Re: [Server-devel] [UKids] Lightning kills underground Ethernet too; PoE wiring/voltages non-trivial!

2016-01-12 Thread John Gilmore
special types for fire safety and other reasons. These are called "plenum rated". Their special property is that when they burn (e.g. when the building catches fire), they don't release toxic gases that will hurt the people/kids who are breathing the air nearby. John Gilmore

Re: External hard disk testing for use with IIAB (internet in a Box) on XO based XSCE servers

2013-06-24 Thread John Gilmore
For important systems, I think a USB hard drive will be a better choice than an empty enclosure. They are also often cheaper than a new empty enclosure and a new hard drive. Indeed, buying a brand-name external USB2/3 hard drive, which is invariably implemented as a SATA drive in an

Re: [Server-devel] External hard disk testing for use with IIAB (internet in a Box) on XO based XSCE servers

2013-06-24 Thread John Gilmore
For important systems, I think a USB hard drive will be a better choice than an empty enclosure. They are also often cheaper than a new empty enclosure and a new hard drive. Indeed, buying a brand-name external USB2/3 hard drive, which is invariably implemented as a SATA drive in an

Re: minimizing footprint

2013-03-26 Thread John Gilmore
We are talking of end users systems, how many kids will add a cron task? I was more concerned with other Fedora packages that insert cron jobs when they are installed. But if Fedora gets the dependencies right, rpm would install and run cron at the same time the package that needs cron is

Re: Removing cron in 13.2

2013-03-23 Thread John Gilmore
As a simple step in reducing base system footprint a little, I'm thinking of removing cron in 13.2.0. The 2 current users of cron (ds-backup and olpc-update-query) will be moved to systemd timer units which have equivalent functionality. The classic Unix interface for starting processes

Re: [support-gang] Customization Sticks fails on 13.1.0 12.1.0 for XO-1

2013-03-12 Thread John Gilmore
Wad said: Please don't redistribute secure laptops --- OLPC's policy since early 2009 has been to deprecate the security system. The exceptions have been deployments large enough to have dedicated support staff capable of handling their own keys. Richard said: That policy is fine but

Re: [support-gang] gray dots forever: when 12.1.0 13.1.0 never fully boot (XO-1 especially? 11.3.1 too)

2013-03-12 Thread John Gilmore
(1) If powerd fails when the clock is set to before the Unix epoch, powerd is buggy, and this bug should be ticketed and fixed. That bug is independent of the situation that causes the clock to get set that way (which may well be another bug in another component, which would deserve another

Fedora-18 ARM release: support for OLPC hardware?

2013-01-21 Thread John Gilmore
I'm way outside the OLPC Fedora development processes nowadays, which is why I'm asking what may be a dumb question. The Fedora 18 release is finally out for x86 and x64. There's a beta for ARM that supports half a dozen ARM systems. Oddly, in my mind, OLPC is not one of them. It's odd

Re: Will the XO-4 need nonfree firmware

2012-12-04 Thread John Gilmore
In that case, this machine without that card might be an option for people who want laptops they can use in freedom. They would need to get an external USB network device. Yes, or they could even get a different SDIO network device, if they can find one that's free and that has a compatible

Re: OwNet

2012-11-02 Thread John Gilmore
implemented using Microsoft technologies. However=2C this year we are goin= g to reimplement it using cross-platform technologies so that it can also b= e used under Linux. Have you heard of the Squid caching proxy for the Web? Lots of people at the slow end of an Internet connection use it,

Re: scamometry

2012-09-18 Thread John Gilmore
How can an HTML5 app be closed source ? It may not be free, and you may not be able to redistribute it, but it is HTML... It's a scam. It is built upon the open source library JSXGraph (which is LGPL: ), but sketchometry itself is proprietary (only

Re: OLPC build creation failed

2012-09-13 Thread John Gilmore
On Thu, Sep 13, 2012 at 3:57 PM, Jose Prous wrote: Yes it's a x86 machine, I guess that is the problem. Thanks. Glad that we found the reason. We should add an explicit check in OOB that gives you a more useful error msg. Instead, you should fix OOB so it works to

