License change: cloud-init

2017-10-18 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
Cloud-init has changed its license from "GPLv3" to "ASL 2.0 or GPLv3". -- Garrett Holmstrom ___ devel mailing list -- To unsubscribe send an email to

Re: Announcing Bugzilla 5 Public Beta!

2017-05-01 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
ral of the custom fields on the right side of show_bug pages have placeholder tooltips such as, "A custom Drop Down field in this installation of Bugzilla." -- Garrett Holmstrom ___ devel mailing list -- devel@lists.fedora

Re: F26 Self Contained Change: Replace Coolkey with OpenSC

2017-02-09 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
. == Scope == * Proposal owners: -- For Fedora 26, we want to switch all applications to OpenSC and leave Coolkey as a backup. We will unregister coolkey from NSS database and register OpenSC instead. Doesn't that still make this a systemwide change? -- Garrett Holmstrom

Re: User Visible Terminology

2016-09-22 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
; for this. I'm not completely sold on "stream", partly because we talk about "upstream" and "downstream" so much, and this is unrelated to that. How about "branch"? That fits with the idea of "rebase" for switching betwee

Re: Naming a sphinx-doc theme: python-sphinx_py3doc_enhanced_theme or python-sphinx-theme-py3doc-enhanced

2016-08-24 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
lved. Any thoughts? Using hyphens in the package name keeps the package collection more consistent, and adding a Provides entry that uses underscores will more or less seamlessly take care of the case where people installing it assume it uses those instead. It's a win-win to do it that way, IMO.

Re: F25 System Wide Change: KillUserProcesses=yes by default

2016-07-07 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
t a System Wide Change) But this is a system-wide change. Is the intention to fill out this list as people learn what needs to be changed? -- Garrett Holmstrom -- devel mailing list

Re: Hacks for multilib unclean C headers

2016-06-10 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
dependency. -- Garrett Holmstrom -- devel mailing list

Re: 4.4 rebase coming to F23 soon

2016-02-18 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2016-02-18 17:51, Laura Abbott wrote: 4.4.2 is currently building and should be in updates-testing soon. As usual, please test and give karma appropriately (negative karma for new issues, not existing issues). Forgive my ignorance, but version 4.4.2 of _what_? -- Garrett Holmstrom -- devel

Re: Intend to retire kde-plasma-daisy

2015-03-02 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
. I'd rather use pure git here (but fedpkg also does some message bus thing). FWIW, using fedpkg for that isn't mandatory. I use git directly all the time and all the usual fedmsg stuff still seems to fire. -- Garrett Holmstrom -- devel mailing list https

Re: Schedule for Wednesday's FESCo Meeting (2014-11-05)

2014-11-05 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
:// -- Garrett Holmstrom -- devel mailing list Fedora Code of Conduct:

Re: [pkgdb] python-boto ownership changed

2014-01-05 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2014-01-02 16:38, Andrew Lutomirski wrote: [Third try to send this email. The Gmail Android app has a lovely UI to select the sender address, but it doesn't do anything :(.] On Fri, Jan 3, 2014 at 5:31 AM, Garrett Holmstrom wrote: On Fri, Dec 27, 2013 at 10:32 PM

Re: [pkgdb] python-boto ownership changed

2014-01-02 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
it while I was on vacation out of town. Sorry about the delay. :-\ -- Garrett Holmstrom -- devel mailing list Fedora Code of Conduct:

Re: EPEL python-boto rebase

2013-07-03 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On Wed Jul 3 02:44:42 UTC 2013, Matthew Miller wrote: On Tue, Jul 02, 2013 at 03:47:25PM -0700, Garrett Holmstrom wrote: Hi, folks, Since a large number of people have requested new features in python-boto I'd like to update it from version 2.5.2 to the current version, 2.9.6. API-wise

EPEL python-boto rebase

2013-07-02 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
. Will that break anybody? I can help with patches if necessary. Thanks, -- Garrett Holmstrom ___ epel-devel mailing list

Re: Feature template update [was Re: Anaconda is totally trashing the F18 schedule...]

