[riot-devel] GSOC 2015 N2: BLE Stack

2015-03-11 Thread Gokul Krishna
Hi All I am currently doing my second year of my masters in Embedded System at KTH Royal Institute of technology. I am very interested in Working for this Network project Bluetooth Low Energy development with RIOT OS for this GSoC 2015. I have 4 years of experience as Embedded system developer I

[riot-devel] Looking for RIOT consultants/contractors

2015-03-11 Thread Craig Younkins
Hello RIOTers, I work for a small business that does remote temperature monitoring for food safety (https://freshtemp.com) and we're strongly considering RIOT for the next version of our system. I wrote a small microkernel that is used in some of our other products and so am familiar with OS and

[riot-devel] GSOC : project N1 : BLE stack

2015-03-11 Thread Kausthub Naarayan
hi all , i am working on the project n1 : BLE stack for RIOT OS from my basic googling i found out that i need to implement a GAT and GATT and L2CAP protocol on the RIOT OS to setup the BLE stack . How do i start approaching this ? please help ? i dont know how to proceed after this ? thanks

Re: [riot-devel] TLS

2015-03-11 Thread Oleg Hahm
Hi Matthias! There is also a port of the Relic library toolkit https://code.google.com/p/relic-toolkit/ including an extension for modern Edwards Curves (ECC). For the current status of the Relic porting see https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/pull/2213 - I think it's only a matter of a few days

Re: [riot-devel] Build issue on Windows (8.1)

2015-03-11 Thread Oleg Hahm
Hi Murat! make BOARD=mbed_lpc1768 arm-none-eabi-gcc.exe: error: /cygdrive/d/developments/RIOT/examples/ipc_pingpong/main.c: No such file or directory arm-none-eabi-gcc.exe: fatal error: no input files I have currently no Windows machine to test at hand, but could test to build with

[riot-devel] open PhD student position - Deterministic Networking for the Industrial IoT - Inria Paris-Rocquencourt

2015-03-11 Thread Thomas Watteyne
[apologies for cross-posting] Deterministic Networking for the Industrial Internet of Things Position type: PhD Student Where: Inria Paris-Rocquencourt, HIPERCOM2 team advisor: thomas.watte...@inria.fr (http://eecs.berkeley.edu/~watteyne/) HR Contact: cecile.bertrand-kalko...@inria.fr

Re: [riot-devel] Biweekly virtual meeting

2015-03-11 Thread Oleg Hahm
Hi! I am not able to join via the new link either. Its says RIOT not online. Can you try with http://placecam.de/call.php?c=lmakKMrDG8a35aIBNqLBvOnApExkKFntj9xXawGNgTc- Cheers, Oleg -- panic(Unable to find empty mailbox for aha1542.\n); linux-2.2.16/drivers/scsi/aha1542.c

Re: [riot-devel] Biweekly virtual meeting

2015-03-11 Thread Nasrin Jaleel
Oh! Thanks a lot :) *Regards ,Nasrin Jaleel* || +91 95614 36072 4th Year Engineering Undergraduate B.E (Hons) Computer Science *BITS PILANI K.K.BIRLA Goa Campus http://www.bits-pilani.ac.in/goa/* email : nasrin.jaleel...@gmail.com On Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 4:11 PM, Oleg Hahm