Re: can one "dd" XO-1.5 internal microSD cards, to another XO-1.5?

2018-02-19 Thread Hal Murray
> Better would be to use SD cards. The original goal was to copy microSD cards. Would it be reasonable to copy microSD to SD, move the SD card to the target XO, and then copy SD to microSD? I expect an OpenFirmware wizard could do it with no effort but I'm not that level of wizard. -- These

Re: Dark or darker display

2016-04-24 Thread Hal Murray said: > The XO-4 display has a much brighter backlight. It proved impossible to > find such dark LEDs as used to exist. Do they take more power or are they more efficient? -- These are my opinions. I hate spam. ___ Devel

/etc/hosts busy??

2014-09-07 Thread Hal Murray
When I tried to update /etc/hosts, it says busy. I thought I'd been doing this for years, so I'm a bit surprised and/or confused. bash-4.2# mv hosts /etc/hosts mv: inter-device move failed: 'hosts' to '/etc/hosts'; unable to remove target: Device or resource busy bash-4.2# rm /etc/hosts rm:

SD on XO-1

2014-05-15 Thread Hal Murray said: With so many XO1's out there, it might really be helpful, and strategic, to be able to have more that 1 GB storage. I guess we might not know for a while how many XO1's are unreliable, when running off of an SD card, until we try it. I have an XO-1 that was

BattleMesh v7 talk and workshop, 12 - 18 May 2014 in Leipzig, Germany

2014-02-10 Thread Hal Murray
Speaking of mesh... From the bufferbloat list. (with lots of trimming) -- The battlemesh routing interop and test event this year should be bigger and better than ever, with a larger number of groups participating than ever before:

KQED: In Oakland, Mixed Results for Tech In Schools

2013-11-01 Thread Hal Murray
There is no mention of OLPC or Sugar, but I think it's good background info as well as a good news story. The audio is 6 minutes. For those of you not familiar with Oakland, they have lots of troubles, close to Detroit, and the schools

Re: 13.2 query

2013-08-20 Thread Hal Murray said: Can anyone change languages with the Sugar Control panel on an XO (xo-1 or xo-4) and 13,2 build 13? On an XO-1 running 13.2.0 My Settings = Language gives me a page with a drop-down menu with a circle-+ button next to it. That menu starts out empty, and the

Re: 13.2 query

2013-08-20 Thread Hal Murray said: Hmm, there should be, though it might be the word English in another language. There are 3 choices on the pull-down list. They look like the same 3 I had before. The format is things like: Kreyol (Haiti) but the stuff inside () is useless (to me) for Dari and

Re: XO-1(.75)

2013-07-04 Thread Hal Murray said: A better measurement to look for is the elapsed time of activity startup. This is a most interesting value, but it is difficult to obtain without changing the activity source so that the point of startup completion is identified. (That task is made more difficult since

Re: Re-install os885 on XO-1.5 error

2013-06-13 Thread Hal Murray
* try a different USB drive, I wore out a USB drive, just by downloading new versions of XO-1.0 software to try. (Kingston, 2GB) copy-nand complained. I forget the exact error message, but it was obvious after I compared the bits on the USB drive against the bits on the disk. Many thanks

Re: Re (2): XO-1.5 build 885 no space in journal

2013-06-12 Thread Hal Murray said: Some very economical offerings of flash storage are available on eBay, with delivery to your mailbox. If you find a promising choice, buy a minimal order and test. If it works buy more. If it doesn't work, the loss is small. Anybody interested in SD cards or

Re: School networks and electrical equipment damage

2013-06-06 Thread Hal Murray said: I have seen that some UPSs (unfortunately not these ones) allow a phone line to be passed through them, supposedly offering some protection. Would such a system protect against a lightening bolt, assuming thats what happened here? Surge suppressor is the buzzword you are

Re: 13.2.0 development build 5 released

2013-05-07 Thread Hal Murray
I've got an XO-1 setup to reboot every 4 hours. It's stuck with the XO in the middle of the circle of dots. The dots are moving, so it's not totally dead. Ctrl-Alt-F2 doesn't work. Is there anything I can do to collect some useful info? Has this problem been seen recently? Should I take it

Re: 13.2.0 development build 5 released

2013-05-07 Thread Hal Murray said: Boot with the check key held so you turn off pretty boot and see where its hanging at. It works most of the time. It's only occasionally that it hangs. Is there something I can edit that will turn off pretty boot? -- These are my opinions. I hate spam.

