Re: [Server-devel] Root fs on XO1

2013-08-09 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
On 08/09/2013 06:17 AM, James Cameron wrote: I have never been happy with using the XO-1 SD card slot. I have been using SD cards in the XO-1 SD card slot for more than five years now. Although I have experienced occasions of SD card corruption, they have been so rare as to not affect what

Re: Topic in

2013-07-27 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
On 07/26/2013 08:53 PM, wrote: If anyone can have a look and give some feedback It would be useful to extend the table to describe even larger capacity cards - prices of large-capacity cards keep coming down. (However, I don't lnow if any XO model would support the latest SD

[Server-devel] are XSCE 0.3 repo references correct?

2013-06-23 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Disclaimer: I am not asking for help; I am sharing my experiences Looking back through the mailing list, I saw references to potentially saving downloads (expensive in some places) by copying the cached yum packages from an already-installed XO to the next XO on which XSCE would be

Re: Exist any Activity cache that ones must be aware while code/deployment/test cycle an Activity?

2013-05-20 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
On 05/20/2013 09:01 AM, Frank Cancio wrote: or I must do anything else to make sure that the new .py files get execute and not the code inside the files I delete? I myself always delete any created .pyo or .pyc files, as well. [Python creates these from .py files, to speed up execution.]

Re: wifi power on/off

2013-04-05 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
On 04/05/2013 07:55 AM, Paul Fox wrote: someday the card should power down with ifconfig eth0 down If the system were to use several (static) self-assigned addresses, and ifconfig eth0 down was the way to terminate the use of the current IP address so that the next IP address could be

Re: [Testing] 13.2.0 development build 2 released

2013-03-27 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
On 03/27/2013 12:32 AM, Hal Murray wrote: On my XO-1, keys F1, F2, F3, and F4 don't do anything. Same for me. Is there any way to get to someplace where I can feed it my WiFi password? More to the point - is there any way to get to get to the 'Home' screen when F3 does not work (neither

Re: 12.1.0 and 13.1.0 provide absurdly small temporary space

2013-03-17 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I was unable to reproduce on 13.1.0. My apologies - I wrote without realizing that I haven't experience this with recent 13.1.0 builds (but I do remember it on 13.1.0 - maybe it was on the initial builds). I definitely do currently experience the too-small-tmp-size with my (customized)

12.1.0 and 13.1.0 provide absurdly small temporary space

2013-03-16 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Since the recent discussion of which release is most reliable for remote deployments, I've started actually putting 12.1.0 to use in place of 11.3.1. One thing I notice is that (despite me customizing /etc/fstab with entries having reasonable size= values), on both 12.1.0 and 13.1.0 'df'

Re: 13.1.0 development build 17 released

2012-12-08 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I have a permanent SD card in my XO-1.5 Installed os17 via olpc-update. When it first booted, I issued 'umount /dev/mmcblk0p1'. X restarted. mikus ___ Devel mailing list

Re: 13.1.0 development build 8 released

2012-10-26 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Disclaimer: I am not asking for help; I am sharing my experiences I'm not writing a ticket because I may have affected something by when I did my customizations, but -- XO-1.5 Used 'olpc-update' to go from os7 to os8. Even after third reboot, 'ifconfig' shows the radio has been assigned

Regarding temporary pauses, perhaps due to using an SD card with an XO

2012-10-13 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Lately there has been discussion about using an SD card to expand the storage capability of the XO. [For instance, discussion of when an XO functions as a server, having it keep its database on an SD card.] What I want to mention is that I experience occasional pauses on my XO systems (each

Re: 13.1.0 build 6 released

2012-10-13 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Build 6 does not have 'Software update' in 'My Settings' mikus ___ Devel mailing list

Re: Xo1.5 crashes

2012-10-07 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Since I don't own a cell phone, I've never tried charging from an XO. My external USB storage devices are all self-powered; and my other USB devices (adapters, microscopes, keyboards, etc.) are all low-power devices. In about four years of using XO-1.5s, I haven't ever had the XO-1.5 crash

