Re: Announcing OLPC OS 11.3.1 for XO-1, XO-1.5 and XO-1.75

2012-07-09 Thread S Page
On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 11:40 AM, Reuben K. Caron mentioned:

The download links in there are still to e.g. , not  The directories
appear to be the same.

I added  [[Build number::885]] to so
the lists in other pages like What release am I running? update.

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Re: compiled to .XO

2012-07-09 Thread S Page
On Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 8:48 PM, Mikus Grinbergs wrote:

 Am attaching an copy of an email I sent earlier to someone with a question
 similar to yours.  IMHO that email provides a concise how-to guide to
 fashioning a bare-bones .xo package.

Great stuff.  Someone, be brave and aggressively update

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XO-1 disk space and 12.1 offline update

2012-06-18 Thread S Page
On an XO-1 running a freshly installed os883 release 11.3.0 with
nothing in ~/Documents and hardly any Journal entries I was unable to
successfully update using
  sudo olpc-update 12.1.0d_xo1-12
, it ran out of space.  The 12.1.0 build is now up to 14, but I don't
think it shrank between build 12 and 14. I had 297MB free beforehand,
and only 14MB free after the update failed.

I wanted to try an upgrade using OLPC's simple offline update[1], but
the download directory lacks a
21014o0.usb file. It does have a 21014o0.toc , what's that for if
there's no .usb file?

I had nothing important on the XO so I can just do a fresh install of
12.1.0, but if someone else is able to try an XO-1 online update from
a fresh-ish 11.3.0 to 12.1.0 and has similar problems I think the
release notes could usefully caution You will *not* be able to update
an XO-1 running 11.3.x unless you delete material from the standard
installation so that you have over NNN MB free.

Also, after a failed olpc-update, is there a guide to where the cruft
I can remove is?  Since 11.3.0 is a recent build, the guide to
purging[2] doesn't apply;  /versions/{contents,pristine,run} all only
contain 883. `sudo du -sh /versions/*` says I have 901MB in
/versions/pristine and 649MB in /versions/updates; combined that's
more than the 1024MB flash size, so either they overlap or JFFS2
compression really works! Is it safe to remove the contents of

Cheers and thanks,

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Re: AFR: Sony's 2-screen Tablet P: a good idea gone wrong

2012-04-07 Thread S Page
On Mon, Apr 2, 2012 at 18:33, John Gilmore wrote:
 [Summary: 2-screen laptops need fairly deep software support because 2
  screens don't look like 1 screen.  I excerpted freely below; see
 the link for the entire story. --gnu]
 But the Tablet P is
 running Android, and neither Android nor most Android apps have a clue
 how to use the dual display.

Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)'s Fragments API sounds like it could handle
this; the Sony P runs 3.0 and is getting 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).
Because a tablet's screen is much larger than that of a handset,
there's more room to combine and interchange UI components. ... When
designing your application to support both tablets and handsets, you
can reuse your fragments in different layout configurations to
optimize the user experience based on the available screen space
No doubt Google has a long way to go to make fragments smart enough to
handle dual screens like this or a smartphone with HDMI out to a huge
TV. And then apps have to be updated to take advantage of fragments.

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Re: 11.3.1 development build 31 for XO-1 and XO-1.5

2012-03-31 Thread S Page
On Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 13:41, Martin Langhoff wrote:

 The software update sees the base url and the OS version, and tries

 First one to have content wins, and the software update stops searching.

As explained in . (Although
I'm still confused what happens if an Activity's has its
own update_url.)

Software Update's UI is very confusing, Fetching; actively misrepresents what
it's doing. It would be so nice if it printed Trying ... Trying FOUND;. I filed

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Re: [OLPC Engineering] [Techteam] 11.3.1 build 11 released for XO-1.75

2011-11-17 Thread S Page
 Sorry to butt in    What is the recommended way to identify the
 type/model of keyboard/trackpad?

 Good question.  This should be put on a Wiki page.,_Touchpad ?

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Re: can't boot XO-1 from USB, doc needed

2011-11-11 Thread S Page
I wrote:
 I'd like to boot off USB and look at my XO-1's NAND filesystem. But
 the wiki instructions for booting off USB[1] were out of date.

I still can't boot 11.3.0 from USB following

James Cameron helpfully replied:
 I would use to boot from USB
 and investigate the cause:

That worked using boot u:\boot\olpc.fth , very nice! I tweaked your
F.S. test steps to:

 # cat /proc/mtd
 # mkdir /mnt/MY_XO_FS
 # mount -t jffs2 mtd0 /mnt/MY_XO_FS

(I updated the wiki page with all this)

at which point after about 15 seconds I get
 JFFS2 error: (1053) jffs2_build_inode_pass1: child dir root (ino
#340448) of dir ino #340447 appears to be a hard link

Yet the NAND flash contents look pretty good, /home/olpc, /versions,
etc.  `find -inum 340xxx` fails to find those inode numbers, but
  find: ./versions/run/af5b6blahblah: Input/output error
`ls` reports this directory doesn't exist. Unfortunately there's no
fsck.jffs2 , so this seems irreparable. I hope it's just hardware
rather than the steps to free up disk space that I vaguely recall
running before I last shut down.

 I would also make a backup using the xo-backup tool included on the Tiny
 Core Linux build modified for XO-1.

That worked, nice!
  % gtar -v --create --directory /mnt/MY_XO_FS/home/olpc \
 --file /mnt/sda1/xo_home_olpc.tar .

Thanks again! Now I'll install *without* using olpc-update for the
first time in years.

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Re: 12.1.0 devel build 1 released, for XO-1.5 and XO-1

2011-11-07 Thread S Page
[I removed cc'd olpc and techteam lists, I'm not a member of them.]

Is there documentation for the new files .onu, .uim, etc.? Is there a
high-level build system script to look at instead of trying to infer
from the resulting files what they do?

I couldn't find anything, so I added a section Files produced by the
build system to
, corrections welcome.

I'm also updating the out-of-date , as I could only
find questions and bug reports about this, no actual procedure that
work for the current files.

(And congratulations, technology advances inexorably!)

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can't boot XO-1 from USB, doc needed

2011-11-07 Thread S Page
I wanted to try 11.3.0 but my XO-1 prints scary JFFS2 warnings before
Boot has failed, sleeping forever..  (After four years, no more
olpc-update for me.)

I'd like to boot off USB and look at my XO-1's NAND filesystem. But
the wiki instructions for booting off USB[1] were out of date. I've
updated them to de-emphasize the .ext3.img that's no longer built, but
can't find instructions for what's in current builds. There have been
mail threads and bug reports on the subject, recently 11.2.0 XO-1
boot from USB or SD doesn't work for me[2] which wound up providing
workarounds [3] without explaining how to get started. I think there
was a more recent thread but I can't find it.

* Can I jump through hoops to mount the JFFS2 .img and transfer its
contents (cpio?) to an ext3 partition?

* I created an ext3 partition named OLPCRoot and used
sudo tar --lzma --numeric-owner -xvf /path/to/os883.tree.tar.lzma
  to extract the build's files.  But the tree doesn't have /boot ,
initrd, or actrd?!  That's probably why trying to boot from it gives
  ok boot u:
  Boot device: /usb/disk: Arguments:
  The attempt to load a boot image failed.
These files are deep within u:\versions\run\883\boot , should I be
providing special arguments or creating symlinks?

Also, people have written separate instructions for booting from
SD[4], but wouldn't the procedure be the same?

I promise to write up any explanations provided...


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Re: Sugar and GTK updates

2011-08-21 Thread S Page
On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 13:49, Peter Robinson wrote:

 I've been working on keeping Fedora's deps in check for quite some
 time (from around Fedora 8 or 9 if my memory serves me correctly). Its
 unfortunately one of those pretty thankless and never ending jobs.

Thanks much!

 If people pick up on things where we can split
 certain features out into sub-packages so we don't pull in big deps do
 let me know,

Is there a tracking bug like ?

In response to 2011/6/3 Yader Velásquez's Packages size list 11.2.0
build 20 message, I commented:

 37.69mb perl
Something's always dragging Perl in, and OLPC engineers hack it out again.
`rpm -e --test perl` suggests /usr/bin perl is needed by inkscape ,
but my rpm-foo is weak. Inkscape might also be the one pulling in
 6.54mb ImageMagick

 0.45mb perl-Pod-Simple
I believe XO's don't include any documentation this generates.

 1.77mb libbonobo
 1.21mb libbonoboui
 0.46mb ORBit2
Deprecated since Gnome 2.4 around 2007 and yet they're still around :-(

 10.29mb wxGTK
I think the Audacity app for Gnome is the only thing that requires the
wx toolkit.

 0.32mb rarian
 0.23mb rarian-compat
These produce documentation that isn't shipped on the XOs.  See

 11.61mb evolution-data-server
That's still there, but I think because gnome-panel-2.32 requires it,
and some other Gnome packages need libs from its package.

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Re: 11.2.0 successful XO-1 olpc-update, keyboard woes

2011-07-02 Thread S Page
On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 07:26, Daniel Drake wrote:
 On 30 June 2011 12:32, S Page wrote:
 Ctrl+Alt+Neighborhood to switch to console doesn't work, nor do other
 Ctrl+Alt+Fn combinations.

 Strange. Ctrl+Alt+F2 and F3 should take you to terminals, and F1 back
 to sugar. Can you reproduce this?

They now work!  I'm fairly certain they wasn't working at first, maybe
this is related to the copy/paste key combinations not working at
first.  But I started a new Terminal activity and Shift+Ctrl+C/V
aren't working (until I activated the Edit menu) and yet those console
key combinations worked from the beginning.

The ordering is different than it was before, so I added a section to , dunno if
this warrants a release note .  Also, Ctrl+Alt+Activity View (F4?)
takes me to a blank screen with an underlined cursor, and it later
filled up with some kernel messages.  This read-only console output
session seems new, I think in 10.1.3 console output appeared in one of
the regular VTs.

 Also, pressing left and right mouse buttons simultaneously used to
 paste the primary selection in Terminal, I think because this
 simulates a middle-click and that's been the middle mouse button
 behavior in UNIX. Not any more.

 Did this definitely work in 10.1.3?
 Sounds like an unintentional change if that is the case.

Almost certainly.  Unfortunately I only have the one XO-1.

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Re: [Sugar-devel] Packages size list 11.2.0 build 20

2011-06-30 Thread S Page
2011/6/29 S Page

 0.72mb totem-pl-parser
 It looks like the totem music player's playlist facility is still
 using some tiny piece of Perl

I misremembered, its dependency was on evolution-data-server, .

 11.61mb evolution-data-server
That's still there, but I think because gnome-panel-2.32 requires it,
and some other Gnome packages need libs from its package.

`rpm -e --test perl` suggests /usr/bin perl is needed by inkscape ,
but my rpm-foo is weak. Inkscape might also be the one pulling in
 6.54mb ImageMagick

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11.2.0 successful XO-1 olpc-update, keyboard woes

2011-06-30 Thread S Page
XO-1 updating from 10.1.3 to 11.2.0.

It was hard to free up enough space. As Yioryos Asprobounitis said in
olpc-update works on XO-1! I had to delete ~/Library content and
there's no UI to do so for bundled content.  After I freed up enough
space, my third `sudo olpc-update candidate-870` completed
successfully, so it seems you can just retry the command until it
works. I don't know how much space free I would have needed to do it
one go, his 470MB sounds about right.

Shutdown and restart went fine, and then I had 370 MB space free
thanks to 11.2.0 removing the old version's files in /versions.
Software Update worked fine, down to 311MB free. Networking and power
seem to work well, Journal preserved my old items and metadata. Great

I had problems with the keyboard. Someone was saying in another thread
(that I can't find) that Shift+Ctrl+C/V don't work to copy and paste
in Terminal activity. I found this too, for hours only the menu items
worked. Then the keyboard shortcuts started working; it might have
been some combination of moving between various activity menus that
made it work.

Ctrl+Alt+Neighborhood to switch to console doesn't work, nor do other
Ctrl+Alt+Fn combinations.

Also, pressing left and right mouse buttons simultaneously used to
paste the primary selection in Terminal, I think because this
simulates a middle-click and that's been the middle mouse button
behavior in UNIX. Not any more.

When My Settings is up, if you Alt-Tab to the Journal you can't
operate the Journal or type in its find box, but you can Alt-Tab to
the Terminal and type behind it.

The Frame gained a new touchpad icon that seems to disable the
touchpad, I couldn't see any documentation for this in release notes
or Sugar release notes or the Help activity. Unlike everything else in
the frame it has no context menu on hover.

I can file bugs for these...

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Re: 11.2.0 release candidate 1 (build 870) released

2011-06-29 Thread S Page
 We're looking for testing and feedback on all aspects of the system.

Yet doesn't mention
11.2.0.  If that's obsolete, put a {{dated}}, {{deprecated}}, or
{{obsolete|link=[[A more relevant page]]}} template at the top.

I'm attempting olpc-update, it's hard to free up enough space on an XO-1.