Re: [Sugar-devel] [DESIGN] Proposal: Contol-Panel packaging

2012-08-10 Thread John Gilmore
We have no control over the network environment what so ever and need to work within the confines of what is available. This is our primary constraint: we cannot install servers or proxies. Schools in remote areas have latent/slow/expensive Internet links. You'd think that a caching

Re: [Sugar-devel] [DESIGN] Proposal: Contol-Panel packaging

2012-08-01 Thread John Gilmore
We use yum to provide automatic updates to our XOs in the field, and we must be mindful that large RPMs can have an impact on the school's Internet connection. If 400 XOs need to download a ~800KB Sugar RPM, that's 320MB being downloaded, potentially at the same time. Isn't there a cacheing

Re: Python bindings based on Phonegap?

2012-06-26 Thread John Gilmore
Does anyone know if there are Python bindings based off the Phonegap API, with similar method calls, etc.? I'm developing an HTML5/Javascript activity that I would like to eventually port to Android and other mobile platforms. Having a set of Phonegap-like Python bindings for Sugar would

Re: Fedora 18 features that could affect xo-1

2012-06-23 Thread John Gilmore
The outcome of our discussion was that we don't want this size increase, not on any of our platforms. But actually we see it as a significant downside for all small systems, not just ours. The wiki page mentions 43mb growth - that would be really painful. And foolish me thought a few years

Re: On XO-1.5 with 11.3.0/11.3.1 -- hang during shutdown?

2012-06-16 Thread John Gilmore
I doubt that this issue is your problem. But in response to one remark: On the theory that these writes may be stalling due to the block number, (and we haven't seen any evidence yet of this), you can test for that by repeating the writes... There *is*

Re: Switching to randomly generated hostnames

2012-05-01 Thread John Gilmore
Currently, XO hostnames are set on first boot in the following format: xo-A-B-C Where A, B and C are the last 3 bytes of the MAC address expressed in hex. In Nicaragua we are seeing cases where XOs have no hostname set, both on XO-1 and XO-1.5. On XO-1 this is presumably because libertas

AFR: Sony's 2-screen Tablet P: a good idea gone wrong

2012-04-02 Thread John Gilmore
[Summary: 2-screen laptops need fairly deep software support because 2 screens don't look like 1 screen. I excerpted freely below; see the link for the entire story. --gnu] Sony's tablet a good idea gone wrong PUBLISHED:

idea: set a niceness value under which a process won't awaken suspended CPU

2012-03-02 Thread John Gilmore
a process won't awaken suspended CPU Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 02:12:01 -0700 From: John Gilmore An easy lever for CPU consumption management (power mgmt) would be to define a set of user processes that won't be scheduled in a power-suspended system. They won't wake the CPU even

Re: Impacts of disabling Automatic Power Management

2012-02-11 Thread John Gilmore
waking up on all multicast frames, apparently even ones that wouldn't normally be sent from the hardware to the driver There's a flag for that, ifconfig wlan0 allmulti, which should NOT be set. That configuration tells the hardware that we want to receive all multicasts, not just the ones we

Re: Impacts of disabling Automatic Power Management

2012-02-11 Thread John Gilmore
The first problem I see is that machines don't wake on ARP. Ultimately I believe we don't want our machines to wake on ARP, we really want firmware that can handle ARP and only wake when our address is ARP'd. I don't know how unreasonable a request that is. It's completely reasonable, and

Re: Impacts of disabling Automatic Power Management

2012-02-10 Thread John Gilmore
On Sat, Feb 4, 2012 at 10:26 AM, Samuel Greenfeld wrote: Disabling suspend during collaboration was discussed a year ago, but as far as I know this has not made it into any 11.3.x build: There are longstanding bugs from four to five years

Re: RTC anti-rollback testing

2011-10-14 Thread John Gilmore
I added the rt tag, but when I run command ok rtc-rollback? . the laptop powers off. Is it a normal behaviour? It's normal for DRM to make your system do obscure, non-intuitive things. Did nobody explain that to you when you asked for this? John