Re: 13.2.0 development build 2 released

2013-04-10 Thread Hal Murray
On my XO-1, keys F1, F2, F3, and F4 don't do anything. The bright/dim keys ((F9, F10?) do work. said: This just happened to me in os3, with XO-1.75 . Filled as There was also a problem with switching to Gnome not working (on XO-1) Both

Re: 13.2.0 development build 2 released

2013-03-28 Thread Hal Murray
Would somebody with an XO-1 please try switching to Gnome. Mine went into a loop trying to start X. -- These are my opinions. I hate spam. ___ Devel mailing list

Re: 13.2.0 development build 2 released

2013-03-27 Thread Hal Murray
On my XO-1, keys F1, F2, F3, and F4 don't do anything. The bright/dim keys ((F9, F10?) do work. Is this just me, or can somebody confirm it? Ctrl-Alt-F1/F2 work as expected. Trying to open Browse hangs with a blinking globe. Occasionally the WiFi LED blinks.. Is there any way to get to

Re: [Testing] 13.2.0 development build 2 released

2013-03-27 Thread Hal Murray
Mikus, I know you probably are testing on XO-1. Hal what generation of XO are you using? XO-1 -- These are my opinions. I hate spam. ___ Devel mailing list

Re: Boot cycle systemd service

2012-11-19 Thread Hal Murray said: adding sleep 10; reboot at the end of local.rc doesn't work anymore in this brave new systemd world. You need to do something like: systemctl enable rc-local.service (only once) That's also the (new) way to turn on sshd. systemctl enable sshd.service -- These

Re: 13.1.0 development build 12 released

2012-11-16 Thread Hal Murray said: More importantly, occasionally boot with two sources of power (battery and DC). Q7B01 should have been replaced automatically a number of builds ago. What chunk of code does the update? Could it display a reminder for a few seconds if there is new code that hasn't been

Re: 13.1.0 build 6 released

2012-10-14 Thread Hal Murray
Can you see any error in the file /home/olpc/.sugar/default/logs/shell.log? Discard network history doesn't work. So I deleted /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/$AP-name and rebooted. [I've got olpc.fth patched to show the log info during booting.] While I was watching the boot info, I

Re: 13.1.0 build 6 released

2012-10-13 Thread Hal Murray
#12133 13.1.0 does not connect to a wireless AP My setup is XO-1 and Linksys WRT54GL AP that needs a password. I can't connect through Sugar. It doesn't ask me for a password. The WiFi LED is off. (It blinks occasionally, and sometimes new APs appear shortly after the blinks.) I can

Re: 13.1.0 devel build 5 released, for the XO-1, XO-1.5, XO-1.75 and XO-4

2012-10-08 Thread Hal Murray
Were there any changes in the WiFi area for XO-1? OS4 worked for me. Now, I can't connect. Clicking on my AP doesn't ask me for a password. I remember discussions of this area, but I never had any troubles. My neighborhood view shows my AP (and several others) and the 3 Mesh icons. The

Re: 13.1.0 devel build 5 released, for the XO-1, XO-1.5, XO-1.75 and XO-4

2012-10-08 Thread Hal Murray
Has anyone else had trouble getting to the OK prompt in OFW? When I boot with the gamekeys down, it seems that OFW is detecting some spurious keypress and gets stuck in a cycle of error msgs due to the bad command being typed. Any workarounds? I just tried it on an unlocked XO-1. Lots of

Re: 13.1.0 development build 3 released

2012-09-25 Thread Hal Murray
-connect to AP: I cannot connect, when you click, appears the star but no give me the password window (it's a secured wifi) Ticket appreciated on SL trac. Tony adds it to SL#3939 My XO-1 can connect to my AP (password required) without problems. There must be something interesting that