The release notes Installation section should suggest backing up
first. says to back
up an XO-1.5 you should boot up Tiny Core Linux, is that the only way
to do it?

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Re: [Sugar-devel] Packages size list 11.2.0 build 20

2011-06-29 Thread S Page
2011/6/3 Yader Velásquez
 I've written a shell script for get an orden list (mayor to minor) of the
 packages list with their size.
 I run it in a XO 1.0 with the build 20 of the 11.2.0. The idea is to make
 make the build smaller by getting rid of un-needed packages.

Awesome.  Assuming some of it is history repeating itself, see

Is there a Fedora equivalent of ? seems all administrivia, I
can't get requirements or file contents out of it.

 37.69mb perl
Something's always dragging Perl in, and OLPC engineers hack it out again.

 0.72mb totem-pl-parser
It looks like the totem music player's playlist facility is still
using some tiny piece of Perl, Daniel Drake made build hacks to remove
it that AIUI weren't accepted upstream. Before that Perl was pulled in
by gstream-plugins-base, libbonobo, etc.

 0.45mb perl-Pod-Simple
I believe XO's don't include any documentation this generates.

 1.77mb libbonobo
 1.21mb libbonoboui
 0.46mb ORBit2
Deprecated since Gnome 2.4 around 2007 and yet they're still around :-(

 10.29mb wxGTK
I think the Audacity app for Gnome is the only thing that requires the
wx toolkit.

 0.32mb rarian
 0.23mb rarian-compat
These produce documentation that isn't shipped on the XOs.  See

etc.  Good luck!  BTW, it's MB, not milli-bits :-)

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Re: olpc-update works on XO-1!

2011-06-27 Thread S Page
On Fri, Jun 17, 2011 at 15:05, Yioryos Asprobounitis wrote:

 Well, the good news is that updating from os860 tp os23 is possible!

But doesn't 11.2.0 change the partitioning (but no longer, as I
understand it, changes the file system from jffs2 to ubifs)?  Surely
olpc-update doesn't change that.

 The bad news is that it needs ~470MB of free space to work and os860 pristine 
 leaves only ~380MB free.

I think those space requirements should be in Release notes/11.2.0.  I
think there's a page somewhere on the wiki about freeing up storage
space, but I couldn't find it.

I tried `sudo olpc-update candidate-870` with 159MB free.  First
attempt restarted sugar after less than a minute (probably OOM, I may
have had other activities than Terminal running). My second attempt
with -v -v quickly freed up 340MB or so after Deleting old
pristine/run/contents for  version a04blah blah, then ground away
rsyncing, before failing with
 rsync error: errors with program diagnostics (code 13)...
 Attempt olpc_update_irsync_pristine failed... returned non-zero exit status 13
Then it tried irsync_dirty update that silently failed (maybe it
couldn't update my log file), at which point I had 11MB free.

Is there a way to tell which Record entries in the journal take up the
most space?

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Re: [Testing] Software update problems in OLPC 10.1.3

2011-01-12 Thread S Page
On Sat, Jan 8, 2011 at 8:48 PM, Mikus Grinbergs wrote:
 I install Activities manually, rather than with software install.  With
 Help-12 (from 'help-12.xo' gotten via on that
 system, My Settings - Software Update tells me all my software is
 up-to-date (and does NOT get errors checking installed activities).

Good to know.  I've got a Help-11 installed according to its
activity_version in and Home view  List view, so it
seems right to be trying to update.

I just repeated Software Update and it claims all my software is up to
date, including Help-11.  Hmmm.
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Re: OLPC 10.1.2 Release Candidate 3

2010-08-26 Thread S Page
On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 7:58 PM, S Page wrote:
 == Activity groups ==
 I notice there's a new activity group,
 I think this was in os851 as well, but I'm pretty sure that either
 olpc-update to os851 or the Software update control panel gave me
 all-new activities such as Finance, Physics, Stopwatch... one
 reason I have so little space!
 == Has anyone else upgrading an XO-1 gotten these extra activities?

I think this happened because I had a ~olpc/Activities/.groups that
contained , and I think this
means Software update uses or possibly .../10.1.2,
 a big list of activities intended for XO-1.5.  (The process is
explained at

I've written up a workaround for this problem with XO-1 updates, , if anyone else
is testing updating XO-1s from 8.2.0 , please reply or comment if
you're having this problem or not.  It seems important enough for the
release notes.

There are two things that make this problem worse.

The name in is G1G1
Activities for OLPC OS 10.1, and this appears in Software update 
Modify activity groups.  It could be usefully changed to Larger set
of G1G1 Activities for OLPC OS 10.1.

Both Software update and `sugar-control-panel -g available_updates`
misrepresent the URL they're using.  They both print Fetching; even though that usually
*isn't* the web page they retrieve and use!  I filed , the fix is in Sugar (cpsection
and/or bitfrost) but a partial workaround is to label each subpage of
Activities/G1G1/ in greater detail using the activities microformat.
Details in the bug report.

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Re: OLPC 10.1.2 Release Candidate 3

2010-08-26 Thread S Page
On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 1:26 AM, James Cameron wrote:
 On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 07:58:37PM -0700, S Page wrote:
 olpc-update still said `sudo olpc-update 10.1.2_xo1-851` , I assume
 that's a typo and changed it and the .usb links to 852.

 I've usually avoided changing that until I've tested it, as part of my
 role as system test coordinator.

Ah, sorry, feel free to revert.

It seems odd to tell people to update to an unexplained earlier build
number.  Maybe change all the numbers but next to each say This
update method has not yet been tested with the most recent [/final]
build., then over time remove the caveats.

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Re: OLPC 10.1.2 Release Candidate 3

2010-08-25 Thread S Page
On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 9:17 AM, Chris Ball wrote:

olpc-update still said `sudo olpc-update 10.1.2_xo1-851` , I assume
that's a typo and changed it and the .usb links to 852.

Despite having only 69 MB free space on my XO-1, I did the olpc-update
from os851.  I got some errors (I'll attach output in another e-mail)
but the irsync_dirty update succeeded. I now have *more* free space
than I did before, perhaps the magic of /versions freed up space
because os851 and os852 are closer than 802 and os850.

== Activity groups ==
I notice there's a new activity group,
I think this was in os851 as well, but I'm pretty sure that either
olpc-update to os851 or the Software update control panel gave me
all-new activities such as Finance, Physics, Stopwatch... one reason I
have so little space!
== Has anyone else upgrading an XO-1 gotten these extra activities?
If so this seems significant because it really cuts down space.

I documented the relationship between G1G1Lite and the other
Activities/G1G1 pages on the wiki, I think I got it right.

== Release notes ==
The release notes need to mention big-picture changes like Fedora 9
to Fedora 11, Sugar 0.82.1 to 0.84.16, new firmware, etc.
It would be nice if the release notes described the changes since
8.2.1 instead of referring to 10.1.0 and 10.1.1 and intermediate

The release notes don't tell you to reboot after olpc-update , though
that's the last thing olpc-update prints.  And is inaccurate now that the Restart
command is gone from the center XO menu in Favorites mode of the Home

I'll add more release note details in the Talk page as requested.

 * Disable XO-1 idle-suspend for release due to blockers #10232 and #10233
Oh well.  It felt weird to have that sluggish response after the
screen dimmed (if this is what caused it), but I was getting used to

Thanks and congratulations!
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Re: OLPC 10.1.2 Release Candidate 3

2010-08-25 Thread S Page
 Just updated my XO-1.5 to 852 and I now have the battery show up twice in
 the frame...

I didn't notice this on my XO-1 after olpc-update --usb from 802 to
os851, and not in my network olpc-update from os851 to os852.

Devel mailing list

Re: OLPC 10.1.2 Release Candidate 3

2010-08-25 Thread S Page
On my XO-1 after olpc-update --usb to os851 and then network
olpc-update to os852, I notice almost all my system files are dated
2007-11-02 according to `ls -l`.  Things like
* /usr/bin/*
* /etc/olpc-release
* /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.31xol-blah (but not the /boot/vmlinuz symlink)
* /versions/sticky, many files in /versions/pristine/EITHER_UID/* , etc.

Symlinks and directories have today's date, and stuff in ~olpc and
/var dates from 2010 as you'd expect.

Seeing 2007 everywhere is disconcerting.  Does anyone else see this,
could it be some issue with olpc-update or rsync?  My network
olpc-update failed in its pristine attempt and retried the dirty
version, I don't know if that's significant.  `date` has right time
and timezone, `ls -l --time=ctime` or --time=use gives the expected
2010 dates.

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Software update in OLPC 10.1.2 Release Candidate 2, faster JavaScript

2010-08-15 Thread S Page
(You didn't actually say you wanted feedback, but you sent this to
Testing, and didn't say you didn't.  People aren't using any more?)

== Software update ==
You have to scroll sideways in the My Settings panel to expose the
Software update and Language control panels.  I'm pretty sure someone
mentioned this problem with the grid layout already, but I can't find
What's the search box in My Settings supposed to do?  Searching for
Software update doesn't bring it into view or highlight it.

I mentioned that after Software update my Home view didn't show new
and updated activities until I restarted Sugar.  dsd has proposed a
fix in

Software update tells me Fetching; , its Modify activity
groups tells me this is the URL for G1G1 Activities for OLPC OS 10.1,
and w.l.o. tells me 'This page lists the latest versions of the
various activities in the G1G1 activity group for the very latest
build'.  But is NOT the list
of activities for 10.1!  The actual page that's used seems to be , only this has the new
activities like Words and Stopwatch.  If that's so, I think the
Activities and Activities/G1G1 pages should say something like If
you're running OLPC OS release 10.1, lists the activities in
the G1G1 set for it and is the list checked by its Software update.
I'll make the change if no one disagrees.

The Activities/G1G1/10.1 page still says Turtle Art, but the 10.1
release calls it Turtle Blocks, I think should
mention the name change.

On an unrelated pleasant note, I ran Sunspider on 8.2.1 and got a
score of 55,109.6 ms.  On 10.1.2, my score was 19941.6 ms, 2.76x as
fast!  XULRunner 1.9 to 1.9.1 was a big jump, it includes the
TraceMonkey JavaScript engine from Firefox 3.5.

=S Page
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Re: olpc-update and 10.1.2

2010-08-14 Thread S Page
On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 2:59 AM, S Page wrote:
 but the big problem I have is after Software update none of the new
 activities showed up in the Home screen in the Favorites ring or List
 view, and the List view shows the old versions for activities, e.g.
 Browse 102 not 110.  Is this a known issue?  All the new versions are
 sitting in ~/Activities, so I'm not sure why the Home screen has stale

This sounds like existing bug ,
Home view list view does not change versions after Software update,
I added my report.
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Re: olpc-update and 10.1.2

2010-08-13 Thread S Page
On Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 11:04 PM, James Cameron wrote:
 [[`olpc-update --usb`]] Fixed for os851.

Excellent, and I can confirm it works for an upgrade from 8.2.1 (build 802).

 It sounds like olpc-update will take a lot of flash space.  Maybe the
 10.1.2 notes should say how much you'll need.  Will the program tell
 me there's not enough room?

 Takes about 350Mb, but it is not practical to explain exactly how much
 space is required, since it depends on too many factors (other previous
 olpc-updates in particular).

Understood.  I had 358MB free on my xo-1 and that wasn't enough.  My
first `sudo olpc-update --usb` failed with a string of errors, after
it exited I had only 16MB free.  BTW, Mb means Megabits, you mean

  Yes, if there's not enough room it stops,
 and after clearing some room
I removed the WikiBrowse activity and some large collections (maybe
the release notes should have pointers for how to do this) to free up
about 110 MB.

 it can be asked to continue from where it
 left off.
I'm not sure what you mean, but I simply repeated the command and
despite all its temp files and symlinks in /versions, it completed.
Now that's good softwarin' !

The next problem is Software update wanted to install 218.8 MB of
stuff and I had only 77MB free.  I unchecked Wikipedia and WikipediaEN
(WikiBrowse Spanish and WikiBrowse English) to save space and updated.

So I think the Release notes should say [upgrade] requires roughly
*450MB* of free space.  And change the second part to be and if you
install all the latest activities, Software update downloads about
350MB of material if that's what you are referring to.

I found a few minor glitches which I'll e-mail or file Trac tickets,
but the big problem I have is after Software update none of the new
activities showed up in the Home screen in the Favorites ring or List
view, and the List view shows the old versions for activities, e.g.
Browse 102 not 110.  Is this a known issue?  All the new versions are
sitting in ~/Activities, so I'm not sure why the Home screen has stale

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Re: [Sugar-devel] backups

2010-08-12 Thread S Page
Interesting!  I think Journal backup to the school server has been a
feature since XS 0.4 and Release 8.2, see
, and that's what your picture shows.  I assume you're referring to
the recent Sugar work (I think
that has added backup to locally-attached volumes.

I think other ways to back up individual Journal items are the
copy_from_journal script and dragging items to an attached USB drive
in the Journal. I find it hard to figure out what's significant or
large in my sporadic Journal use.