2012-11-05 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2012-11-05 12:22, Jóhann B. Guðmundsson wrote: On 11/05/2012 07:52 PM, Miloslav Trmač wrote: A crit path update that affects, say, two packages and nothing else, could be approved by default as well. Many of the crit path features however affect a large or extremely large package set (e.g.

Re: small tip regarding git branch bash prompt in F18/Rawhide

2012-08-25 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2012-08-25 10:09, Todd Zullinger wrote: Enrico Scholz wrote: Todd Zullinger writes: Doing this would break current users that have already configured their system to use __git_ps1(). What are current users? Those who installed your just released rawhide changes? No, it

Re: Mass changes to packaging

2012-08-21 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 12:01 PM, Richard W.M. Jones wrote: On Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 02:23:41PM -0400, Lukas Nykryn wrote: Sorry for this mess. After a discussion, we have decided, that the best way would be to create bugs for every packages and then helping creating patches

Re: [Guidelines Change] Change to the Packaging Guidelines

2012-08-08 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2012-08-07 10:35, Lennart Poettering wrote: On Tue, 07.08.12 13:31, Gary Gatling ( wrote: Question about new systemd policy, If your package is under review, and it enables its service by default, do you add it to the bugzilla of the systemd package or would that be one of

Re: [Guidelines Change] Change to the Packaging Guidelines

2012-08-08 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 8:57 AM, Lennart Poettering wrote: On Wed, 08.08.12 00:17, Garrett Holmstrom ( wrote: I maintain a package (cloud-init) with several services that meet the runs once then goes away grant. Shall I file a bug against

Intent to retire: axis2c

2012-07-23 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
The axis2c package doesn't build against httpd 2.4, and since it is effectively subsumed by one of wso2-wsf-cpp's sub-packages, wso2-axis2, I think it would be better to just retire it. Nothing appears to depend on that package, but if someone wants to take it for some reason then please let

Re: prelink should not mess with running executables

2012-07-19 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2012-07-19 15:57, Sam Varshavchik wrote: The fact that the same consequences can occur from upgrades, or some other unspecified events, is irrelevant, because appropriate measures /can/ be easily put in place, to take the appropriate action when upgrading, and most likely for whatever those

Re: Introduction: Interested in becoming a packager for fis-gtm and vista

2012-07-17 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2012-07-16 22:50, Clive Hills wrote: Coincidentally I was looking at gtm this weekend. One of the interesting points in re packaging it is that one must bootstrap gtm from an existing gtm using the providing source. I'm wondering a bit how that might be affected by the Fedora packaging

Re: prelink should not mess with running executables

2012-07-15 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2012-07-15 15:00, Sam Varshavchik wrote: Benny Amorsen writes: Perhaps it's just me, but why would the daemon stat /proc/self/exe? I presume prelink writes a new file and renames into place as a proper Unix program should, which still leaves the original program intact on disk until the last

Re: Replacing grubby with grub2-mkconfig in kernel install process

2012-06-19 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at 12:21 PM, Dennis Gilmore wrote: El Tue, 19 Jun 2012 20:11:20 +0100 Matthew Garrett escribió: On Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at 08:54:59PM +0200, Dennis Jacobfeuerborn wrote: pvgrub peeks into the guest disk so it needs to understand the

Re: Replacing grubby with grub2-mkconfig in kernel install process

2012-06-17 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2012-06-16 21:08, Ben Rosser wrote: It seems to me that we should make the boot menu more consistent somehow. I feel like the simplest solution is just to run grub2-mkconfig at every kernel update, and stop using grubby for this. Then everything would look consistent- the Fedora Linux boot

Re: rawhide: libudev version bump, merged into systemd, libudev user need rebuild

2012-06-06 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2012-06-06 6:26, Adam Jackson wrote: On Wed, 2012-06-06 at 01:12 +0200, Sandro Mani wrote: After having had some funny issues in the past due to there being two systemds (x86_64, i686) installed for some reason, something tells me that it's a bad idea to proceed with the update. Or am I

Re: supercat anybody working on it?