Re: 13.1.0 development build 2 released

2012-09-15 Thread Hal Murray said: Bug/testing reports accepted and appreciated - either on the appropriate trac, or on this list. On a XO-1, there are several/many examples in My Settings Network: There is no text next to the check-box. Power, Software Update The header is there, but the

Re: [Sugar-devel] Problem downloading a lease.sig file on an XO

2012-09-13 Thread Hal Murray
If your XO images have the GNOME desktop in them, using the web browser included for GNOME (Firefox or Epiphany) to download the file to USB should not alter the file name. Just make sure the kids know how to eject the USB stick when they are done. This is probably what I'm going to do. The

Re: Firmware issu

2012-09-04 Thread Hal Murray said: The lid message happens every time to me when I reboot from Linux and immediately enter firmware on any XO1 ... Ah, thanks... I didn't catch the whole recipe. It's Linux, reboot, ESC to OFW that shows the problem. I just got it first try. I'm normally doing lots

Re: Firmware issu

2012-09-03 Thread Hal Murray said: The problem of the unexpected lid closed power down in Open Firmware after a warm restart from Linux, will be fixed in the next release. The warm restart was not clearing an input inverter on the path from the lid sensor to the processor. A cold restart, using the

Re: Impossible to set date in 11.3.0?

2012-08-27 Thread Hal Murray said: date followed by a successful normal shutdown should work, because a normal shutdown runs hwclock ... but hwclock --systohc is handy in case you aren't sure that a normal shutdown will happen next. It used to do that on shutdown as part of /etc/rc.d/init.d/halt and

Re: Setting the time

2012-08-27 Thread Hal Murray
In a school deployment, it is desirable that all of the XOs have the same time. This time should be synchronized with/by the school server (even if the school server is wrong). It is not reasonable to base this capability on access to the internet. How closely do you need them to be

Re: Firmware issu

2012-08-26 Thread Hal Murray said: I've noticed that on multiple XO 1's with Build 20, 12.1.0 and FW Q2F13 that entering reboot from terminal then tapping on the x key to get into OFW brings up a spurious Lid switch is active - powering off in 8 seconds after the OK prompt appears. The lid is

Blinking red battery light on XO-1

2012-08-03 Thread Hal Murray said: Blinking Red is error. Next time it happens can you please boot to OFW and do ok watch-battery Then press a key to make watch-battery exit. When it exits it will tell you what the error is. Please pass that on. I just got one. When I got to OFW, it told me

Re: Blinking red battery light on XO-1

2012-08-03 Thread Hal Murray said: To avoid it powering off, type lid-off and press enter. Yes, you only have eight seconds to do this. The printout said that, but I didn't even get started typing before it timed out. I'm not sure where 8 seconds came from. If that happened often enough I'd probably

Booting XO-1 with SD card occasionally hangs on I/O timeouts

2012-05-08 Thread Hal Murray
Is this an interesting problem? If so, what should I do to get more info? It only happens occasionally, say 1 out of 100 times. It recovers if I unplug the SD card. The card is a Kingston, 8 GB. /var/log/messages has lots of things like this: May 8 09:32:09 xo-0d-57-33 kernel: [

Re: Booting XO-1 with SD card occasionally hangs on I/O timeouts

2012-05-08 Thread Hal Murray said: I can NEVER recall any incident where I could attribute failure to boot to the SD card. [Note that if an XO fails to boot, I normally don't get to see the /var/log/messages from that boot attempt.] My experience with failures to boot (after getting past OFW) is that

Re: Announcing Q2F10 for XO-1

2012-05-03 Thread Hal Murray said: Just for clarification, do you mean full-speed (11 Mb/s) devices (USB 1.0) or low-speed (1 Mb/s) devices (USB 1.1) aren't supported by dir u: ? ok p2 Found USB 1.1 disk! USB2 devices: /pci/usb@f,5/wlan@0,0 USB1 devices: /pci/usb@f,4/scsi@1,0 /pci/usb@f,4/scsi@1,0/disk