Re: open datasheets

2011-09-19 Thread John Gilmore
John touches upon a sore subject around OLPC here. On both 1.5 and 1.75, OLPC obtained assurances from the companies that the data sheets for the processor/companion chips/SoC would be publicly availably by the time the laptop reached production. In both cases, the companies lied to get

Re: hardware crypto

2011-09-17 Thread John Gilmore
Is it worth looking at enabling the HW crypto devices for the various platforms? I have a Fit-PC that I use as a FW with a geode and the HW crypto is pretty good on that, the Via chip has one on the 1.5 and there's also some form of HW on the 1.75 too. last time I looked we weren't

Re: 11.3.0 build 4 released, for *XO-1.75*, XO-1.5 and XO-1

2011-09-10 Thread John Gilmore
a mess. I made the suggestion on adding an a/i to the build so it would be os4i.zd4 or os4a.zd4. You couldn't put the model number into the file? Rather than a cryptic a or i, how about 1, 1.5, or 1.75? Teachers and kids aren't going to know who designed the processor inside their laptop.

Re: Sad face

2011-09-10 Thread John Gilmore
Uruguay replaces the OLPC key with theirs. There is nothing we can do. You must talk to Uruguay support. Ah, thanks. I'll stop thinking about it then. Don't stop thinking about it. OLPC always has the choice to stop making DRM-locked machines. Your next machine should not offer a

Re: License files - L10n

2011-08-16 Thread John Gilmore
The theory was to provide, in flash, the unofficial license translations in the languages primarily used in deployments, e.g. Spanish. That way the kids can actually tell what rights they have without having to (1) learn English, or (2) access a perhaps nonexistent or very slow Internet

Re: powerd-dbus network extension

2011-08-03 Thread John Gilmore
What kind of idle-suspend are we talking about here (and on what XO hardware)? Shouldn't a proper idle-suspend be resumed when the system isn't idle any more, i.e. when a packet comes in or a timer expires in NetworkManager? Fixing that would eliminate having to build a separate kludge for every

Re: Sugar Commander

2011-07-24 Thread John Gilmore
I'm sorry, I don't mean to ruffle any feathers, but the flat journal is a really broken model when you stick in a USB stick with 2000+ The flat journal worked great on 8 floppies. It was obsoleted in 1982 or so. The whole emphasis on the journal as filesystem interface was another of those

Re: XO-1 touchpad once more [Devel Digest, Vol 64, Issue 28]

2011-06-23 Thread John Gilmore
Anyway to quantify touchpad use and behaivor in F9 builds? I don't know of any way that involves only the laptop or software. Quantifying use and behaviour would require a video camera on both the touchpad and the screen. Or accurate reporting from both people who experience a problem

Re: [IAEP] Turtles All The Way Out

2011-06-06 Thread John Gilmore
I had to think about this some before having a useful response. I cannot speak for every Sugar developer, but the approach I have tried to take with Turtle Art is a bit different than you are describing. The block-based programming environment is not meant to be a substitute for real tools;

Re: Prelink

2011-05-20 Thread John Gilmore
Using a well-behaved olpc-update, minor updates should be really lightweight and low-risk to deploy. The standard solution to that is called package managers - rpm in your case. Unfortunately its network version, yum, is really heavyweight and too clumsy to run in many XOs. Installing updates

Re: [IAEP] Turtles All The Way Out

2011-05-20 Thread John Gilmore
Recently, I finished my dissertation on mobile development directly from mobile devices. Something like this might've been very useful, although I did target experienced developers, not beginners. Mobile development would work great on mobile devices like the XO-1, XO-1.5, XO-1.75, and

Re: Disabling prelink in software builds

2011-05-17 Thread John Gilmore
Any objections to prelink being disabled? I object. You are running a diskless, swapless system. The whole point of prelink is to make your read-only binaries actually remain read-only, rather than requiring the dynamic linker to modify them in memory. This allows large numbers of pages of


2011-04-14 Thread John Gilmore
Currently, when installing software, OLPC firmware erases the entire disk then writes the entire disk contents, even if most of that is zeroes. I am looking at an optimization where we can simply avoid writing those 0 blocks, greatly speeding up the flashing process. In my test case of 1 SD

Mesh Potatos and OLPCs?

