Re: debxo ohmd testers wanted

2009-05-25 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi James, is this still curent? I suffered some personal fubar, thus my late reply :( Do you have a source package ready to look at? Is ohmd still the daemon to use? On Montag, 9. März 2009, wrote: control: Standards-Version should be upgraded to 3.8.0 (after checking)

Re: FON supporting mesh ?

2009-04-26 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi, On Dienstag, 21. April 2009, Bert Freudenberg wrote: Q: where can i find this marvell wifi dongle? I googled…but i only see it being mentioned on A: is the place, but maybe other manufacturer use that chip So the Active Antenna it is, apparently. Yes, I gave them

Re: debxo ohmd testers wanted

2009-03-05 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi James, On Mittwoch, 4. März 2009, James Cameron wrote: I've packaged ohmd for debxo, and done some minimal testing. I'd like other debxo users to have a go at it. Cool. Packaging improvements welcome. I'm yet to learn some tricks. Would you like to (co-)maintain the package in Debian?

Re: [Sugar-devel] Future of Rainbow + Sugar?

2009-02-24 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi, On Dienstag, 24. Februar 2009, Wade Brainerd wrote: Many operating systems provide users with a set of powerful tools for manipulating ideas and data. Sugar's purpose is to add another dimension: to encourage users to modify and share the tools themselves. To that end, if my friend

Re: Free Software Foundation Files Suit Against Cisco For GPL Violations

2008-12-13 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi, On Saturday 13 December 2008 03:04, wrote: for the record I believe that the google G1 phone is open, the various other android based phones are locked down. actually not true: there seems to be a

Re: debxo 0.3 release

2008-11-17 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi Luke, On Sunday 16 November 2008 04:14, Luke Faraone wrote: Something strange when installing/removing packages under the base installation: This warning/error also occured when I was using the olpc-update debian installation. you can fix this by running

Re: debxo 0.2 release

2008-10-26 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi, On Saturday 25 October 2008 19:07, Andres Salomon wrote: nice. how does this interact with future apt-get update? is there anything to watch out for (e.g., kernel getting overwritten, etc)? Ah, glad you brought that up. Apt should Just Work for the majority of the distribution, but

Re: olpc-dm, olpc-utils, olpc-session, rainbow etc

2008-07-01 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi Michael, On Tuesday 24 June 2008 02:17, Michael Stone wrote: Where is olpc-session kept? (Of course I can copy it from my XO, but... :) On-XO, rpm -qif `which olpc-session` thanks for that rpm command! I've added it to my rpm-tips+tricks notes :) Is this the latest olpc-util

reliably detecting if running on an XO

2008-06-24 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi, can I reliably detect if my code is running on XO hardware? Is checking if /sys/power/olpc-pm exists enough? Is there a better way? regards, Holger, currently offline and on battery, therefore not booting an XO kernel on my laptop :) pgpqDv5jzUwGN.pgp Description: PGP signature

olpc-dm, olpc-utils, olpc-session, rainbow etc

2008-06-23 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi, there is now a sugar desktop profile in Debian Edu, it doesnt really work yet, but its there :) (Debian Edu modifies the debian installer so that you can choose between 4 (or 6, in expert mode) profiles which install specific sets of packages and apply certain preconfigurations.) And

Re: olpc-dm, olpc-utils, olpc-session, rainbow etc

2008-06-23 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi Marco, On Monday 23 June 2008 21:39, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote: Do you actually want to use a specific dm for Sugar? If you are supporting multiple desktops at the same time you would better off just using gdm. For that specific profile, I just want to support the sugar desktop :)

etoys now available in Debian's non-free repository

2008-06-20 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi, etoys is now available in Debian's non-free repository, so it's not officially part of Debian (non-free isnt Debian), but technically can be installed with apt-get/aptitude easily. The reason for having it in non-free is that the Debian ftpmasters don't think it passes the criteria for

Re: [Fwd: Re: #7116 NORM Never A: Possible European G1G1 program needs appropriate keyboards]

2008-06-07 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi Kim, On Tuesday 03 June 2008 21:48, Kim Quirk wrote: Agreed, Ed. The legalities of each country need to be determined and met before we can include that country in a Give One Get One program. Some of the things we need to understand are: Certifications, language/keyboard requirements,

Re: SSH DSA logins on crank.

2008-05-23 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi, On Tuesday 20 May 2008 15:50, Carl-Daniel Hailfinger wrote: I claim you didn't understand. And you were right. :) regards, Holger pgp5EvMNeXBFb.pgp Description: PGP signature ___ Devel mailing list

Re: SSH DSA logins on crank.