Re: Announcing Q2F10 for XO-1

2012-05-02 Thread Hal Murray
ok dir u: says Can't open directory In case it matters, this USB drive is old, old, old... 16 MB. :) I took the discussion with James Cameron off-list to reduce clutter. For the archives and/or in case anybody is curious. The problem turned out to be that dir u: doesn't support USB 1.1

Re: Announcing Q2F10 for XO-1

2012-05-01 Thread Hal Murray That says: * if the downloaded file is on a USB drive, type: ok flash u:\q2f10.rom But that didn't work for me. It does work if I use disk: rather than u:. Is that wiki page simply out of date? If so, what changed...? Or is something

Re: Announcing Q2F10 for XO-1

2012-05-01 Thread Hal Murray said: It does work if I use disk: rather than u:. Interesting. What firmware version do you have installed at the moment? I'm not sure what I had since I have fixed that by updating it to q2f10.rom . Most likely it was the previously announced version. Running q2f10.rom

Re: 12.1.0 devel build 7 released, for the XO-1, XO-1.5 and XO-1.75

2012-04-14 Thread Hal Murray
12.1.0 for XO-1 has Automatic power management enabled. I thought we decided to turn that off for XO-1 since it didn't work well enough. Is my memory fuzzy or did disabling this for XO-1 slip through the cracks? -- These are my opinions, not necessarily my employer's. I hate spam.

Re: 12.1.0 devel build 7 released, for the XO-1, XO-1.5 and XO-1.75

2012-04-14 Thread Hal Murray said: to be clear -- is it really suspending, or is it just that the screen is dimming and blanking? the latter is expected. the former may or not represent crack slippage. My Settings - Power has Automatic Power Management checked. After a while, it suspends. Restore

Re: 12.1.0 devel build 6 released, for the XO-1, XO-1.5 and XO-1.75

2012-04-03 Thread Hal Murray
Which means it's not finding the SD card slot. There is nothing in /var/log/messages when I connect and disconnect the SD card on my XO-1. Is there something else I should try to collect more data? -- These are my opinions, not necessarily my employer's. I hate spam.

Re: 11.3.1 development build 32 for XO-1.75, XO-1.5 and XO-1

2012-03-29 Thread Hal Murray
Updatable via olpc-update -- try the cmdline below. On a XO-1: It died because it couldn't find /versions/configs/cfg.UnVIOS' Possibly I broke something by running yum update. -- bash-4.2# olpc-update 11.3.1_xo1-32 Downloading contents of build 11.3.1_xo1-32. Updating to version

Re: 12.1.0 devel build 5 released, for the XO-1, XO-1.5 and XO-1.75

2012-03-25 Thread Hal Murray
It seems to be mostly working on a XO-1. I've blundered into one strange quirk. If you wait until it blanks the screen, then ssh in and reboot via shutdown -r now, you get stuck in a mode where the screen in blank. It recovers if you shutdown -h now and then push the power-on button. I find

Re: 11.3.1 development build 31 for XO-1 and XO-1.5

2012-03-23 Thread Hal Murray
Thanks, I've fixed this for XO-1/XO-1.5 now. In 11.3.1 the build download path changed from e.g.: to: so I've updated the pattern used by the update server to no longer use the - for 11.3.1 builds.

Re: New boot animation for 12.1.0

2012-03-19 Thread Hal Murray
If the indication can track fraction_completed - so much the better - but I do not expect the user to leave the room if the boot process takes longer than he expects. Seeing only 25% to go is frosting; the chocolate_cake is knowing no problems thus far. Watching the number of files in

Re: Multi-laptop naming scheme for build files

2012-03-14 Thread Hal Murray said: The build number meaning has become overloaded. I dislike having it exposed. You have to expose something that's unique for each build so you can talk about which versions do/don't have a particular bug or feature. I think a sequential number is about as good as you

Re: what is the root filesystem mounted as??