2012-06-02 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 6/2/2012 7:03 PM, Adrian Alves wrote: am not following what u mean? On Sat, Jun 2, 2012 at 5:30 AM, Michael Schwendt wrote: On Fri, 1 Jun 2012 23:00:29 -0300, Adrian Alves wrote: done I built it, check this out: Spec URL:

Re: [HEADS-UP] Rawhide: /tmp is now on tmpfs

2012-06-01 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On Fri, Jun 1, 2012 at 1:44 PM, Gregory Maxwell wrote: On Fri, Jun 1, 2012 at 12:28 PM, Reindl Harald wrote: * it is a valid workload that a application creates a 10 GB tempfile * ok, you say: use /var/tmp * well, i say: my whole rootfs is only 4 GB

Re: [HEADS-UP] Rawhide: /tmp is now on tmpfs

2012-05-30 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On May 30, 2012 5:41 PM, Lennart Poettering wrote: Please be aware that since the most recent systemd uploads /tmp is now in tmpfs by default in Rawhide/F18. For details please see this feature page: Thanks for the

Re: [fedora-java] Roadmap for Java things in Fedora

2012-03-08 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On Mar 7, 2012 7:54 AM, Stanislav Ochotnicky wrote: - Remove mention of maven2 in guidelines since all supported versions have maven-3.x. Some other small cleanups as well perhaps Is there already a separate set of java guidelines for EPEL? If there isn't does this

Re: Need help with systemd service files

2012-02-28 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
:02 PM, Michal Schmidt wrote: On 02/26/2012 07:37 AM, Garrett Holmstrom wrote: On 2012-02-24 4:22, Juerg Haefliger wrote: So I installed the official Fedora version of cloud-init but the service startup ordering is broken there too: [root@342 ~]# dmesg | grep

Re: Need help with systemd service files

2012-02-25 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2012-02-24 4:22, Juerg Haefliger wrote: So I installed the official Fedora version of cloud-init but the service startup ordering is broken there too: [root@342 ~]# dmesg | grep cloud | grep About [ 91.668396] systemd[1]: About to execute: /usr/bin/cloud-init start-local [ 91.993238]

Re: How to determine FAS from BZ email?

2012-02-23 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2012-02-23 10:20, John5342 wrote: It is possible that they don't match but they are more or less required to though. Last i checked the bugzilla editbugs permissions and the like are set from fas by email address so if the addresses don't match up then the user won't be able to manage

Re: Fedora 17’s unified filesystem (/usr-move)

2012-01-28 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2012-01-27 5:10, Harald Hoyer wrote: Any files with conflicting names, which the conversion could not resolve, will be backed up to files named *.usrmove~ residing in /usr/lib, /usr/lib64, /usr/bin and /usr/sbin. To which file does the conversion script append this suffix when it resolves

Re: Differences between koji and mock rawhide environments?

2011-11-10 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2011-11-10 8:35, Tom Lane wrote: (And why is glibc ignoring the convention to use %{?dist} in Release:?) There is a bug open for this. Note that dist tags are still optional. -- devel mailing list

Re: Why does git merge have so much trouble with Fedora package branches?

2011-11-10 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2011-11-09 18:48, Adam Williamson wrote: thanks both of you; I hadn't really thought about the consequences of merging vs. cherry-picking, I think I'd just cargo-culted from somewhere the idea of using git merge instead of manually re-doing changes without considering cherry-picking

Re: New bodhi bugfix release in production

2011-10-26 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2011-10-25 15:17, Adam Williamson wrote: It's not just the updates-testing list, though. When I go to the web interface, search for updates to, say, grub2, get a list, and click on one of the results, I get an ID-based URL, not a package name-based one. I then paste that into an email, IRC

Re: Fedora 16 Final Release Criterion for Xen DomU

2011-10-11 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2011-10-10 12:05, David Nalley wrote: On Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 2:36 PM, Adam Miller wrote: Do any of those cloud providers ever run the stock image or do they roll their own with a custom built kernel anyways? I don't have a lot of insight into this but was

Re: release number when upstream *only* has git hashes?

