Thank you and an update on the New Zealand XO-4 deployment

2013-07-11 Thread Tabitha Roder
This week Barry Vercoe, Nicoletta Rata-Skudder and I had the pleasure of
spending three days with the first New Zealand school to purchase XO
laptops for their students. This school is also the first XO-4 touchscreen
deployment (I think in the world??).

I wanted to publicly thank all the people who worked so hard to help ensure
this deployment had a successful start, including the deployment being able
to be in Maori, the preferred language for this school. Thanks to CJL for
his endless support in making this happen, and for all his continuing help
as we work towards a sustainable translation team.

Thank you to Walter for helping with the keyboard issues. We hope to test
your new keyboard preference in a future build. For those reading this
email without knowing about the New Zealand deployment, we needed some
changes to allow Macrons on vowels to be in single characters. We found the
combining macron available in the standard keyboard was problematic.

The laptops are being used with first year students (five year olds) with a
teacher who has completed the One Education teacher training provided by
One Laptop per Child Australia. There are other teachers within the school
also working through this training to help them prepare to deploy XO-4
laptops in their classes. The students in her class had access to XO-1.75
laptops for two weeks prior to the arrival of XO-4 laptops.

There are a few bugs in the build that we have identified since deployment,
and a few activities that the students would really like to see available
for XO-4, but overall a successful launch.
The school is using xo-system 1a build 49 which is acquired from and we customised it using Jerry's tinycore linux
based customisation system. Many thanks to Jerry Vonau and James Cameron
for producing this and helping us use it. This customisation meant we could
have the laptops first start up in Maori and the children saw Maori
language from the very first screen (where you put in your name/ingoa).
We also bundled the following activities that the teacher had access to on
the XO-1.75 during training (if the activity started on XO-4) - Cartoon
builder, eToys, Get Books, Infoslicer, Maze, Story builder, the full Tam
tam suite, Turtle machine and Typing Turtle.
The teacher has asked us to investigate the jigsaw puzzle and slider puzzle
activities for XO-4 as some children had made puzzles with their photos
from Record on the XO-1.75 and enjoyed these activities.
We noticed some performance issues with Record (the screen would freeze at
times while they were preparing to take the photo) and we also could not
get Undo to work in Write activity in the classroom. We will test these
further and file bug reports when we know more.

Thanks to DSD for the quick fix on the Browse performance issues.

On leaving the school, the students were quickly gaining confidence in
using the touchscreen as well as the touchpad, taking photos in Record and
putting them in Write as part of story writing, and using the Paint
activity. They were excited at every opportunity to use the XOs and were
exploring all the activities with great enthusiasm.

Thanks to all the others who also helped along the way. OLPC builds and
deployments are a community effort, and we thank everyone involved. Please
know that your efforts, advice and guidance has been worth the sharing, and
this school is now enjoying their teaching and learning experiences with
XO-4 laptops in the classroom.

Thank you!
Tabitha and Tom
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Copying contents of Journal to transfer from XO-1.75 to XO-4

2013-07-07 Thread Tabitha Roder

We are swapping out a classroom of XO-1.75s to XO-4s (known as XO-Duos in
Australia I think). Is there a way of taking the majority of the contents
of the Journal from XO-1.75 onto USB and then putting it into the Journal
of the XO-4s?
I am not too concerned with getting all the data, but would like to at
least get sound, video and images they have created, as well as Write
files. Would be great if we can also get Turtleart projects and other
activity output, so would appreciate any suggestions that people have.
I am familiar with drag and drop the file from the Journal to the USB icon,
but that is one file at a time, so hoping there is another way.

We are planning on installing XO-system 1a (build 49) from Australia.
We are assuming the XO-1.75s have an old Australian build on them but don't
have these details.

We'll be at the school Monday-Wednesday NZ time so hoping for suggestions
or instructions within this timeframe.

Thank you
New Zealand
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Re: [OLPC New Zealand] Auckland Testing Summary 18 May 2013

2013-05-25 Thread Tabitha Roder

 paint- can’t choose font when using text boxes with trackpad or
 touchscreen maybe due to wear the menu drops down, bold and italic works

 Can you explain a little more what the problem is?


In Paint activity there is a text box tool. You use it to add text to your
picture. You should be able to choose the font for the text, but when you
click the font option you get a drop down menu quite far to the right of
where the font button is. It is not possible to change the font, it seems
to ignore your clicks and your screen touches.
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Testing Summary - Auckland 13 October 2012

2012-10-13 Thread Tabitha Roder
Auckland Testing Summary 13 October 2012
Who: Alana, Fabiana, John, Oliver, Tabitha and Tom

Rosella: XO-1.5 One Education OS 1.2 (build au248), Firmware Q3C09
with first language Maori and second language English (Great Britain)

Moon failed to start, but works if you change the language back to
English, log file attached for failed to start case

Firefox froze when you press the stop button

Tam Tam Mini was mostly translated but the category names (percussion,
animal etc for the instruments) were not

Record photos and videos worked fine

Clock does not speak the time but otherwise works. Changing to English
fixes the talking clock. Note that the Days of the week were not
translated, but everything else was. Log attached.

Screencast encoding was very slow. No translation. Saves to journal.
Attempting to play from the journal launches jukebox but the video
doesn't play

Physics works

Numbers works

Speak has an english accent and doesn't understand the macrons. The
robot greeting I'm a robot alice... has been translated but the
robot converses in english otherwise.

Ivy: XO-1.5 One Education OS 1.2 (build au248), Firmware Q3C07 in English
Maze, Memorize, Speak, Moon, Clock, Physics, Arithmetic, Implode, Tam
Tam Mini all worked

Turtle Machine: Three people (including a neuroscientist and a primary
school teacher and a teacher of teachers) all got stuck at level 9 and
couldn't get past it. Our school teacher suggests that once you
complete a shape you should get told the name but we're not sure what
to do when the shapes don't really have names. We also think there
should be some sort of hint or help facility. It would also be good to
skip a level if you get stuck on it but maybe this is cheating. You
don't actually have to do very much for the first levels because all
you have to do is click on the number and it auto-advances to the
correct value (it jumps values, 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,12,30) and choose one
angle less than what is already selected. Perhaps these should be
type-in boxes where you have to choose the right angle? Eventually (7
hours later on revisiting the activity) we found there was a library
of shapes created that we could reuse.

Both One Education builds ask for the users age when you first start
the laptop but you cannot enter an age with the keyboard, you have to
use the clickers or the arrow keys.

XO-1.75 running One Education OS 1.2 (build au48)
Moon, Implode, Memorize, Numbers, Slider Puzzle, Dimensions, Clock all work

Jigsaw was unusably slow when dragging pieces

Screencast stops recording after one second and doesn't save anything
in the journal (but it says it does)

The vmeta drivers won't load on this XO as they are for a different
architecture. Is there any other way to get hardware accelerated video
playback working?

XO-4 running 13.1.0 for XO-1.4 (build 5), firmware Q7B01
Startup sound has a raspy quality, pressing reasonably hard on the
right hand speaker grille seems to make it much better.

This laptop didn't shut down properly (perhaps because the shutdown
screen isn't always correctly understood) and stayed on in the bag. It
doesn't seem to have suffered from this.

Touchscreen has an offset which makes using it quite difficult. Is
there any further protection for the screen planned? It doesn't feel
as robust to impact as any tablet I've used, and the matt finish looks
like it might collect scratches.

There is a slight misalignment between the game key holes and the game
keys. This doesn't seem to stop them working. The front panel finish
is glossy with faint tool marks, while the finish on the rest of the
laptop is textured.

The rotate button doesn't do anything

Write works

Get Books works but doesn't show icon as being coloured after you use it

Read works

Wikipedia didn't load any pages, it looked like it started to progress
but it didn't

Maze works

Browse works but clicking in the dark areas of the scroll bar causes
the screen to scroll to that absolute position rather than one
screenful up or down.

Thanks testers

Description: BZip2 compressed data
Description: Binary data
Description: Binary data
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Re: [Server-devel] XS rebase review

2012-02-08 Thread Tabitha Roder
On 8 February 2012 11:58, Daniel Drake wrote:

 Moodle - seemed to fail on first boot, worked on second.  Using
 moodle-xs-1.9.5.xs2-1.xs11.noarch. Need to dig further.

 Which moodle branch should I be working with?

 Hi Martin

I have likely missed some previous discussions, but are we moving to Moodle
2.x or staying with Moodle 1.9.x on XS?
How important is it to stay current with releases? The oldest
option is 1.9.11 on when we report any bugs with
Moodle 1.9.x.
I did have a quick look at and the
pages linked from there.