2011-12-19 Thread Hal Murray
On a XO-1, c2, running os883, Sugar 0.94.1 [murray@xo-0d-57-33 ~]$ more /etc/mtab /dev/root / ext3 rw,noatime 0 0 proc /proc proc rw 0 0 sysfs /sys sysfs rw 0 0 devpts /dev/pts devpts rw,gid=5,mode=620 0 0 tmpfs /dev/shm tmpfs rw,size=50m 0 0 /tmp /tmp tmpfs rw,size=50m 0 0 vartmp /var/tmp tmpfs

Re: EC corruption by q2f04rc firmware

2011-10-31 Thread Hal Murray said: To date I have one 2007-vintage XO-1 with q2f04rd (and os882). It worked normally (and never lost charge while plugged in to AC) until I closed the lid (thereby putting it into suspend). Upon opening the lid and pressing power, the power light changed to red, and the

Re: [BULK] Re: harvesting energy

2011-10-28 Thread Hal Murray said: Speaking from experience measuring the power draw of a single XO with these low cost power meters is tricky. They can be very inaccurate at lower power measurements. The kill-a-watt for example has a typical accuracy of 1% with a max of 4%. Full scale is 1800W

Re: 11.3.0 build 8 released, for XO-1.75, XO-1.5 and XO-1

2011-10-02 Thread Hal Murray
My XO-1 used to blink a LED when it sent/received packets. That doesn't happen any more. Is that a feature or bug? ping is the obvious test case. Nothing blinks for me. There are 2 LEDs in the lower-left: a vertical bar with a ball on top and a set of parens around a center dot. This

Re: XO-1: Lid close/open

2011-04-27 Thread Hal Murray said: But the network doesn't come back. I was expecting it to reconnect to my AP. Nothing to do with #10402. Continue to investigate. It works with GNOME so I expect Sugar is missing a few lines of code. --- Speaking of

Re: NANDblaster failing

2011-02-14 Thread Hal Murray
I don't see any problems in Linux. Following James' advice, I associated with an AP and pinged the gateway for a few hours. Over ~7500 pings, I had 1% packet loss and no errors in /ver/log/dmesg. 7500 isn't very many packets. Try ping -f. (f for flood, need to be root) It takes me 13

Re: Touch-pad expectations

2011-02-07 Thread Hal Murray said: One absolute we know is that the touchpad hates multi-touches. If you have more than 1 point of contact with the sensor then it will go bonkers. Due to the button placement below the touchpad this is quite easy to do. Its trivial to show that double touches

Re: Kahn Academy, YouTube, XO-1

2011-02-05 Thread Hal Murray
In case you haven't noticed yet, I typoed the subject. It's Khan rather than Kahn. (I think I got the rest of them right.) Thanks for all the replies. -- These are my opinions, not necessarily my employer's. I hate spam. ___ Devel mailing list

Kahn Academy, YouTube, XO-1

2011-02-04 Thread Hal Murray
I'm a bit surprised nobody has mentioned Khan Academy here before. Salman Khan gave a fun talk at Stanford on Jan 26. You might be able to watch the video from here: The nominal format for EE380 talks is talk from 4:15 to

Touch-pad expectations

2011-02-04 Thread Hal Murray
Frequently, I find the touch-pad on a XO-1 to be extremely frustrating to use on cursor intensive tasks. I'm trying to figure out if this is something I should be screaming and shouting about (and rubbing it in your collective noses) or if I should shut up and get used to it. I think there

Re: 11.2.0 Test cases

2011-01-26 Thread Hal Murray said: I am starting work on a set of test cases to use for the Fedora 14 x86 (XO-1.0 1.5) 11.2.0 build. Neat/thanks. How about making a list of IO devices that are likely to be used with a XO and making sure they each get at least a quick test? It's probably worth

Re: foot pedal power

2011-01-25 Thread Hal Murray
Given that it's making 60-80W of power it's safe to assume if it's 70% efficient you're talking about needing 100W of actual energy. 60-80 W is the max that unit can put out. An XO can't use that much power. I have the green wall-wart for an XO-1 plugged into a meter. It only reads power

Re: hwclock accuracy

2011-01-20 Thread Hal Murray
What is the accuracy of the hwclock on XOs? Can we assume that it will keep good time over an XO's five-year lifespan? The ballpark for the hardware is 1 second per day. We have some XO-1.5s that have their hwclocks off by 10-20 minutes. Would this likely be due to a fault at the factory