Re: Xo1.5 crashes

2012-10-07 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
On 10/07/2012 03:22 PM, Andres Aguirre wrote: In the case that alan is describing with the XO 1.5 the arduino was connected to the power supply. See if interposing a __powered__ hub between the XO-1.5 and the arduino will make a difference. WARNING: I have encountered powered USB

Re: Completely disable buildt-in WLAN

2012-09-14 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
In 11.3.0 there still was file /sys/power/wlan-enabled, whose content if set to '0' was supposed to disable wireless. Has that function gone the way of the dodo ? mikus ___ Devel mailing list

Re: Removing duplication in /boot - affects kernel development

2012-09-05 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
On 09/05/2012 04:46 PM, Daniel Drake wrote: Installing a new kernel RPM to test a new kernel/initramfs before it gets shipped in a build (with rpm -Uvh kernel-foo.rpm). This will continue to install the new kernel as /boot/vmlinuz and the initramfs as/boot/{actrd,initrd}.img. The olpc.fth

Re: Shipping bigger fonts by default for greater glyph coverage

2012-09-05 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Something to watch out for is the content of /usr/lib/locale. Having been caught several time in the past with C as the only language recognized, I now pay attention to the content of that directory. [For instance, allowing a Fedora upgrade of the package 'glibc-common' could add an extra 80

Filesystem sizes on XO-1.5 with 12.1.0

2012-09-05 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
DISCLAIMER: I am not asking for help -- I'm sharing ny experiences I often perform 'yum upgrade' - just to pick up the latest fixes from Fedora. But with 12.1.0 on an XO-1.5, I am encountering 'cpio' errors when the upgrade tries to unpack certain packages (e.g., gnome-keyring-3.4.1-3).

Re: Announcing Q3C09 for XO-1.5

2012-08-31 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Edit after having written up the text below the divider: Have swapped XO-1.5s, adapters, hubs. The no root device kernel panic shows up with q3c09 wherever a particular Belkin F5U 234 (Rev 3) external USB hub is plugged in. [With other hubs, of the same or different models, the

Re: Announcing Q3C09 for XO-1.5

2012-08-31 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
On 08/31/2012 04:03 PM, Samuel Greenfeld wrote: So this a problem with the USB hub and not the network adapter? The hub works fine. With many devices plugged in, including this hub, OFW does not work as I expect. The build DOES work as I expect. mikus

Re: Announcing Q3C09 for XO-1.5

2012-08-31 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
On 08/31/2012 05:14 PM, James Cameron wrote: To eliminate that possibility, please get to the ok prompt, type p2 and describe for me the output At the ok prompt the lights on the USB-ethernet adapter are not lit ok p2 USB2 devices: /pci/usb@10,4/hub@0,0 /pci/usb@10,4/hid@3,1

Re: Announcing Q3C09 for XO-1.5

2012-08-30 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
With my setup I can only boot os21 on an XO-1.5 with the front panel 'check' button pressed. If I try to boot without pressing any buttons, the boot process gets a kernel panic: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0.0). [There is also a message RAMDISK: Couldn't find valid RAM disk

Re: Announcing Q3C09 for XO-1.5

2012-08-30 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
On 08/30/2012 11:53 AM, Samuel Greenfeld wrote: what version of Open Firmware are you using that you are replying to the Q3C09 thread? q3c09 The reason I posted to this thread is -- I did NOT have the described kernel panic when booting os21 on the XO-1.5 with q3c08 What make and model

Re: [OLPC-AU] long-press touch actions in Sugar

2012-08-27 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Sridhar wrote: It appears that long-press is becoming part of the Sugar user experience on touchscreens: In my opinion the XO product is notably limited in that its front panel buttons will only register a 'press'. The opportunities for use of the XO in e-book configuration would be greatly