(BTW, USB key, memory stick, pendrive, thumb drive etc. are
all confusing pet names for the actual name which is USB flash

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Re: cairo has now 16bit surfaces (was Fwd: rendering-cleanup)

2010-08-06 Thread S Page
On Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 7:26 AM, Tomeu Vizoso wrote:
 This means that graphic operations would be considerably faster on the
 XO-1 because to date we are rendering to 24bit surfaces that the X
 server has to convert to 16bit every time.

This Cairo change is in 1.9.8 onwards so isn't in the
cairo-1.8.8-1.fc11.i586 in XO release 10.1.2.  Also, the separate
Mozilla bug to allow use of 16-bit surfaces was fixed in June, , so XULRunner
will sometimes use 16-bit surfaces or can be coerced to do so.   I
don't think the Mozilla fix is in any released XULRunner package.

An unrelated Cairo performance issue is whether the pixel scaling of
Browse on XO means that the browser's efforts to pixel-align its
drawing with Cairo is defeated.  Supposedly you can figure this out
using cairo_trace, which is available in cairo-tools for 1.9.6
onwards.  Fedora packages for Cairo 1.9.10 are available, but it's a
development release leading up to the often-delayed 1.10 stable

 -- Forwarded message --
 From: Soeren Sandmann
 Date: Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 15:22
 Subject: Re: rendering-cleanup
 To: Yasushi SHOJI

 Note that cairo 1.10 (which GTK+ 3.0 will depend on, as I understand),
 has a client side 565 buffer: CAIRO_FORMAT_RGB16_565.
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Images partitioned right? Good USB drives? (Re: Woodhouse on flash storage)

2009-10-09 Thread S Page
On Tue, Oct 6, 2009 at 3:10 AM, Mitch Bradley wrote:

 b) If you must construct a fixed partition layout for use on multiple
 different devices, align each partition on at least a 4MiB boundary.
 That means that you waste 4M for the partition map (one 512-byte
 sector padded out to a 4 MiB boundary, but oh well).  For devices 2 GiB
 or less - the previous generation - maybe 1 MiB alignment would be okay,
 as such devices are likely to have smaller erase blocks.  Those numbers
 seem safe to me.

Do the F11 / SoaS overwrite your USB/SD device XO images follow this
   cat soas??xo.2gremovable.tar.lzma | lzma -dc - | tar xf - -O  /dev/sdX

(The way a boot image is created and distributed as multiple
monolithic 379+ MB files seems crazy -- surely it's just a collection
of files, tweaks to the existing MBR, and some disk partitioning and
FS layout requirements.  But that's a different discussion. ;-) )

The old Fedora 10 on XO project specifically recommended SanDisk
Extreme III SD cards.  Can anyone suggest generally-good brands of USB
flash drives?

(I have a cheap USB flash drive that has gone crazy after two
/dev/sdb reblastings; often usb-creator leaves it in a bizarre state
and dosfsck reports hundreds of errors it can't repair.  Weird.)

Thanks for all you do!

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Building a kernel module (Re: Problems compiling bluetooth module)

2009-08-28 Thread S Page
I put your wisdom in a new section
, please improve it. Thanks.
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Re: New F11-for-XO1 build is available and needs testing

2009-08-02 Thread S Page
On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 5:20 PM, Steven M. wrote:
 I have taken over creating builds for the XO1 from Daniel, and have created a
 new build of F11 for the XO1.

Thanks!  I updated and some
other pages to reflect that Mr. Drake's possibility is reality.

 Installation instructions: use copy-nand to install os3.img with os3.crc.

I see you also created an os3.iso.  Might that work with Fedora
LiveUSB Creator? (I'm on Kubuntu, I guess I'll try Ubuntu's

Can you see if anything from is
still relevant and if so copy it over (or let me know).  I think that
page can then be marked {{dated}} since isn't getting new builds.

Thanks again,
=S Page
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Wiki fixin' (Re: Windows on XO FUD (was: Re: is anyone actually doing Windows on XO work here?)

2009-07-21 Thread S Page
On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 4:54 AM, Sascha wrote:

 Even the OLPC wiki contains links [1] to misleading reports [2] about
 Windows on the XO without any further, clarifying comment.

Thanks for pointing this out.

== Basic Wiki tactics ==
*Always date wiki statements*!
has announced, today, is working on, end of the summer are
awful phrases that later turn pages _harmful_ unless they are rooted
to a specific month and year.

*Before you write anything, assume there's _already_ a page*
Besides Dual-boot, there's

*Always categorize*
So people can find these other pages.

*Don't repeat, link and rewrite*
Everyone wants to say things their own way. Don't.  Just link to what
already exists.  If you don't like it, improve it with judicious
reorganization, limited additions, and rewriting.

== What I did ==
* I put the definitive lines
- - - -
  The OLPC laptop's firmware has dual-boot capability. It can boot
into Windows XP as well as any Linux distribution, including OLPC's
own system software featuring the Sugar UI on Fedora Linux.

  As of July 2009, no large deployment of OLPC laptops is running Windows.
- - - -
at the top of the Windows article.

* Linked to Mitch Bradley's excellent e-mail.
* Moved the blather at the top of the Windows article to Announcements
* Moved the blather in the Dual-boot article to Various statements
and articles from 2008
* added [[Category:MS-Windows]] to all these pages.

== To Do ==
* Update Dual-boot with actual technical details from Mitch's e-mail
(unless they're already on the wiki).
* Rewrite all the dated will... summer stuff from the MS_FAQ and add
the actual reality of dual-booting.
* Cite and date Message from Nicholas to the community lists in AnnounceFAQ
* Merge anything worth keeping from AnnounceFAQ to MS FAQ, maybe
obsolete MS FAQ as well.

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Re: Performance hit while working with screen depth 16

2009-07-13 Thread S Page
On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 2:40 AM, Tomeu wrote:

 Btw, the issue of depth transformations have been known in the Geode
 for quite some time. We didn't switched to 24bpp because of the amount
 of memory available.

Right, and in 8.2.1 xdpyinfo indicates my default screen visual is
still RGB 565.

 AFAIR the problem was that Cairo has no 16bit surfaces on which we
 could work,

The most recent discussion of the issue in the Cairo graphics library
is in the threads
where Cairo expert Behdad says
Most of the situations where RGB16_565 may be needed,
[cairo_surface_create_similar]() does a better job.
If you use this function to create a surface matching your eventual
Xlib target window that is  16bpp, Cairo will internally use a 16bpp
drawing surface.  This technique was discussed on the sugarlabs list
and again in December 2008.

However many graphics libraries use cairo_image_surface_create() to
create a bitmap for rendering independent of the eventual target
window .  These graphics libraries are willing to provide you a 565
bitmap (saving memory and improving performance) but the explicit
CAIRO_FORMAT_RGB16_565 format is still deprecated, despite patches
that fix this (see below).

 so we use 32 (or is it 24?)
I dunno, what does GTK on OLPC do?  I don't know enough pycairo to
check what's going on.

 and those need to be converted
 by the X server. I have heard a rumour about someone (OpenMoko?
 Maemo?) having invested resources in adding 16bit surfaces to Qt so it
 ran properly on their hardware.

Cairo is unrelated to Qt.  However, the Maemo project has cairo paches
for 565 support, see
and also Mozilla is pushing for a Firefox that works in 16bpp and has
similar cairo patches, see

Staying 16bpp all the way should be a win for memory and performance,
it's just a matter of getting all the layers lined up.

Prepend AIUI in front of every paragraph I wrote  8-)
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Re: New kernel branch for XO-1 and XO-1.5 development

2009-07-09 Thread S Page
On Thu, Jul 9, 2009 at 5:59 PM, Paul wrote:

 plus, no immediate release for the
 XO-1 is even on the drawing board.

D'oh! I would have thought OLPC deployments would want one software
release for XO-1 and XO-1.5. Is a single image simply impossible for
technical reasons -- different firmware, different NAND flash
capacity, different file systems?

I understand OLPC has extremely limited resources.  Maybe you could
provide the raw materials for builds together with scripts that let
more expert users turn them into what they need.  Given the XO-1.5
packages, an XO-1 kernel, the geode driver, the build scripts and a
ton more l33t skillz would I be able to make my own XO-1 image?

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ASLO vs. activities (was Re: ASLO Suggestion)

2009-06-17 Thread S Page
[I removed some cc'd lists of which I'm not a member]

Summary: Replacing with
sounds great to me.

On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 6:10 AM, Sean wrote:
 OLPC has their list ( and we
 need to get that page to link to ASLO ...

I added a bullet to this and :

* has lots of activities for recent
versions of the [[Sugar]] environment, ''some'' of which may work on
OLPC [[builds]].

 ..., the information there is uneven
 (contains some stillborn/abandonware).

The current split organization is a mess and duplication provides
twice as many opportunities to be wrong.  There's a dozen other lists
of all activities on besides the Activities/All
page, see , killing off
some isn't going to hurt.  So just be brave and change it to

 Perhaps the easiest fix would
 be to link from each Activity position on that page to that Activity's
 ASLO page;
Sure, you could replace the fancy activity descriptions on with a simple link to their
ASLO page.

 people searching the Activity population would quickly
 understand the different/parallel nature of the OLPC page and ASLO.

If you can understand it, please explain it ;-)   Activities/All
claims This is a list of all stable Activities  that can be installed
in the latest Sugar., but
* they are NOT all getting updated
* latest Sugar meaning what?  OLPC doesn't ship latest Sugar.

 far as I know, there aren't any issues with the very latest versions
 running on XO-1s, would I be correct in assuming this?

You're incorrect.  Sugar 0.84 is different from the Sugar 0.82.1 in
OLPC release 8.2.0 and 8.2.1. I understand there are issues for
Browse, Etoys, and Read which depend on libraries and already have
separate latest versions.  I assume some other activities have
problems.  Unfortunately, most activity pages on and on don't specify their compatibility clearly, and it's
impossible to tell the difference between Old version NN is still
truly the latest version that works on OLPC's 8.2 and Nobody's
bloody updated this out-of-date info.

 Or does OLPC
 prefer to identify known good version, the ones updated through the
 XO Control Panel?

In OLPC release 8.2.0 and subsequent releases, the Software update
control panel updates installed activities using a complex fallback
mechanism involving *other, separate* pages such as Activities/8.2
and/or Activities/G1G1/8.2 , see .  Those subpages are where
known good version info must live for Software update to work, while
other activity pages are mostly useless out-of-date cruft. Maintaining
all these pages is manual and complicated, see , and
for many activities it isn't happening.

Hope this helps,
=S Page
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Re: Current Stable OS Install

2009-06-17 Thread S Page
On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 1:46 PM, Jacob wrote:

 I've been digging through and fedora wikis, forums and dev lists 
 for this answer and cannot seem to find it.

 I have a first gen XO (G1G1) and want to install the current stable OS on it.

From and the green box on
pages like,

  Stable: Build 802 (8.2.1) ,  2009-05-13

Read to see if
you are running the latest stable release, both those pages link to
it.  The 8.2.1 release notes have instructions for upgrading.

Can you remember pages on and that confused you?

 Fedora 11 is out, but I cannot seem to find any builds of it, or 10 that seem 
 to work on the XO. Am I missing something?

8.2.1 is I believe still based on Fedora 9. If you want something
later, you'll have to run a development/beta build. tries to explain and link to
the alternatives, if it doesn't make sense ask away (or edit

=S Page
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Re: ASLO vs. activities

2009-06-17 Thread S Page
Summary of activity pages on
* I believe Activities/All isn't used for Software_updater info.  I
just now marked it obsoleted by ASLO

* Each activity's general info page mostly isn't used for
Software_updater info; developers should put the {{Activity migrated
to sl.o}} template on them and kill off redundant info.

* Activity fragment pages like Activities/Browse_(8.2) and the
activity group pages like Activities/N.N and Activities/G1G1/N.NN that
transclude them are used by Software_updater and developers should
continue to update them as newer versions for 8.2.x come out.

* Maintaining Software_updater's HTML microformat info on ASLO instead
for activities that are not part of any activity group is doable but
not straightforward.

On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 12:46 PM, Chris wrote:
    The Sugar Labs Activities Portal seems to be holding up pretty
    well under load.  My suggestion would be to start phasing out the
    activities pages on

 Are you just talking about, or
 the* pages too?

 My understanding is the software updater still uses the latter pages

Alas there are a lot of pages floating around.  e 8.2.x Software
update control panel reads a set of pages with a /NN.N suffix using a
complicated fallback system with bugs.  Those pages need to have a
special HTML microformat (class=olpc-activity-blahblah) that
identifies versions and download URLs.  See

Most activities on w.l.o use a MediaWiki template like
[[Template:Activity-oneline]] to create fragments with the microformat
like that the
activity groups transclude, but there's no reason an activity's
update_url can't point to an arbitrary URL with the right info; see

 because there isn't an equivalent in ASLO.

ASLO has the info, but it might be challenging to create the right set
of fallback pages with NN.N suffixes and the microformat HTML.

  Is that right?  (SoaS
 includes the software updater, so we shouldn't break it by removing
 those pages before there's an ASLO equivalent.)