Re: USB to VGA

2010-12-20 Thread Hal Murray said: I don't think that is the problem.  The windows instruction manual lists resolutions up to 1920x1...@16bits Try it out if you want. I don't think you'll be impressed. You can push it past 1024x768 -- it's just not a happy place. The pixel count is only a

Re: XO-1.75 progress

2010-11-12 Thread Hal Murray
IMHO it's better to delay the release of the 1.75 and force putting in a touchscreen. It's not a matter of time, it's a matter of the price deployments are willing to pay for it. The feedback we've heard so far is that since the XO-1.75 without a touchscreen is every bit as functional as

Re: os351 on XO-1 - Browse memory pressure

2010-11-02 Thread Hal Murray
While testing an olpc-utils rpm, I opened Browse on os351 . It immediately puts the machine on the unusable-under-memory-pressure situation. Do a df and see if any temp file systems are chewing up a lot of memory. yum is known to just barely work and leave a lot of junk files in memory.

Re: OLPC wireless startup at boot time

2010-10-20 Thread Hal Murray
- Preserving last scan results may improve user experience. I think that depends on the reason for powering off or closing the lid. If you moved to a new building, you probably need a new AP. If you moved from one tree to another, they are either using the same mesh channel to cooperate

Re: OLPC wireless startup at boot time

2010-10-18 Thread Hal Murray
It seems to me -- if the just-started XO (any model) is *already* receiving identity information off the air - why BREAK that connection ? The just-started XO should initially set its frequency to be the same as it was whenever that XO was last used. If at least one *other* radio signal is

Radio on/off quirks

2010-09-25 Thread Hal Murray
Was: Subject: Re: Announcing the OLPC OS 10.1.2 final release! If I turn the radio off, then Reboot: radio off, 3 mesh visible Reboot again: radio off, 3 mesh visible Close cover, pause, open cover: radio turns on, connects to my AP Reboot: radio on... If I turn the radio off, then

Re: Announcing the OLPC OS 10.1.2 final release!

2010-09-21 Thread Hal Murray said: 2. The control panel does not remember the unchecked state of the Radio On checkbox. Is the problem that it doesn't remember or that it gets things backwards? I remember getting confused in that area. To me, the description of the checkbox seemed backwards from

Re: Bad interaction between sleep timeouts and Salut?

2010-09-16 Thread Hal Murray
Assuming the problem is in the Avahi level, we should make sure that the system is coming out from suspend when the radio receives multicast activity directed to us so Avahi can properly update its internal state and also for activities using clique (multi-user chat rooms on server-less

Re: Bad interaction between sleep timeouts and Salut?

2010-09-16 Thread Hal Murray
Assuming the problem is in the Avahi level, we should make sure that the system is coming out from suspend when the radio receives multicast activity directed to us so Avahi can properly update its That is exactly the problem. It's taking forever-and-a-day to get that sorted. Details at

Re: [Sugar-devel] Enhancing Sugar to support multiple users

2010-09-06 Thread Hal Murray said: When we discussed this while I was in Peru, one requirement they identified is that the kid would log onto an XO one day and do some work, and then log onto another XO the following week and continue the same work. Assuming this still stands, this strongly calls for a

Re: WiFi vs suspend

2010-09-01 Thread Hal Murray
is this still consistent for you? No, it started hanging again shortly after I sent that message. :( ?? i've just released a new powerd-27 which contains a fix for XO-1 which might affect whether power to the wlan is maintained in some cases, and might also cause wake-on-wlan to be

WiFi vs suspend

2010-08-31 Thread Hal Murray
I have blundered into what may be a workaround for bug 10232 The fix is to edit /usr/share/dbus-1/system-services/fi.epitest.hostap.WPASupplicant.service and add -dddt to the end of the Exec line. It ends up looking like: Exec=/usr/sbin/wpa_supplicant -c

WiFi vs Suspend

2010-08-24 Thread Hal Murray
Where is this on the priority list? What can I do to help? (Go away until the release is out. might be the right answer.) There are (at least) 4 tickets on this: WiFi dies on suspended XO-1, os300 Networking broken over