Re: Migrating XO-1.75 to device tree - upgrade considerations

2012-08-21 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I do not have an XO-1.75. But with other XO models, I update firmware INDEPENDENTLY of updating the distribution, and update the kernel INDEPENDENTLY of updating the firmware or the distribution. Surely I am not alone in the world in doing so. If stable (old) kernels will not boot with

Re: 12.1.0 release candidate 6 (build 19) released

2012-08-07 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I'm surprised that os19 omits 130+ updates that have been made to Fedora 17 in the last month. Did you do a lot of regression testing with os18 that you do not want to repeat ? mikus ___ Devel mailing list

Re: 12.1.0 release candidate 6 (build 19) released

2012-08-07 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
On an XO-1 system with wireless working on os19 (but customized with additional rpms) -- after each reboot I find /etc/resolv.conf to have been reset to dummy (nonworking) content (even though the wireless link itself had been automatically reconnected). mikus

Re: compiled to .XO

2012-06-29 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
We are also able to run the binary, but I am unclear about how we would package this into a .xo activity. Any pointers? Am attaching an copy of an email I sent earlier to someone with a question similar to yours. IMHO that email provides a concise how-to guide to fashioning a bare-bones .xo

Re: XO battery/performance

2012-06-28 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
DISCLAIMER: I am not asking for help; I'm merely sharing my experiences I have an XO-1 which with recent q2f roms might boot up with the power light green, or might boot up with the power light blinking red (and the battery icon in Frame claiming not connected). The last time it booted up

Re: Outdoor Light Sensor

2012-06-13 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Please also take into account the possible influence of the user's hand position. I've seen tablets where the display illumination changes as the user shifts how he holds the unit. mikus ___ Devel mailing list

Re: Recent XO-1 OFW had difficulty reading USB stick

2012-06-02 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I'm curious, why do you have security enabled? Because that's the way they were shipped to me from the factory (or from whoever I purchased the unit from). mikus ___ Devel mailing list

Recent XO-1 OFW had difficulty reading USB stick

2012-06-01 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
DISCLAIMER: I am not asking for help; I'm just sharing my experiences. With q2f11.rom on one of my vintage-1997 XO-1s, I could __not__ install ('copy-nand') os12 (12.1.0) from an USB stick -- sooner or later OFW always stopped on a file read error. I finally flashed q2f05.rom to that

XO-1 SD card access during boot-up

2012-05-27 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
DISCLAIMER: I am not asking for help; I'm sharing my experiences. Encountered an interesting situation on one XO-1 with os11 (12.1.0): On completely random occasions, the boot-up sequence stops because of i/o errors on device mmcblk0. Without making any changes whatsoever, the very next

Re: Booting XO-1 with SD card occasionally hangs on I/O timeouts

2012-05-08 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Is this an interesting problem? It only happens occasionally, say 1 out of 100 times. Over the years, I've always had a permanent SD card in all my XO systems (many dozens of SD cards in all). The SD cards have one ext2-formatted data partition, plus a swap partition. I can NEVER recall

Re: Checking filesystems periodically

2012-05-04 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
On Fri, May 4, 2012 at 2:55 AM, Anish wrote: I am curious to know why we are not periodically checking file systems after every N boots on the XO laptop. I think the question is: Should functions which affect the 'system' be performed automatically, or

Re: [Sugar-devel] Wanting to know a bit of (NetworkManager) workflow upon resume-from-suspend

2012-05-02 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Another comment from the unwashed: Years back, I used only ethernet to connect my XOs. Nowadays, I'm using both wired and wireless to connect between XOs. [By the way, I normally run my XOs with suspend disabled - so I have not paid much attention to problems associated with 'resume'.]