2011-03-23 Thread John Gilmore
Has anyone used the Mesh Potato devices from to provide mesh connectivity to a network of OLPCs? Eben Moglen's Freedom Box mailing list has been exploring whether to include mesh in their boxes. My experience with OLPC's mesh has led me to question the risk/reward payoff of

Re: Harvesting Sugar Trees.

2011-02-08 Thread John Gilmore
Over time, most embedded system developers have pushed their work upstream. This happened gradually as system developers learned that it was more expensive to maintain their customizations locally then to work with upstream. The tipping point was often found as system developers tried to

F15 glibc again fails on AMD Geode LX

2011-02-04 Thread John Gilmore
FYI: Early Fedora 15 builds don't run on the Geode, again. This time, people seem to be on the issue, and may resolve it without much work from OLPC. But I think it would be worth spending some testing time to make sure it's really resolved, so the final F15 can be used as a basis for an OLPC

Re: Feature requests for 11.2.0 - seeking deployment and community input

2011-01-26 Thread John Gilmore
Please post any ideas here, and they'll be considered when we come to plan which features we'll aim to include. Well, the obvious one is to actually implement the real idle suspend that happens in between keystrokes, turning off the CPU to save massive amounts of power, while keeping the screen

Re: os351 on XO-1 - Browse memory pressure

2010-11-04 Thread John Gilmore
Do a df and see if any temp file systems are chewing up a lot of memory. yum is known to just barely work and leave a lot of junk files in memory. Perhaps someone could produce a patch to yum to remove these junk files before it exits? That would benefit all yum users, not just

Re: Aggressive suspend vs NM/DHCP

2010-10-20 Thread John Gilmore
(nor for the first time) I spot an XO that goes into suspend in the middle of the DHCP conversation. In this case, it was with a bad WEP key so we never heard back from the DHCP server. But if you look at /var/log/messages, you see dhclient's DHCPDISCOVER and 12s later PM: Syncing

Re: [Sugar-devel] Memory leak in Sugar -- how to dump Py data structures?

2010-10-13 Thread John Gilmore
[1] [2] Fedora 14 (imminent) includes GDB updates for debugging heap allocation issues. It's python friendly. You can probably backport it into whatever Fedora you're running

Re: Power down USB when suspending

2010-10-05 Thread John Gilmore
It would be better if you could explain WHY you need to take a photo quickly after resuming. Is the idea that the laptop will save power? It could remain suspended for a long time, wake and take a picture, then suspend again until the next picture is needed. In that case, you can wake it a bit

Re: Bad interaction between sleep timeouts and Salut?

2010-09-16 Thread John Gilmore
It's pretty simple, actually. When in idle suspend, the system should remain fully functional, just burning fewer ergs. It's an optimization, not a change of behavior. This means the system should wake up anytime it would've gotten an interrupt during normal operation. Which means for any

Re: backups

2010-08-12 Thread John Gilmore
If a USB olpc-update isn't possible, I'll have to flash my XO-1 and lose my work. Release notes say only, Make a copy of any data you wish to keep... how? I don't know of a guide. It's because being forced to manage your ongoing work via the Journal is so much easier and more intuitive than

Re: [Sugar-devel] Killing activities when memory gets short

2010-08-10 Thread John Gilmore
I didn't do as detailed an analysis as NoiseEHC - I looked at dirty page frames, and realized that a large part of RAM was filling with dirtied pages (even dirtied pages of executables, which get patched to fill in shared library linkages). Without swap, this left very few page frames for

Re: Killing activities when memory gets short

2010-08-08 Thread John Gilmore
As long as activities are saving and restoring properly it could be made pretty much transparent to the user. Of course that's easier said then done... Android has a whole mechanism for this: That explains the problem,

Re: Suspend: RTC wakeup, sleep

2010-08-05 Thread John Gilmore
There is no 1-second ambiguity in the RTC. The CPU can only read out a value accurate to 1 second, but the CPU can tell precisely when the RTC ticks from one second to another, which gives it much higher precision if it's willing to wait. Its precision is greater than its accuracy.