Re: DHCP option 119

2010-08-23 Thread Hal Murray said: We are working with a department of education that is using Windows-based domain and DHCP servers. They want to know if the XOs support DHCP option 119, so that they can accept correct domain information for name resolution, etc. Does anybody have any information

Re: SD/MMC cards, a year later

2010-08-20 Thread Hal Murray
One frustration has been the rate of change in the SD industry. The dominant model from a vendor in a particular size and speed may only be in production for three or four months before being superseded. Vendors are reluctant to properly inform Quanta of changes which might require

Suspend: RTC wakeup, sleep

2010-07-28 Thread Hal Murray
Can somebody give me a pointer to some sample code that will wake up a suspended system in 5 minutes? I'm assuming there is some way to do this using the alarm interrupt from the RTC. What should I have searched for? I poked around a bit, but didn't find much. (One wiki page from a few

Disabling pretty-boot

2010-07-28 Thread Hal Murray
os301 had pretty-boot disabled to help diagnose #9100 os302 doesn't do that any more. Is there a simple edit/whatever I can do to disable pretty-boot? -- These are my opinions, not necessarily my employer's. I hate spam. ___ Devel mailing list

Broken /etc/rc.local

2010-07-23 Thread Hal Murray
I botched an edit to /etc/rc.local and now my system hangs during boot. Is there a way to edit a file from firmware? Or delete a file? Is there a wiki page for this stuff? [No big deal. I can always reinstall, but this seems like a good excuse to learn something.] -- These are my

Links to (other) bugs in Trac comments

2010-07-16 Thread Hal Murray
The bottom of says trac1/trac turns into ticket #1 with a link to that bug. I just tried that in a comment to but it comes out as trac9960/trac Did I fatfinger something that I'm just not seeing or

Trac#10232: WiFi dies on suspended XO-1, os300

2010-07-14 Thread Hal Murray
A simple edit makes suspend/wakeup from WiFi work on XO-1 running os300. So I've been testing it. It works most of the time, but occasionally stops waking up from WiFi. Wakeup from touchpad works fine. I just submitted Text below. I've got a stuck case

Re: New XO-1 10.1.2 build 300

2010-07-14 Thread Hal Murray
For build 301 we've disabled pretty boot so the next time you see this you'll be able to provide more useful information about the crash. Please test it! Good trick. It's downloading now. Also, on this machine are you using any external peripherals? I had a USB serial port (GPS) plugged

Re: Disabling powersaving temporarily from olpc-session?

2010-07-10 Thread Hal Murray said: close, but not quite. /var/run/powerd-inhibit-suspend/ is a directory. Thanks for the correction. google is a good reference. when all else fails, read the comments in /usr/bin/powerd. overly verbose, perhaps, but hopefully complete. :-) That's actually

Re: New XO-1 10.1.2 build 300

2010-07-09 Thread Hal Murray Here's the first build in our 10.1.2 F11/XO-1 release stream, as promised yesterday. Thanks to Daniel Drake for working on getting this started! Thanks. Please test and report bugs! I've seen it hang during booting, 2 out of 6-10 tries. There

Re: Disabling powersaving temporarily from olpc-session?

2010-07-09 Thread Hal Murray said: what would be the right way to signal to powerd that for this session aggressive suspend should be suspended, or its timeout lengthened to several minutes, without affecting the normal setting? My notes say that: touch /var/run/powerd-inhibit-suspend Will

Anti-theft vs RTC (Was Re: NetworkManager time sync)

2010-07-06 Thread Hal Murray said: While we have your attention on this topic... Do you not think that this is a security issue? In that a thief could put a laptop on a network with rigged DNS and have control over the time/date on the laptop? A sane security system would let the user control their

Clocks on XOs

2010-07-02 Thread Hal Murray
Was: Subject: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Caacup=E9?= war bullettin -- day 1 said: * Date not being updated One laptop booted with clock set to the Epoch. Is that one of the old XOs that had troubles with the tiny battery feeding the TOY/RTC clock when the main battery and wall power

What's the current status of suspend/resume?