Re: Switching to randomly generated hostnames

2012-05-01 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
On 05/01/2012 10:29 AM, Daniel Drake wrote: As far as I can see, the hostname is not really of relevance to anything except avahi. But from avahi is how the other XO users identify who is online. I can never remember which system has which XO-icon color -- but the name (as shown on hover in

Re: Determining whether we are doing pretty boot -- in olpc-configure - 12.1.0

2012-04-27 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
On 04/27/2012 10:17 AM, Kevin Gordon wrote: Also, please let me know if 12.1.0 is ready for my battery of external USB device testing on all three platforms. I see no reason why you should hold off testing with 12.1.0 (please use os8 or following). [Note: I usually plug in USB storage

Re: [Techteam] Announcing Q3C05 for XO-1.5

2012-04-12 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
FYI. I apply extensive customizations to the builds I install. In my case, both the customization scripts and the packages-to-be-installed reside on the permanent SD card I place into each XO. But there is no reason why in your case they could not reside on a non-permanent USB stick used

Re: 12.1.0 devel build 6 released, for the XO-1, XO-1.5 and XO-1.75

2012-04-03 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Edit: BTW - when I left the entry (which my customization had placed there) in /etc/fstab for my permanent SD card, os6 would not boot ON THE XO-1 -- it would go into the prompt for emergency mode, then when I ctl-D would after a while again go into the prompt for emergency mode, etc., etc.

Re: 12.1.0 devel build 6 released, for the XO-1, XO-1.5 and XO-1.75

2012-04-03 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Peter wrote We're glad of the testing but ultimately if you need a perfectly stable platform I suggest you stick with 11.3 for the moment. I'm a volunteer. I have no __need__ to post here (nor to use the XO). Which would you prefer - to have me keep quiet about what I encounter - or may I

Re: 12.1.0 devel build 6 released, for the XO-1, XO-1.5 and XO-1.75

2012-04-03 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I don't disagree but ultimately if there's not appropriate bug reports with all the information needed we can't fix the problems. So ultimately I appreciate his bug reports but with a non standard configuration we need detailed reports to have that information be useful for those people that

Re: 12.1.0 devel build 6 released, for the XO-1, XO-1.5 and XO-1.75

2012-04-03 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
In the case of the /etc/fstab if it's a file system required to boot it will bork I don't mind it borking. But the system offered me the choice of continue. When I took that choice, the system returned to the SAME bork. I would have preferred it if continue had meant skip this. You

Re: 12.1.0 devel build 6 released, for the XO-1, XO-1.5 and XO-1.75

2012-04-02 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I've already written a ticket saying that on the XO-1, 12.1.0 does not define any /dev/mmcblk0 (or anything) whose partition could be mounted onto /bootpart. Well, on the XO-1, 12.1.0 build os6 goes one step further -- it does not define any /dev/mmcblk1 (or anything) whose partition I could

OLPC RPM Repository Access

2012-03-29 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Did 'yum list olpc-powerd'. On one XO the latest version listed was 46 -- on another XO the latest version listed was 47. Turns out the the XO with the more-up-to-date answer had recently done 'yum clean all'. [My XOs normally run 24/7 - reboots are rare.] There is supposed to be a

Re: 11.3.1 development build 31 for XO-1 and XO-1.5

2012-03-27 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
The XO-1.5 build 31 came with Read-92.2 and Terminal 35.1. I am unable to locate the (raw) .xo files for these two Activities. [They are __NOT__ referenced by -- which is the activity group URL listed by My Settings - Software update - Modify

Re: XO1/os31 update-nand issues

2012-03-26 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Don't use update-nand on XO-1 against a non-partitioned image. Once a signed build becomes available, the instructions should be changed to using the four-game-key method of starting the process, without any typing required. I myself keep several build versions on one (large) USB stick, so I

Re: New boot animation for 12.1.0

2012-03-26 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
On 03/26/2012 07:33 AM, Peter Robinson wrote: Hitting escape on at least one of the XO-1/1.5/1.75 worked for me in my testing, I don't remember exactly which one(s) it was but it was certainly working in base testing (ie no modifications, no extra HW). My setup *does* have extra HW. I have an

