Re: Error running socialcalc on sugar live cd

2009-09-27 Thread vijit singh
Kindly ignore this mail if you have already received a similar one. There seems to be some problem posting on the sugar mailing list due to the attached image. So, here is the link to the image-- . * * *Kindly give your suggestions.*

sugar-install-bundle doesn't work with content bundles (build 802)

2009-09-27 Thread Philipp Kocher
Hi all, For a deployment without a schoolserver I needed a script to install bundles (.xo and .xol) from a USB flash drive. I wanted to use the script for initial installation of bundles, installing upgrades and reinstall by mistake erased activities. I know the option with the

[Server-devel] Allowing Auto-Login to Moodle from 2 Domains

2009-09-27 Thread Devon Connolly
Rather than digging around the config files myself, I thought it'd be quicker to ask people that actually know what they are doing. I know the server assumes LAN access to moodle only, but I was looking to allow students and teachers to access the server remotely. I set up a host