Re: [IAEP] Recommend build for XO-1.0 deployment

2010-08-02 Thread John Gilmore
On Sun, Aug 1, 2010 at 8:59 PM, Tabitha Roder wrote: Does anyone have a build they would recommend? I believe the laptops are locked, so it will have to be signed. At this point I would recommend the 10.1.2 development builds -- but as James points out, they are not

Re: Suspend: RTC wakeup, sleep

2010-07-29 Thread John Gilmore
My power logging scripts originally used 'sleep'. But what I found was that if the time-to-suspend was shorter than sleep then the script would have cases where it would never run. Are we experiencing confusion between autosuspends and lid-close suspends? By design, autosuspends should not

Re: Suspend: RTC wakeup, sleep

2010-07-29 Thread John Gilmore
By design, autosuspends should not change the timing behavior of programs; the idea is for the computer to act the same, but do so using less power. Autosuspend and lid-close suspends are identical in function. The only difference is the allowed wakeup source. The CPU is turned off.

Re: Idle suspend instabilities on XO-1

2010-07-24 Thread John Gilmore
I'm happy that we experimented but I think it's too early to turn on idle suspend on the XO-1 builds, like we have attempted for 10.1.2. You've enumerated the downsides -- what are the upsides? Does it double battery life in normal use? John

Uruguay violates GPL by deleting root on OLPCs

2010-07-07 Thread John Gilmore
?? In other words, do they just brazenly steal the GNU Project's software, knowing it's wrong? John Gilmore ___ Devel mailing list

Eben Moglen: Re: Uruguay violates GPL by deleting root on OLPCs

2010-07-07 Thread John Gilmore
[I didn't see a copy of this come through on devel, so assumed that it bounced because he's not a recipient. --gnu] Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2010 12:47:26 -0400 To:,,,, Subject: Re:

Re: Uruguay violates GPL by deleting root on OLPCs

2010-07-07 Thread John Gilmore
Please explain your statement that lack of root violates GPLv3. Couldn't the owner of the system insert a SD card with a developer's version of Linux, mount the internal drive of the XO, and tinker with the installed packages as root from the external OS? Does GPLv3 expressly mention root

Re: AIR + Flash/AIR issues wikis

2010-06-07 Thread John Gilmore
There's a long standing hard bug of non-accelerated video on Linux (not just XO). That hurts hurts HURTS any Linux device. There is some backstory on that -- it's whether to use Xv or not, whether the video frames can be grabbed from the Xv pipeline to overlay stuff on top or not - early

Re: Alternative option for solving Fedora i686 vs geode problems

2010-06-07 Thread John Gilmore
I looked at the kernel patch for emulating the missing instruction (long NOP). It looks like it works, and only needs minor patching-up for security enforcement. The big argument on the Linux kernel list was about not having a little kludge like this, which is likely to grow to emulate many

Re: Alternative option for solving Fedora i686 vs geode problems

2010-06-07 Thread John Gilmore
2) FESCo (Fedora Engineering Steering Committee) is dealing with the issue upstream [1][2] in Fedora with the view of getting it fixed upstream for F-14 or at the very least clarified. It was agreed in F-12 that the Geode LX would be supported and that decision wasn't discussed otherwise.

Re: What's the current status of suspend/resume?

2010-06-04 Thread John Gilmore
I've lost track of this area. Could somebody please give me/us a review and/or update. On which hardware? XO-1 had a lot of niggling bugs around the edges (all documented in trac). The largest was that the Linux kernel does busy-waits for the USB bus's startup delays for sequencing power

Free software for an ARM tablet?

2010-05-29 Thread John Gilmore
If somebody gets Android running on a tablet and that somebody actually honors the GPL, it's likely that much of the work of a real Linux port has been done. Except that I've heard from a very credible source that in existing Android *phones* there are 9 pieces of essential yet proprietary

Re: Idle-suspend a little too intrusive to user experience?