Also, looks like the PaintWeb project not quite made it into Moodle 2 yet.
I looked in discussions, tracker, and database of modules and
plugins, and most up-to-date information was on as far as I could see. Always
thought this would be a great addition for young children.

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Re: [Sugar-devel] Result of test activities on Sugar 0.94.1

2012-01-20 Thread Tabitha Roder
On 20 January 2012 00:49, Chris Leonard wrote:

 I will certainly be using the i18n / L10n information to investigate
 the possibility of soliciting more PO files for the Honey project by
 pestering developers about i18n.

 I hope someone has posted about this to the testing list as I suspect
 our friends in the New Zealand testing crew would find such a
 spreadsheet useful in their own work,

Hi cjl
New Zealand are following this conversation ;-)
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Re: Potential volunteer offering technical writing

2011-10-20 Thread Tabitha Roder
On 20 October 2011 11:21, Christoph Derndorfer wrote:

 not sure what the exact time difference is between San Francisco and NZ but
 maybe we could set up a Skype call between Rachel, you, and us in SF to
 coordinate our documentation efforts?


We meet on Saturday mornings at 11am NZ time (that is Friday 3pm in San
Francisco) for olpc/sugar testing and we are on IRC #sugar #olpc and a bunch
of other related freenode channels. We can also be on skype (tabitharoder).
If we are a little bit late, don't worry (probably the baby is requiring my
attention) as we won't be long. We are at testing usually until around 2pm,
or later depending how much testing we have to do (and how well the baby is

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Re: Potential volunteer offering technical writing

2011-10-19 Thread Tabitha Roder
On 4 October 2011 16:18, Martin Langhoff wrote:

 And the FLOSS Manuals feed into the Help Activity, so work there pays
 of many times over...

So how do we feed the FLOSS manual into the Help activity? Rachel is keen to
help, but keen to see her work on the XO.

Is the FLOSS - help activity process documented anywhere? I don't think we
are able to help with improving the i10n process or the activity build
process, but we can help with the (english) words themselves.
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Memorize - use scenario

2011-09-30 Thread Tabitha Roder
We have been seeing lots of changes to Memorize and some things are a bit
confusing. I was thinking that it might help to write some scenarios for how
you might use Memorize. So here goes...

In class on Monday the teacher says each student is to make a Memorize game
to help learn the elements of the periodic table.

Two students meet at another students house. They decide to play the game
they made about the periodic table. They each have different games so they
collaborate and play all three games.

On Tuesday in class the teacher says they should each make a Memorize game
that just looks at a set of elements based on whether they are metals or
nonmetals. In doing this task they can edit the existing game or they can
create a new game.
They are then asked to share their games so they can practice different

On Wednesday the teacher says they should each make a Memorize game that
just looks at solids or gases. They are told they should make sure they save
the game from Tuesday so they will have a bigger set of games to play later.

On Thursday and Friday they are given time to share and play the games they
have been creating with their classmates.
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Testing Summary: 27 August 2011 - Auckland, New Zealand

2011-08-27 Thread Tabitha Roder
Testing Summary: 27 August 2011 - Auckland, New Zealand

We have two new XOs! These need names as we're currently referring to them
by the unwieldy membrane keyboard XO-1.75 and clicky keyboard XO-1.75
which are also only unique within our group. They arrived earlier this week
and we've fooled around with them all week. They differ from the XO-1.5 in
that they have an ARM processor (so most or all of the peripherals are
different too) and an accelerometer. The ARM processor is a big change and
there are lots of bugs.

Testing build 41 customised on XO-1.75 B1 prototypes.

Memorize - could play the three preloaded games but no sound played, could
create/save/play a game using our own words (no pictures or sound). Could
not write the spanish macron tilde things in our english-spanish game.

Took apart our clicky keyboard XO-1.75 to test the touchpad by swapping with
that in Tank, one of our XO-1.5s. The jumpy mouse problem described in
#11171 followed the touchpad -- the old touchpad from our XO-1.5 works
perfectly on the new XO-1.75 and the new touchpad continues to jump on our
old XO-1.5. The new touchpad has a blue circuit board and a different design
to that in Tank. We plan to swap a good touch pad into our clicky keyboard
base so we have a working clicky keyboard XO but will wait a while for a
resolution to this problem as taking everything apart for is quite arduous.

Ruler - all functions appear to be working. Checked accuracy with a ruler on
the Nexus One and they look the same (though that is two electronic
measuring devices, but we didn't have a physical ruler with us).

Finance - all functions appear to work. It is frustrating that when you swap
between views from the eye to the dollar bill it doesn't put the user into
Register mode if they are in Budget or Chart mode. The user ends up stuck
until they figure out they have to click Register before clicking on the
dollar bill if they want to add/edit the credits and debits.

Typing Turtle - works. Would be good to have a progress indicator to show
how much time you have left when popping balloons.

Labyrinth - seemed to work

Clock - works except no sound on talking clock

Record - only shows audio option, but not working

Speak - ABC works! Volume low, tried to change with the frame volume control
but it just reverts back to lowest possible sound level (tried many times).
Opened Terminal and typed alsamixer. Get the message This sound device does
not have any controls.
Can't use function keys as directed on the screen, also tried on an XO-1.5
but couldn't use function keys, tried using fn key.

Maze - failed to start, log is empty

Browse - failed to start, log shows  ...
from sugar ._sugarext import address entry
importerror: cannot import name addressentry


Played with the new Acer Iconia tablet running Android 3 and decided it was
better than the ipad 2. Nice layout with a search recent applications
similar to the Mac dock thing downloads folder. Smooth finger zooming on
maps. Nice notifications features, even see them in the bottom task
panel/bar before you unlock. You can have a mini calendar view on the
frontpage which is useful. It has a USB A host port and doesn't require
computer or a credit card for activation.
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New prototype XO-1.75s in Auckland, New Zealand

2011-08-22 Thread Tabitha Roder
We have just today received 2 of the XO-1.75 prototype B1 without touch
screen. They arrived with a serial adaptor for updating the firmware.
The documentation is a bit chaotic so it's hard to work out what build and
firmware should be on it. We spent the first few hours testing on an old
build with old firmware thinking we had updated to the latest. We now have
build 36 customised Sugar 0.92.4 and firmware Q4B07 (note that the firmware
doesn't appear in the about my computer but does appear on pressing escape
during startup).

One has the membrane keyboard and the other has clicky keys The clicky keys
are very cramped, especially in the bottom right hand corner, and will take
a while to learn to type on (though probably fine for smaller hands). Not
sure how the gear button could operate with the clicky keyboard as it seems
when you push it, the whole key is pressed, not just the gear end, but the
shift alt v combination does bring up view source.
The alternative key glyphs don't work yet.
The frame key has moved from top right corner to f6 - a problem for the
membrane keyboard as the key pictures don't match.
The touchpad lets you tap the pad so you don't have to click with the button
to select.
The microphone and camera don't work yet. In testing the speakers we found
the sound to be scratchy like there are buffer issues.

They boot faster than the XO-1.5 but the activities don't appear to load
faster, in fact lots fail to start (e.g. physics wont start). The activities
that fail to start seem to need native libraries -- we see lots of missing
shared object error messages in the logs.

Thanks for sending us these to test. We'll watch for any testing requests as
well as continuing to try things ourselves.

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Software Freedom Day 17 September 2011

2011-08-03 Thread Tabitha Roder
Hi Sugar and olpc world

What are people doing to celebrate Software Freedom Day this year?

We are having an event in our city (Auckland, NZ) and are planning to show
the XOs and if I can get some USBs then give out Sugar on a Stick. I am
hoping to find a good printer to get some posters done.

Anyone else doing anything?

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder
eLearning specialist and olpc volunteer
Cell +64 21 482229
Winner: NZ Open Source Contributor Award 2010
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Re: [Sugar-devel] Pulse Sensor: an Open Source Heart-rate Sensor that Rocks by Yury Gitman — Kickstarter

2011-07-20 Thread Tabitha Roder
On 20 July 2011 15:07, Sameer Verma wrote:

 Can't see where they publish their code so asked them on their blog.
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Re: [Testing] OLPC-AU release candidate RC3 (au867)

2011-07-07 Thread Tabitha Roder
Hi Andrew

We will be testing au867
If you want to join us virtually, we (Auckland testing) meet Saturdays at
11am (well, 11:30am by the time we set up) NZ time. We are on IRC freenode
and could test together communicating on #olpc-au if you like.

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder
Cell +64 21 482229

On 8 July 2011 11:25, Andrew van der Stock wrote:

 Are you going to have a test day for this image? I'm working in Melbourne
 CBD now, and although I have XO-1's, I'd be happy to help test the image if
 you're going to have a day I can come in and bash away at the things that I
 know bug me about some of the trial builds.


