Re: [ovirt-devel] [ovirt-users] Announcing the moVirt Incubator Project!

2015-02-18 Thread Martin Betak
This is great news! Thanks everyone for your support. And special thanks to Tomas for leading the development effort and OPW project that brought us this far. Martin - Original Message - From: Tomas Jelinek To: Donny D Cc: Brian Proffitt

Re: [ovirt-devel] ovirt-guest-agent: Hardcoded uid/gid: okay to remove?

2015-02-18 Thread Vinzenz Feenstra
On 02/14/2015 02:39 AM, Cameron Norman wrote: Hello, Hi, Well I think there shouldn't be anything broken if you would remove it, as we do reference everything by name everywhere. The reason for hard-coding it is that we have it on fedora and RHEL in the setup package See:

[ovirt-devel] Issues with the VM display type value(s)

2015-02-18 Thread Einav Cohen
Hi, This is about the changes introduced by patch (restapi: adjust api to new graphics representation). There are a couple of issues with the VM's display type value: (1) the display - type value of the VM in the REST API seem to map to different

Re: [ovirt-devel] [VDSM] about improved libvirt-python bindings

2015-02-18 Thread Sven Kieske
Hi, as far as I understand this would make it easier to implement/use upstreams(libvirt) existing python-bindings in ovirt? in this case, I think this is a huge improvement. -- Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Regards Sven Kieske Systemadministrator Mittwald CM Service GmbH Co. KG Königsberger

[ovirt-devel] [VDSM] about improved libvirt-python bindings

2015-02-18 Thread Francesco Romani
Hi, during my sampling overhaul effort I faced various times a mismatch between what the libvirt-python API offers for bulk stats and what VDSM needs. The return value of bulk stats is a something like [(dom1, {dict_of_bulk_stats1}), {dom2, {dict_of_bulk_stats2}), ...] While VDSM almost all