2010-06-03 Thread Hal Murray
I've lost track of this area. Could somebody please give me/us a review and/or update. I remember that something was seriously broken but I have forgotten the details. The Paraguay test builds I've been using on XO-1 come with power-saving disabled so I haven't had any troubles recently.

Re: F11 on XO-1: keyboard trackpad stopped working

2010-05-15 Thread Hal Murray
For some bizarre reason, the trackpad and keyboard stopped working on both Gnome and Sugar. There is a bug in the suspend logic. You will be a lot happier if you disable Automatic power management in My Settings/Power. -- These are my opinions, not necessarily my employer's. I hate

Re: the old keypad behavior gets too sensitive

2010-04-16 Thread Hal Murray
I usually operate my XO with an external USB trackball, and have no problem with cursor positioning. Lately I've often needed to operate XOs (hdw early G1G1, but F11 build) with the native keypad, and I can appreciate the many complaints I have heard about using the old keypad. Does

Re: (fwd) Re: powerd on XO-1 (was Re: New release ... OS13 )

2010-03-28 Thread Hal Murray said: please file tickets for the problems you're seeing, and attach dmesg output, as well as powerd.trace. (enable powerd tracing with sudo powerd-config =trace-on.) If that's not the info you need, let me know and I'll try again. --

Re: ANNOUNCE: New F11 XO-1build 115 Paraguay

2010-03-27 Thread Hal Murray said: I'll go with Mikus on that. With at least 3 development streams some qualifier is needed in the naming. eg os115x1/os115x15/os115py There is another worm in this can. After installation, that name has to get out where we can easily see it. The My Settings/About My

Re: New release of F11 for the XO-1 is available for testing - OS13

2010-03-27 Thread Hal Murray said: We'll deploy this to ~4000 kids really-soon-now. Bugs reported within 1-2 weeks have a chance of being fixed in time. os115 doesn't include powerd. Is your plan to ship it that way or do you want help testing suspend/resume? I ran it for a day or two before

Re: RFC: change to XO sleep behavior

2010-03-23 Thread Hal Murray
We could also consider just having the touchpad be available for wake-from-idle-sleep, and not the keyboard, since that way you wouldn't have any side effects from the wakeup key. But I think having the side effects isn't a big deal, so I'd go with your proposed (b). I've gotten into the

Re: Touchpad accel, spirals and xset

2010-01-19 Thread Hal Murray said: i'm afraid i've gotten not much feedback at all. and what i did get was nothing much more than it didn't make it worse. :-/ i also hoped to get feedback from the folks running F11-on-XO1, since they're all using the new driver as well (and, i think the new xset values,

Re: Some testing notes for OS10 for the XO-1

2009-12-12 Thread Hal Murray
The display startup quirk in OS9 has been fixed. Can you suspend? Does it wake up? No. Something in that area is broken. What's the simplest/cleanest way to disable suspend so we can look for other quirks? (and have a useful machine) -- These are my opinions, not necessarily my

Re: GSM/CDMA Modems support

2009-12-03 Thread Hal Murray said: martin wrote: Is there any chance to include CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_OPTION module in the kernel for the F11-XO{1,1.5} builds? In our region, GSM/CDMA connections are very popular so it would be nice to have support for them (for multiple purposes: end-user usage, support

Re: GSM/CDMA Modems support

2009-12-03 Thread Hal Murray
I think that you also need a driver for the specific device you want to use. In this case that is CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_OPTION. Ah, blush, thanks for the correction... Sorry for all the clutter. From the help info: CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_OPTION:

Re: New F11 for the XO-1 Build 9

2009-11-26 Thread Hal Murray said: On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 10:32:20AM -0800, Hal Murray wrote: I just tried it. The UI hangs in the startup sequence showing the whole little man with one dot below him. It works if I hold down the check-key when booting. [...] That sounds like

Re: New F11 for the XO-1 Build 9

2009-11-26 Thread Hal Murray said: When you boot with check-key OFW already unfreezes then DCON, so the kernel doesn't need to do it anymore. Brightness setting - which you reported as non-working - is also done using the DCON, so from my side it's still looking like a DCON driver

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