 On Fri, Jul 8, 2011 at 9:14 AM, James Cameron wrote:

 On Thu, Jul 07, 2011 at 06:07:12PM -0500, Jerry Vonau wrote:
  Need to use what the download url is in redmine, this should be correct:

 Thanks.  Looks neat, well done.  Please upstream any useful stuff.

 James Cameron
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 Testing mailing list

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Re: [OLPC-AU] OLPC-AU revised release candidate

2011-07-01 Thread Tabitha Roder
Sorry we could not test this as it wasn't available in time this morning.

On Jul 2, 2011 7:53 AM, Jerry Vonau wrote:
 Hi all:

 Please do not use RC1, there was a typo that broke some the
 customizations in the build. If you downloaded it I'm sorry for wasting
 your bandwidth, there is a new image on the way soon[1]. There is one
 additional feature to be tested:
 * Firefox is remembering passwords [801]

 Thanks for testing


 On Fri, 2011-07-01 at 12:39 +1000, Sridhar Dhanapalan wrote:
 The release notes, including links to the changes, is online at

 Some things that have changed (with their issues numbers in our
 system) that we need testing are:

 * flashing is faster with our sparse build [#594]
 * Browse activity [#654]
 * Speak activity with english_rp voice [#718]
 * Screencast activity [#692]
 * gnome-screenshot in GNOME [#563]
 * gtk-recordmysesktop in GNOME [#564]
 * camorama in GNOME [#558]
 * Firefox now loads with the OLPC Library as the home page [#555]


 Sridhar Dhanapalan
 Technical Manager
 One Laptop per Child Australia
 M: +61 425 239 701
 A: G.P.O. Box 731
 Sydney, NSW 2001

 On 1 July 2011 08:43, Jerry Vonau wrote:
  Hi All:
  This is to announce that we may have a Release Candidate with the
  OLPC-AU build for the XO-1.5 featuring sparse file support[1], is now
  available for testing[2]. This build has q3a65 firmware in the payload,
  so you might get an upgrade if your firmware is not up to that level.
  The upload is in progress, please be patient.
  Thanks for testing,
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 OLPC-AU mailing list

 OLPC-AU mailing list
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Re: [Sugar-devel] Suggestion about feature in sin-dientes activity

2011-03-09 Thread Tabitha Roder
2011/3/9 Yader Velásquez

 My problem is: How to allow only the teachers to customize the list words,
 and deny this feature to the regulars students?
 I use the FileChooserWidget for select a file with the new list, but is not
 a good idea that a child can do it.

I don't understand why the children can't write the word lists. I play a
hangman type of game with my niece (she is 10) and I write words for her to
guess and she writes words for me to guess. The more we play the better she
gets at choosing more difficult words.
If the students are writing their own word lists they can put in words which
are relevant to what they are learning and words they find important to the
topic, giving valuable insight to the teacher on the students understanding
of the topic.
I get students to write collaborative glossaries in courses too rather than
giving the students the words and definitions because I believe part of
grasping understanding of the topic is identifying key words and their
meaning given the context of the topic.
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Re: [IAEP] !! in 10.1.3, setting languages property clears all activities

2011-01-29 Thread Tabitha Roder
Hi Tim
Reposting to the olpc devel list who might be better positioned to answer
your question.
Good luck!

On 29 January 2011 04:36, Timothy Falconer wrote:

 Hi folks,

 I'm done in Haiti, about to prep 120 laptops.  Normally we use our
 handy-dandy prep script.  One line is now giving grief in 10.1.3:

 sugar-control-panel -s language Kreyol/Haiti

 Seems there is no longer a language property.  So I look and find a
 languages property.

 I do a get on it, and yes, it's English/USA.  Seems the right thing.  So I:

 sugar-control-panel -s languages Kreyol/Haiti

 And after restarting, ALL OF THE ACTIVITIES ARE GONE.

 Can anyone confirm this or give me guidance.  How can I set the language in
 a bash script in 10.1.3?

 We're doing this work today, so please respond ASAP.


 Timothy Falconer
 Waveplace Foundation
 + 1 610 797 3100 x33

 IAEP -- It's An Education Project (not a laptop project!)

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Re: [Server-devel] Assistance with Setting up the School Server

2010-11-25 Thread Tabitha Roder
Do u mean as student, teacher or admin?
Connect to the XS network via wifi or LAN. It should give u an IP address
and route your traffic.
Type schoolserver into browser URL. You are now connected.
If you want non XOs to have accounts you have to create them using the admin
login (refer wiki for instructions to get admin password  ) or naybe using
the first XO to register (they are course Creator so I  think they have
On moodle home page use users in admin menu to add new users.

On 26 Nov 2010 04:13, HALL,Brian C wrote:
 One more thing how do i connect to the School Server from a non XO
machine? Like from a regular laptop or PC.

 Brian Hall
 From: [] On Behalf Of HALL,Brian C []
 Sent: 25 November 2010 10:08
 To: Sameer Verma
 Cc: ANTOINE,Alexander I;; MILLER,Kevin J
 Subject: Re: [Server-devel] Assistance with Setting up the School Server


 Thanks i have now set the set the domain name. Its for a basic school
hence i use the name

 The is only one network card on the server. I realise that we may have to
acquire an external wireless card/adapter in order for the XO's to
communicate with the server. Is there a recommended external wireless
card/adapter that you can recommend?

 Thanks in advance,
 From: [] On Behalf Of Sameer Verma []
 Sent: 24 November 2010 17:39
 To: HALL,Brian C
 Cc:; ANTOINE,Alexander I; MILLER,Kevin J
 Subject: Re: [Server-devel] Assistance with Setting up the School Server

 On Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 1:54 PM, HALL,Brian C wrote:
 Hey guys,

 Iam new to setting up the school server. So far I have downloaded and
 installed the ISO unto a dell optiplex 240. It picks up the eth0 but iam
 not sure what next to do in order for it to work. What else should I do?
 remember seeing someone being able to access the school server from
 machine and it wasn’t an XO. I also know that apache is running but iam
 able to connect to it.

 Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

 Brian Hall

 Systems Administrator

 Mona School Of Business

 University Of The West Indies


 Kingston 7

 Phone # 977-6035 ext 362

 Server-devel mailing list

 Hi Brian,
 How many network cards do you have on this machine? Will the XS be
 talking to the Internet?
 The next step is to run the config. Look at domain_config on this

 Dr. Sameer Verma, Ph.D.
 Associate Professor, Information Systems
 Director, Campus Business Solutions
 San Francisco State University
 Server-devel mailing list
 Server-devel mailing list
Server-devel mailing list

Re: Contents of Devel Digest, Vol 57, Issue 12

2010-11-11 Thread Tabitha Roder

 From: Chris Ball
 Subject: XO-1.75 progress

 That's going to take several months, but
 we wanted you to know that it will be coming.

 - Chris, on behalf of the OLPC Engineering team.

Thanks Chris for giving us an update on XO-1.75 progress and keeping us in
the loop; very much appreciated. As information is shared, hopefully the
community can offer useful feedback and will be prepared to assist in their
relevant ways when the time comes.

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Re: Contents of Devel Digest, Vol 57, Issue 14

2010-11-11 Thread Tabitha Roder

 No, but an XO-1.75 that uses half the power and therefore provides twice
 the battery life is an XO that is now available to many children who don't
 have the electrons to use XO-1.5 machines, or for whom a 4-hour battery life
 is inadequate but an 8-hour battery life would be quite useful.

+1 for increase in battery, would be great to have the XO last the whole
school day so just charge it at night and don't need to charge during class
(which could be considered disruptive). Significant improvement.
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[Server-devel] Moodle courses

2010-10-23 Thread Tabitha Roder
I just heard that there was a request for Moodle courses for the
schoolserver - I used and to get sample courses - Solar
system, plants, anatomy courses. You can use guest access on but
I recommend you create a login if you are using XS as there are great forums
on that you can ask questions in. ran cool courses competition to gather courses for people to use
- - so this is also a good resource


Kind regards
Tabitha Roder
eLearning specialist and olpc volunteer
Cell +64 21 482229
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Re: [Sugar-devel] Edit/audit wikipedia activity

2010-10-21 Thread Tabitha Roder
On 22 October 2010 05:06, Martin Langhoff wrote:

 we are getting interesting news of not-quite-good content in Wikipedia
 content included in the Wikipedia activities.