I dunno if SoaS has software updater.

Depending on what you mean by those pages, see summary above.
Although Activities/All has the microformat in it, I don't think any
activity specifies it.  I guess some users might have chosen Modify
activity groups to point to Activities/All in order to download a
huge set of activities.

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Re: new content bundle

2009-06-17 Thread S Page
On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 9:47 AM, Rodolfo D. Arce wrote:

 I managed to create a bundle.xol but when i can't find the procedure
 to install it.. , I
just added instructions for installing from USB flash drive and
confirmed it works in OLPC 8.2.x.  What software release are you

i can manually install it by unziping, but i want to
 be able to put it on the schoolserver and get the kids to install from

That also works fine for me in OLPC release 8.2.0/8.2.1. Make sure the
web server specifies the right mime type for .xol, see

 another thing.. Although i can access the files from within the file
 system file:///home/olpc/Library/content/index.html i can't seem to
 be able to put it on the index page of the browser so kids could
 access from the menu,

That should happen automatically during content bundle installation in
OLPC releases with OLPC Library as the Browse home page, see  Are you
running a different language?  Maybe it doesn't work in other

This feature doesn't work in Sugar Labs releases, filed. (My understanding is Sugar
Labs plans unification of library and Journal and/or a dedicated
Library activity).

Hope this helps,

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Re: Development of XO-1.5 software release started

2009-06-12 Thread S Page
On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 6:43 AM, Daniel wrote:
 A small group of us have started working on the software release for the
 XO-1.5, based on Fedora 11. Some details here:

Is this the same 8.2.x software release described in ? --

We also expect the Gen 1.5 machines to ship with an OLPC 8.2.x
software release, modified to support Gen 1.5's new hardware but
otherwise unchanged from the current production software release and
compatible with our current software in the field. 

I.e. is us we ? :-)

Bon voyage,,
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Browse page with full-sized images crashes Browse and Firefox, it seems partly a issue

2009-06-01 Thread S Page
or Browse no browse Browse :-)

Visit in either Browse or Firefox on
8.2.1 and your laptop will lock up and minutes later Browse will die.
This is mentioned in comments on and

If you use Firefox's Tools  Page Info  Media and scroll through the
list of images, you see that the page has dozens of full-sized
screenshots, all around 1,200 x 900 px, that the browser scales to
tiny thumbnails according to the img tag's width and height.

But that's not how Mediawiki is supposed to work.  If a page on calls for a thumbnail of a large image, it contains a
reference to a pre-shrunk image rather than the original full-size
image. E.g. has a
thumbnail of a screenshot.  So the image it references is
which is 180px wide, rather than the full-size original

Somehow doesn't create thumbnails, it seems to only
refer to the originals.  I reopened bug 8278 and e-mail this to OLPC
has the configuration instructions.

Could this thumbnail problem be related to the's
ImageMagick failures on the large SVGs ?

The XO should be able to deal with complex image-heavy pages on the
web better.  I guess it's allocating memory close to a limit, then
OLPC's bad out-of-memory behavior kicks in.  Why can't the O.S. kill
Browse faster instead of locking up for minutes? references
previous e-mail threads on this subject.

=S Page
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Re: wrong Activity versions for 8.2(.1) -- Etoys, Memorize, Terminal, Read, others

2009-05-27 Thread S Page
BUG: Software update in OLPC release 8.2.1 doesn't attempt to read
8.2.1 versions of files such as
because, I think, nobody updated /etc/olpc-release !

/etc/olpc-release contains 8.2, and if you read
bitfrost/update/'s get_major_version(), that's the wrong
content and leads to the wrong behavior:
  get_os_version() = 802
  get_release_version() = 8.2   should be 8.2.1
  get_major_version()= None   should be 8.2

Bug #8022 was filed about this for Release 8.2.0 but not fixed, I
filed a similar bug for 8.2.1,

Also, the progress output of Software update is *incredibly* misleading, it says
when in fact it is probably retrieving a different URL with a build or
release part tacked on.  And then it seems to read variations of
update_url from, and and possibly repeatedly reads , but none of this is its log or
debug output.

As I remark in bug 9317, I think a workaround would be for the Etoys
team to create  , as 802 is the build
number of Release 8.2.1. Software update tries the update URL with
/802 on the end before anything else.

Bert Fruedenberg wrote
 Besides, most of its functionality is provided by the
 etoys glucose module which is not a downloadable
  activity. Activity version 94 is virtually identical to
 version 101.

So maybe it's not worth bothering to address this just for Etoys.  If
and when other activities need a special 8.2.1 version, the problem
will recur.

I wrote
  I believe Software update on 8.2.x determines the latest
 versions from

I added a bunch of debug prints to bitfrost and and for the
G1G1 activity group on 8.2.1 Software update actually tries  (no such URL currently)
  It *should* try , but doesn't.   (succeeds and it
uses this info) it would have
tried this) is quite vague on what
happens when there is more than one set of URLs that might have update
info for an installed activity.  I *think* an installed's activity_url (if it has one) wins out, then the G1G1
activity group, and if an activity doesn't have an activity_url and
isn't in the activity group, then Software update reads the set of
URLs for (and finds only, which mostly transcludes

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the return of XO screen pulses after standby

2009-05-25 Thread S Page
Back in September 14 2008 I initiated the thread 'XO screen pulses
after standby, OOM afterwards'.
That was on build 759, and the consensus/hope was bug #8301 fixed it
in build 760.

It just happened again with 8.2.1 (build 802).  The laptop was in
standby, I pressed the power key, the screen flickered on (showing
Browse) and then off.

I can't remember if my XO-1 had gone into standby on its own or
whether I had pressed the power key.

If I press the power key the screen flickers on a second or two later,
but but immediately turns off.
It's plugged in, both radio LEDs are off, battery LED is green, the
power LED flashes every 4 seconds.  If I press any key the power LED


I tried pgf's trick of pressing a key in the split-second the screen
is on, and after twenty attempts I got the screen to stay on.

top says 218428k used, 9980k free, 66264k cach. shows a 14MB
journal, 14 MB terminal, 23MB sugar-shell, and 52MB Browse
(rainbow-daemon) total 148.4MiB RAM used. Is this again an OOM

It is really horrible for usability.  No problem should ever make a
charged XO-1 turn off its display!
Should I reopen , or file a new bug?

I captured dmesg log and shell.log.  Shell.log has several Python
tracebacks in  It's hard to tell when they happened
because of numeric timestamps, how do I convert these to a date 

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wrong Activity versions for 8.2(.1) -- Etoys, Memorize, Terminal, Read, others

2009-05-24 Thread S Page
XO's running 8.2.0 and 8.2.1 (thus Sugar 0.82.1) can use the Software
update control panel to update an activity group of activities and
collections.  I believe Software update on 8.2.x determines the latest
versions from

Unfortunately these version numbers are independent of the bundles
pointed to by activity pages and their semantic info, let alone newer
versions on  People recently fixed
Browse, but after running Software update to upgrade my 8.2.1
activities to latest version, I noticed several other discrepancies:

1. Software update doesn't update to latest version for 8.2.

Etoys at 94, but its web page's Activity_version says 98
   == Someone should update !?
is up to 100, but doesn't list a version for Sugar 0.82

Memorize at 28 and its web page's Activity_version says 28, but says v.30 works
for Sugar 0.82
   == Someone should update and

Read at 56, web page Activity_version says 52 and 61, and
doesn't list a version for Sugar 0.82.
   == What is the latest Read version that works for 8.2.0?

Terminal at 18, but the web page's Activity_version says 19
   == Someone should update !?
doesn't list a version for Sugar 0.82

Turtle Art is at 10, web page doesn't identify a tested release. is
all the way to version 51 but doesn't list a version for Sugar 0.82

2. Activity updates to a later version than its web page

IMO just delete redundant and out-of-date info on
Blank out the activity_version and OBX xobundle info for the activity,
and use
the {{activity migrated to sl.o}} template as Aleksey has been doing.

Browse at 102, web page Activity_version says its 98
also the web page's lang pootle links redirect to sugarlabs w/ bad
https and broken rewrite

TamTamEdit at 50, Mini at 49, SynthLab at 51; web page
Activity_version versions are 1 less than those.

3.  Activities/G1G1/8.2 mis-identifies the version for 8.2 as (latest).

Sometimes has the right
version for 8.2, but misidentifies it as the latest version when has something much more recent.  The fix is
to change this page to pull in the (8.2) fragment.

4.  I didn't grind through every versions page on  If your activity has a more recent version
than what's listed here that works on 8.2.1/Sugar 0.82, please update
its fragment.

Here's the set of versions on my XO-1 running 8.2.1 after Software update:

Analyze.activity  8
Browse.activity 102
Calculate.activity   25
Etoys.activity   94
Firefox-6.activity6 (not in Activities/G1G1)
Implode.activity  5
Log.activity 16
Maze.activity 6
Measure.activity 21
Paint.activity   23
Pippy.activity   30
Record.activity  59
Scratch.activity 12
TamTamEdit.activity  50
TamTamJam.activity   51
TamTamMini.activity  49
TamTamSynthLab.activity  51
TurtleArt.activity   10
WikipediaEN.activity  4
Write.activity   60

5. There are many other activities not part of the G1G1 activities
group that are out-of-date on  For example,
Colors! web page Activity_version says its 13, but says
version 15 is latest.  Again, I think blanking it out and indicated
the version for Sugar 0.82 on's See All
Versions is the way to go.

=S Page
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Re: Problems with soas

2009-04-24 Thread S Page
I've never known a USB flash drive not to come partitioned, otherwise
how would malware writers propagate their code? ;-) . Perhaps your USB
flash drive had the evil U3 screw-up software installed?  See which has
a link to remove it.

You don't say what kind of machine you're booting.  That same section
says For the flash drive to be compatible with [XO-1] firmware, make
sure that your USB flash drive is formatted as FAT or FAT32, 
Partitions bigger than 2 GB can't use FAT16, so they usually come
formatted as FAT32.
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problems (Re: Announcing Fedora 11 Beta for XO)

2009-04-13 Thread S Page
 Here's a build of the F11 beta release for XO:

Here's my experience on an XO-1 with q2e33 firmware, booting it from
an 8GB SD card made withLiveUSB Creator from the 20090403.iso file.  I
don't repeat all the issues mentioned at such as pressing checkmark to

Fairly late in the boot I get a Gnome-like alert on a black screen:
   There is a problem with the configuration server
   (/libexec/gconf-sanity-check-2 exited with status 256)
(cjb commented weird, probably a new rawhide bug)

After choosing Sugar and login, I get the same alert again, then I'm
dumped back to the login screen.  I have no .sugar directory in
/home/liveuser, so no logs.

I didn't see a keyboard chooser on the login screen in this build, I
wonder if that's related.  Also the login prompt invited me to choose
a language but there was no language chooser.

I clicked the yellow triangle on the login screen for boot errors,
there was one:
  Starting Avahi daemon... [FAILED]

I logged in again, choosing Gnome startup.  That gave me the same
error, but I wasn't kicked back to the login screen like Sugar.
On the Greek temple desktop, I got two alerts:
* about battery trouble along the lines of Couldn't make sense of
your battery charge.
* Nautilus could not create the following required folders:
/home/liveuser/Desktop, /home/liveuser/.nautilus. (They don't exist,
but /home/liveuser is drwx-- owner liveuser group liveuser. Weird)

After dismissing these, I just stare at the Greek temple; no icons, no
menu bar, not even a mouse cursor.  There are various dot files in
/home/liveuser, but nothing that looks like a log.

To return to the login screen, in a VT console I entered init 3, got
the Starting Avahi daemon...   [FAILED] again.  Then init 5, got the
same error.  The display went back to booting with pretty much the
same behavior with There is a problem with the configuration server
alerts, but still no mouse cursor.

I powered off and tried again.  This time I noticed a brief error
line, something about problems with imem size?, before the boot
process bar appeared.  Other than that the behavior was the same.

Should I try the  `zcat 2009403.bootable.gz  /dev/sdX` approach
instead of LiveUSB Creator?

=S Page
Devel mailing list

Re: Announcing Fedora 11 Beta for XO

2009-04-13 Thread S Page
On Sat, Apr 4, 2009 at 9:39 AM, Martin Langhoff wrote:
 Yeah, that's what I am thinking of doing. Is there stuff that is known
 to be 'broken' on the XO? , edit away.It also
links to the Sugar Labs Testing pages for SoaS images.

=S Page
Devel mailing list

Re: 8.2.1 WPA testing

2009-03-07 Thread S Page
Javier Cardona wrote:

 In addition to this, there are two important wireless fixes in 8.2.1:
 #7825 and #9048.  The first one is a failure to associate to fast
 Access Points when WPA is enabled.

#7825 wasn't mentioned in , I added it.

Devel mailing list

Re: What to expect from developers, are there any left? (was Re: rotate button sucks on the XO)

2009-03-07 Thread S Page
NoiseEHC wrote:
 I do not even 
 know where to look for log files to attach to a bug report. points you to

 2. I can reliably (100%) trigger the cannot connect to WPA and the 
 dialog asks for a password endlessly bug but unfortunately I do not 
 know how to debug that thing. To tell you the truth I do not even know 
 where to look for the code of NetworkManager 

I've seen useful output in /var/log/messages.