Re: 12.1.0 devel build 5 released, for the XO-1, XO-1.5 and XO-1.75

2012-03-26 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
FYI - odd: I have an (ext2) USB stick. On Linux, or on pre-12.1.0 XO1/XO1.5, -- that stick gets automounted as /media/CAVE On 12.1.0.- os5 - XO 1.5 -- that stick gets automounted as /run/media/olpc/CAVE mikus ___ Devel mailing list

Re: New boot animation for 12.1.0

2012-03-25 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I do not think the two-step progression from one dot to three dots is very useful. Particularly since on an XO with 21005xx1 with both an USB hub and an USB-ethernet adapter plugged in, pretty boot stalls with the one dot showing. [No change after 30 minutes; no clue as to what the user

Re: New boot animation for 12.1.0

2012-03-25 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I do not think the two-step progression from one dot to three dots is very useful. Particularly since on an XO with 21005xx1 with both an USB hub and an USB-ethernet adapter plugged in, pretty boot stalls with the one dot showing. [No change after 30 minutes; no clue as to what the user should

Re: Multi-laptop naming scheme for build files

2012-03-14 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Based on this and previous discussions I think we could go with something like: 1. single-character ID for product type. 'a' for XO-1, 'b' for XO-1.5, 'c' for XO-1.75, ... 2. build number 3. a . 4. extension Thoughts/other ideas? I suggest you should allocate at least one additional

Unannounced 12.1.0 devel build 4 does not boot on XO-1

2012-03-12 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Used 'update-nand' to write os4 onto XO-1. With Q2F07 I get: | Boot device: /nandflash:\boot\olpc.fth Arguments: | Boot device: /pci/nandflash@c\boot\vmlinuz Arguments: | buffer@ffb5d500:88: | Can't open boot device With os3 (and Q2F07) the two Boot device lines are followed by !

Re: Kernel

2012-03-10 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I'm just installing onto a jffs2 XO-1, no building, just an install, so I did the basics: an install then the copy. Did I miss something in the install that left the old files around? Kevin - I've for years been removing the old files manually. What I do after the 'uname -r' is 'rpm -q

Re: Removing duplication in /boot - affects kernel development

2012-03-05 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Our builds will always ship the kernel and initramfs *only* in their actos/runos/actrd/runrd zip forms. I'm an user who always runs 'yum upgrade kernel' whenever a newer version of the kernel appears in the olpc rpm repositories. I know how to copy the output of 'yum upgrade kernel' to where

Re: Impacts of disabling Automatic Power Management

2012-02-11 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
We shouldn't need to check whether there is network traffic when desiring to suspend. If no process has run in N milliseconds, the kernel should autosuspend. N should be tuned to avoid constantly suspending and then immediately reawakening, e.g. between packets in an active HTTP connection.

Re: XO-1 cpu temperature [Devel Digest, Vol 71, Issue 43]

2012-01-23 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
if you don't feel like hunting down the correct block device on the linux side But there __is__ no block device defined by the 12.1.0 operating system when running on the XO-1. { Raw /dev/ubi0, whose partition contains the root file system, is defined as a character device. } I don't want

Re: 12.1.0 devel build 3 released, for XO-1.5 and XO-1

2012-01-03 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
On an XO-1, build os3 was quite unusable until I disabled power management. All too soon after initial boot-up, the XO-1 would lock up -- it would not accept keystrokes (even though the Power LED was not blinking); after a couple of seconds it would not perform cursor movement either. I am

Browse-130 fails to launch on XO-1 with os2 (F17)

2011-12-24 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I do not know enough python to figure out for line 23 in -- what is being imported, or from where -- but I interpret the cause for the error message from that line as could not find (since the line in DOES look like what the error message says it should be). mikus

Re: 12.1.0 devel build 2 released, for XO-1.5 and XO-1

2011-12-13 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
On XO-1 with os2, suspend (as enabled during boot-up) gives me trouble.. Disclaimer: I am not asking for help -- just sharing my experiences. When running os2 on the XO-1, sometimes function stoppages happened: * my swap partition got detached, so I couldn't run huge apps. * the permanent