Schools wiki is quite good as it has images as well as text on 5000 pages of
curriculum (British) appropriate content. This could be a good place to
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Test request time

2010-10-14 Thread Tabitha Roder
Hello world

It is late Thursday night here in NZ so it is the time of the week I start
looking for what we should download Friday and test in NZ on Saturday
morning.  Are there any test requests from anyone out there?

I am assuming we are starting with a Sugar 0.90 test of some sort...
I see some new releases - Sliderule-22, Physics-7, Turtle Blocks-100,
Jukebox-20 and Numbers-3. Should we test these and is there anything in
particular (other than the changes described in the release notes) you are
looking for feedback on? I was hoping that Wordgroupz would be ready for
testing but I haven't seen that yet.
We still have to try out creating our own images for Visual Match, and test
eToys on Sugar 0.90 too.
The Australians have a new XO-1.5 build they want tested...

Anything else?

Thanks world

olpc NZ volunteer
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Re: [support-gang] spectacular new XO-1.5 disassembly guides

2010-10-09 Thread Tabitha Roder

Just sharing this pdf file of Dissecting an XO 1.5 created by Peter
   who just been introduced to XO.

I put the links on disassembly page of wiki.
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Re: [Sugar-devel] Joining the QA Teams

2010-09-30 Thread Tabitha Roder
On 1 October 2010 10:44, Samuel Greenfeld wrote:

 Hello; I'm Samuel Greenfeld, and I started work in September as a Lead QA
 Engineer for the OLPC Association.  I am based out of the Miami, Florida
 OLPC office, where Martin Langhoff also works.

 I am currently the primary (and only) QA tester hired by the OLPC
 Association.  James Cameron will continue to be the System Test Coordinator
 for the OLPC Foundation.

Nice to meet you Samuel and congratulations. I am a volunteer in New Zealand
and we have a community of volunteer testers here in Auckland and in
Wellington who you might get to know in the coming months. We can test for
olpc (XO-1.0s, XO-1.5s) or Sugar (Macs and a variety of netbooks), and can
test with School Server (though limited wifi hardware testing capability).
Please feel free to ask us for support and testing.
Looking forward to getting to know you.

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder
NZ based volunteer
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Re: [Sugar-devel] backups

2010-08-14 Thread Tabitha Roder
On 12/08/2010, S Page wrote:
 Interesting!  I think Journal backup to the school server has been a
 feature since XS 0.4 and Release 8.2, see
 , and that's what your picture shows.  I assume you're referring to
 the recent Sugar work (I think
 that has added backup to locally-attached volumes.

We just upgraded half the Samoan deployment using this feature to
restore their work. They were on 8.2.0 (build 767) so I wrote a backup
script which simply makes a tar file on the usb:

#! /bin/sh

SERIAL=`cat /ofw/serial-number`
BACKUP=`dirname $0`/backup

mkdir -p $BACKUP/$SERIAL
cd /home/olpc/.sugar/default
tar -czf $BACKUP/$SERIAL/datastore.tar.gz datastore
echo backed up journal to $BACKUP/$SERIAL/datastore.tar.gz

Put that file on a usb stick, insert into the XO and run the script
(when doing a mass upgrade, ctrl-alt-neighbourhood gets to a terminal
quickly). The tar file on the usb contains the whole journal. The
dextrose restore will load it, but there is a bug if you are coming
from early builds, see and an
additional bug which I haven't reported yet (migration fails if an
entry in in the source journal doesn't have a preview). Migration
isn't perfect, but record photos and write documents survive fine.

If you want to restore to a different xo, change the serial number of
the tar file. You should be able to restore manually if your
destination build doesn't have a restore feature, just replace the
datastore directory with the one in the backup and ctrl-alt-erase
restart (I'm not sure how safe this is, the running system may try to
write to the old journal during the shutdown, migration happens on

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Re: [IAEP] Recommend build for XO-1.0 deployment

2010-08-03 Thread Tabitha Roder
On 02/08/2010, James Cameron wrote:
 Tabitha, check to see if the deployment can use unlocked laptops; and if
 the policy is acceptable, we can assist with use of Collection stick and

We have already collected the spares at the ministry with a collection
stick. Getting the details of all the laptops back to olpc will be a
little challenging -- limited internet access on the island where the
schools are. We will know more about access on Wed.

 (The laptops can be unlocked by the user within 24 hours by following
 the processes that OLPC made available ...

Can we confirm that it really will take 24 hours. There is the
potential for a 4 hour round trip to deliver the collection stick data
and again to check for the result. The wiki said it could take a
couple of days.

Thanks for the help. Hopefully access is better than we fear.

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder
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Re: [IAEP] Recommend build for XO-1.0 deployment

2010-08-03 Thread Tabitha Roder
Thanks James. These are part of a Pacific region donation pool of
5000. We will have to see what happens.
Our advice to future deployments is to do the dev key request thing
before the laptops leave for the schools, even if they aren't loaded
into the laptops.


On 03/08/2010, James Cameron wrote:
 On Tue, Aug 03, 2010 at 07:45:59AM +, Tabitha Roder wrote:
 On 02/08/2010, James Cameron wrote:
  Tabitha, check to see if the deployment can use unlocked laptops;
  and if the policy is acceptable, we can assist with use of
  Collection stick and unlocking.

 We have already collected the spares at the ministry with a collection
 stick. Getting the details of all the laptops back to olpc will be a
 little challenging -- limited internet access on the island where the
 schools are. We will know more about access on Wed.


  (The laptops can be unlocked by the user within 24 hours by
  following the processes that OLPC made available ...

 Can we confirm that it really will take 24 hours. There is the
 potential for a 4 hour round trip to deliver the collection stick data
 and again to check for the result. The wiki said it could take a
 couple of days.

 No, we can't confirm that without knowing either the serial numbers or
 the method by which the batch was ordered.  We talked about it in
 engineering team earlier today, and there are some deployments who
 requested more than the 24-hours delay when they made their order.  I
 don't have (nor do I need) access to the ordering systems, but I do talk
 with the people at OLPC who know how to handle the developer key
 process.  ;-}

 Once you have the laptops.dat file from the collection stick process,
 follow the usual next step of e-mail to help at indicating
 you want developer keys.

 James Cameron

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder
eLearning specialist and olpc volunteer
Cell +64 21 482229
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Recommend build for XO-1.0 deployment

2010-08-01 Thread Tabitha Roder
We are in Samoa helping out at two small deployments. We are
installing a school server and wifi at each school. They are running
8.2.1 on XO-1 hardware  (G1G1 donation). We have been running this
build on our laptops and it feels like a big step down from the sugar
0.84 and bernies's 0.88 builds we have been testing recently.

Does anyone have a build they would recommend? I believe the laptops
are locked, so it will have to be signed.

I'm running a newer build on one of our XOs and browse can't do http
basic authentication to configure the access points :-( I think it is
os300 (but that XO isn't with me right now).

Drop cc: on mailing lists that dont belong please.

Thanks for your help
Tabitha and Tom
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Re: [Server-devel] Server performance feedback and testing suggestions

2010-08-01 Thread Tabitha Roder
On 01/08/2010, David Leeming wrote:
 OK, well we have set it up to run 24/7 with the timer override, allowing
 teachers to set the timer to auto if need be (but then they will have the
 daily task of manually switching it on, that can get neglected in my
 experience, especially as the servers are in locked rooms, with the daily
 hassle of finding keys etc. Sounds a minor issue but in practice it is best
 to have the system as automated as possible).

There should be an option in the bios to turn on when power is
applied. Our Samoan EEEBoxes have off, onand last state (where
it turns on if it was on when power was lost). Then you can use your
timer to automatically turn it on.

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder (actually it's Tom here)
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[Server-devel] Recommend build for XO-1.0 deployment

2010-08-01 Thread Tabitha Roder
We are in Samoa helping out at two small deployments. We are
installing a school server and wifi at each school. They are running
8.2.1 on XO-1 hardware  (G1G1 donation). We have been running this
build on our laptops and it feels like a big step down from the sugar
0.84 and bernies's 0.88 builds we have been testing recently.

Does anyone have a build they would recommend? I believe the laptops
are locked, so it will have to be signed.

I'm running a newer build on one of our XOs and browse can't do http
basic authentication to configure the access points :-( I think it is
os300 (but that XO isn't with me right now).

Drop cc: on mailing lists that dont belong please.

Thanks for your help
Tabitha and Tom
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Re: [Server-devel] [Fwd: Turn Editing On missing and joining multiple courses]

2010-07-28 Thread Tabitha Roder
 From: David Leeming
 To: 'XS Devel'
 Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 10:52:08 +1000
 Subject: [Server-devel] Turn Editing On missing and joining multiple

 In our PNG deployment and elsewhere I am finding with Moodle that when the
 initial administrator XO creates additional course creators, the “Turn
 Editing On” button does not appear on the new Course Creator XOs, although
 you can see all the site admin functions. For example, I have used Admin 1
 XO (the first one to register) to make Admin 2 XO a system course creator
 and a front page course creator.  But no “Turn Editing On” appears.