2010-05-12 Thread John Gilmore
...the biggest problem area in terms of suspending and not coming back is the network, and without wake-on-precisely-what-i'm-waiting-for, that's problematic. Most wireless and Ethernet chips can be configured to interrupt or wake on precisely

Re: #10045 HIGH 1.5-sof: XO-1.5 Record audio/video are out of sync with each other

2010-05-11 Thread John Gilmore
There's a classic Unix problem with distribution of disk access times that relates to how older Unixes did sync -- every 30 seconds there was an instant traffic jam at the interface to the drives. This has been studied to death; here are some assorted papers:

Re: Idle-suspend a little too intrusive to user experience?

2010-05-11 Thread John Gilmore
Is OLPC's Idle-Suspend not waking up the machine when the next process wants to run? No wonder you're having all these problems where it suspends and doesn't come back. Don't fix it with 27 kludge patches (to audio players, to network managers, etc), just fix the kernel so the suspend ends when

Re: the old keypad behavior gets too sensitive

2010-04-16 Thread John Gilmore
I have been running into this with the XO-1.5 prototype but thought it was either a prototype issue or my fat fingers.. however I noticed it with my kid also. Pretty much the same behaviour you list below.. in low humidity the cursor will move without touching the keyboard. Is there anything

Re: resizing rootfs to fit the disk

2010-03-10 Thread John Gilmore
but again:  where should such a flag go?  is there a precedent for such things? /.i-am-a-hidden-flag ? Safety would argue for doing the opposite: * Build the installation images to contain a file like /.resize-root-once. * If that file is present ** Remove the file ** Sync the disk **

Re: surprisingly early suspend

2010-03-08 Thread John Gilmore
Perhaps the suspend/sleep process should be disabled until the laptop is assigned a child's name and color preference on first boot. I find sleep to be more disorienting, as the screen is turned off (my laptop broke!) and it takes a press of the power button, not the keyboard, to wake

Re: XO-1.5 keyboard

2010-03-05 Thread John Gilmore
:-) you're right -- it _is_ awesome. wad seems to have mastered the art of getting the laptop to really go together right after the conversion. One of the things I asked wad to improve when he was looking for things to fix for the XO-1.5 was the incredible flakey keyboard. Everyone knows

Re: OLPC hardware: what if there was an SDR modem / chipset?

2010-01-26 Thread John Gilmore
even a $2 chip (plus analog components, power supply, connectors, wires, antennas, etc) for such a marginal use in their low cost product. So please move the discussion to a place where you'll find researchers *happy* to build SDR chips into their next hardware project. John Gilmore

Re: [Sugar-devel] New release of F11 for the XO-1 - Build11

2010-01-10 Thread John Gilmore
2GB SD card in my XO, and I have Firefox on it. I installed the ePubReader plug-in for Firefox. This runs nicely and allows you to view eBooks in ePub format, which is the up-and-coming open format for books. You can get free ePub eBooks from several free sites, including

Re: New release of F11 for the XO-1 - Build11

2010-01-05 Thread John Gilmore
Keyboard and mouse will not wakeup from sleep. Can be fixed by disabling power management in Sugar. Is there any reason for cutting release after release that don't work unless end users disable power management (sometimes twice!)? Surely if you can't fix the bugs, you could at least ship

Re: Android, OLPC, and native hosting

2009-12-28 Thread John Gilmore
Since when did it take more than a GB of RAM and 4GB of disk to host an IDE ? I think that was Emacs 23. No, that was Eight Megs and Continuously Swapping. I.e. in an amazingly large and expensive Sun Workstation with 8 *megabytes* of RAM, emacs would still make the system page-fault at a

Re: Android, OLPC, and native hosting

2009-12-27 Thread John Gilmore
I would argue that an operating system that doesn't natively host its development tools is not appropriate for OLPC's target audience. Does the XO-1 host its own development tools? I don't think anyone has ever rebuilt the system from source code on an XO-1. I don't even know

Re: XO-3 super-o-fficial

2009-12-24 Thread John Gilmore
What makes you think that this will be a proprietary version of Android? Android is licensed Apache 2.0 with kernel patches as GPLv2[1], although there have been some proprietary apps and customizations on top. I hadn't looked closely enough to see the detailed licensing. But I'd seen the

