadoc. I'm -1 on accepting the patch on that basis alone. I've skimmed the code and it otherwise