Re: 12.1.0 devel build 2 released, for XO-1.5 and XO-1

2011-11-29 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Object Chooser sugar 0.95-2 (on XO-1.5 screen) Selecting 'OLPC root' icon appears to give the same view as selecting 'Journal' icon. Also a human factors difficulty - when there are more entries in Object Chooser than will fit on one screen, the scroll bar at the right edge is much too

Re: 12.1.0 devel build 2 released, for XO-1.5 and XO-1

2011-11-28 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Known issues: - Browse doesn't work - Read doesn't work The reason Browse doesn't work is that the OLPC-customized? hulahop package is not included in the build. [Neither is xulrunner.] The reason Read doesn't work is that python is unable to import 'evince' (perhaps because

XO-3 competitor?

2011-11-14 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Low-cost Aakash tablet: ___ Devel mailing list

Interesting aspect of signed build

2011-11-07 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Disclaimer: I am not asking for help. I'm just telling what I found. Was running os883 on an XO-1 (which had a developer key). I applied some modifications (part of which was a yum upgrade of the kernel and a change to /boot/olpc.fth (to set the CPU speed)). When I rebooted, I found that

Re: 12.1.0 devel build 1 released, for XO-1.5 and XO-1

2011-11-07 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Disclaimer: I'm not asking for help; I'm sharing my observations. os1 (on XO-1.5) does not recognize the second (external) SD card -- I'll need to set up an USB stick with the resources that I normally access via my permanent (second) SD card. mikus

Re: 12.1.0 devel build 1 released, for XO-1.5 and XO-1

2011-11-07 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
My mistake - apologies. Turned out it was the SD card that had given up the ghost (and was non-responsive). When I inserted a different external SD card, it was correctly recognized by os1. Sorry, mikus ___ Devel mailing list

Re: New XO-1 testing firmware q2f04rd

2011-11-03 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Running XO-1 (os883) with q2f04rd. Appears to work well -- same behavior as with q2e48. ___ Devel mailing list

Re: EC corruption by q2f04rc firmware

2011-10-31 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
To date I have one 2007-vintage XO-1 with q2f04rd (and os882). It worked normally (and never lost charge while plugged in to AC) until I closed the lid (thereby putting it into suspend). Upon opening the lid and pressing power, the power light changed to red, and the native XO green keyboard

11.3.0 can have difficulties with wired ethernet adapter

2011-10-31 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Using os883 with q3b22.rom on an XO-1.5. On first-time boot-up with a build, which interface gets assigned to the ethernet depends upon when the ethernet-USB adapter gets plugged in to the XO. [If plugged in too soon, the wired ethernet gets assigned the 'eth0' interface -- which causes

Re: EC corruption by q2f04rc firmware

2011-10-23 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
It may be that my setup is different from yours. I installed os882 on an XO-1 and booted; then installed q2f04rc.rom and booted. So far, the various logs from powerd are all reporting 'Full' (the XO-1 is plugged in to A/C). I will wait and see if the battery charge goes down with time. By

Re: [support-gang] reflashing an XO-1

2011-10-23 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Mitch wrote on 10/11 This weekend I discovered a race condition in the OFW USB driver that might possibly be related to the problem you report. has a fix for the problem I found. My weakest XO-1 runs 'copy-nand' to completion with this rom, whereas from

Re: 11.3.0 build 4 released, for *XO-1.75*, XO-1.5 and XO-1

2011-09-12 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I think we're wasting the first two characters of the name. On the I agree -- keeping the scheme we have, and given the constraints, the leading 2 chars are the most viable option. The leading 2 chars ARE really useful to distinguish Australian builds from South American builds from North

Re: [Sugar-devel] Help testing Sugar 0.93.x

2011-08-31 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Fedora 16 Sugar (and Soas) no longer have a working Browser: I will load os3 in my XO-1 and XO-1.5 and test ... Except for missing the fix from Ticket #10699, Browse-125 works adequately on os3 on the XO-1 and on the XO-1.5 mikus ___ Devel