2011-10-04 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2011-10-04 12:01, Toshio Kuratomi wrote: So my solyution: foo-0-1.20110120git.fc16 vs Your solution: foo-20110120-1.20110120git.fc16 (Since it's a snapshot, the date has to go into the release string anyway) Which is uglier? Also, since these are snapshots, a date in the upstream

Re: unison formal review

2011-09-28 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2011-09-28 14:15, Kevin Fenzi wrote: On Wed, 28 Sep 2011 22:00:40 +0100 Richard W.M. wrote: I was thinking of something slightly simpler: a single 'unison' package that contained several binaries, like /usr/bin/unison227, /usr/bin/unison (symlink to latest). That

grub1 support in grubby

2011-09-21 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
Given the grub1/grub2 discussion that is going on, I could use some info about the state of grubby's support for grub1. The virtual machine images that the Cloud SIG publishes on Amazon EC2 do not require bootloaders, but they do require valid grub1 *configuration files* to start. So while

systemd not in critpath

2011-08-24 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
Neither bodhi nor mash appears to consider systemd to be in the critical path. Why is this? Is that the way we want it to be? -- devel mailing list

Re: RPM version goes backward in Rawhide

2011-08-20 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2011-08-19 20:41, Kevin Kofler wrote: Updates can be pulled out of updates-testing at any moment, which makes a lot of sense, but which means that users with updates-testing enabled will end up with the EVR going backwards, something that's not even allowed in Rawhide. Enabling

Re: Defining build options based on available compiler version

2011-08-12 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2011-07-30 9:44, Jussi Lehtola wrote: I tried using %global gccver %(gcc -dumpversion) %if %{gccver}= 4.6.0 foo here %endif to conditionalize usage of quadruple precision support in a spec file that ships on multiple distros, but the comparison gives the error

Re: Starting user UIDs at 1000 - please check your packages

2011-07-21 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2011-07-20 9:18, Miloslav Trmač wrote: On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 6:15 PM, Benjamin wrote: Out of curiosity, how does this affect existing systems which have human UIDs of 500, 501, etc..? Do they suddenly become system UIDs or is login.defs left alone then (and

Re: Security updates for Firefox 4 in F-15

2011-06-27 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2011-06-26 12:33, Christoph Wickert wrote: And I have no idea what part of our update policy should be violated by this update. Please somebody enlighten me. This part: * Avoid changing the user experience if at all possible. Specifically, the update breaks a number of user-installed

Re: Are 3.0 kernels working for anyone?

2011-06-11 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2011-06-11 12:11, Lucas wrote: Actually it does relabel by it self after boot with option selinux=0 That sounds rather useful. How does it know whether or not it was previously booted with selinux=0? -- devel mailing list

Re: F15 / VirtualBox

2011-06-10 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 12:11 PM, Richard W.M. Jones wrote: Customers ask us to make the changes they want -- for server use and scalability -- and KVM is absolutely the best in that area as a result.  See many recent benchmarks. Usability on single desktops is, well ... we

Re: Package Reviews Needed

2011-06-07 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2011-06-06 11:17, Tom Callaway wrote: As usual, I will swap reviews or favors (within limits) for reviews on some new packages for me: mono-reflection: pyrit: gambas3:

Re: UID_MIN GID_MIN changed

2011-05-26 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 1:14 PM, Simo Sorce wrote: On Wed, 2011-05-25 at 20:04 +, Jóhann B. Guðmundsson wrote: reserved/system IDs are supposed to be once that has been done we can start looking at what is the best approach to implement and or fix things that might break

Re: Some changes to EPEL package reviews

2011-04-29 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 4/29/2011 9:12, Jesse Keating wrote: It is somewhat difficult, and odd, to create a git repo that does not have a master branch. It would be a little more odd to potentially at some point in the future create the master branch for a package should it find a home within Fedora. As you say,