I don't know exactly the role setup for Moodle on XS, but it may be that
they have slightly different roles; do they appear at the same level in
Users - permissions - assign system roles?
I just tested - I am logged in as site administrator (I mean Moodle role
administrator at system level) on one computer and have just assigned
another XO as course creator at system level. The new system course
creator XO does have a turn editing on button.
Tested adding another XO as a front page course creator and this XO does not
get a turn editing on button. I then tested assigning the XO as a front page
teacher and now they do get the turn editing on button.

 Secondly, we have set up courses for each of six classes and are joining
 the 250 students and their teachers to them as “teachers” and “students”.
 The teachers have been made “Front Page teachers” but not been given any
 system roles (otherwise they appear in all the courses). We want to allow
 teachers to collaborate between each other as well, so I am thinking of
 creating a “Teachers” course. I have not enough experience with Moodle to
 know what to expect – will there be any “cross over” issues (the best way I
 can describe it) if teachers A and B are members of the Grade 3A and 4B
 courses respectively, and then also both as members of “Teachers”.

 The PNG teachers can be in a course called teachers and assigned as any
role you want. I think the front page thing might be what is confusing
things for PNG. Moodle is hierarchical - system roles beat course roles
which beat resource/activity object roles. Moodle considers the front page
to be a course, so system role would beat it.
PNG Teachers are not system level teachers so you can make them students in
a course. Who is the teacher role assigned to for the teacher course? The
principal maybe?
Continuing this train of thought - it is perfectly okay to make a student a
teacher of a course. e.g. You can have a year 6 student the teacher of the
year 4 maths course if you want. Just don't do it at system level, stick to
course level.

I would not set system level roles for anyone except the person(s) who will
adminstrate Moodle after you leave. Two people is good in case one person

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[Server-devel] Fwd: Journal and Google

2010-07-21 Thread Tabitha Roder
posting on behalf

-- Forwarded message --
From: Jan Zawadzki
Date: Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 9:15 AM
Subject: [Server-devel] Journal and Google

There are API's for working with Google Docs, that's not the problem.

We can do the sync with the XS in the middle - so rsync to XS, and native
Google API's to Google.

Challenge is in syncing up the individual machines directly to Google Docs
without the storage being replicated on the XS.

The underlying assumption is that replication uses rsync - which we can't
use easily in the Google land without proxies, etc.


Hapara ● Google Solutions For Your Enterprise
PO Box 106485  Auckland  New Zealand
P: +64 4 499 5343 M: +64-27-209-1718   Twitter: @hapara_team
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Battery LED flashing

2010-01-02 Thread Tabitha Roder
We plugged in an XO-1.0 with an unknown state LiFePO4 battery (may have been
fully discharged a week before, or may have been shut down properly) and the
battery LED flashed instead of coming on solid like charging normally does.
The battery information in /sys indicated low battery voltage (5.something)
but otherwise good health and charging state. We tried the battery in a
different XO-1.0 and the same behaviour resulted. We left it plugged in
overnight and it appears to have charged normally and the battery now runs
the laptop (when it was doing the flashing charge, the laptop would switch
off immediately when you unplug the charger). indicates flashing on
charge means trickle charging. Sadly we didn't find this page when it was
happening so cannot fully confirm it was flashing orange and with the 4
blinks, pause pattern. This page also doesn't give any clues as to why a
battery might be trickle charging. suggests that the
battery has a Maxim DS2756 in it, but this
chip only monitors one cell, so I guess there are two
such chips? The /sys interface only gives information about the whole
battery, it doesn't tell you about the state of each cell. The specification
pdf on the Hardware_specification page describes the Embedded Controller
interface to the operating system in terms of Battery, not Cell so I
guess it doesn't expose each cell either?

Is it possible to see each cell's voltage separately from within the
operating system or the open firmware? I guess if there is no other way, it
wouldn't be terribly hard to program a microcontroller to talk to the cell
monitors over the 1 wire bus.

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder
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Inventing games in python

2009-12-29 Thread Tabitha Roder
Useful website:
It was recommended by Nat Torkington so worthy of sharing the link.
It has links for downloading Python installer for multiple operating systems
as well as the book as .pdf or web page.

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Testing summary - 12 December 2009 Wellington, NZ

2009-12-11 Thread Tabitha Roder
Testing summary -  12 December 2009 Wellington, NZ

Who: Tabitha, Alastair, Grant

Updated 5 XO 1.5 machines and 4 XO 1.0 machines.
On XO 1.5s the open firmware help is unhelpful. The new fs-update command
for reflashing the XO is not described in the help and the old flash-nand
command which no longer works is listed.
On all XO 1.5s we updated to OS54 wifi does not work (except on 1 of 5
machines showed wireless connections for about 20 seconds then gone)
although we now realise there is OS56 so maybe we need to just update again.

Foodforce2-4: didn't work on the eee running Ubuntu based Sugar. On XO 1.5
machine the mouse arrow flickers. Scrolling land map should be disabled when
pop up boxes are displayed and when you are trying to press current
objective button. Believe it or not, the XO 1.0 is nicer to use with
FoodforceII than the XO 1.5 machine as it has no mouse arrow flicker and is
smooth. On both XO 1.0 and XO 1.5 the buttons are not that responsive.
There was a weird message from the helper guy (in the conversation after
finishing the first level) that says I will leave you the responsibility of
the village for the next 3 months while I go out for your cousin sister
wedding - that could do with a grammar check. The medicine resource should
say medicine but says medicines. Second level difficulty is impossible
(think it is the clicking things 5 times to get a response that makes this
impossible). The current objective box doesnt stay on screen long enough to
read when there is a lot of text. We do love the improvements though in the
GUI so keep up the good work :-)

Some small people played with some XOs, found first choice was Speak.

We worked on our LCA2010 workshop presentation for January 2010 as well as
discussed the Open Day and our OLPC XO stall as well as Sugar stall.

We discussed how we will manage test requests in the future. Loaded some in and assigned to me as a trial of this way of managing the
test requests.

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Re: Sugar on the Asus Eee 701

2009-10-27 Thread Tabitha Roder
On Tue, 2009-10-27 at 08:36 +, Peter Robinson wrote:
 You could use the current Fedora 11 Gnome LiveCD to install that and
 sugar is only around 20-30 meg on top of the standard gnome desktop
 and it will give you the same version of sugar but you'll probably get
 better hardware support for the 701. You can also do the same with the
 Fedora 12 Beta which works very well on the 701 and get the 0.86
 release of sugar. Once you have sugar installed you can easily remove
 the gnome desktop or leave there as a second option.

Noting that I rely on technical assistance being an educator not a
techie, the moment it got harder than insert USB and follow easy GUI
install guide, my helper came along. Here is his response:

having had a less than stellar experience with SOAS fedora, and my
most recent previous experience of redhat involved choosing between
RPM hell, red carpet (which would screw your system), yum (which would
screw your system, or apt-get (which would screw your system in ways
you didn't  think were possible), I thought I'd stay with what I know
and use ubuntu
(I know, that redhat package management stuff is ancient history and
yum seems to work fine now, I only mention it to illustrate that I
last used redhat in the dark ages, a kind soul on irc told me that yum
won that battle)

the netbook remix seems to be working well on the eee, although I only
used it for about an 10 minutes before handing off to the 9 year old

The guys at are apparently actively
working to package sugar for ubuntu, so I'll try that out next time
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Re: first play with new XO 1.5 machines

2009-10-21 Thread Tabitha Roder
Hi Paul

    many keys only work intermittently on some of these XOs. particularly
    - frame key and the key next to it, search key, function key, hand
    keys, divide/multiply key.

 is this reproducible in the OFW diagnostics?   (test /keyboard)

we did diagnostics check, they intermittently don't work

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Re: [Testing] first play with new XO 1.5 machines

2009-10-21 Thread Tabitha Roder
2009/10/21 Mitch Bradley
 /boot/olpc_version usually contains the right number.

no such file or directory
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Re: [Testing] first play with new XO 1.5 machines

2009-10-21 Thread Tabitha Roder
No mesh:

Just checking this scenario I am a teacher and have just been handed 5
XOs for my students. I am told you can have a child start writing a story
and then have the other children join in to write together.
How does the teacher do this - in less than 100 words and not one word

Will the new solution with 0.842 or 0.846 make this possible without any
requirement for server or some external network or some special setup that
the teacher cant do themselves with no effort and technical help? Some
deployments in pacific are very small and dont have help available.