Re: Sugar and GTK updates

2011-08-16 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
At the moment, the fallback environment is working well on XO-1 in my testing. It's really not that different from before - nothing has ... - keeping G3 fallback desktop, hmm, well tested, in current and future Fedoras Some comments (NOT based on the XO): Been running Fedora 15 on a

Re: Sugar and GTK updates

2011-08-16 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
had nowhere near the configurability of G2 Whether you intended to or not, you've just joined forces with those who criticise the fallback mode without actually saying whats wrong with it. What functionality were you missing? If you were someone working to improve the fallback mode, I would

Re: Announcing OLPC OS 11.2.0 for XO-1 and XO-1.5

2011-07-23 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
when I tried to boot back up into Sugar, I got a blank screen. The culprit is olpc-kbdshim.i686 0:18-1.fc14. When you did 'yum -y update', it got picked up. You should have done 'yum -y update --exclude=olpc-kbdshim' One bypass might be to download olpc-kbdshim.i686 0:17-1.fc14, then at the

Re: Avoid losing your screws

2011-07-23 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I've found that inverted side bumpers make nice little holding containers for your screws. If you have a bit more room on your workbench, I've always found that an empty egg carton is a convenient way to hold screws segregated. mikus ___ Devel

Re: 11.2.0 release candidate 5 (build 874) released

2011-07-19 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Looking at the version numbers of some packages in build 874 -- The XO-1 has kernel-, The XO-1,5 has kernel- Build 874 has olpc-utils-1.2.12-1.fc14.i686, which has not yet appeared in the principal RPM

Re: OGG file testing

2011-07-09 Thread Mikus Grinbergs It would be very helpful if these could be tested on both XO-1 and XO-1.5 hardware. It is a judgement call balancing between file size and sound quality. Any feedback would be appreciated. My comments (highly subjective): [os872 XO-1.5 XO-1

Re: * issues

2011-07-07 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte Thanks. That's the old IP; looks like DNS is being slow to update. Eventually it should resolve to for you, and start working. 07:20 am Jul 7 U.S. Central Time I can now correctly access, which

Re: * issues

2011-07-07 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
should be fixed now, providing your DNS says: % host is an alias for has address 11:00 am Jul 7 U.S.Central Time I now works, as above. Thanks mikus traceroute traceroute to

Re: * issues

2011-07-06 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Can't reach Taken at 17:30 Jul 6, U.S. Central time: daina:/home/mikus/fetch # traceroute traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets using UDP 1 ( 1.273 ms 1.268 ms 0.156 ms 2

OFW and aging hardware ?

2011-07-04 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Perhaps it is because I am using XO-1s manufactured in 2007, but all too often when when I'm running 'copy-nand u:\osxx.img' (from q2e45), the screen gets more than halfway filled with green, then stops with 'Error reading .img file'. [I've done md5sum against the .img file on the USB stick,

Re: Build 871

2011-07-03 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I still cant connect to the candidates on Works fine from here. I have tried several times over the past 24 hours and the connection worked ok each time. I've been trying (browser, wget) on Jul 1 and Jul 2 and Jul 3 -- the attempted connection (ping tells me it's to

Re: 11.2.0 development build 23 released

2011-06-17 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
On 6/10/2011, my most up-to-date os22 system had: (taken (then) from sugar-0.92.2-1.fc14.noarch sugar-toolkit-0.92.2-1.fc14.i686 Os23, as released 6/15/2011, has: (so does (now)

Re: [OLPC-AU] [Dextrose] Support for Firefox 3.5 is ending

2011-06-05 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Does that mean that with FF4 installed, Browse is still working because it is (equivalently) using FF3.6 as the backend? Would that mean that if we were to upgrade to FF4, we would have a disparity in rendering between GNOME and Sugar? A note from a sometimes_bleeding_edge user: Ever since