Re: Some changes to EPEL package reviews

2011-04-28 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 4/28/2011 13:25, Bill Nottingham wrote: EPEL now has a 'Package Review' component in bugzilla. If you've got an EPEL-only package you'd like to get reviewed, feel free to file it there. How is this any different, given that process-git-requests creates a rawhide branch without regard to

Re: Fedora SPEC Review Tool

2011-04-07 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 4/6/2011 11:11, Jeffrey Ness wrote: As I'm new to the community and RPM Package Review (and development), I figured a tool to assist with reviews would be a nice time saver. With that said I have a simple Python tool (still in early beta stages) which does just that. Keeping with the

Re: F-15 Branched report: 20110325 changes

2011-03-25 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 3/25/2011 17:38, Branched Report wrote: Compose started at Fri Mar 25 13:15:31 UTC 2011 An empty list? Quick, ship it! In all seriousness, did something go wrong with the compose or are there actually no depsolving problems? -- devel mailing list

Re: git repository with Fedora kernel(s) sources

2011-02-25 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2/25/2011 7:19, Michał Piotrowski wrote: I've got an interesting idea - why not to provide a git repository with the sources of current Fedora kernel? This could simplify the maintenance of patches, allows other to easily backport stuff from's master and greatly improves the

Re: Services that can start by default policy feedback

2011-02-24 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 2/24/2011 8:14, Lennart Poettering wrote: Some people have been asking us to extend the systemd unit file header to include information about whether a service should be on or off by default (Michal!), like chkconfig had it. But after thinking about this we came to the conclusion that this

Re: fedpkg build version numbering discrepancy

2011-01-27 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 3:56 PM, Thomas Spura wrote: On Thu, 27 Jan 2011 18:46:34 -0500 Jean-Marc Pigeon wrote:       rversion=2.1       subversion=400       Spec file extract:       Version: %{rversion}.%{subversion}       Release: 2%{?locmark}       Source:

Re: fedpkg build version numbering discrepancy

2011-01-27 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 6:23 PM, Jean-Marc Pigeon wrote: Ok, this means having an uptodate sources file is not mandatory.  I pushed the tar file in same time as spec to GIT, koji was smart enough to forgive my error.  So I can work one way or the other...  right? While it will

Re: gcc 4.6 for package monkeys

2011-01-27 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 1/27/2011 23:26, Julian Sikorski wrote: I have just run into an issue with gcc-4.6, namely RPM Fusion's mame failed to compile [1]. I was told that #includestddef.h was missing. So I have two questions: why did including this header directly became necessary (code builds fine with 4.5) and

@core in F14 pulls in libX11

2011-01-21 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
It seems that the core yum group pulls in X11 libraries, at the very least on x86_64, via the following dependency chain: policycoreutils dbus-glib gobject-introspection cairo libX11 Does that much seriously need to be in what we consider a bare minimum Fedora install? -- devel mailing list

Re: noexec on /dev/shm

2011-01-04 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 4:31 PM, Bernie Innocenti wrote: What sort of attack would this enable? Wait... any unprivileged process can create sockets in the abstract namespace? Uh-oh. Any unprivileged process can prevent you from running X on a given display by using up the

Re: noexec on /dev/shm

2010-12-14 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 12/14/2010 21:28, Lennart Poettering wrote: On Tue, 14.12.10 12:08, Bill Nottingham ( wrote: Thanks, Bill, for replying in so much detail. Here are a few other points: - systemd mounts API filesystems without them needing to be in /etc/fstab. This is for a variety

Re: noexec on /dev/shm

2010-12-13 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 12/13/2010 7:37, Karel Zak wrote: On Sun, Dec 12, 2010 at 07:49:27PM -0800, John Reiser wrote: How did /dev/shm get noexec in Fedora 15 rawhide? $ grep /dev/shm /proc/mounts tmpfs /dev/shm tmpfs rw,seclabel,nosuid,nodev,noexec,relatime 0 0 $ grep -srl noexec /etc

Re: [Guidelines Change] Changes to the Packaging Guidelines

2010-12-10 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
Mamoru Tasaka wrote: So, when a package - contains some example scripts - the packager thinks that such scripts are useful and many people actually want to execute them - but such scripts need additional dependencies then the packager actually may want to add additional dependencies.