=S Page

Devel mailing list

Re: getting mp3 sound working w/ Gnash easily

2009-02-27 Thread S Page
A long time ago Carlos Nazareno wrote:
 Can we make step-by-step instructions getting mp3 sound
 working with Gnash an urgent priority? An instruction for dummies, if
 you will.

I haven't tried the complicated codec installation instructions in for 8.2.0.

However, FWIW I just purchased the Fluendo MP3 decoder for $0 and 
installation on 8.2 on my XO was pretty straightforward if you're 
moderately familiar with the command line.  Now I can play .mp3 files in 
Browse and Totem and _some_ Flash animations have sound in Gnash 

Playing an MP3 from a USB flash drive, Browse/totem/gst all stop playing 
for several seconds every 30 seconds or so.  I'm not sure why.

I updated with my 
instructions to install the codec and modify Browse's mimetypes.  An 
expert can attempt rewriting them for dummies ;-) .

If anyone gets a FOSS MP3 codec installed and working, the place to 
document it is .

=S Page
Devel mailing list

Re: Wireless test results

2009-02-27 Thread S Page
Early in 8.2.1 testing I wrote

 * By the time I allowed Software update to run I was connected to my 
 wireless access point (with WEP security).

but I've been noticing that after I return from standby (a tap of power 
button to suspend, another tap back to resume) I usually *don't* get 
reconnected to my starred access point.  In the frame there's no
  ( [AP circle icon] ), just a pulsing gray mesh.

Sometimes if I bring up the frame while in an activity it'll reconnect, 
but usually not.  If I switch to neighborhood view (where my starred AP 
appears) and switch back, then usually the mesh icon in the frame will 
be replaced by my ( [AP circle icon] ).  I don't have to click my AP 
icon in Neighboryhood view, the system seems to just straighten out 
and re-connect. Once it's working, it stays working until I next go into 

I never have to re-enter my 128-bit WEP password.

My AP is a very old Linksys BEFW11 S4 router.
I'm now running
   Q2E33, recently upgraded from Q2E30

Should I file a Trac ticket?
The Friends in testing page asks us to test wireless, but doesn't say 
anything more than that, such as what logs to enable or look at.

=S Page

Devel mailing list

Re: OS/X11 support for XO-1 hardware?

2009-02-26 Thread S Page
Hal Murray wrote:

 Is there anything I can do on my XO running terminal so that when I ssh to 
 another system and run a text based X program the fonts will come out useable 
 without a magnifying glass?

If you RTFA, has a Change 
font size in the Terminal Activity section; its steps worked for me in 
Terminal v.18 on candidate 800.

=S Page
Devel mailing list

getting the truth about future releases onto

2009-02-23 Thread S Page
9.1.0 is cancelled, joyride does not incorporate latest Sucrose, O.S. 
development is taking place elsewhere.  Such adjustments have made big 
chunks of deceptive.  AFAIK, no one has put this change 
in direction on the wiki (?!), so I jumped in.

* I started with , adding a 
new section
   == Next-generation releases will not come from OLPC ==
based around NN's QA statement.  I added a subsection pointing to the 
most promising replacements (~cjb/rawhide and SugarLabs' SoaS XO 
images), with a not ready caveat.

IMO, the Future_releases page should continue to be the definitive 
statement about future releases (duh).  The wiki has thousands of 
half-hearted ill-maintained pages, it doesn't need more.

I have adjusted some misleading pages, always linking back to [[Future 
releases]] so as to avoid populating lots of pages with info that's 
subject to change.

* In the Devel line of the Latest Releases green box I put a Read 
note! link.

* In I added a section
   === Joyride is not producing usable releases ===

* I marked as obsolete, saying
   A specific 9.1.0 release from OLPC is not going to happen,
linking to Ed McNierney's public statement in
(I did the same in the 9.1.0 section of Future releases.)

* In I indicated 
the change in approach and de-emphasized joyride.

== TO DO ==

* Find and adjust many other misleading pages.

* I'm not sure what to do with the big swath of 9.1.0 Future 
features/roadmap pages and subpages.

* Can someone with rights please update to 
add a prominent link to [[Future releases]] and kill off the dead 

* Is the Joyride stream obsolete rather than temporarily not working as 

* If there are specific XO features that are going away in this new 
world (e.g. Rainbow,  Bitfrost, olpc-update, the Software update Sugar 
control panel, press O to revert to previous image, ?), they should be 
listed in a new Not applicable section of 
and their wiki pages somehow flagged with a {{does not apply in new 
world}} template.

* Is this janitorial work in the ruins a waste of time better served by 
wholesale page deletions?

Thanks for all you do, and I look forward to the next-generation Linux 
distributions with Sugar running on my XO.

=S Page
Devel mailing list

a Pippy equivalent for JavaScript + canvas

2009-02-23 Thread S Page
Don't bet against the browser part XIV:

Looking at the Pippy Python graphics code examples, they remind me of 
some of the bits of canvas tag programming around the net.  So one 
could imagine bundling a JavaScript editor with some glue HTML and 
making a Pippy equivalent.

It's been done,  It runs in 
good browsers (i.e. anything but IE), and thus mostly runs in Browse 
v.98 on 8.2.1!  It uses the CodeMirror interactive textarea with syntax 

In some ways it's better than Pippy, because the code and window are on 
the same page so the edit-run loop is tighter.  The whole tutorial could 
be packaged as a downloadable .xol collection.  It's using the jQuery 
library which could and should be factored out for the XO since browser 
incompatibilities aren't a factor.  Fantasizing, maybe the Disqus online 
login in its Comments tab could be replaced by XO collaboration and a 
pink pony.

Interactive animation is slow on the XO, but if and when Browse gets 
updated to XULRunner 1.9.1 and picks up TraceMonkey, the JavaScript will 
get faster.  Maybe newer cairo (8.2.1 has cairo 1.6.4) will speed up the 

=S Page
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Re: [ANNOUNCE] Sucrose 0.84 Release Candidate 1 (0.83.5)

2009-02-17 Thread S Page
(Oops, I left OLPC devel off the recipients.  There's a similar thread 
on IAEP, How to upgrade XOs to Sugar 0.84?, .  So 
many mailing lists!)

Simon Schampijer wrote:
 Dear Sugar Community,
 This is Release Candidate 1 for the upcoming 0.84 Release - see [1] for 
 more details. Only two more weeks to go in this release cycle. Please 
 test this release

How?  I have an XO-1 with developer key.  Back in January Gary C Martin
wrote in Re: [ANNOUNCE] Sucrose 0.83.4 Development Release ,
 FWIW: I've been reasonably successfully running joyride 2631 on an XO
 for a few days now, and it seems to have all the 0.83.4 Sugar
 feature freeze changes in.

but the latest joyride (build 2654 dated 2009-02-14 -- Valentine's day
:-) ) hasn't got these newer Sugar packages, see

Maybe that's to be expected since Daniel Drake wrote in Re: joyride,
staging builds, sugar releases:
 [Joyrides =] Obsolete, but not really obsoleted by anything usable *yet*.

Should I just bunzip/untar the newer sugar packages on my XO?  I
couldn't find any guide to doing this on (surely there
must be one!?), and are there permission-security-/versions/pristine
issues unique to the XO in doing this?  And are the sugar packages
compatible with joyride or with the 8.2.1 candidate-800 build, or both?

NN said in the *very* interesting :
 OLPC will move to a Linux desktop that will run Sugar as an application
So should I ignore OLPC's OS images and instead try one of the XO Linux
distributions that includes Sugar?  I looked around and couldn't figure
out whether Fedora rawhide still has problems on XO, whether DebXO has
Sucrose 0.84, etc.  Marco Pesenti Gritti announced Fwd: Another Soas
image for the XO, but the latest image at  predates this Sucrose release.

Daniel Drake went on to say
 As for the future, the hope is that we will have a 
 similarly-functional OS that includes the latest version of sugar 
 asap. OLPC is working with Fedora on this, and while I suspect that 
 the end result will be pushed as a reference OS by OLPC, there are 
 also some other efforts ..., including debXO, and a possibility of
 the community taking the 8.2 OS release and adding sugar-0.84 and
 some other things as an intermediate step before the pure-Fedora
 builds are suitable replacements. However, I personally think that
 all of these efforts are 6-12 months away (at least) from producing
 something adoptable by deployments.

But there's a mismatch between sugarlabs' only two more weeks to go in
this release cycle. Please test and OLPC's 6-12 months away.

Thanks for any suggestions.
(Normally this is where I pledge to update with whatever
people say, but if joyride is obsolete and 9.1.0 is dead,  then a lot of
pages on the wiki are misleading and I'm not sure where to start.)

=S Page
P.S. belated Valentine's day: XO-1 3 XOXO  @}-`-,--
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Re: XOIRC migrated to Sugar Labs (as IRC Activity)

2009-02-17 Thread S Page
Mel Chua wrote:
 The IRC activity (XoIRC) has been moved to the Sugar Labs 
 infrastructure. still points to for bundle, 
source, POT.  Several other migrated activities likewise have incorrect pages.

You *could* follow to update 
the various bits and pieces on, but it probably makes 
more sense to replace the page with just a
  {{Migrated to sl.o| | }}

I think only activities in an activity group or with an update URL 
pointing to still need information on w.l.o.
But what do others think?

I tried it out on , and modified the 
{{Migrated to sl.o}} template so you can give it two URLs.
That is awesome!

=S Page
Devel mailing list

Re: power consumption after shutdown

2009-02-16 Thread S Page
I made but you 
folks can do a much better edit.

 In q2e32 I've pulled in some of my batman.fth stuff.

I noted this in the same page's batman.fth section.

Devel mailing list

maintaining activity web information

2009-02-09 Thread S Page
(Please forward to whatever the sugar activity mailing list is.)

There's a lot of activity information on wiki pages to maintain, I 
couldn't find any documentation on how to maintain it all.
So I wrote based on 
how activities like Etoys are set up.

I added a section about the fields to update when you migrate your 
activity to SugarLabs.

I think it's accurate, edit away if not.

It's clearly *way too much work* because of overlapping redundant info. 
  Perhaps this is why many activity web pages and 
Activities/Another_list have out-of-date info.

Maintenance should be much simpler.  I have specific ideas how to get 
there, but I'm not even clear where the info should live.  I think there 
has to be one web site where you can browse all activities, but is that 
site or (or

=S Page
Devel mailing list

Re: Activities migration status

2009-02-09 Thread S Page
Ed McNierney wrote:

 On the other hand, anyone working on Sugar efforts such as Activity  
 development should be encouraged to put all those efforts under the  
 Sugar Labs roof where they can be more readily available to the entire  
 Sugar community (not just the OLPC portion of it).

Then  is obsolete.  What's the 
equivalent page on

Parts of are also 

=S Page
Devel mailing list

Re: Interoperation with other non-sugar software

2009-02-08 Thread S Page
Tiago Marques wrote:

 I have used some none XO standard software in my XO, from HTOP to Opera.
 The one thing these programs have in common is the need to have the F 
 keys available for proper usability. Does anyone think it's feasible to 
 have the F keys mapped to their functions mapped to their standard 
 action(?), instead of the Sugar specific functions, when pressing them 
 together with the Fn key? I've never done Linux key mapping, I have no 
 idea how to do this. If someone thinks this can be done, please say so, 
 as I'm interested in giving it a go.

There might be information elsewhere, but 
talks about the mix of key bindings and hardcoded key actions in Sugar. 
  As always, add what you known and improve the wiki.

=S Page

Devel mailing list

optimized Geode code (was Re: OLPC upgrades)

2009-02-07 Thread S Page
Tiago Marques wrote:
 That software is still not compiled for the Geode LX, which further
slows it down.
 As you say, everything uses CPU on the Geode. Things like
decompressing can be made, probably, a lot faster just by using compiler
optimizations. Has this been considered in any way for future releases?
 From my professional experience, compiler optimizations can account
for 10-30% (or more) free performance.

It seems the binaries in the OLPC OS image are just generic 386 arch 
binaries.  (Is there a way to definitively tell?  A build log like
is unclear.)

This is the case even in the jffs2 OS images that will never be used on 
anything but the stable XO hardware (or in emulation, which AIUI already 
requires AMD CPU emulation because of the tuned kernel).

So every OLPC and activity binary should be compiled with -mtune=geode 
(optimized for Geode, but still runs on any i386), and in jffs2 images 
they should be compiled with -march=geode (only runs on Geode). 
(Should as in I'd like a pink pony too ;-) .)

I assume this is what GentooXO does, is the tracking ticket, the page.

Thanks for all you do,
=S Page
Devel mailing list

Re: Video Playback

2009-02-07 Thread S Page
Carlos Dario Isaza Zamudio wrote:

 2) What codecs can i install on the built in totem? how can i install 
 them, ive tried several things through terminal but there's no related 
 package over there, or is there?