I was shocked to find that I could not do this as this is what I considered
central to Sugar - creating together, learning together. I really hope that
we see this getting easier for teachers.
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first play with new XO 1.5 machines

2009-10-20 Thread Tabitha Roder
Testing 5 of the new XO 1.5 machines - our first experiences...

hardware seems more responsive

great touch pad - can feel edges and has tap click on touch pad so you
dont have to push the button, we like it

video card issues  with on screen animations - e.g. frame gives flickers
on boot the display is a mass of colours - some kind of video driver fault

many keys only work intermittently on some of these XOs. particularly
- frame key and the key next to it, search key, function key, hand
keys, divide/multiply key.

no mesh network showing in neighbourhood, could connect to our home
wifi and browse internet, intermittently can see other XOs here (once
we took out from network settings in my settings)

the new record activity has no camera, only audio!

camera issues...  video for linux working but doesnt like what it
finds, a driver issue? doesnt know about the camera? tried looking for
it, lspci, lshal, lsmod, no luck

question - why is there a /media/boot in the frame next to the battery
indicator and volume indicator,
we took it apart and found there was a 4GB micro SD card for
nonvolatile storage and think 8GB SD RAM? so upgradeable?

more testing to come, will keep everyone informed

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Continuation of testing XO 1.5 machine

2009-10-20 Thread Tabitha Roder
tested install activity from browse - installed geoquiz-4 successfully
from wiki.laptop and started game successfully

tried installing foodforce2-beta.xo from - failed,
gave file in journal but not activity
can download foodforce2-1.xo from and does
succesfully run
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Re: first play with new XO 1.5 machines

2009-10-20 Thread Tabitha Roder
Thanks James

 Boot animation corruption I also observed on os30, but not on os32.  You
 didn't mention which build you were using.

OLPC release 11 Leonidas
Sugar 0.84.2
Firmware Q3A11
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Fwd: olpc-nz Digest, Vol 9, Issue 4

2009-09-09 Thread Tabitha Roder
Forwarding message:

Message: 1
Date: Wed, 09 Sep 2009 09:03:50 +1200
From: Vik Olliver
Subject: [olpc-nz] OLPC Drives RepRap now
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1

At long last I have code to drive a RepRap using an OLPC. It's just a
couple of command line utilities written in C that can generate gcode
and dump it to the serial port.

The next release of the RepRap hardware should be capable of running off
a car battery for 16 hrs - should be in beta in a couple of months.
Currently it costs 5x what an OLPC does, but we'll try and improve on
that. It looks like we're rapidly converging on a 3D printer that will
be usable in developing countries.

Vik :v)
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Fwd: Testing summary - 22 August 2009 Wellington, NZ

2009-08-21 Thread Tabitha Roder
Who: Alastair, Tabitha, Tom, Dave, Carl, Brenda, Callum, Tim, Grant, Becs

Testing the new Sugar OS5 on XO hardware. Found the MESH does not work at
all, cannot see Mesh1,6,11 only see olpc-mesh that we could not use, also
the mesh icons show up as regular networks rather than the mesh target icon.
Connected via shared internet through macbook with aircard, found that most
XOs cannot see each other when all connected via macbook, though they can
access interwebs.

Testing collaboration on different versions of Sugar and different hardware
and in VM. We found some activities better than others. Struggle with audio
and video in Sugar in VM.

Last week we had issues with creating soas strawberry - run script, script
reports successful completion but the USB is blank. Resolved today - think
it was to do with an existing boot partition. Have got it working correctly

Testing Lexar USB keys to check they mount and unmount on XO hardware. We
like the way the behave so are buying more with a small donation we have
received ($100 donation, the USB keys are $15 for 2GB).

Talked about SFD activities to do with kids and students during the day.
Sorted out a SoaS install for the 150 USB keys that have been donated to the
SFD. Now we just need the keys to arrive from USA and we are all go. Some of
our ideas in case they are useful to others: get kids to measure each others
height with distance activity and use spreadsheet activity to graph heights
of kids (noisy environment would stop this from working); make a circuit of
activities so kids get to try different activities in small groups doing 10
minute activities with a volunteer helping them at each circuit station;
making memory games with memorize, making music with kazoos (or other
instruments) and tamtam suite, recording each other with record (maybe
interviews), maze races (this led to discussions on how we could map a maze
out on the floor utilising distance and then getting them to race the maze),
etoys or turtle art with sensors (makerspace can make sensors for us and the
rep rap machine can make us view finders). More ideas welcome.  We are
hoping to give them a problem to solve, some kind of challenge.

Talked about Sahana project. This is a FOSS application for coordinating
agencies response to disaster . Recently deployed on XOs aggregating areial
photography into the maps in Sahana.

rotating main screen with rotate button kills the laptop when using new
Sugar OS5. only thing still working is text mode console.

new sugar OS5, no video or picture capture in record activity anymore, only
audio capture, Record-64

Decided next Saturday testing will be held at National Library as the
OpenGovt Barcamp will be there. Opportunity to involve them (and drink free

Thanks for coming team!

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder
eLearning Consultant HRDNZ (Moodle Partner)
Cell +64 21 482229
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Testing summary - 18 July 2009 Wellington, NZ

2009-07-17 Thread Tabitha Roder
Testing summary - 18 July 2009, Wellington, NZ

Who: Tim, Tabitha, Grant, Uli, Stella, Leah, Becs, Brenda, Callum, Dave, Sigi

Putting dev keys in the last XOs to be updated.

Updating builds from 767 to 802 on all XOs

Trying soas-strawberry in virtual machines on other laptops.

tested out chat with six XOs then added write activity but we could
not see each others writing :-( though seeing each other in the frame
in both activities. In the neighborhood view we are seeing each other
but we keep appearing and disappearing. tried different XOs sharing
the activity and this time it worked. tried adding picture, some XOs
got picture, some XOs stopped sharing - seems we now have at least
three versions of the truth. multiple cursors are flashing in
different places on each XO. we are seeing different numbers of other
XOs in activity in frame. write quit itself on two XOs.  This does not
seem to be impacting chat activity. we still sharing chat no worries.

M_Stone requests openvpn experiment with us, on five XOs, so we be on
same ethernet. Seemed like we could connect to vpn but then got stuck
when pinging address M_Stone sent us. Could not access sample keys.
Further information from m_stone. Happy to test further next week.

Walter Bender requests tests of turtleart-55: found that on
wiki.laptop you get version 44, on you get version 55
from the top right hand activities link but version 51 from the
activities link in the middle of the page. Pop up
windows is making it very difficult to install new activities as
dialogue box appears in window behind, or does not appear at all. This
is impacting how browse activity works too - if we cant close pop up
(due to no close button sometimes and cant move window around) we
cannot end the browse activity. It is further impacting in that the
window is appearing to sit in front of frame and impacting other zoom
views, e.g. going in front of neighbourhood view. Could not install
activities on some XOs from sugarlabs site.

Had to go. :-(

More testing next week.

Thanks everyone

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Testing summary - Saturday 4 April 2009

2009-04-03 Thread Tabitha Roder

Found it hard to find the emails of the developers to let them know we have
tested their activities... can they put their contacts on their activities
page please?

Who was there - Uli and the girls, Grant, Callum, Brenda, Tabitha

Trains crashing into each other rolling over each other and the tangle of
train parts made it hard to play... is there a way that you can restrict
next train to not come until a certain time length has gone by? or a clear
debris option for bits of broken train everywhere? reset button?

Seems to work well. Played against the computer and the computer won.

Custom deck with any fields blank kills activity. Adding other items and
leaving fields blank does not cause activity to die.

Map of California came up, could move around easily.

Pre-made levels worked well. Everything worked as expected.


Kind regards
Tabitha Roder
eLearning Consultant HRDNZ (Moodle Partner)
Cell +64 21 482229
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Testing Summary - Saturday 28 March 2009

2009-03-27 Thread Tabitha Roder

Testing summary - Saturday 28 March 2009

Struggle to guess what to test due to lack of new activities (or new
versions of existing) and lack of Sugar updates

Tested geography-7 - found that it is very slow, and that you have to point
mouse about 1 cm to the left of the country and use shadow rather than

Tuxtype / Tuxmath - Listed on the Sugar site as installable using yum. But
had problems with network-manager dependencies when trying to install it.
Tried to reinstall network manager without success.

still need developer key for updating builds on recently received  XOs

XOlympics-1 seems to work without any problems, but doen't seem to do much.

Cellgame-1 works well, but couldn't figure out the rules.