Re: Get serial number or XO name from command line or python

2011-05-27 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Is there a simple way to get the XO serial number and/or the XO name You have to define serial number, and you have to define name. Further, the answer depends upon the software version in the XO : Start with (this is from a bash script) if [ -e /ofw/serial-number ]; then echo Serial

Re: 11.2.0 development build 19 released

2011-05-19 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
The visual representation is nice ??? I myself (and perhaps others) am used to the entire matrix being visually filled with green. [It already was a shock on the XO-1 when with F14 some blue intruded upon the first couple green lines.] Now the green leaves glaring gaps. The user is being

Re: 11.2.0 development build 19 released

2011-05-14 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I'm getting a download speed of 3 KB / sec !!! ___ Devel mailing list

Re: XO-1.75 RAM

2011-04-13 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Might 1GB of RAM become a performance bottleneck? I myself am skeptical of efforts to use the OLPC where a desktop system might be more effective. I've run various large applications on an XO-1.5 system, and have not myself experienced memory shortage. Unless the RAM chips on the XO-1.75

Re: [Sugar-devel] [DESIGN] XO1 | Same hardware, slower internet

2011-04-13 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Hmm, it'd be interesting to see how much of a performance improvement webkit offers. It's no big deal to run webkit-based browsers on the XO. For instance, all of my XO-1s have Midori installed. The question is - what is this performance improvement that you are looking for? I believe that

Re: Memory replacement

2011-03-13 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
The tests have also helped expose other issues with things like sudden power off. In one case a SPO during a write would corrupt the card so badly it became useless. You could only recover them via a super secret tool from the manufacturer. Is there any sledgehammer process available to

XO-1 OFW occasionally has difficulty reading from my permanent SD card

2011-03-13 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
It may well be the quality of the non-high-priced SD cards I use, but with q2e42 and later OFW versions, when several specific XO-1s are booted, OFW will occasionally (but not consistently) time out when trying to read the developer key from the SD card. My usual bypass is to unplug all external

Re: Discovering the XOs local timezone in a bash script

2011-03-12 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Well, 'My Settings' - 'Date Time' allows the user to specify the local timezone (I always do this) - but I'm not sure which routines actually make use of that setting. It can be extracted by (all on one line): gconftool-2 --direct

Re: [OLPC-AU] XO-1 developer key does not work

2011-03-11 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
why am I getting different readings for each method? My guess is that file /home/.devkey.html was copied in from some other system, and shows the serial number and UUID of the copied-from system. And there is a mis-match between the bottom cover and the motherboard. Since the boot process does

Re: Memory replacement

2011-03-09 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
advice please: go, no-go, spend the extra pennies and get a Class 4/6/8/10 Go. I was interested in having a higher-performing XO-1.5 -- so the card I bought back then was a class 6. It is likely the micro-SD card you have now is a class 2 -- so your new card (Sandisk has good reputation for

Re: Memory replacement

2011-03-09 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Also make sure that the partition is aligned to 4 MB, otherwise you waste half the performance and expected life. I do this for every SD card onto which I myself write the partition table. But I think the .zd files re-write the WHOLE SD card (including its partition table). If that is true,

Re: Memory replacement

2011-03-06 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
how to upgrade the SD card ? All you have to do is stick the new card in, then perform the 'fs-update' (with an appropriate-sized .zd image). The ENTIRE SD-card-content will be written-over-anew, including the partition table. The catch is that the micro-SD card is beneath the heat

Re: about about my xo

2011-03-04 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Is there a way ... to query the version and build information I myself use the command line a lot. I've written scripts for the XO which extract (on recent builds) this kind of information : * If there exists directory /ofw, the XO serial number gets shown by cat /ofw/serial-number *

Re: Graphics guinea pigs

2011-03-02 Thread Mikus Grinbergs then edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/xo1.5.conf and comment out the Option MigrationHeuristic greedy line. Then restart X runs finemikus ___ Devel mailing list

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