Re: Proposed package blocking due to FTBFS

2010-12-06 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 12/6/2010 23:01, Matt Domsch wrote: I would like to propose blocking packages at the F15 alpha compose point if they have not resolved their FTBFS from F14 or earlier. The lists may be broken down by when they last did build. With 3 exceptions, these 110 bugs are all still in NEW state as

Re: Request for comment: Potential change to dist-git branch structure

2010-12-03 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 12/3/2010 18:34, Jesse Keating wrote: The original thought was to have top level branches that are named after distribution releases, eg f14, f15, el5. Then we would force branches of those branches use a naming structure of f14/topic. The reason was so that our tooling could look at the

Re: Updates Criteria Summary/Brainstorming

2010-11-21 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 11/21/2010 17:51, Björn Persson wrote: Andre Robatino wrote: My feeling is that it would be better for Bodhi to always require a login. Even Bugzilla does that. I suspect that a lot of people who give anonymous karma don't realize that it doesn't count, and would have created an account if

Re: Fedora 15, new and exciting plans

2010-11-18 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 11/18/2010 8:09, Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski wrote: On Monday, 15 November 2010 at 12:29, Richard W.M. Jones wrote: [...] This is a silly straw-man. No one[1] formats external HDs with anything other than MS-DOS FAT. Fedora changing the default for the main hard disk will not make any

Re: build rpm packages such as Redhat/Fedora

2010-11-14 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 11/13/2010 18:15, Christopher Stolzenberg wrote: yum install mock useradd mockbuild usermod -G mock mockbuild Unless you want to ``su'' to a dedicated mockbuild account every time you want to build you should add your usual account to the mock group instead. mock rebuild -r

Re: Ubuntu moving towards Wayland

2010-11-07 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 11/6/2010 11:28, Dennis Jacobfeuerborn wrote: As for the if all apps are ported to Wayland I will not be able to use them remotely anymore I think this is bogus. Nowadays virtually all application aren't X application but gtk/qt applications and the toolkits tend to support different

Re: Package review template

2010-11-01 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 11/1/2010 9:32, Jean-Francois Saucier wrote: I just put my package review template on my wiki space at : [ ] SourceX is a working URL. [ ] SourceX / PatchY prefixed with %{name}. [ ] Final provides and requires are sane (rpm -q

Re: Default partitioning

2010-10-29 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 10/29/2010 14:37, David Cantrell wrote: (1) For VGs= 50 GB, we will continue to make swap and / as normal. (2) For VGs 50 GB, / will cap at 50 GB and /home will consume the rest. 50 GB is fairly arbitrary, and was based on the fact that an Everything install of

Re: who broke usability?

2010-10-27 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
Chris Adams wrote: Once upon a time, Tom spot Callaway said: Also, it is worth noting that the new website makes heavy use of Javascript, so if you have NoScript (or equivalent) running, you'll not get a good view of the site. :) Yeah, apparently that was the problem I

Re: i686/x86_64 dual install media

2010-10-25 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
Thorsten Leemhuis wrote: But a combo x86-32/x86-64 install media OTOH would be very interesting for magazines that want to ship Fedora on a enclosed DVD, as that's cheaper than two and makes way more readers happy than a x86-32 only DVD. Ohh, and a combo install media might be interesting as

Re: policycoreutils needs cairo.