Looked at Map-2, but doesn't seem to do anything without a connection to map

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder
eLearning Consultant HRDNZ (Moodle Partner)
Cell +64 21 482229
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Wellington OLPC/Sugar volunteers group - meeting this Saturday 10.30am, Southern Cross

2009-02-18 Thread Tabitha Roder

OLPC/Sugar testing is on again this Saturday. Martin is still in NZ so come
along to ask him all about XS and Moodle. Focus for this weekend is updating
to 8.2.1 and activity testing.

Usual time and place: 1030am at the Cross, 35 Abel Smith St

FYI - Cuba St Carnival is on that afternoon, so testing could end with a bit
of sight seeing in Cuba St!

See you there!

Tabitha Roder


Support OLPC G1G1 -
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OLPC volunteers this Saturday Wellington - Upgrading

2009-02-05 Thread Tabitha Roder

Join us in welcoming back Martin Langhoff this Saturday after his XS work in

The community is ready for testing 8.2.1 staging 25 so we can upgrade the
XOs this weekend.

Usual: 10.30am at The Cross, 35 Abel Smith St.

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder


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Testing summary - 31 January 2009

2009-01-30 Thread Tabitha Roder

Who was here: Mel Chua, Becky, Alastair, Ed, Tabitha, Grant, Carl, Bob

What did we do:
Sensors -
big fail on the magnets and wires sensors... could only generate a couple of
millivolts but major success on the resistance test!!! Using usb power
proved to be too sensitive but using just the microphone ports gave us a
good range. Measure responded well on the resistance test but as noted the
magnets and wires didn't generate enough power. Also plugged the resistance
sensor into Turtle Art Portfolio 9. Grant was doing some major design work
in turtle art and the resistance sensor gave a good degree of analog

TurtleArt Portfolio version 9 tests
Had problems when creating a presentation with enough slides that it went
off the edge. If you've pulled the slides up in order to add more to the
bottom and try to drag them back down into the window, the blocks become
disconnected and the beginning of the presentation is lost outside the
borders and I was unable to retrieve them.

When modifying the views in sugar, it turns out that the identifier for the
sunflower view is set to spiral-view, so that when adding the actual Spiral
view from the insructions on the FOSS Sugar Manual and changing the
identifier from my-layout to spiral-layout which seemed more logical it
conflicted with with the sunflower view causing the default view setting to
have problems.

Chat across 3 o/s
Tried to reproduce behaviour of trac bug 7706 (Chat Text doesn't appear on
Mac iChat window unless you close it First), instead just got errors every
time attempted to send messages from iChat to XO. Will do further debugging
at home with packet sniffer.

Thanks everyone!

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder


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Wellington OLPC/Sugar volunteer group - meeting this Saturday 10.30am, Southern Cross

2009-01-29 Thread Tabitha Roder

Another Saturday is coming up fast and it has been an exciting week! With
Mel Chua visiting us for a WEEK we have had some fantastic opportunities to
tap into her expertise and she is excited about coming to testing this
weekend to see how we roll, with the offer of showing us how to make sensors
for TurtleArt. Mel also eager to learn about and document how the Welly test
group works, because of interest in starting a similar group back in Boston.
Mel also gave us a wee XO gift which we will bring along for you to try out.

Walter gave two presentations (thanks Catalyst for hosting venue and
refreshments, thanks Computer Clubhouse for paying for Walters flights)
about Sugarlabs and has helped us to see different places Sugar can be used
around NZ and the Pacific region.

So usual story:
10.30am kick off at The Cross, 35 Abel Smith Street, see you there!

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder


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Testing summary - 17 January 2009

2009-01-16 Thread Tabitha Roder
Hello community

Who was there: Bob, Florencia, Uli, Gustav, Alastair, Edward, Tabitha,
Brenda, Callum (and a couple of random people who asked us questions and got
their 2yo kid to play with tamtam mini)

Simple Mesh connection. 3 XOs - appear in the frame but typing is not
sharing. So far testing of functions works - formatting, basic formulas. We
took photos if you need them.
Formulas - tested max, min, average, sum, okay. Today function works.
Help has a good start.
Graph not working properly yet? Highlight range of cells but just get the
last cell highlighted as a bar. Learned some more from lots of us playing
and eventually got a bar graph. Yeah! So we found you have to NOT include
the labels. Also found bar graph is not to scale. We were impressed that it
could graph a row of data or a column of data, and would like to see it
recognise two columns in the future, maybe even comparing data.  We are
hoping next time we test this that we can get a pie graph - we like pie.
Then maybe line graph after that? Eventually we worked out how to add
labels, but it was a bit complicated.
Sort was hard work - too many steps to the process. Need to make it clearer
that there is a button to push, or hide other menu options. Major and minor
sort both work. Would be good if you see only first part of sort question
then only second part of sort question, not both at the same time especially
as it remembers the last sort you did. Maybe even just changing the sort
button to the end rather than in the middle, and maybe make it say sort
now or something.
Massive delay in entering text into the cell, move to the next cell and wait
wait wait.
We are happy to test this again when sharing is possible.
Saves to journal and can get data back. Awesome.
Gaming keys do stuff - cool. Square key takes you to A1, great.
Rotate - 90 and 270 chops off half the tool bars and does not fit to frame.
Rotate 180 is great for upside down work. :-)
Black and white mode works. Sound not applicable.

GNU book reader has the following problems; Default zoom is too low, all
images are loaded at once (problems for bandwidth, traffic costs). Needs an
way to scroll to next half (or third) of a given page. A simple way to copy
a book around would be nice.
Something to indicate that images are not being loaded by default would be
good. A way to interpolate text only pages would be good for
Also, a bookmark, and index/contents that can skip to a given page would be
Additional: The evince based PDF ebook reader (aka. Reader) is way too
memory intensive for large books. Either a different technology (HTML?
Mobipocket), or something where the pages are only rendered one at a time,
rather than caching the render of everything in memory in advance.
Also; the interface for downloading, and saving books to the local disk is
horribly horribly confusing.

Food Force II
Tested on 4 XOs.
Bit slow and sometimes crashes, but not sure why.
Took us a while to work out that without books no one goes to school... how
do we put XOs in the school? Without medicine the hospital does not work. A
tutorial would be great - like etoys tutorial please.
The music on one XO is jittery. Clean reboot twice it still does jittery
When we buy and sell resources but the numbers are meaningless to us.
Farm setup - It would be cool to have a drag pie graph that allows you to
choose what percentage of rice, veges and beans you want to plant.
Houses - have to setup one house at a time, would like bulk build (could
even add a cheaper to build in bulk component).
Facilities were shutting down due to lack of resources but running so slow
we could not buy resources quick enough.

Smashing of multiple keys (as expected of 2 year old) results in speaker
overload and distortion.

Pulling apart XOs.
We learned how to pull apart and put back together five XOs today. Great
learning for us so we can refurbish and replace bits. Great for non hardware
people in the group to fill in some gaps in our knowledge. We were all happy
when we put them back together with no left over screws!

Another successful day.

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder


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OLPC volunteers this Saturday Wellington - How to pull apart and rebuild your XO

2009-01-15 Thread Tabitha Roder

We are up for another exciting session this Saturday with Calum showing us
how to pull apart and rebuild XOs. Bring a Phillips number one screw driver
if you have one and join in the fun. Last week we tested an activity called
Food Force II (goal is to enable village to escape poverty and develop
nutritional self-sufficiency) and we have had great engagement with the
authors so it will be good to see if we can further test this activity for

Usual spot - Southern Cross, Abel Smith Street, Wellington
Usual time - 10.30am
Feel free to invite others who might like to join in.

Global Community testing meeting in IRC on Friday at 1200 NZ time Info

To keep up to date with what the New Zealand OLPC volunteers are doing,
subscribe to by going to

Look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder


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OLPC and Catalyst invitation to meet Walter Bender - sugarlabs founder

2009-01-13 Thread Tabitha Roder
Hello New Zealand OLPC volunteers and friends

OLPC Wellington
and Catalyst
IT Ltd invite you to meet Walter Bender,
founder of sugarlabs, a non-profit foundation.
Python based, Sugar enhances educational experience by emphasising
collaboration and expression. Sugar is the interface used on XOs distributed
around the world by OLPC.

Venue - Catalyst House, 150 Willis
Street, Wellington.

RSVP session 12-2 or 5-7 on 27 January by emailing

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Tabitha Roder

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Subscribe to the OLPC NZ testing distribution list

2009-01-09 Thread Tabitha Roder

To keep up to date with what the New Zealand OLPC volunteers are doing,
subscribe to by going to

Now this list is set up I will drop the previous method of emailing out to
individuals for these mass updates.

Have a great weekend.