One inaccurate way to see what codecs Totem/GStreamer thinks are 
available is enter about:plugins in Browse.

As says,
Release 8.2.0 uses an old backported version of GStreamer, so most web 
guides to installing additional codec support will not work

A few months ago the wiki was full of approaches to adding codecs from 
livna and fusion and whatever that *don't work* on release 8.2.0.  If 
you see such and it doesn't work, flag it, e.g. : These steps don't 
work with release [[8.2.0]] -- 

I see around comment 27 has a possible 
workaround for adding MP3 support to GStreamer/Totem/Browse.  If you try 
it, use the Talk:GStreamer page for your experience.
(not enough hours in a weekend! ...)

=S Page
Devel mailing list

Re: Notes from an impromptu 8.2.1 Release Mtg.

2009-02-05 Thread S Page
I updated from 8.2.0 build 767 to staging-27 with
   `sudo -v -v -v olpc-update staging-27`

and it all went very smoothly!

IMO,  the expired 
should be updated to staging-27 from staging-25

Good stuff

* Restart from Home view worked (sometimes I have to go into a console 
and press keys to complete shutdown, but not this time)
* Two startup chimes (I assume one was installing the new firmware)
* By the time I allowed Software update to run I was connected to my 
wireless access point (with WEP security).
* Software update offered no new activities (I had ran it the day before 
on build 767).

   Build : 27
   Firmware  : CL1 Q2E30 Q2E
   Libertas  : 5.110.22.p23

Medium serious bugs

Build '27' is confusing, especially when About my XO doesn't show your 
release or stream (Trac 8260).  I updated the What release am I 
running? wiki page to mention this stream.

In Sugar control panel  Language, Swedish (Sweden) was highlighted! 
Sure enough, in the bash shell, LANG is set to sv_SE.utf8.  I'm pretty 
sure I never chose that, and other settings like Date  Time were 
unchanged.  Has anyone else noticed Language changing?

Why didn't Software update install the newer Browse (v.101 ?) that 
according to 
  ticket #9112 Enable Browse to embed PDF files in itself

A few minor things
I see a [Discard network history] button in the Network panel, I didn't 
notice this before but I think it was in 8.2.0.  The 8.2.0 manual should 
mention this.

In the Home view ring view, when I hide the frame (by moving away from a 
corner or pressing the Frame key), the very edge of the frame flickers 
white a few times.  I didn't notice this before.

Please please create Trac version Build 767 (8.2.0) (Trac bug 8904).

=S Page
Devel mailing list

Re: OLPC upgrades

2009-02-03 Thread S Page
Nirbheek Chauhan wrote:
 Since you're looking at making a gentoo-based sugar distro, you might
 find useful :)

Please update , 
which lists a similar overlay project by Aleksey 
Lim.  Maybe you could mention differences or work together.

 Sent from my mobile device
... with its patented top-post and include the entire message thread 
with no changes so every reader must scroll through it to see if you 
made other comments UI  8-/

=S Page
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keyboard handling (was Re: OLPC where to go development advice.)

2009-02-02 Thread S Page
Summary: I updated
and several other pages, but mysteries remain. usefully responded:

 I have zero clue where to find the keymapping 
 file or configuration utility.
 i just booted ubuntu to see how they do it -- turns out it's easy.
 they use a program called xbindkeys to bind all of the special XO
 keys.  the configuration for that is in /home/olpc/.xbindkeysrc -- you'll
 see an entry in there that invokes /usr/bin/

I added this to 
Folks, this is the page where distros note their tweaks for the benefit 
of humanity.

I think Sugar doesn't use that technique.  The same page points to;a=blob;f=src/jarabe/view/;hb=HEAD
, but what hooks this code to keyboard events?

BTW, also lists some nifty undocumented equivalents for 
some of the XO's buttons and keys:
   # the following are intended for emulator users
 'altshiftf'  : 'frame',
 'altshiftq'  : 'quit_emulator',
 'altshifto'  : 'open_search',
 'altshiftr'  : 'rotate',
 'altshifts'  : 'say_text'
and indeed, altshiftf/o/r work on my XO in 8.2.0.  I couldn't find 
any documentation for these, so I added them to the table in and mentioned them in

Tomeu wrote
 It's sugar who listens for the keycode 0xEB and asks xrandr to rotate
 the screen.

According to , the 
keycode for rotate are make=0x69, break=0xE9.  How do these become 0xEB?

I tried all the xkb* command-line programs to find the keymap, it seems that
   xmodmap -pk
shows it.  But it doesn't show anything relevant to the special buttons 
around the screen, I guess because they aren't part of the keyboard itself.

The olpc keyboard mappings in /usr/share/X11/xkb/*/olpc do map several 
XO keys to keysyms, e.g.
   key I147 { [ XF86TaskPane ] }; // frame key (the top-right key)

but I think Sugar doesn't use the keysym, it looks directly for the key 
or its keystroke equivalent.  It seems the olpc X11 keyboard mappings 
are to make the XO-1's keys mean something when running other desktop 
environments than Sugar.

Keyboard handling is spread across lots of subsystems and pages, I'll 
improve them with any information I receive.

Devel mailing list

Re: Notes from an impromptu 8.2.1 Release Mtg.

2009-01-26 Thread S Page
Michael Stone wrote:
 ... how to push 8.2.1 a few inches closer to release.
 The main conclusion that we reached after we updated
 was that staging-9 [1] needs some testing! still points to staging-7 
and says The 8.2.1 build is currently identical to 8.2.0.  ??!

The instructions in Friends in testing say Clean-install the #Build 
under test, but I tried olpc-update from 8.2.0 anyway.

`sudo olpc-update staging-9` gives
I don't think the requested build number exists.

`sudo olpc-update -v -v -v -v -v --latest=staging` gives
(that's all)

Is olpc-update possible, or are the instructions correct? :)

=S Page
Devel mailing list

Re: get developer key - gfx glitch on submit button

2009-01-17 Thread S Page
Carlos Nazareno wrote:

 On 2 XOs I tested, running 767, whenever I go to the request developer
 key page in the browse activity, the SUBMIT button has vertical
 stripes of randomly colored pixels running across 'em.

You should have searched Trac for stripe or submit button :) :
   defect: submit button in file:///home/.devkey.html looks weird, 
stripey (new)

and (reopened) :
   Web form button graphic for requesting a developer key is corrupt

with a workaround in the former.

Devel mailing list

Re: Activities migration status

2009-01-14 Thread S Page
Rafael Enrique Ortiz Guerrero wrote:

 Today I went through
 identifying those projects
 that contain Sugar activities.
 Still remaining is to go through Activities/All (and,
 personal sites, etc) and find those activities which do not have d.l.o
 The list is *massive*.  I had no idea we had so many cool activities
 in various stages of development! 

I'm not sure what you're doing, but if you want activities...
When the call went out for activities for 9.1.0 I put all the meta-lists 
of activities in

That links to some interesting queries in  :
* 45 pages with a Devel status
* 116 pages that appear to have an activity bundle
* 310 pages in Category:Activities in the main namespace.

and I'm sure there are more activities that lack a page on on

Devel mailing list

Re: HTML-based/Browser apps (was Re: anti-cheating)

2009-01-13 Thread S Page
Carlos Nazareno wrote:

 You can go with Processing ( but Java is a
 bit problematic on the XO.

Heh, is the Processing language 
running in a canvas.  Works on XO, slowly.  (I hope XULRunner 1.9.1 
with the Tracemonkey JIT shows up in joyrunner builds.)

 Why put yourself through unnecessary pain with the
 HTML5/Javascript/CSS/SVG/whathaveyouforaudiovideowebcam combo? Add
 to that the added headache of the standards fragmented browser

There is no fragmentation, the XO ships with XULRunner.

 Flash gets the job done, and gets it done easy.

I worked at Macromedia for 9 years, I know well of Flash's many 
benefits, and many downsides for OLPC.  Rather than debate it, if 
there's Flash content relevant to OLPC's mission, mention it on the 
wiki.  A few days ago I added a brief mention of the SWF format to before I noticed someone 
had already put it under List of objectionable formats on the talk 
page; I don't care deeply either way.

=S Page
Devel mailing list

Re: HTML-based/Browser apps (was Re: anti-cheating)

2009-01-12 Thread S Page
Sameer Verma wrote:
 E.g. -- why bother with crappy
 static PDF atlases when interactive technology like that is available?
 And you can View  Source it!
 This is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time!!! This is
 definitely going down in the SVG examples section for my class in
 Spring. also lists
* is code to 
show/hide map layers.

With advanced HTML you can imagine scalable interactive SVG maps, 
science texts with interactive JavaScript + canvas physics simulations 
(like the WIMS stuff but running in the browser), biology texts with 
layers that show and hide different anatomical systems... All with quiz 
modules that work offline and online.  Unfortunately collaborative 
editing on wiki pages and Flossmanuals doesn't support that level of 
interactivity, and the people with skills to do it are rare.

Devel mailing list

HTML-based/Browser apps (was Re: anti-cheating)

2009-01-11 Thread S Page
Carlos Nazareno wrote:

 - I'd also like to see more work done on a method to easily bundle
 Gnash or HTML-based/Browser applications as stand-alone activities, or
 at least launch the browser with the wrapped activity loaded upon

See the Help activity in 8.2.0, it instantiates the WebView from hulahop 
that underlies Browse and points it at help/XO_Introduction.html.

But is it so bad to make your HTML-based application an installable 
collection that shows up in the OLPC Library navigation on the Browse 
home page?  See  Just 
because most library content is static non-interactive ebook material is 
no reason really cool browser apps shouldn't go in the OLPC Library.

One thing that might make collections more appealing and feel like 
applications is if the collection's icon (which seems 
otherwise unused?!) or the web site's favicon would appear in the 
Journal instead or as well as the generic globe icon of Browse.  I filed 
a confused ticket #9188 for this enhancement.

 - Using a local daemon or service of some sort, the method I
 previously outlined can also be used here for standalone mode of the
 tests. This way, the learner can also practice with them and learn
 outside of class hours.

The WikiBrowse activity (WikipediaEN.activity on G1G1 8.2 laptops) 
starts a local python Web server and fires up a WebActivity (Browse) 
instance pointing at it.

Better, Browse's engine is XULRunner 1.9 and it has support for most of 
the HTML 5 offline application spec
E.g. is an 
expanding form you can fill out while offline that will update the web 
server when next online.  It should work on an XO (I can't try it, my 
wireless router is bust! :-( ).

I concur with where you're going.  *Never* ever bet against the browser. 
  Browse or a custom WebView activity can do everything that Firefox 3 
can do, without worrying about compatibility with abysmal MS Internet 
Explorer that's keeping the web stuck in 2004.
E.g. -- why bother with crappy 
static PDF atlases when interactive technology like that is available? 
And you can View  Source it!

=S Page
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Re: automatic reminder of 'software update' when installing a new build

2009-01-10 Thread S Page
Daniel Drake wrote:
 On Sat, Jan 10, 2009 at 8:15 AM, Mikus Grinbergs wrote:
 WHERE are they supposed to look to determine whether a newer
 version of an Activity is available for their (e.g., 657) builds ?
 [Their builds are __older__ than 8.2.]

For 8.1, would automatically 
download and install latest versions of activities compatible with 
8.1, but it looks like the page that drives it, , hasn't been 
updated for a while.

If the activity developer has somehow learned how to update activity 
versions (again I ask *is this documented anywhere?!*) then she can use 
'edit with form' tab on her activity's page to check off, for multiple 
versions, all the releases they work on.  E.g. the bottom of has:
   Activity version number: 40
   The releases with which this version
   of the activity has been tested. 8.1.1 (708)

 We just need someone to create G1G1/8.1 (for build 7xx) and G1G1/7.1
 (for build 65x) pages on the wiki, with appropriate content.

As I understand it releases prior to 8.2.0 lack the Software Update 
control panel, so such a page would only be for users to read.

*If* all activity developers knew which version worked on say 8.1.0 and 
put this in their activity's page, then the wiki would have the needed 
info for such a G1G1/8.1 page.  Unfortunately, the current 
implementation of the form and templates for activities means you can't 
simply run a query to show the version and URL of all activities that 
are flagged as working on 8.1.0.  The best a query can do is show you a 
list of _potential_ versions for 8.1.0 -- see

Some day I'll write a proposal to make this work better for activity 
maintainers and users, but I don't fully understand what's already 

Devel mailing list

Re: status of forks

2009-01-09 Thread S Page
Peter Robinson wrote:
 with the layoffs happening would it make sense to get a document listing
 what patches/forks are being maintained by OLPC.

The best page is probably
any other pages should be in [[Category:Build system]] and maybe 
[[Category:Linux distributions]], please link them from the first one.


P.S.  Thanks and commiserations to everyone getting laid off.  Is there 
any truth to the rumor that OLPC is also laying off half the volunteers 
on this awesome set of endeavors?
Devel mailing list

Re: automatic reminder of 'software update' when installing a new build

2009-01-09 Thread S Page
Mikus Grinbergs wrote:
 I have seen the page list
 Activity versions that were *older* than those listed for plain
 That's exactly as it is supposed to work. G1G1 lists dev versions,
 G1G1/8.2 the stable versions tested with 8.2. explains: 
the unsuffixed version of the group URL will always contain the latest 
versions of the activities for the very latest build.