Re: XO-3 super-o-fficial

2009-12-23 Thread John Gilmore
We don't necessarily need to build it, Negroponte told Forbes. We just need to threaten to build it. Looks like Notion Ink has already done so, sort of: The OS is proprietary (android), it would

Re: XO-3 official

2009-12-23 Thread John Gilmore
I would take it all with a large dose of salt. Also, as usual, the left hand at OLPC doesn't know what the right hand is doing. The press release isn't on, nor is there anything in or about the XO-3 (or even the XO-1.75). The press release (which

Re: [Server-devel] XO 1.5 to XS-onXO1 behavior

2009-12-19 Thread John Gilmore
as Fall semester finishes) but I have a XS-on-XO1 running at home and when a XO1 associates with it, the XO1 gets a address (school mesh portal). When the XO1.5 associates with school-mesh-0 (I have to click on it in the Neighborhood view) the association happens, but the

Re: possible progress on XO-1 camera issues

2009-12-18 Thread John Gilmore
#10 0xb67fae59 in gst_xvimagesink_xvimage_put (xvimagesink=0x8364160) at xvimagesink.c:864 src = {x = 134867456, y = 140758336, w = -1259457208, h = 1} dst = {x = 137730309, y = 3, w = 0, h = 137691184} result = {x = 0, y = 0, w = 322, h = 241} draw_border

Re: 1.5 - gnome-packagekit?

2009-12-08 Thread John Gilmore
One disadvantage of doing this is that it would harm the use of olpc-update -- pristine updates would fail. And also the software would be silently lost when an olpc-update happens, which is now Good thing we reinvented the wheel here. RPM packaging was too complete and flexible for kids

Re: About 8.2.2 unlocking

2009-12-03 Thread John Gilmore
I think for the case of Cambodia with many small deployments (educational NGOs got XOs donated from G1G1/OLPC or other donors), no signed builds probably means that the XOs don't get updated anymore. Are you trying to say that the Cambodian OLPC recipients don't have any serious chance of

Re: OS and Firmware testing for XO 1.5 B2: gnash

2009-11-17 Thread John Gilmore
Gnash and youtube is a no go. No error now, just a black screen Within the last month, Youtube changed their default player to require Adobe Flash 10, including ActionScript 3. Gnash does not yet implement AS3 properly -- that's why you got a black rectangle. The (shrinking) gnash team is

Re: Information on XO-1 power efficiency

2009-11-17 Thread John Gilmore
How well does sleep-between-keystrokes work if I ignore USB? Pretty well -- but check That's where our institutional memory of the bugs that prevented full blown suspend exists. Search for power or suspend or sleep. If you're serious about working on this, I can spend some

Re: wlan interface (was: first play with new XO 1.5 machines)

2009-10-30 Thread John Gilmore
I mean the clock in the 802.11 MAC sublayer. This defines the basis of the timing synchronization function (TSF) which is a core part of 802.11. Without synchronized clocks, nodes cannot communicate. I talked with one of the 802.11 experts I know. He's quite sure that there should be no

Re: the importance of providing swap space

2009-10-23 Thread John Gilmore
I happened to have an SD card with me that had a swap partition defined on it. The XO's SD slot was already in use, so I attached an USB card reader (with my card in it), and issued the appropriate 'swapon /dev/...' command. I'd suggest a small enhancement: that when a removable medium

Re: tap-to-click feedback

2009-10-22 Thread John Gilmore
we tried the synaptics driver initially (when we got the new touchpads) but by itself it caused extremely erratic (perhaps not erratic, exactly, but just way-too-fast) mouse cursor behavior. There seems to be something wrong with general Linux mouse behavior. Even on ordinary optical mice

Re: [Testing] first play with new XO 1.5 machines

2009-10-21 Thread John Gilmore
On Oct 20 2009, at 19:04, Tabitha Roder was caught saying: no mesh network showing in neighbourhood My understanding is that mesh is not currently supported in the WLAN firmware for the new chips. I am not sure what the plan of action is in regards to mesh support for 1.5. For laptops to

Re: OFW access from linux - kgdb

2009-09-16 Thread John Gilmore
it sounded like there was also some thought that the emphasis should be on tools, like kgdb, which can be more general purpose, and more widely used and maintained. to which i'd say, the more the merrier -- i'd love to use kgdb regularly, but it requires a second machine, and it ties up

Re: OFW access from linux

2009-09-15 Thread John Gilmore
there's no SysRq key on the XO keyboard, so you'll need to use a break on the serial console to invoke it... Please. If you're going to put this hook in, which I think is a great idea, at least make it work on the standard hardware! And when the operating system is not very responsive.