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder


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Testing summary - 10 January 2009

2009-01-09 Thread Tabitha Roder

Thanks to Ian Thomson for coming along and talking to everyone about Oceania
deployments. There were lots of fantastic talks today with a diverse group
of people present. We are hoping to hear some kiwi's could be volunteering
in the Pacific Islands over the next few months - fingers crossed funds can
be found.

Who came: Carl, Ian, Edward, Murray, Brenda, Callum, Uli, Jonathan, Kaleb,
Joshhua, Aida, Tabitha, Aaron, Douglas, Queenie

Food Force II
Tested on 5 XOS, concept awesome and appropriate for developing countries
(keep working on it please), takes a long time to load - uses a lot of
processing power so runs real slow, shares in neighbourbood view but does
not collaborate. Usability - ignoring slowness, the edges of the screen are
designed to move the user view of the village but the selection buttons at
the bottom of the screen are within the scroll trigger zone so when trying
to select it is scrolling. Would be good if there was a where you are now
indicator on the map (for when you have scrolled away from the village).
Query - would speed increase if run from school server rather than local? We
are extremely excited about this activity and look forward to seeing this

Today we had bonjour chat on Ubuntu (pidgin on 8.10 and 8.4) talking to the
XOs without issue. Intiating a chat from Ubuntu to the XOs would pop up a
chat icon, which clicking on would start a Chat application. However, a OS X
macbook with (using ichat bonjour) could see the XO's, but would return the
error message Instant Message connection failed. The other person's
computer may not be reachable. Also, there is no way for an XO to initiate
a chat, or see non-XO computers using the bonjour chat protocol.

Plans for next couple of weeks -
Next Saturday 17 January - learn how to pull apart your XO and put it back
together (thanks Callum, our resident expert in XO repairs) - at The Cross
Tuesday 27 January - meet Walter Bender, SugarLabs founder - further details
to come but can say it will be at Catalyst offices in Willis Street
One day soon - update from Andrew McMillan on OLPC presentations at Linux
Conference (February?)
One day soon - Martin Langhoff update on School server and python for sugar
programming sessions (February?)

Feel free to invite others.

To keep up to date with what the New Zealand OLPC volunteers are doing,
subscribe to by going to

Have a fantastic week!

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder


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OLPC testers getting together this Saturday

2009-01-06 Thread Tabitha Roder

Who is excited about getting back into our weekly testing sessions! Me! So
the holiday was great, and I took my XO to far off places (well, Northland)
to show people, so I hope your XOs so some sunshine too, as well as you
getting an awesome break from the daily grind.

We are back up and running again starting this Saturday, and what better way
to kick start the year than with a guest - Ian Thomson, Project Coordinator
for Pacific RICS and Oceania OLPC. So come along and talk to Ian about his
adventures in Papa New Guinea, Niue, and all over the Pacific region. Ian is
ready and willing to answer all your questions about acceptance, deployment,
technical and educational issues; in fact he will be disappointed if you
don't ask! Find out the eight destinations for deployment over
January/February and perhaps offer to help.

Usual spot - Southern Cross, Abel Smith Street
Usual time - 10.30am

Feel free to invite others who might like to join in or talk to Ian (or any
of us).

Oh, and before I forget - reminder that the Community testing meeting in IRC
starts up again on Friday at 1200 NZ time Info

Look forward to seeing you on Saturday. Happy new year.

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder


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Last XO test day of the year

2008-12-16 Thread Tabitha Roder
Hello Wellington testers

This Saturday will be the last test day of the year and I am getting excited
about sharing everyone's holiday plans (and any exciting places XOs are
holidaying with you).

We have a few events lined up for the new year, mark 12 and 27 January in
your diaries for some international guests - I hope to confirm exact times
and locations by Saturday.

The is 19-24 January in Hobart and the Wellington XO
test group have been invited to attend the Oceania OLPC meeting that will be
held Sunday 18th. There are some OLPC and Sugar presentations at the
conference too. Andrew McMillan is attending so those who can't make I
suggest you gleen insights from Andrew on his return.

See you at the Cross 10.30am (ish). If you can't make it, have a great
holiday break and see you 12 January.

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder


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Re: Wellington test team vs Activities - 2008-09-13

2008-09-13 Thread Tabitha Roder
Tabitha's notes:
XO Build 8.2-759

Mini vMac-1 - ctrl F for full screen is great! played with excalibur, note
pad, calculator, puzzle, all good, but it is hard to shut down Mini vMac -
seems you have to stop in the frame?

Bridge-1 good

Stopwatch-1 good

Poll-17 - create own poll good, voted good, lesson plans display as XML not
so good,  bug logged #8456

Schoolsplay-1 - loads, font size is too big in the frames and in the
pyramid, cant really play as cant read :-( bug logged #8458

Audacity-1 - fails to launch, got logs, bug logged #8453

XaoS-1 - good

Moon-4 good

Colors-4 - still not able to stop activity, same as v4 - see original bug

ProducePuzzle-0 - good

Ok, now onto the big test - GCompris-7, get ready this is long

GCompris - Various puzzles
*assemble - good
*tangram - good
*build - good
*superbrain - good
*hanoi - good
*sliding blocks - good
*sudoku - good
*fifteen game - good
Gcompris - Mathematic games - geometry
*freedraw - good
*redraw - could not find or load the file skins/gartoon/redraw.svg this
activity is incomplete exit it and report the problem to the authors (
*mirror - could not find or load the file skins/gartoon/redraw_symmetry.svg
this activity is incomplete exit it and report the problem to the authors (
Gcompris - Mathematic games - calculations
*math memory
**multiply - good
**add - good
**subtract - good
**add and subtract tested, took a while to work out that you have to push
check answer or it thinks you havent entered an answer
*number munchers
**multiple - good
**prime - good
*math memory
**bit confusing that questions with the same answer dont match in the
matching game - e.g. 4 + 4 is not equal to 3 + 5, they are both = 8 only
*balance the scales - good
*target - good
*series of correct operations - good
Gcompris - Mathematic games - numeration
*pairs of dice - good
*count the items - couldn't find or load the file enumerate/food/banana.png
this activity is incomplete - bruno
*magician hat - good
*feed tux the fish - good
*money - couldnt find money/euro/p5e.png  - bruno
*helicopter - good
*draw with numbers - good
GCompris - amusement
*tuxpaint - cannot find tux paint install it to use this activity
*football - good
*hexagon - good
*word processor - good, we all like the themes
*drawing / animation - works for draw not animation - save image exits
GCompris so cannot make animation
*chat - sorry couldnt test this today
GCompris - reading
*click on letter - good
*reading practice - good
*horizontal - words start above the box not in it
*vertical - words start above the box not in it
*missing letter - good
*image name drag and drop - good
GCompris - discover the computer
**numbers with dice - good
**throw ball to tux - good
**simple letters - good
**falling words - good
**control the hose pipe - good
**click the mouse - good
**move the mouse - good
**click on me - good
**click and draw - good
GCompris - strategy games
*practice chess - error: the external program gnuchess is mandatory to play
chess in gcompris first install it and check it is in
*connect 4 - good
*bar game - good - the prerequisite of a brain is cute
*oware - good
GCompris - experiental games
*parachutist - good
*canal lock - good
*water cycle - good
*electricity - cannot find the gnucap electric simulator you can download
and install it from to be detected it
must be installed in /usr/bin/gnucap or /usr/local/bin/gnucap you can still
use this activity to draw schematics without computer simulation
*pilot a submarine - good
*sea race - good
GCompris - discovery games
**drag and drop shapes - good
**left and right words - good
**algorithm - good
**chronos - good
**learning clock - good
**region - activity works well but my brain did not (lol)
**locate countries - good (and easier for us to answer than regions! lol)
**rebuild the mosaic - good
**colors (ducks) - good
stopped here, sorry didnt quite get through all the activities

Overall comments on GCompris - there was lots of positive reinforcement for
learners which was good to hear (literally hear),  impressed by this work.
Few times the words in the help and instructions and names were on top of
each other, like it couldnt fit all the writing in the box so would overlap.
Bit slow to open and close each game but still very cool. Thanks for all the
effort put in here so far.


2008/9/13 Martin Langhoff [EMAIL PROTECTED]

 Transcription of Paul's notes:

 Horse game
  - bottom half of screen is not filled with the same graphic
 (resolution problem?) and the horse leaves a track over it. No crash
 but visual nastiness. (tried to get screenshot hack going but failed)

 Success running these:
  - x2o
  - Wikipedia Spanish
  - MinivMac
  - Bridge

  [EMAIL PROTECTED] -- School Server Architect
  - ask interesting questions
  - don't get distracted with shiny stuff - working