I improved and added language to [[Activities/G1G1]], 
[[Activities/G1G1/8.2]], [[Activities/Joyride]] pages.  I also removed 
lies like They are part of the [[G1G1 activity pack]].

Is there an explanation for activity developers anywhere of the 
convoluted process of creating or updating fragments, the semantic form, 
and the OBX badge when you release a new activity version??  Somehow 
some people know how to do it and I have a dream to reduce the overlap.

FYI, here are the only differences between [[Activities/G1G1/8.2]] and 
[[Activities/G1G1]].  AIUI a bigger version number doesn't necessarily 
mean that version is for a more recent build.

Browse (8.2) (v.98) Browse (latest) (v.102)
Read (8.2) (v.52)   Read (latest) (v.61)
Record (8.2) (v.59) Record (latest) (v.60)
Chat (8.2) (v.48)   Chat (latest) (v.60)
Etoys (8.2) (v.94)  Etoys (latest) (v.96)
Terminal (8.2) (v.18)   Terminal (latest) (v.19)

All other activities are Activity Name (latest) (v.NN) for both, 
presumably because they haven't forked yet.

All the content collections are the same in both, though they are 
misleadingly described Collection Name (8.2).

=S Page
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what are the deployments' languages?

2009-01-04 Thread S Page
I'm trying to figure out the actual languages in use in deployments by 
looking at , but several countries 
have a blank for Language.
What are the actual primary languages in use on

* Haiti's 13,000 laptops (Kreyol ?)
* Afghanistan's 11,000 laptops (Pashto ? Hazaragi? both?)
* Oceania's 5,000 laptops (??)
* Cambodia's 3,200 laptops (Khmer ?)

The deployment form needs more languages.  It gets its list of possible 
values from which 
   EnglishSpanishHindiArabicThaiBrazilian Portuguese 

Besides the languages for the four deployments above, are there other 
languages the deployment form needs?  (Please not all 5,000 dialects on 
earth, just languages intended for actual near-term deployments?) has more lists of languages: by 
tiers, green country languages, Pootle languages, etc.

Thanks for any enlightenment!
=S there is no 'skier' in my name Page
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Re: Installing Flash on the OLPC

2008-12-30 Thread S Page
Dear genesee, Carlos Nazareno, Everybody,

gently Many more people are going to read page than follow this mailing 
list.  Your effect on XO users by only answering problems here is 
limited, you're just making the smart smarter still.

Just in time for New Year's resolutions:  edit the wiki page first.

Anyway, why does this wiki page tell you to enter
   sudo su -
when every other page I've seen says
   su -  (or su -l)
? `sudo su -` seems redundant.

=S Page
Devel mailing list

Re: G1G1 updates, Lennon video and other vids

2008-12-27 Thread S Page
Samuel Klein wrote:

 The Lennon video that's been murmured about for weeks has been

Well it's united Lennon fans, OLPC h8ters, the usual foul-mouthed 
losers, and the common reaction How are kids going to use laptops in 
the middle of the jungle?  give them food!  I responded to a few of the 
last, and all my comments got voted off the island.

If you have a youtube account, vote the reasonable responses up.

Devel mailing list

Re: G1G1 updates, Lennon video and other vids

2008-12-27 Thread S Page
  the common reaction How are kids going to use laptops in 
 the middle of the jungle?  give them food! 

I didn't know about OLPC Mission: Part 2 The XO Laptop ,
That video is outstanding!  I don't know how to suggest it as a stock 
response to the doubters.


Devel mailing list

Re: performance work

2008-12-21 Thread S Page
Wade Brainerd wrote:
On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 7:08 PM, Neil Graham

 Is there a build of cairo that can produce a log of what calls are used
 in typical XO use? says
Cairo provides a cairo-trace utility (currently only available from the 
git development tree, but is planned for inclusion with Cairo 1.10)
(I think Joyride builds include Cairo 1.8.0, latest released Cairo is 1.8.6)

 Some good ways to find out are located here:

I mentioned this.

Devel mailing list

Re: VGA-output on your XO?

2008-12-10 Thread S Page
Polychronis Ypodimatopoulos wrote:

 From and
DisplayLink does not currently support the Linux operating system.

DisplayLink is investigating support for other operating systems and 
will provide updates to this article when more information is available.

You can use to beg them to 
support their proprietary protocol in Linux.

I added DisplayLink to , with a 

Devel mailing list

Re: Bundling plugins with Browse

2008-12-09 Thread S Page
Sayamindu Dasgupta wrote:

 There's a MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH which looks promising, but somehow it's not
 working for me. Strace should be able provide clues.

I don't know if Browse uses MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH, but the Firefox activity 
definitely does, see

The system plug-ins directory for both Browse and Firefox is 
/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins but I'm sure they check other directories with 
or without MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH set.

Devel mailing list

Re: Missing Man Pages and ASpell Dictionaries

2008-12-08 Thread S Page
Sebastian Silva wrote:
 How hard would it be to include these (neither is in our deployments by 

 ASpell dictionaries in spanish should be included too.

I believe Fedora 9 standardized on hunspell (and indirectly, enchant), 
see referred to 
by Trac 6104.

 How can I help all of these? Filing bugs and assigning them?

Please see the other thread spell checking in activities  (was Re: xo 
activity idea).  Maybe it's a bug, maybe it's by design.  I wrote up a 
workaround in that should 
allow you to install Spanish spelling dictionaries.

=S Page
Devel mailing list

Re: proposal for updating Activities/Joyride page

2008-12-08 Thread S Page
(resending, sorry wrong e-mail account)

Daniel Drake wrote: is out of date.  Some
 activities, e.g. Record and Read, need new versions listed which are
 not backwards compatible with 8.2.

  The current listed versions are
 included because of Joyride including Activities/G1G1 which includes
 Activities/Record-G1G1, but if I were to modify that then
 Activities/G1G1/8.2 would be modified too, causing broken upgrades for
 8.2 users.

Working with dsd and bert I changed Activities to transclude
Activities/Record_(8.2) instead of Activities/Record-G1G1.  That allowed
them to update the latter as dsd says.  They requested I also made the
change for several other activities that have forked from 8.2: Browse,
Chat, Etoys, Read.

I think the page needs the
same fix -- it should not be loading Browse (latest).

I don't understand why all activities on the 8.2 page aren't set this
way.  They should not pull in the latest version, they should pull in
the (8.2) version.  But a lot of the (8.2) fragments are out of date,
they don't list the latest version that works on 8.2.0.

Also, I'm not sure what the point of the -G1G1 files are.  Currently,
Activities/G1G1 transcludes Activities/Record-G1G1 , which redirects to
Activities/Record_(latest).  But there is no G1G1 version of any
activity, there are simply pages for each activity group that pull in
either the version that works in 8.2 or the latest version.  Why mention

Rather than explain it here, it should be somewhere on the wiki,
referred to by

I also rewrote the explanation in , statements like They
are part of the G1G1 activity pack are simply incorrect.
(Is there a new [[G1G1 activity pack]]?)

=S Page

Devel mailing list

Re: proposal for updating Activities/Joyride page

2008-12-08 Thread S Page
Daniel Drake wrote: is out of date.  Some
 activities, e.g. Record and Read, need new versions listed which are
 not backwards compatible with 8.2.

  The current listed versions are
 included because of Joyride including Activities/G1G1 which includes
 Activities/Record-G1G1, but if I were to modify that then
 Activities/G1G1/8.2 would be modified too, causing broken upgrades for
 8.2 users.

Working with dsd and bert I changed Activities to transclude 
Activities/Record_(8.2) instead of Activities/Record-G1G1.  That allowed 
them to update the latter as dsd says.  They requested I also made the 
change for several other activities that have forked from 8.2: Browse, 
Chat, Etoys, Read.

I think the page needs the 
same fix -- it should not be loading Browse (latest).

I don't understand why all activities on the 8.2 page aren't set this 
way.  They should not pull in the latest version, they should pull in 
the (8.2) version.  But a lot of the (8.2) fragments are out of date, 
they don't list the latest version that works on 8.2.0.

Also, I'm not sure what the point of the -G1G1 files are.  Currently, 
Activities/G1G1 transcludes Activities/Record-G1G1 , which redirects to 
Activities/Record_(latest).  But there is no G1G1 version of any 
activity, there are simply pages for each activity group that pull in 
either the version that works in 8.2 or the latest version.  Why mention 

Rather than explain it here, it should be somewhere on the wiki, 
referred to by

I also rewrote the explanation in , statements like They 
are part of the G1G1 activity pack are simply incorrect.
(Is there a new [[G1G1 activity pack]]?)

=S Page
Devel mailing list

spell checking in activities (was Re: xo activity idea)

2008-12-06 Thread S Page
 Yifan [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes:
 I had an idea for an activity, something like a write activity with a
 constantly updating spell checker that displayed spelling suggestions as you

Which raises the question: What happened to the spell checking that used 
to be in the Write and Browse activities?  Trac bugs 5394 and 6099 
suggest Write and Browse used to spell check but did not have a context 
menu for alternatives.  Now on my XO running 8.2.0 neither highlights 
mis-spelled words.  Is it intentional the feature went away in both?

The only spell checking application on my 8.2.0 XO is Firefox, using its 
own local en-US dictionaries and a personal dictionary in 
~/isolation/blah/.mozilla.  I believe the underlying libraries for all 
three activities use the same Hunspell engine and could share a common 
dictionary (Trac 6104).

Bastien wrote:
 When designing a spell-checker, we should keep in mind that the
 spell-checker should always suggest correct spellings, and never
 underline errors.

I disagree.  I think the standard red dots spell checking that AbiWord 
and Firefox do is extremely useful.

=S Page
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Re: Power Management plan for December.

2008-11-28 Thread S Page
Michael Stone wrote:
 On Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 04:18:11PM -0500, Chris Ball wrote:
 Comments welcome.  Are there important power management bugs that I've
 left out?
 Yes; namely, finding or writing a good technical introduction to the
 subject of power management as it applies to our software and hardware.
 Such a document will be invaluable in coming months because, without it,
 we'll communicate at a fraction of the efficiency we can achieve if
 we're all starting from the same basic terminology and facts.
 Perhaps this document already exists and I just don't know about it? and its links at the top 
*should* be that document :-)

Besides the technical details, there are
1. The requests from deployments for the feature:
2. The feature for tracking purposes, currently:
3. The blueprint/plan to implement the feature;
Mr. Ball's fine plan of attack belongs in this last one.
Maybe that Kim Quirk 
created in October?

I think Greg Smith's continuing work on 9.1.0 features and requirements 
will help organize this.

=S Page
Devel mailing list

installing fonts How To

2008-11-27 Thread S Page
Someone e-mailed me a huge HTML document that uses Comic Sans MS heavily.

The discussion page for Fonts had a link to installing a TTF font on the 
XO, and I got it to work.  So I added a section on this to, also a section on What 
fonts are already installed, a guess at why ~olpc/.fonts doesn't work, etc.

* It seems I didn't have to restart the XO or Sugar/X or even restart an 
activity -- Write's font menu showed the new font the moment I switched 
back to it.
* I'm not sure about the legality of what I did.

Maybe a font expert can improve , edit away.

Thanks on behalf of XO users.
=S Page
Devel mailing list

Re: libertas firmware version query

2008-11-19 Thread S Page
Ricardo Carrano wrote:

 For differences between firmware releases:
 The current recommended firmware release is 22.p18.

Nice, I added these to the wiki page

I've never flashed the Libertas firmware on my 2007 G1G1 XO, yet 
olpc-netstatus -i says I have Libertas: 5.110.22.p18 (from August 2008). 
  Does upgrading the OS image on your XO also install new Libertas 
firmware, the same way that it may update Open Firmware?  If so, is 
there any way to tell it's happening?

=S Page
Devel mailing list

Re: G1G1-2008 US machines delivered with 8.1 build 708, not with 8.2 build 767

2008-11-19 Thread S Page
So the wiki can't assume new users have 8.2, that means a lot of pages 
will need separate Latest release / Earlier releases sections and/or 
encourage users to upgrade.

I wonder how many users with 8.1 will visit and download more recent activities 
that are incompatible with 8.1.  That Activities page's text seems wrong:

   This is a snapshot of the activities included on the list as of the 
launch of G1G1, not a list of all activities known to work on release 
8.2.0. These activities are pre-installed in machines received through 
the Give One Get One program.

Does the 8.1 build on the early G1G1 2008 laptops have, e.g. the Help 
activity?  (Which I thought is the 8.2.0 user manual.)  Someone who 
definitively knows should update that page.  Is there a downloadable 
image of what's on those laptops anywhere?