Is Project Ceibal violating the GNU General Public License?

2009-08-24 Thread John Gilmore
these laptops have full access to source code, ability to upgrade their laptops at will, and can tell modified from unmodified software. Please let me know what is really happening in the schools of Uruguay. John Gilmore ___ Devel mailing list Devel

Re: Power, time keeping, networking...

2009-08-11 Thread John Gilmore
Hal, you're asking a lot of great questions. Basically, we could never turn on the original power management design by default, because of too many bugs in the periphery (USB, timers, clocks, network, etc). The bugs are well documented in Trac. The final XO-1 software release added the ability

Re: Disk layout for XO-1.5 (LVM reliability)

2009-08-04 Thread John Gilmore
there wasn't that much under the hood -- LVM is a simple format -- but it didn't provide the bulletproof reliability that I've come to expect from, say, MSDOS partition tables. John Gilmore (*): ext3 filesystem recovery also has this dubious property -- even if you mount such a filesystem read-only

Re: Sugar as operating system

2009-07-21 Thread John Gilmore
More seriously, I don't know if it is possible, but getting Nicholas to stop making a scrambled egg out of the software stack with his omelet analogy would go a long ways to reducing the confusion in the media as well. His continued insistence that Sugar is an operating system--the

Re: New kernel branch for XO-1 and XO-1.5 development

2009-07-09 Thread John Gilmore
Given that we are building the for completely different CPU core, we will need different kernel RPMs to make sure our kernel is optimized for the given machine. Optimization is one thing; functioning is another. Fedora *functions* on

Re: [Sugar-devel] poor man's mmap sliding window on Python 2.5.x

2009-07-08 Thread John Gilmore
The process is doing a linear read through the file, and is slow enough that it appears only to grow. But if I run another process that allocates a lot of memory, then the kernel does discard pages pages. So are you saying that two identical processes that mmap large amounts of memory, (much

Re: New kernel branch for XO-1 and XO-1.5 development

2009-07-08 Thread John Gilmore
Congratulations on the merge. Note that currently there is nothing keeping anyone from installing a kernel meant for one gen machine on a different gen machine. Just don't do that. :) Eventually if both machines are going to run a standard Fedora release, the same binary kernel will have to

Touch-screen OMAP3-based netbook as XO-2 prototype?

2009-07-07 Thread John Gilmore
The new Touch Book by Always Innovating looks interesting as a possible prototype for the XO-2. It looks vaguely like an ordinary netbook, but the electronics are behind the screen as in the XO-1, as is one of the batteries. So the keyboard half can detach from the screen/electronics package.

Re: XO-1.5 microphone testing

2009-07-03 Thread John Gilmore
Basically, for each configuration (external microphone plugged in, and external microphone not plugged in), I'd like to know the following: - which of the 8 microphones is the one to use - which ports we can turn off In reading the generic Intel HDA codec spec, and comparing it to the

Re: Journal and filenames on USB disks - more leases.sig problems

2009-06-30 Thread John Gilmore
Is there a better way to do this? Don't use Browse as if it was a real web browser. Don't use the Journal as if it was a real file system. Run Firefox, not Browse. Open up a terminal and do what needs doing. You've just stumbled on one tiny corner of the problem that the Sugar tools don't

Re: giving kids a platform to create their future

2009-06-11 Thread John Gilmore
Personally, I feel it is a mistake for the OLPC project to continue with the concept of the Sugar platform as its exclusive model for an educational computer. The Sugar applications (activities) could just as well be run from the Ubuntu desktop. Then students would actually be learning

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