2008-05-23 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi, On Wednesday 21 May 2008 16:06, Chris Ball wrote: Yes. We have the openssh-blacklist package installed, which contains keyhashes of all possible weak keys and disallows logins using them. AFAIK not all possible weak keys, but only for the most popular arches and (definitly only) the

Re: SSH DSA logins on crank.

2008-05-20 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi, On Tuesday 20 May 2008 04:08, Bernie Innocenti wrote: Hopefully this doesn't mean that the _private_ DSA key can be compromised if the _public_ key was copied on a Debian/Ubuntu machine. Not by copying to, but by using with, yes, unfortunatly. Read

Re: SSH DSA logins on crank.

2008-05-20 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi, On Tuesday 20 May 2008 14:13, Carl-Daniel Hailfinger wrote: Not by copying to, but by using with, yes, unfortunatly. Sorry, using with is very imprecise language and leads many people to the wrong conclusion. If you think that using was confusing here, you should probably also remove

Re: Sugar in LinuxTag 2008

2008-05-18 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi, On Tuesday 13 May 2008 11:57, Tomeu Vizoso wrote: some (most) members of the Sugar team is discussing having a meeting at LinuxTag in Berlin from 29th May - 1st June. For now, looks like Simon Schampijer, Jim Gettys, Marco, Bert, Bernie, Holger Levsen (from OLPC Deutschland) and me

Re: ssh key update IMPORTANT security advisory please read

2008-05-18 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi, On Thursday 15 May 2008 15:40, Dennis Gilmore wrote: users only need to create new keys if you created your key using a debian based system. keys generated on Fedora or other linux's or unix's are not susceptible and don't need replacing. That's unfortunatly only true for RSA keys, not

Re: [Server-devel] Extreme Linux Server Available to North America

2008-04-29 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi Martin, On Tuesday 29 April 2008 22:41, Martin Langhoff wrote: If those same machines could be ordered with RAM ranging from 512 to 2GB... instant love ;-) -- add a fanless ext USB drive enclosure and run run run. did you contact the manufacturer? regards, Holger

Re: Ad-hoc Networking

2008-04-25 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi, On Thursday 24 April 2008 01:27, John Gilmore wrote: In ad-hoc mode, there is no forwarding of packets. It isn't a mesh. It's just point-to-point communication between two radios, without any intermediaries. While this is true, it's also incomplete :-) Adhoc mode is not limited to two

Re: Mini-conference followup

2008-04-21 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi, sorry for the late reply, I've been laying in bed with quite heavy fever the whole of last week. On the plus side I was fit again this (last) saturday, to go to Berlin and found the olpc germany association. (More news on this will follow..) On Tuesday 08 April 2008 15:21, Holger Levsen

Re: [Server-devel] [sugar] sugar roadmap

2008-04-21 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi, On Wednesday 16 April 2008 16:47, Benj. Mako Hill wrote: Ion has the ability to launch different types of workspaces. There are three by default (although we could add to that). One of these is a floating workspace. It's rather bad, but it works, and I think it would be pretty cool to

Re: Mini-conference followup

2008-04-08 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi Scott, On Monday 07 April 2008 22:14, C. Scott Ananian wrote: I've got 11 DV tapes on my desk containing the mini-conference proceedings. We had to return the DV camera we were using to MIT, but hopefully we can borrow another one to get the bits off the tapes, and then I'll be

/etc/init.d/olpc_europe start - OLPC Europe event at FOSDEM

2008-02-07 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi, at FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Developers European Meeting, a yearly gathering of about 4000 (mostly) developers and contributors in Brussels, I will be moderating an event called /etc/init.d/olpc_europe start, which is described in more detail below (which is just copied and pasted

Re: /etc/init.d/olpc_europe start - OLPC Europe event at FOSDEM

2008-02-07 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi, never post links without testing them... :/ On Thursday 07 February 2008 10:03, Holger Levsen wrote: If you intend to participate please enter yourself at It's sorry for the noise

Re: project application: OLPC Europe

2008-02-07 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi, On Monday 21 January 2008 16:11, Holger Levsen wrote: we (a group of people starting OLPC Europe, website below) would like to apply for a project hosted on laptop.orgs infrastructure, currently mostly to have a central git repository to store the sources for the Documentation

project application: OLPC Europe

2008-01-21 Thread Holger Levsen
you what you are allowed to do 5. URLs of similar projects : I dunno ;) 6. Committer list Username Full name SSH2 key URLE-mail - -- #1 holgerHolger Levsen [EMAIL PROTECTED

Re: non-Sugar but core software?

2008-01-17 Thread Holger Levsen
Hi, for Debian I've started yesterday, to document what is working and whats not and what work needs to be done. In general, a document describing how the XO-1-fedora installation differs from a plain fedora would be very much appreciated, also by the