Ed McNierney wrote:

 Thanks for supporting the G1G1 program with your purchases!  This year it
 was extremely important for us to have Amazon stocked with inventory so
 orders could be fulfilled and delivered right away, the first day of the
 program.  That meant that manufacturing actually had to begin before 8.2 was
 released; the machines being manufactured now have 8.2 built in, but the
 first G1G1 buyers will be receiving the first manufactured machines.
 You can find instructions on upgrading and information about the 8.2 release
 on our wiki at

I added a mildly edited version of this to

I also mention it in passing on , which assumes users have the 
excellent Help activity.

Getting started is where the wiki navigation's About the XO  Help 
using the XO goes; I'm not sure what other places on the wiki new G1G1 
users hit first.

What's the model number of your new machine?  (`olpc-netstatus -i`) ?

=S Page
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garbled Education is our Mission page on

2008-11-17 Thread S Page
Congrats on the relaunch!

The XO picture at links to and that has several 
garbled characters in place of apostrophes and some other punctuation, e.g.

Children are consigned to poverty and isolation[\0x1a]just like their 
parents[\0x1a]never knowing

On Windows XP, MSIE 7 displays a box, Firefox 3.1 display its unknown 
glyph 001A box, while Chrome just leaves out the apostrophe or dash. 
0x001A is ASCII Ctrl-Z so I'm not sure what's going on.  I couldn't find 
an encoding in Firefox where it worked.

Also, near the end it says
please visit is green (and so is the period/full stop), but it's not a 
hyperlink.  For grins, here's the HTML :-) :)

please visit /fontfont color=#494949 face=Arial, Helvetica, 
sans-serif size=2font color=#54b948 face=Arial, Helvetica, 

Devel mailing list

Re: New XO-LiveCD Version 8.2 available

2008-11-06 Thread S Page
 A new version of the XO-LiveCD is available. 

1. I and someone else updated , taking 
the opportunity to clean up some of the other Live CDs here.
2. I added this to as well.
3. I updated the broken livecd link in (the green box on 
many wiki pages) to point to 2.

 You can download it from:

(I suggest you use ISO 8601 date format in the future.  081106 looks 
like August 11th 2006 to us clueless North Americans, 2008-11-06 has 
no ambiguity for anyone anywhere.  Also, release notes as a 310kB PDF?!)

Dumb question: what is the difference between a .iso and a .img file 
like ? 
  Can you mechanically transform one into the other? 1. says copy [a 
.iso] to a prepared USB flash drive but presumably it's not that simple.

Tomeu Vizio wrote:
 I have updated with this new

1. links to that, it also links to the sugar-jhbuild liveCD page , which the sugarlabs #Starch 
section doesn't mention.

I need to go to a trade show to get USB flash drives and SD cards for 
all these live CDs and Linux distros and SqueakNOS... :)

=S Page
Devel mailing list

Re: debxo 0.3 release

2008-11-02 Thread S Page

 well, I was hoping that with an open hardware platform running opensource 
 software there would not be a need to search forums for reverse engineered 
 'secrets' or 'hacks', but instead such information would be readily 
 available (ideally already documented,

I couldn't find a page with this information so I made , 
edit away. (Scientific studies have proven this is the only way to 
arrive at Hopefully this is documented passive-voice happy land. :-) )

Presumably the modifications the XO needs are in the OLPC build of 
Fedora, either in olpc-specific packages or changes pushed upstream to 
Fedora.  So something in
has the modifications?

=S Page
Devel mailing list

Re: debxo 0.3 release

2008-11-02 Thread S Page

 you might start with this:
 which contains a few of the things you're looking for.

Also , Screen Brightness/Rotation, Sound Volume, and Battery Status 
Control in references olpc-keybind and 
genmon packages.  Maybe they're not specific to switching OLPC Sugar 
Fedora to XFCE.

Devel mailing list

Re: debxo 0.3 release

2008-11-01 Thread S Page
kawk wrote:
 Or, as I found out, if you have the developer key on a pen drive, you 
 can boot into debxo from that, and copy develop.sig into 
 /boot/security/, and have security enabled and debxo at the same time, 
 should you want to.
 Thanks, all. I'll see what I can do about creating a wiki page if there 
 isn't one already. already had this 
information about recovery when you lose develop.sig.  I reorganized it 
into a If you wipe out your developer key section.

There's a page, edit away.

=S Page

Devel mailing list

Re: Sucrose 0.83.1 Development Release

2008-10-31 Thread S Page
Simon Schampijer wrote:
 This is our first Development Release in the 0.84 cycle. The code base 
 has seen many refactoring efforts to improve the platform.

Will OLPC joyride builds pick up the new Sucrose?

 Furthermore the datastore has been rewritten, to simplify and improve 
 maintainability. The API has been kept in place.

What happens when you upgrade an XO with the old datastore?
What happens if you then downgrade it?

 Sugar moved to use Gconf as a back end to store the profile.
When you upgrade an XO, does it import your old profile 
(~olpc/.sugar/default/config)?  What happens if you then downgrade?

 An ABI policy has been figured out and modules have been marked as
Where are they marked, in the .py files?

 == Fructose news ==

Are the new activity versions backwards-compatible with 8.2?  If so, the 
maze of Activity lists should be updated.

Currently pulls in 
Activities/G1G1 , as does Activities/G1G1/8.2, and that list still 
references old versions -- Browse 98 not 100, Read 52 not 60, etc. -- 
even though the links say Browse (latest).

 Full Release Notes:
Maybe you could address these questions in a ==Compatibility== section 
in the release notes.

The changes and fixes sound excellent!

=S ugar Page
Devel mailing list

Collection (.xol) glitches

2008-10-29 Thread S Page
In Re: Sugar unusable as an e-book reader, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: .
 hmm, I modified the script ... and used it to create 
 bundle .xol files. putting them on the USB stick doesn't seem to work. 
 they show up in the journal as unknown file types

I filed that they don't have unique 
icons, I haven't tried the patch in bug 7197 that might fix this.

  and hitting start 
 doesn't seem to do anything (other than triggering some disk I/O)

That script had a bug, it doesn't specify a category.
With logging enabled, org.laptop.JournalActivity-1.log says
MalformedBundleException: Content bundle 
/home/olpc/.sugar/default/data/the_fata_morgana.xol does not specify a 

(Is there a general Sugar bug that if anything whatsoever goes wrong you 
get no feedback? !!)

With that fix I was able to install a few of david's collection from the 
Web and USB.  But the Journal leaves the .xol file in 
/home/olpc/.sugar/default/data/ until it next installs something, and it 
has errors if I later try to erase the collection.  I didn't have these 
problems installing and erasing World culture v3; I'm not sure what 
the difference is.

Could someone who knows please edit this wiki page and others like for accuracy?  E.g.

* Nothing except seems to 
list acceptable subcategories.

* Should the host_version be 2 these day?

=S Page
Devel mailing list

Re: 9.1 Proposal: Files

2008-10-29 Thread S Page
Erik Garrison wrote:
 However, it is unclear how hacking is
 supposed to proceed within Sugar without some exposure to the underlying

Run Browse and you start with OLPC Library.  Click in the location 
field and you see file:///home/olpc/.library_pages/index.html.  Any 
inquisitive child is going to start exploring and wind up looking at the 
source for Analyze.activity/  (I don't know how hard it would 
be to add syntax highlighting to Mozilla's text rendering.)

  Even if it is possible to do via the Terminal, we are not
 making it easy for users to start by providing two incompatible views on

Yes.  I can't even look in file:///home/olpc/.sugar  I've had 
intermittent problems in the past where I'm unable to browse other 
directories, but this directory is hidden to Browse by design.

Files?  I think mankind is in the middle of a 25-year transition to 
versioned URIs.  It's strange that viewing that source file isn't chock 
full of links.  But I know of no O.S. that's figured it out (remember 
public_html directories and Microsoft's View as Web folder?) and 
meanwhile the Journal is an advance on a mere file system.  There's no 
web server on the XO, so it's hard for it to figure out the URI'd future 

If I ruled the world the Journal would be reuse + extension of Firefox 
3's Places feature.  Places has the same history, tags, search, last 
viewed, description, etc.; it allows but does not require subfolders. 
That would be the start of the unification of browsing the web and your 
local work that's surely coming.

Thanks for all you do.
=S Page
Devel mailing list

Re: Sugar unusable as an e-book reader

2008-10-27 Thread S Page

 opening the book in .html just produces a lot of errors becouse the book 
 is spread across lots of files, and the jurnal isolation mechanisms copy 
 the file being opened to a temporary directory, where all the links to the 
 other files don't work.

Note that you could have entered file:///media in Browse and located the 
HTML files; I believe the links to other files would then have worked OK 
but you'd have to wander around with the USB flash drive hanging out of 
your XO.

In an ideal world the book would be packaged as a single collection 
(.xol) file, so downloading it would unpack it in ~/Library and add it 
to the content navigation in the OLPC Library home page.  You could try and .

(I put Little-Brother.xol on USB, it showed up in Journal, I chose 
Start and this all happened and Browse displayed the e-book.)

In this ideal world the .xol container would gain traction as an e-book 
format and Bain, Project Gutenberg, and the other content repositories 
would offer books as .xol bundles.

HTML in Browse integrates cleanly with the library/home page, can use 
advanced CSS for attractive layout, takes you from a link to a document 
without the download-Journal-Read steps, avoids PDF's fundamental 
broken-ness rendering a paper page on a screen, has JavaScript to add 
interactivity and features like annotations, etc. etc.  It's the future. 
  But PDF is certainly an important legacy format.

=S Page
Devel mailing list

Browse can't browse USB flash drive

2008-10-27 Thread S Page
S Page wrote:

 Note that you could have entered file:///media in Browse and located the 
 HTML files

I spoke too soon.  Browse shows my USB flash drive's label in /media, 
but my attempts to navigate to any file or directory within 
file:///media/MYDRIVE return error -2142109675 from XPCOM loadURI().  Is 
this an error from Bitfrost?
Devel mailing list

Re: Read bug hit in Rwanda

2008-10-10 Thread S Page
Brian Jordan wrote:

 I imagine students would encounter this bug rather quickly as well,
 zooming in on their home continent PDF Google maps style.
 Can we get some attention on that one? Especially if it can be fixed in
 the activity, I would like to have a new version in place when we try to
 upgrade Rwanda 8.2.0 later this year.

Or consider alternatives to PDF maps (trac 7652).  I can view, e.g., 
without the download-Journal-launch Read-(run low on memory) steps, 
zooming in didn't crash Browse, and SVG in the browser potentially 
allows show/hide layers, interactive quizzes, easier localization, view 
source, etc.

=S Page
Devel mailing list

Re: Signed candidate-765 and gg-765-2 builds available for testing.

2008-10-02 Thread S Page
Michael Stone wrote:
 I have decided to publish 8.2-765 as a signed Candidate (raw os)

I reverted my signed (no-developer key) XO-1 back to build 650 
(ship.1, 7.1.0) and did a ``olpc-update --usb`` to update to 
candidate-765.  I had the expected issues of no sudo and having to 
update olpc-update itself, and it worked!  This wasn't a perfect test
because I didn't revert firmware as well, I was on latest q2e18 firmware

I improved and simplified the early sections of for the USB upgrade path.

I noticed one slightly confusing thing.  The line of text in a virtual 
terminal and in `cat /etc/issue` is:
   OLPC build 765 (stream 8.2; variant devel_jffs2)
  ^^^? ^?
I guess this candidate stream isn't a real stream, it's just a special 
treatment of certain builds.  But why is the variant called devel ? 
According to , 
devel Contains tools useful for developers of the OLPC operating 
system, including: yum, rpm, vim-minimal, openssh-server, xterm, which, 
file, tree, wget, xorg-x11-twm, gdb packages

My OS only has some of those.  I think these days there isn't a Normal 
image any more, just devel_?  Will this variant devel_ go away when 
8.2.0 moves to ?

I see a newer ; 
Friends_in_testing still suggests candidate-765. (G1G1 composite)

I see a newer gg-766-3.  But nobody has explained when or how you'd 
upgrade to a gg- build (is it for a clean-install with activities?), so 
I think it goes unmentioned on the wiki.

=S Page   user:skierpage
Devel mailing list

Re: Stability and Memory Pressure in 8.2

2008-10-01 Thread S Page
Tomeu Vizoso wrote:

 Read has serious memory problems because renders whole pages
 into memory, regardless of what is the viewed area. Any chance the
 first pages of the PDF you opened contained big images?

Nope, it's a saved Project Gutenberg PDF 
Coradella_Collegiate_Bookshelf_Collection_austen-persuasion.pdf, looks 
like it has one small image.
Of course when I reproduce everything works fine.

Is there *anything* testers can run before or after their XO goes funny? 
  My fantasy would be a section in :

   Run from a console as you start Sugar.  This snapshots 
memory every 10 seconds to a rotating set of files in tmpfs until it 
detects that the machine has serious memory problems, then it runs a 
detailed /sys/procmem dump.  It also runs strace on the OOMKiller 
thread.  If your XO locks up, zip this directory and attach it to bug 4321.

Without something like that, it'll be hard to get anything more from 
testers than anecdotes.

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