2010-10-25 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
Peter Robinson wrote: On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 11:52 PM, Adam Williamson wrote: On Mon, 2010-10-25 at 17:55 -0400, Bill Nottingham wrote: Colin Walters ( said: On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 5:21 PM, Colin Walters wrote: Unfortunately we

Re: i686/x86_64 dual install media

2010-10-24 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 10/24/2010 9:45, Mark Bidewell wrote: Sorry if this has been discussed, but has there every been discussion of a dual 32/64-bit install media? I realize that the default package selection would be reduced but with a high speed connection it shouldn't be too big of an issue. Having a

Re: F-14 Branched report: 20101024 changes

2010-10-24 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 10/24/2010 10:17, Branched Report wrote: Broken deps for x86_64 -- qtgpsc-0.2.3-6.fc12.x86_64 requires rakudo-0.0.2010.08_2.7.0-1.fc14.x86_64 requires Any chance these

Re: rawhide report: 20101019 changes

2010-10-20 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
Bill Nottingham wrote: Somewhere in the recesses of my memory I remember a UNIX where /bin, /lib, and so on were just symlinks to /usr/bin, /usr/lib, and so on. Tru64 (Yes, it's still supported!) does: gho...@seraph ~ % uname -a OSF1 V5.1 2650 alpha gho...@seraph ~ % ls

Re: Git commit in all available branches

2010-10-08 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
Paul Wouters wrote: On Fri, 8 Oct 2010, Pavel Alexeev (aka Pahan-Hubbitus) wrote: After made some changes in origin/master and commit is I also must do for each available branches something similar: fedpkg switch-branch el5; git pull git merge origin/master git push fedpkg build fedpkg

Re: Yubikeys are now supported

2010-10-07 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 10/7/2010 12:04, Mike McGrath wrote: ^^ Typo alert! ;) -- devel mailing list

Re: Passing arguments into LDFLAGS

2010-09-22 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
Stephen Gallagher wrote: On 09/22/2010 08:08 AM, Paul F. Johnson wrote: I know I can do the likes of export CFLAGS=$CFLAGS -blah and it will pass whatever CFLAGS is plus the argument -blah to the compiler. How do I do this with LDFLAGS. I'm trying to pass --build-id using export

Re: New Bodhi, and odd error pushing a package update to testing

2010-09-20 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 9/20/2010 16:41, Michel Alexandre Salim wrote: On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 11:30 PM, Fedora Koji Build System wrote: Package: Miro NVR: Miro-3.0.3-2.fc13 User: bodhi Status: failed Tag Operation: untagged From Tag: dist-f13-updates-testing-pending

Re: fedpkg workflow and release numbers

2010-09-19 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 9/19/2010 9:40, Christoph Höger wrote: Hi all, since I keep offlineimap the same version for the latest stable (that I got my hands on) + devel versions, my fedpkg workflow looks like: 1. master build package 2. f14 git pull origin master fedpkg push fedpkg build ... 3. f13 git

Re: yet another git problem

2010-09-16 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
Roman Rakus wrote: On 09/16/2010 04:21 PM, Neal Becker wrote: Updating igraph to 0.5.4. Success for devel and f14. Then for f13 I get: fedpkg switch-branch f13 Branch f13 set up to track remote branch f13/master from origin. git merge master CONFLICT (rename/delete): Rename

Re: fedpkg prep

2010-09-01 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
Andreas Schwab wrote: Matt McCutchen writes: I propose that fedpkg should consider a --dist option, a branch file, and the name of the current git branch in that order. Or make it a branch config (eg. git config branch.$branch.dist f14). This, please. Using magical

Re: Orphan packages retired for F-14 (and rawhide)

2010-08-27 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 8/27/2010 2:03 PM, Bill Nottingham wrote: In accordance with the normal process, the following packages have been orphaned for Fedora 14 and rawhide. Will packages with untouched FTBFS bugs also be removed like the normal process dictates?

Re: fedora mission (was Re: systemd and changes)

2010-08-26 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
Kevin Kofler wrote: We probably need to attack this trend more aggressively, like putting expiration dates into the installer after which it'll just refuse to install, stuffing fedora-release-n+1 into the Fedora n updates repository at Fedora n's EOL date etc. Not only is this

Re: drop default MTA for Fedora 15

2010-08-26 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On Aug 26, 2010, at 13:50, Adam Williamson wrote: On Thu, 2010-08-26 at 20:30 +0200, Krzysztof Halasa wrote: Jon Masters writes: What's the benefit of having no default MTA at all? Is it that Desktop users don't care about MTAs being installed?

Re: fedora mission (was Re: systemd and changes)

2010-08-26 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 8/26/2010 11:53 PM, Michal Hlavinka wrote: On Thursday 26 of August 2010 21:21:53 Garrett Holmstrom wrote: Kevin Kofler wrote: We probably need to attack this trend more aggressively, like putting expiration dates into the installer after which it'll just refuse to install, stuffing fedora

Old gdm themes

2010-08-25 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
Why are bluecurve-gdm-theme and fedoraflyinghigh-gdm-theme still in the distribution? The other gdm theme packages were deprecated after F12 (!?!), and I was under the impression that none of them work with new-style gdm at all. -- devel mailing list

Re: Fedora Notifications System.

2010-08-24 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
Jaroslav Reznik wrote: Reading this - I'm not sure all Fedora notifications should go through system notification system. Why? I understand it for urgent/priority notification like Close your desktop, nuclear war out there (or just a security update combined with some steps how to fix

Re: a note on order of arguements to systemctl command

2010-08-24 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
Matthew Miller wrote: The service command has a syntax like this: service servicename action where as systemctl has a syntax like this: systemctl action servicename.service This is inconvienient for the common case where more than one action is performed in sequence on the same

Re: systemd and filesystems with noauto

2010-08-23 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
Lennart Poettering wrote: So, to turn this around. Do you think this behaviour is problematic? Can you make a good case for dropping this automatism? If so I'd be willing to do so. That behavior might be fine, but don't add filesystems marked noauto to the list of filesystems to be mounted

Re: systemd and filesystems with noauto

2010-08-23 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
Lennart Poettering wrote: Well, we took the liberty to interpret noauto a little bit differently than you: everything marked auto will be mounted at boot, and boot will not proceed until all devices listed as auto appeared and are fully mounted (or things timed out). File systems marked as

Re: systemd and filesystems with noauto

2010-08-23 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
Lennart Poettering wrote: On Mon, 23.08.10 10:52, Garrett Holmstrom ( wrote: * fstab(5) documents the noauto option Well, what it says is that noauto results in the -a option will not cause the filesystem to be mounted. And that's still the case. We execute either

Re: RCS keywords rewritten in dist-git conversion?

2010-08-18 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
Paul Howarth wrote: No changes: the heads of the f12, f13, f14 and master branches all point to the dist-git conversion commit. In case it matters, these branches point to two completely separate commits; f12 has an entirely different history from f13, f14, and master as far as git is

Re: What does the DVD media check if installing a new Fedora version? / Proposal

2010-08-13 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
Joachim Backes wrote: having the following question: What does the DVD/CD media check exactly if booting a Fedora DVD/CD? Is it the sha256sum? If yes, why this media check, because it could be done after having burned the DVD? If not, is it possible to perform this media check immediately

Re: Staying close to upstream

2010-08-13 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
Kevin Kofler wrote: * This policy of sticking religiously to upstream means we are not shipping KDE integration for Firefox, despite patches from openSUSE existing. This makes Firefox suck under KDE. Our Firefox maintainers refuse to do anything about it. What reason does upstream give for

Re: HEADS UP! Ohloh Fedora repositories

2010-08-12 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 8/12/2010 9:16, Peter Lemenkov wrote: I'm currently in process of automatic enlisting of all ~10K Fedora Git repos at Ohloh. Do you have some way of automatically adding new packages as they are added to Fedora in the future? -- devel mailing list

Re: [HEADS-UP] systemd is now the default init system in rawhide

2010-07-23 Thread Garrett Holmstrom
On 7/23/2010 20:26, Lennart Poettering wrote: - You can boot into either of them by setting the init= kernel cmdline option according to your wishes. If you pass init=/bin/systemd you will boot into systemd, if you pass init=/sbin/upstart you will boot into upstart (note the /sbin vs.

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